He was running as fast as his four legs could carry him. His ears twitched in the air hearing his pursers catching up on him.

Not good! Not good! If they catch me I'm done for. He thought as the landscape zipped passed him

A dog howled behind him. His eyes widening in fear over the sound.

" An Inu too defiantly not good." He said continuing to run

Starting to run out of chakra he slowed down.

" Defiantly not good. I need to find a place to hide and hope they pass me by." He spoke as he saw an opening where a tree had lifted up some to create a hole.

" Thank Kami." He said as he wiggled his way into the hole

He curled up in a ball shivering at the thought of who might have been after him and hoping they didn't find him in this state.

I just wish I knew if they were friend or foe. He thought to himself as he started to fall asleep from exhaustion.

Inu – Dog

Kami - God