Author's Notes: Both chapters are 100word drabbles in response to a challenge at Open Scrolls Archive for the theme Deception. Thank you to Ilistine and Rhapsody for glancing over these drabbles and giving me the push I needed!

Disclaimer: I own nothing and making no financial gain from my fiction writing.

Chapter One: False Prophet

Ah, Adami, you are truly unaware of what I hide from you. You, Kai of the people, showed kindness and false trust when I came to you, I know it was all for your own gain. Your jealousy of the Prophets' love for Sisko, our common enemy, and ambition for greater power clouded your senses from seeing that it was the Pah-wraiths who chose you as their emissary and I, your guide. Even now while we lay together in your bed, you do not see through the fa├žade I wear, though you know me well, hiding a Cardassian: Gul Dukat.