Chapter Eighteen

Padmé had hurriedly donned a blue unisuit she had found in the locker on board Anakin's vessel and was pulling on the second, one-size-too-large boot when she heard the explosion.

Rushing outside into the space port, she was met by Anakin, who, himself was watching the collapse of the palace tower.

"Obi-Wan!" Padmé screamed as the structure caved in on itself.

"He's okay." Anakin reassured her, able to feel the Jedi's life force along their old training bond, although it was definitely muted. "But he's injured. You stay here while I.." The young Knight hadn't finished speaking before the senator had bolted from his side, and was soon shoving her way through the crowd that was chaotically trying to flee the palace.

Unlike everyone else, she was trying to get inside.

"Mi'Lady!" It was one of the palace guards who stopped her. "I'm so pleased you're all right! But where's Prince Sotan?"

"In the tower." Was Padmé's audible answer. "Hopefully." Was the additional word she kept to herself.

"You're not going up there! The structure is unstable. We're evacuating the palace."

Padmé liked Captain Arbay, but if he didn't move out of her way…

"She's with me."

A solid grip pulled at the young woman's arm as Anakin whisked her away. Together, they took the flight of stairs leading up to the West Tower, until the ascension was blocked by debris.

"Maybe you should stay.." This time, the young man saved his breath, as Padmé had already gone ahead of him and was plowing through the rubble, calling out his Master's name.

Nearly an hour had gone by, when, at the young Jedi's direction, they had reached the location where the Force was leading Anakin, and Padmé heard a moan from underneath a fallen truss.

"Let me." Anakin said as he lifted the wooden structure with the Force.

Immediately Padmé was sliding down a slope of flooring to where the Jedi Master lay.

"Obi-Wan?" Sweeping aside copper locks that were crusted with blood, Padmé gingerly touched upon a gash along his forehead before checking him for other injuries. He seemed stable, but she was no medic or healer.

Anakin was soon there and lay his hand upon the older man's temple.

"Slight concussion, several bruises and cuts, but I think that's it. He should awaken soon."

Padmé sighed in relief and smiled as gray-green eyes blinked open at her. Obi-Wan's responding smile quickly turned to a wince as the adrenaline subsided to give way to the pain from his injuries.

"We're quite the pair." Padmé said to him, sweeping her hand along his cut and bruised face, as Obi-Wan chuckled, winced again, and then brushed his own caress along the young woman's bruised cheek.


Having secured the ship's navigation to hyperspeed, Obi-Wan left Anakin at the controls and wandered back into the belly of the Republic Cruiser to check on Padmé. He found her lying halfway across the bed, one boot having been removed, the zipper on her unisuit halfway down, sound asleep.

Quietly moving to her, the Jedi removed the other boot and eased Padmé across to the other side of the bed before removing his own clothing down to his leggings, and joined her there, careful not to disturb her. She had been through quite an ordeal and needed the rest.

Obi-Wan propped himself up on his arm by her side in order to study her before he sought rest for himself. In appreciation of her beauty, his eyes followed down the line of her nose, lips, and chin, neck, and exposed swell of her breasts, until his perusal was interrupted by a zipper. A nudge from the Force removed the obstruction and the rest of her torso lay open to his gaze -- her soft, flat abdomen as well as a few dark curls lying further down.

However, Obi-Wan's gaze was drawn back to her stomach and he remembered their conversation from earlier. Xanatos had taken her. He had had Padmé. What if?….

The Jedi Master tried to shake the thought from his mind, but it continued to plague him until he finally gave in and hovered his hand over her belly, using the Force to check for any sign of emerging life.

The response was negative and Obi-Wan breathed his relief, however, his hand stayed in its phantom caress, slowly sweeping across Padmé's lower belly, as he discovered how wonderful it would be to some day perform this test and the results be positive instead. That inside of her womb, a new life was forming. A life that they had created together.

It would be wonderful, he decided, and was surprised not only at himself, but the acknowledgment and support that the Force was providing along with his decision.

Perhaps a boy. A son that he could train to become a Jedi.

An uninhibited smile crept over the Jedi Master's face at the thought before being startled by a voice, albeit a quiet one.

"What are you doing?" Padmé asked upon seeing Obi-Wan's hand drifting over her in a lazy pattern, and then noting the large grin upon his face.

"I was just thinking how great it would feel to be a father."

Obi-Wan's answer was not what the senator was expecting to hear, and she was stunned to silence.

"Do you still want to have a family with me?"

Was she still asleep and dreaming? Padmé waited, checked her senses and then began nodding slowly, desperately trying to find her voice. "Yes." She whispered out at last.

"Good." Obi-Wan replied, his grin turning to a mischievous smirk as he pulled the leggings from his body and threw them across the ship's cabin. "Then let's make one. Right now."

Arching her back, Padmé assisted with the removal of the unisuit she wore, and it soon joined Obi-Wan's leggings on the other side of the room.

Urging her lover closer, Obi-Wan lowered his head and suckled her lips before deepening the kiss and sliding his tongue along inside, twining it with her own. His previously drifting hand found purchase in dark, coarse curls as his fingers played in them, reaching further down to find Padme liquidy hot and slippery to his touch. However, before sinking his fingers into the depths of her, Obi-Wan pulled out of the kiss and looked at the young woman questioningly.

"Tell me something. Were you really going to marry him?"

Oh gods. What was she supposed to say? She couldn't lie to him. She never had, and wasn't about to start. "I'm afraid so." Padmé admitted, gasping as she felt one digit thrust inside of her.

"Were you actually in love with him?" Obi-Wan asked as he added a second finger to the first, probing her gently.

Padmé's heart rate increased along with the pressure of Obi-Wan's fingers moving inside of her. "I'm not sure. I think I was just searching for something."



"Then consider your search over."

A calloused thumb swept over her swollen clitoris and had Padmé arching off the bed, her moan of pleasure caught up in the Jedi's mouth as he leaned down and devoured it in his kiss. Continuing the motions of his fingers and thumb had Padmé writhing beneath him and Obi-Wan withdrew from her mouth, wanting to look at her beautiful face when she reached orgasm.

A litany of the word 'yes' was uttered on panting breaths and Padmé's inner muscles spasmed and gripped Obi-Wan's hand as he continued moving, thrusting in and out of her slowly before removing his fingers completely and brushing her lips with his tongue.

"Was that your answer?" Obi-Wan teased.

Padmé chuckled as soon as she caught her breath, pulling her lover down once more for a deep and prolonged kiss. "Yes." She answered. "Now, about this family…"

"I was just getting to that." Obi-Wan jokingly replied as he shifted his body over her, and maneuvered his cock into her welcoming heat. "Padmé Amidala." He said as he thrust into her deeply, feeling their pelvises collide and grind together, stilling his body suddenly. "Will you marry me?"

"On one condition." Padmé replied, urging Obi-Wan to move by rotating her hips, which he did, before grinding into her once again.

"What's that?"

"Promise me, you won't sing at our engagement party."

After casting her a teasing look of shock, Obi-Wan then smiled gently. "I promise." He said, beginning his thrusts in earnest, ceasing any further conversation. But his thoughts were determined, his mind made up. He would promise her anything, give her anything that was within his power to give. Just as long as they were together- forever.

That was all that mattered.