Naruto woke up and saw he was in Kyuubi's room. Noticing he was against something soft he turned his head to see Kyuubi looking at him worried. Naruto's eyes grew wide at he realized his back was against Kyuubi's body.

He stood up instantly and pointed at the fox, " What….what are you doing out of your cage?"

Kyuubi laughed at this, " Gaki ya're worried about me being out?"

Naruto calmed down knowing the fox wouldn't try anything.

" Have any interesting dreams?" Kyuubi asked smirking

" Omae! What did you do to me?" Naruto asked remembering the dream

" Showed ya what I remembered from that day. At least what Arashi said ta ya." Kyuubi spoke sadly

" So you were telling me the truth he's my Tou-san?" Naruto questioned

" Kit why did ya think everyone was freakin out when ya went walkin around the village in the white cloak. I mean put some red flames on the end and ya be the spittin image of him." Kyuubi said laughing

Naruto smiled and rubbed the back of his neck, " I never really thought about why they were acting like that. I mean they're always acting weird around me anyway."

" True, true." Kyuubi said chuckling

Naruto sat back down and yawned, " Kyuubi can I go back to sleep?"

" Sure kit we're both worn out." Kyuubi said as Naruto nodded and want back to sleep

Kyuubi laid his head on his paws and joined Naruto in slumber land.

Outside the debris was finally settling and what the saw was the outline of one person and not fox anywhere.

" NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata shouted worried when she didn't see his fox body and ran to the figure

The other followed just as worried over this as she was. When they got there the dust had settled enough they could see who was lying there.

" How?" Sakura said shocked

There lying on the ground was Naruto back to normal.

" Kyuubi power back in Nato." Yin stated

" I guess maybe the collision of their powers caused them to go back to normal." Tsunade surmised

Jiraiya moved to pick Naruto up, " Let's take him home."

" Shouldn't we take him to the hospital?" Tenten asked

" He doesn't like them too much he'd feel better if he was somewhere welcoming when he wakes up." Jiraiya said

" His apartment then?" Kiba asked

" Nope I'm taking him back to the Hyuuga's." Jiraiya said as he walked away

Tsunade turned to the other, " I'll keep close watch on him, and if he wakes I'll send a message. In the mean time take a break."

The group nodded as they dispersed. Neji and Hinata with Yin and Yang ran to catch up with Jiraiya headed back to their home.

" Do you think he's ok?" Sakura asked as she walked off with Sasuke

" Knowing him he just needs to sleep it off." Sasuke said smiling his little brother was back

It had now been a week and Naruto still had yet to wake up. Tsunade came by every couple of hours to check up on him and make sure he was all right. About three days after his spar with Kyuubi he started to have a fever. It was then Tsunade noticed that Naruto seemed to be losing what was left of his baby fat.

Is this Kyuubi's doing? Tsunade thought as she looked over Naruto again

When she wasn't there Hinata was constantly by his side rewetting a cloth to put of him head to help his temperature.

The two kits hadn't left Naruto side and Tsunade and Hinata had to reassure them that he was all right when the fever started. Hinata was currently tending to Naruto again. She reapplied the wet cloth and walking out to refill the bowl with fresh water.

" Itaaai. Feels like Obaa-chan us me as a human punching bag." Naruto moaned at his brought his hand up to his forehead to feel something wet, " Huh?"

Grabbing the wet object he pulled it down to see it was a cloth.

" Did I have a fever? I never get sick." Naruto asked himself surprised

" Kyuubi why did I get sick?" Naruto asked the fox

" It's a side effect from me coming back into ya. Along with some added bonuses." Kyuubi said laughter in his voice

" Bonuses? What did you…" Naruto started to asked but looked to the door when he heard a crash

Standing at the door what Hinata in shock. Naruto was by her in a flash thinking she was hurt from the broken bowl that she had just dropped. He grabbed her by her arms and looked at her worried.

" Hinata-chan are you ok?" Naruto asked worried

Hinata looked into his eyes getting lost in the orbs that reminded her of the sky, "Na..Naruto-kun you're awake!" She said happily as she hugged him

Naruto laughed at her excitement of being up and just hugged her back. It was then Hinata realized the condition Naruto was in.

" Ano…Naruto-kun." Hinata said pointing down

Naruto looked down and noticed he was currently only dressing in his boxers. He let out a startled yell as he ran back under the covers of the bed.

He looked over at Hinata blushing and rubbing the back of his head, " Hehehe Gomen Hinata-chan."

" It's all right Naruto-kun you didn't know." Hinata said looking at the floor blushing just as much as Naruto was

" Hinata how long was I out?" Naruto asked seeing a number of flowers and cards on his nightstand

" A week." Hinata stated

Naruto jumped up surprised by her answer, " A WEEK! KYUUBI WHAT THE HELL?"

Naruto though could hear the fox snickering in the back of his head.

" I don't know what you did kitsune, but expect a long talk when I see you again." Naruto told him

" Yeah yeah." Kyuubi said not caring

Naruto growled as he moved around the room.

" Ano…Naruto-kun what are you doing?" Hinata asked

" I'm going to take a shower." Naruto said as he grabbed a towel that was in the room

" I'll go get Hokage-sama and tell her you're awake. Everyone was worried when you didn't wake up after a couple of days." Hinata said

" I can bet they were." Naruto said as he moved into the bathroom and shut the door

I wonder how he'll take his new look? Hinata thought

" KYUUBI WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!" Naruto shouts were heard coming from the bathroom

Hinata giggled at this and left to head to the Hokage Tower.

Hinata rushed to the Hokage Tower knowing Tsunade would want to know that Naruto was up and as lively as ever. As she ran into the tower and up the steps she threw the door open not even waiting for Kotetsu or Izumo to do it for her.

Tsunade heard the door fling opened and looked up from her paperwork, " Hinata?"

" HE'S AWAKE!" Hinata said smiling

Tsunade was out of her seat and waking towards the girl smiling as wide as she could.

" Kotetsu, Izumo go contact Naruto's friends, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Iruka. Tell then the Gaki's awake." Tsunade said

" Hai!" the two said smiling and disappeared in a cloud of smoke

" Shall we?" Tsunade asked and Hinata nodded as they walked back to the Hyuuga compound

As the arrived at the front entrance they noticed everyone was gathered and waiting for Tsunade to show.

" So he's really awake?" Sakura asked happily

Tsunade and Hinata nodded.

"Hinata did he see?" Sakura asked worried now

Hinata giggle and nodded, " He was having a few choice words with Kyuubi in the bathroom when I left."

The boys snickered and girls shook their head at the boy's reaction.

" He's really going to have to stop doing that people will think he's losing it." Sasuke said smirking

" Well I for one would like to go see Gaki, so how about it?" Jiraiya asked starting to get inpatient

Tsunade hit him over the head as they moved inside with Jiraiya now nursing his head. As they moved to the room they could head things crashing and opening.

" Ahhh! Kyuubi where did you put it?"

" Why the hell did you put it there?"

" No it's not a logical place to put it!"

" Ok for a kitsune maybe but not a human." Naruto was heard saying

" You're right Sasuke if he continues to do that people will start to thin he's losing it." Kakashi said smiling

" I wonder what he's looking for?" Choji asked

The others shrugged as they opened the door to see Naruto looking under the bed.

" Of all the baka places to put it!" Naruto said annoyed

He stood up pulling a white cloak with him from under the bed. Flicking in out to removed the dust and straighten it a little bit he flung it backward pulling it on himself. The group all gasped as they way he looked. Hearing the gasp he turned his head looking confused at the noise. That's when he saw everyone and smiled

" MINNA!" Naruto said happily as he ran to the group that was standing in his room

" Naruto what the crap?" Ino asked looking him over

" Oh yeah, thank Kyuubi for the new look something about remerging caused it, I highly doubt it though. Seeing as he hasn't stopped snickering since I saw myself." Naruto said annoyed

" Naruto I think she mean how you look like the Yondaime now." Tenten stated

" Yeah that's what I'm taking about too? What did you think I was taking about?" Naruto asked tilting his head to the side in confusion

The girl all shook their head.

" Nani?" Naruto asked confused

Sasuke moved over to Naruto and hit him upside the head.

" TEME! What as that for?" Naruto asked annoyed holding his now throbbing head

" That's for making us worry.' Sasuke said annoyed

" Yeah well talk to Kyuubi about that." Naruto said crossing his arms and looked pissed, " Anyways thanks for the stuff you guys." Motioning to all the cards and flowers that were by his bed.

" So Gaki you finally believe Kyuubi about your Otousan?" Jiraiya asked

Naruto smiled turned to sadness as he hung his head, " Yeah, I even got to see him."

" Nani? How?" the adults asked

" He…he showed me his memories of the day he was seal. How I was with Tou-san and what he said to me." Naruto said lifting his head up smiling and crying at the same time, " He was a great Hokage."

" That he was Gaki, but I think his legacy is going to outdo him." Tsunade said smiling at him as she placed a hand on his shoulder

Naruto just smiled back at the group and nodded. He then got a shocked looked on his face.

" Obaa-chan does that mean?" Naruto asked

" Well not now, but when I feel its time." Tsunade said

" What's she talking about?" Kiba asked Shino

" Tch mendokuse, she's going to have Naruto be the next Hokage." Shikamaru said knowing full well what was going on

" NANI!?" The whole group shouted

" YESSSS!" Naruto said jumping up and pumping his fist into the air

" But listen…." As Tsunade started to explain but Naruto was so exited that he kept yelling and jumping up and down

Sakura stormed over to him and hit him over the head creating a large lump.

" Naruto listen to the Hokage." Iruka said hoping his words would calm the boy down to hear what she wanted to say

" As I was saying…you can't go and say anything." Tsunade spoke

" Awweee why?" Naruto wined

" Because Gaki I want them to trust you and you've started to have that happen, but it will take more time for them to completely accept you and by then it will be my time to step down, so for now just hold off on telling everyone you see." Tsunade said, " And that goes for you two too." Looking at Ino and Sakura who blushed and stuck out their tongues

A couple days had passed now and Naruto was walking through the streets of Konoha. Many of the villagers still staring at him in shock, though some had change to hatred again.

" Look at him disrespecting the Yondaime like that." One villager whispered

" Why the Hokage put up with it." Another said

" Simply a disgrace." The first one said

Anko who was in the shop the two were standing beside came out eating a dango and smirked, "Maybe that because she considers him her Otouto and a hero like he should be."

The two women looked behind them shocked that a Konoha ninja had been in the building. They paled knowing if the women went back and reported this to the Hokage they'd be in big trouble. Naruto seeing Anko smiled and waved.

" Where ya going Gaki?" Anko shouted

" I don't know Hinata-chan's sending me somewhere. I'll see you later Anko." Naruto said walking off


" Naruto-kun I need you to go somewhere." Hinata said holding out a piece of paper

Naruto looked up from his scroll and grabbed the paper from Hinata's hand. He looked down on it and saw there were direction, " Where do I have to go Hinata-chan?"

" It's a shop Otousan and the Hyuuga go to get weapons. The owner wanted to see you." Hinata said

" Me? Are you sure it'll be all right for me to go?" Naruto asked knowing how some shopkeepers still felt about him

" He won't hurt you Naruto. He's very nice and a good friend of the family. Actually you know his Musume, Tenten. His name is Aoshi and the last time I was in his shop he asked me to have you come and see him. Something about having something that was yours." Hinata explained

" Mine?" Naruto asked confused and Hinata nodded

Naruto looked down at the piece of paper and then back at Hinata, " If you say it's all right then I'll go."

End Flashback
So here Naruto was still walking down the street looking at the piece of paper Hinata had given him with the directions. As he turned to corner he stopped dead in his track.

" This is the district for all the expensive weapons and stuff. Why did she send me here?" Naruto thought

" Kit her family is the Hyuugas. Of course they'd shop here and not where ya do." Kyuubi shot back

Baka kitsune. Naruto said annoyed at his answer

As Naruto walked down the district he looked around and saw the sign with a dragon on it like Hinata's directions said.

Well here it is. Naruto thought as he entered the shop

A man was coming from the back with many boxes in his arms. They were so high he couldn't see.

" IRASSHAI! How can I help you?" the man said still moving over to the counter

" Oji my girlfriend told me to come. She said you had something for me." Naruto said still confused over the whole thing

" Oh? And who…." Aoshi asked as he looked around the boxes, to ask whom his girlfriend was he was shocked by whom the boy looked like.

It shocked him so much he dropped all the boxes he was holding. In a flash Naruto was over by Aoshi and had gabbed all the boxes and lifted them putting them on the countertop.

" Oji are you alright?" Naruto asked worried over the man reaction thinking his was upset he was in his shop

The man walked over to Naruto stunned and grabbed him by his arms. Naruto looked at him shocked, but also waiting to see what he'd do. What Naruto didn't expect was for the man to engulfed him in a hug.

" My boy you're the spitting image for Arashi." Aoshi said smiling as he moved back from Naruto

" You knew Tou-san?" Naruto asked surprised

" You know?" Aoshi asked even more surprised by this

" Hai, some things have happened recently and I was told." Naruto said sadly looking at the ground

" Truly my boy I apologize for the way the villagers treated you, but the ones that thought you were his couldn't say anything without proof." Aoshi said

" Well doesn't matter to me now. At least I know who he was, which is what I always wanted." Naruto said happily

Aoshi shook his head over the way the boy was treated even now with all he had done for them.

" Naruto come with me." Aoshi said as he moved into the back

As Naruto followed he noticed a door closed. A sign that said 'OWNER ONLY' was printed on it. Aoshi made a few hand seals and words and the door opened. Naruto looked at Aoshi wondering why he had so much protection on one door.

" Tenten isn't even allowed in here. I keep my most prized thing from my time as a ninja, along with other thing in here. Only I can get into it and it's designed that when active if anything would happen to my shop the thing in here wouldn't be harmed." Aoshi said as he opened the door

" So if your store caught fire or was damaged this room would be all right as long as the jutsu was in place?" Naruto asked and Aoshi nodded, " Sugoi!"

Aoshi chuckled at how Naruto was amazed by this. As the two walked in, Aoshi shut the door behind them. Moving over to a shelf filled to the rim with scrolls, he picked up a couple of them and laid them out nodding. He then moved to the other side where a number of weapons were hung. He grabbed some unusual three-pronged kunais and laid them on the table. Moving over to the side he gabbed a leather backpack.

" Naruto come here." Aoshi said as Naruto moved closer to him

" These…" Aoshi said holding the unusual kunais, "…were Arashi's kunais. See the handles."

" They're what he used for Hirashin no Jutsu." Naruto said understanding when he saw the seal

" Hai, how did you know?" Aoshi asked shocked the boy knew about the seals already

" Ero-sennin taught me Shushin no Jutsu. One day I asked him if there was something that could make you move quicker and he told me about the Yondaime's Hirashin no Jutsu. I was able to find some info about the seal and used it where Teme and I train." Naruto explained

" Right well these will help you when you're out on missions." Aoshi said

" Alright!" Naruto said happily as he took a couple and replaced them with his regular kunais

" When you need more just come and see me and I'll have then ready. These kunais are complex to make, but I just love the challenge in them, so I make then constantly." Aoshi said smiling

Grabbing the bag and moving to the other table he grabbed the scrolls he laid out.

" This one is for Hirashin so when I give you the kunais you can make the seals properly." Aoshi said stuffing one scroll in

"And this is for Rasengan. Arashi's best jutsu." Aoshi said smiling

" I know." Naruto said as he formed the Rasengan

" You know that too?" Aoshi said shocked

" Yeah I actually have an advanced form, but I'd have to show you sometime when we're at the training fields. Too much damage." Naruto said smiling

" Still these are your so I'll let you have it. These are some others Arashi left me, when you master them come back and I'll give you more." Aoshi said as he stuffed the other scrolls in the bag

Closing it up he handed it to Naruto. It was then he noticed the weights on Naruto's wrists.

" Ah, you were the one the weights were for. Hinata and I thought it strange that Hiashi would want weights." Aoshi said

" Hehehe, yeah." Naruto said not wanting to tell what really happened, " They're great! By the way Oji, you might have to find me something better soon."

Aoshi looked at him confused, " Why?"

" Cause I'm already at 500 pound each." Naruto said

Aoshi gawked at this and stood there stunned, If he's there where are Lee and Gai?

Naruto turned around and opened the door, " Arigatou Oji. Guess I'll see you when I need some more."

" Probably before that." Aoshi said as Naruto walked out of the room and exited the shop

That boy had grown so strong Arashi. He will be a great Hokage some day. Aoshi thought as he stood in the back room

" Tou-san?" Tenten shouted

" Coming." Aoshi said as he exited the room shutting it behind him and resealing it. He then proceeded to walking to where Tenten voice came from.

It had now been a couple of months since Yin and Yang had started to live in the village. A week after Naruto woke up he had moved back into his apartment, with Yin and Yang. Since then many of the villagers had come to Tsunade or the elders complaining about the foxes Naruto was keeping. Today, she was in one of those meetings.

" Onegai Hokage-sama, IT'S trying to gather more of IT'S kind to create an army to take revenge on what happened to him." One pleased

" Nonsense." Tsunade said her head resting of her fist as she listened to this villager's idiotic idea

" How can you say that? You see the kits IT'S keeping." The villager said

" Hai and it's because of you baka that he's taking care of them." Tsunade growled

" Sumimasen, but I have done nothing to…." The villager started to explain

" Maybe not you, but some villagers killed those kits parent and they are too young to fend for themselves. Naruto stumbled upon what happened and requested to keep them till they could fend for themselves." Tsunade explained

" But they seem old enough that they can do that now." The villager said

" That might be, but until Naruto thinks they are ready I will not force him to throw them out as you want." Tsunade said

" But…" the villager protested

" No buts. NOW GET OUT!" Tsunade said angrily

The villager jumped at her voice and scurried quickly out of the room. As the person left Tsunade rubbed her temples over what she had just discusses.

" Shizune…how many had that been?" Tsunade asked

" This week or today?" Shizune questioned her back

" Uhhhhh, as Shikamaru says this is mendokuse." Tsunade said as she opened her draw and brought out a cup and bottle of sake

" Tsunade-sama! What have I told you about drinking on the job!" Shizune said upset over what she was doing

" I have a right to drink after all this." Tsunade said as she took as drink

Placing the cup down she rubbed her face and growled in frustration.

" Shizune I need you to have an announcement made…" Tsunade spoke again

" Hai!" Shizune said as she brought out her clipboard and a brush, " Anytime you're ready."

" In two day I, Tsunade, the Godaime of Konoha, will have a village…." Tsunade started to say

That day all around the village Genin were given the mission of hanging flyers. They were put on every street no matter if there were people still living in the section or not. Tsunade even went so far as to place a number on the village entrances and have the gate guards hand them to anyone that entered the village. Naruto and the group had grabbed one of the flyers from Konohamaru and Co. and were looking at the announcement.

" In two days I, Tsunade, the Godaime of Konoha, will have a village meeting. Everyone is required to attend and believe me I will know if you don't come. That day, I will make an announcement about some things that have been brought to my attention. The meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. sharply at the announcement stage. Signed Tsunade, Godaime of Konoha." Hinata read looking at the group not understanding what the announcement was about

" What's that about?" Naruto voice his confusion

" From what I've heard when I'm a the Tower many villager are coming in an complaining to her." Sakura stated

" About what?" Ino asked

" Yin and Yang." Sakura said looking at Naruto to see how he'd react

" But they haven't done anything! They're with me or Hinata-chan all the time." Naruto stated even more confused at what was going on

" And there in lies the problem." Shino said calmly

" Nani?" Naruto asked

" They're with you dope." Sasuke said

" Oh what they think I'm collecting kitsune to make and army to take over Konoha?" Naruto asked sarcastically waving his arms wildly in the air

" That's one of the many worries." Tsunade said walking up on the group

" You've got to be joking me?" Tenten said shocked

" Afraid not, actually that was the thing one of the villagers said to me this morning. On top of many about Naruto having the seal broken…" Tsunade said

" Done." Naruto said not thinking it a problem

" …being able to talk to Kyuubi…" Tsunade said again

" Can do that." Naruto said smiling

" …the kits being Oni and the list goes on and on." Tsunade said annoyed at all the complaints she had received in the past months

" Now, they aren't Oni. They're just normal multi-tailed kitsune." Naruto said smiling still

" Yeah and if a villager saw them with more than one tail they'd freak and call it Oni, not thinking about kitsune myths and believing them to be true." Neji reasoned

Naruto nodded at this, " So what you going to do Obaa-chan?"

This earned Naruto to be whacked upside the head, " How many time do I have to tell you not to call me that? And I'm going to tell them they can kiss me ass. Those kits aren't a harm to anyone and if they were I'm sure they would have attacked someone by now. I'm going to leave them in your care Naruto, until you think they can either fend for themselves or whatever you decided."

" Well I've already asked them that." Naruto said

Silence engulfed the group waiting for Naruto to elaborate on his words, but he didn't.

" And?" Kiba asked hoping this would have him explain fully

" They want to stay with me. They're free to go in and out of the forest as they like and I can always track them down. Kyuubi can even feel if one happens to get in trouble, so I can go help out. They just don't want to be by themselves and Yin's warmed up to me and Yang like Hinata-chan." Naruto said pulling Hinata over to him causing her to blush

" So I'll see you at the meeting in two days. I think it best if you all are up on the stage with me and Naruto have Yin and Yang with you." Tsunade said

" K Obaa-chan, We'll see you at 9:00 in two day then." Naruto said as the others nodded

Naruto waving to Tsunade as she walked back to the Tower.

Two days had now passed and Naruto along with the rest of his friends, Jiraiya, Kakashi, the Anbu and the Interrogation Squad were standing out of sight on the announcement stage.

" All you all have your orders." Tsunade said to the other ninjas who nodded and dispersed

Naruto and his friends stayed standing there waiting for her words.

" Gaki when I move forward I want you to come and stand beside of me with Yin and Yang. You two…" Tsunade said pointing at the fox, "…under no reason are to say a word. Got it?"

Yin and Yang both nodded having been warned earlier that morning from Naruto of the same thing, but in a less threatening way. Anko and Ibiki stayed up on the stage and moved to the outer corners to guard if anything happened to get out of hand to protect the Hokage. Anbu and the rest of the interrogation squad were hidden among the trees, roofs and crowd that had gathered below. Anko smirked seeing some of the villagers look worried at seeing Ibiki and Anko up there guarding.

" Something big is about to happen." Konohamaru said to his friends

" What do out thinks going on?" Moegi asked

" Don't know, but it's big if she's got the interrogation squad Captain and Vice-captain up there." Konohamaru said worried

Udon and Moegi both looked over at him and then to the stage worried now about what was going on. Finally movement was seen on the stage and Tsunade walked out proudly as the crowd erupted into cheers. Behind her were Jiraiya and Kakashi. Next came Naruto with two fox kits on his shoulders and his friends. When this happened murmurs started to come from the villagers.

" Is that what's this is about?" one asked

Konohamaru and the group looked over at the old lady.

" What are you talking about Obaa-chan?" Konohamaru asked

The woman frowned at the name Konohamaru called her, but looked back up at the stage with even more hate in her eyes. Konohamaru and his friends shivered at the hate that came from her eyes.

" That THING keeping its kind here." She spat

" Thing?" Konohamaru asked not understanding

" The 'BOY' with the Hokage." She said knowing he didn't understand

Konohamaru looked up and saw Naruto had moved beside of Tsunade now, " Oh you mean Naruto-Nii-chan?"

The old woman looked at him in shocked, " You consider that THING your Nii-san?"

" Sure he's super cool and strong. Ojii-san always thought highly of him and he's going to be the next Hokage." Konohamaru said happily

" I highly doubt that." The woman whispered

Udon though hear her and looked at her confused,

" Citizen and Ninjas of Konoha I thank you for gathering here on such short notice. I have many of you coming to me about these two kitsune kit one of my ninjas has been taking care of." Tsunade said motioning over to Naruto with the kits on his shoulders, "And I can now tell you that he's allowed to keep them as long as he want."

Cries erupted from the crowd and shouts that the foxes need to be killed were said. Naruto stood there as anger started to rise over what they were saying over these kits.

" URUSAI!" Tsunade shouted and the crowed instantly silenced, " I will not kill them or do anything to them. If anything I'm placing a decree on these two kit that if they are attacked in anyway by anyone in Konoha they were be placed in jail immediately."

" YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" on shouted

" Oh I am! It's because of our villagers that they have no parents. Some of you have been poaching in Konoha Forest, which you all know is forbidden to be done, these two kit are the result of the illegal poaching. The culprits have been taken care of and believe me if I catch you, you will not see daylight of a long, LONG TIME." Tsunade said sternly

The crowd gulped knowing the Hokage never backed down on her word.

" You actually think we'll abide by this?" one voice said

" They'll kill us for sure. Especially if HE'S taking care of them." Another said

" He'll use the strength of that THING to kill us all." Another voice spoke

Naruto was standing there the whole time trying to suppress his rage and anger at these people that clamed they were human. His friend all looked over at him worried, angered too by what the crowd was shouting, knowing he's taken it personal.

Naruto took at step forward his anger now getting the better of him.

" Gaki don't be a baka." Tsunade whispered to him

" Look IT'S going to attack us with its new servants." A panic voice shouted

Naruto laughed and pointed to the crowd, " Listen up Konoha, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, Musuko of Kazama Arashi the Yondaime, not the Kyuubi you all have believed I was. By my own strength I have proven to you over and over again that I will protect this village, but if you still don't believe an academy dead last will be able to protect this village, think again. As my Tou-san did before me I will protect this place till my last breath. That's my Nindo!"

The crowd was silent as all the words he spoke full processed. Naruto moved back beside of Tsunade smiling widely now, though Tsunade had a vein protruding from her head in annoyance at what the boy just said.

" NANI!" the crowd finally erupted

" LIAR! You Oni you aren't the Yondiame's Musuko. Now you tried to tell lies to get more on you side." Someone shouted

More protest were heard from the crowd at what Naruto had just said.

" Yeah I mean someone would have to be a baka…." Anko said smiling

" See the Vice-Captain of the Interrogation Squad even agrees with us." one villager said pointing for Anko

Anko now smirks as everyone attention was on her now, "…to not know you're the Yondaime's Musuko. I mean all the ninja in Konoha know."

The crowd gasped at this information Anko just said. They couldn't believe the ninjas were going along with this surely they all were pulling their legs.

" That's it! This is one of HIS elaborate pranks again." one shouted trying to reason why all the other ninjas were saying Naruto wasn't lying

Tsunade growled now at the crowd's idiotic ideas. She moved closer to Naruto her anger radiating off of her allowing the crowd to feel it and quieting them down some. She looked down at Naruto annoyed and he looked up at her smiling as he rubbed the back of his head.

" My bad." Naruto said to her as the two kits jumped off his shoulders knowing what was about to happened

The two ran to Hinata and jumped into her arms for protection as Tsunade started hitting Naruto upside the head.

" That's right Hokage-sama teach him not to spread lies about these things." Someone shouted

" THAT'S RIGHT YOUR BAD! Now why did you have to go and make that announcement? I told you I was going to tell them when the time was right baka! Not when you and your friends are causing problems for me!" Tsunade shouted at Naruto continuing to hit him on the head and completely ignoring the crowd words

The crowd hearing her words gasped in shock.

" It can't be…" an said

Tsunade sighed and walked off of the stage for a moment. As she reappeared she held in her hands a foot high scroll.

" This is a scroll left to Sarutobi by the Yondaime. It had a blood seal on it and you all know what that mean." Tsunade said as she walked towards the crowd

They all moved their head knowing that only a blood relative can open the scroll.

" Gaki get over here to end this now." Tsunade growled at him

Naruto still nursing his wounds gulped and moved towards Tsunade.

" Open it." Tsunade said handing it to Naruto

Naruto nodded as he bit his thumb and ran it over the seal. The seal began to glow and burst into flames. The crowd gasped at this happened.

" It's true." One said shocked

" Give it to me Gaki, I'll read it to them." Tsunade said as Naruto handed the now open scroll back to her

" Last Will and Testament of Kazama Arashi, Yondaime of Konoha. I Kazama Arashi leave to my Musuko, Uzumaki Naruto, and all the property that the Kazama Clan owns. He is also to be told when he's old enough whom I am and that the Kyuubi was sealed in him because I could not asked with a clear conscious another family to do this deed. In doing this I have left my Musuko parentless, my only wish is for the people of Konoha to raise him as one of their own and treat him with respect he deserves for being the hero to carry the powerful Kyuubi in him. I also hope that one day my Musuko will be able to tame the Kyuubi back to his calm and kind self that I knew him as. Also I ask for Jiraiya the Gama-sennin to teach him all of my jutsu and make him into the best ninja my Musuko can be. Signed Kazama Arashi, Yondaime of Konoha." Tsunade read as she finished she looked into the crowd with anger, " You all are complete baka."

With that she turned around handed a now crying Naruto the scroll and walked back into her office. As soon as she started to move Naruto turned and followed her with his friends and senseis hot on his trail. As she got into her office she sighed as she sat down and pulled out a cup and sake bottle to drink. Naruto came up to her desk hugging the scroll she had read and stood silently in front of her waiting for her to say something to him.

When she didn't he finally decided to say something, " Tsunade I'm sorry."

Tsunade looked from her sake cup shocked at his words, " For what Gaki?"

" For telling them about Tou-san…I know you wanted to wait, but I just couldn't…." Naruto said stopping not knowing how Tsunade would react

" Relax Gaki it's alright. A little too soon, but maybe this will stop having them bug me everyday about you and the kitsune kits." Tsunade said smiling

Naruto looked up at her shocked by her words and then joined her smiling face. The group had been silent behind them having felt the tension in the air from the two and smiled and shook their heads as the twos interaction.

" So what's this about property?" Naruto said smiling as Tsunade laughed and told the group to grab a seat

Itai – That hurts/ Ouch

Otouto – Little Brother

Musume – Daughter

Irasshai – Welcome to my shop!

Oji – Uncle

Sugoi – Amazing/ Wow

Sumimasen – I'm sorry.

Nindo – Ninja Way

Musuko – Son

Gama-sennin – Toad Hermit