Fast forward three months. Life is very different on the Battlestar. Kara and Lee have settled into their new quarters and a few other couples have been assigned in the new area as well.


Kara is looking for Lee. It's been three months since they decided to give it a go and move into couple quarters with each other. A few others, namely Kat and Hot Dog and Cally and Jammer, have been assigned quarters not far from theirs. All in all, things are going well with the President's plan and things are going well with them. They still fight. There are times when her quick temper flashes right at the same time his slow simmer reaches its boiling point. But they always work it out…usually without bloodshed.

Kara's not looking for Lee because of a fight. She's looking for him because she hasn't seen him for two days. They've both been tied up with patrols, scheduled duty times, shifts in maintenance, and in Lee's case, work for the President. They haven't even slept in the same bed together and she misses him. As she's walking across the hangar deck to head home, she spies Lee under a Viper and she heads over to him. He's not on the schedule, so he must be helping the Chief out of a jam. She can hear him talking to himself about recalcitrant Vipers and how much they irritate him.

"Hey Apollo," Kara nudges his leg with her foot. "That you under that bird?"

Lee goes to tighten a seal and the wrench slips from his grasp, clattering to the floor. "Frak!" He picks the wrench back up, trying again. "Yeah, it's me, Starbuck." He gets the seal tightened this time. With the wrench still in his hand, he slides out from under the Viper so he can see her.

Kara stares at him. He looks like he could use a break and she can help with that. "Got it all finished?" It's a rhetorical question; they never have them all finished. But she's got plans for Lee.

Lee rolls his eyes at her. "For now." Using his upper arm, he swipes the sweat off his face. "Why? What's up?"

Kara stoops down so she's at eye level with Lee. "I was wondering, Captain." The sultry voice should be his first clue that's she's up to no good. "If you'd maybe like to follow…" Her gaze drops to his groin. "me home for a little while?" Oh, she's bad, but it's been two days.

Lee sucks in a sharp breath as his body responds to their phrase. "Frraak, Kara." His eyes darken. "You know what that does to me."

Kara giggles. "Yes, I do." She hops up quickly, grinning at him. "Race ya home." And with that she takes off, laughing.

Tossing the wrench down with a clatter, Lee maneuvers himself off the creeper and takes off after her, muttering, "I will so make you pay for that."

The deck crew watches as Lee overtakes Kara, then scoops her up in his arms, carrying her toward their quarters.

Kara is laughing and struggling to get down. "Lee, put me down. Everyone's watching us." She kicks out with her feet, but can't break his hold.

Lee tosses a glance over his shoulder. "Let 'em watch. You play, you pay." He's a couple of steps from their door when he finally puts her down.

As Kara goes to enter their space, Lee grabs her, spins her around and lays a kiss on her that makes her toes curl. "Lee…inside. We need to be inside…now." Kara reaches behind her to open the door. Then she grabs Lee by his tanks and drags him through the entry. Once she has him inside, she kicks the door shut and peels off his shirts. "Damn it, Lee." She starts on his coveralls. "What were you thinking, kissing me in the corridor?" She shoves them down and realizes his shoes are in the way. "Shoes. Off." She stands and starts removing her own clothing.

Lee steps out of his shoes. "I was thinking you shouldn't start something you're not willing to finish." He's out of the coveralls and steps over to help Kara remove the last of her clothes. "And you started it." He pulls her toward him, running his hands down her back. "Now you're going to finish it." He cups her behind and draws her closer, relishing the contact. It has been a long two days. "Where were we?" He tilts her head and places whisper kisses along her jaw line.

Kara moans. "I think we were somewhere close to there." She captures his lips with her own and kiss follows kiss. Kara guides Lee to the seating area, not breaking the flow of kisses between them. When they reach the edge, she wraps one of her legs around his thighs and taking the hint, he lifts her and sits back against the cushions. "Take me home, Lee. I want to be home." With that she lifts her hips and slowly impales herself with his shaft. "Oh gods, that's good."

Lee loves the feel of sliding into her slowly. When she's fully settled on him, he groans against her mouth. "Lords, Kara." He holds her hips, keeping her still. "You'll be the death of me." He looks up and catches her look of wonder. Maybe they'll be the death of each other. There should be a law against feeling this good. "But I love you anyway."

Kara lets out a gasp of laughter. "Back at ya." She then begins to move against him and all humorous thought flees from her mind. There's nothing but the two of them moving in unison to a song that's all their own.

Lee can't get over it. They love each other, they're together and the world didn't end a second time. He slides his arms under Kara's and then reaches up to hold her face against his as she rocks her hips smoothly back and forth. It's never the same, no matter how many times they've done this. He can feel her breath against his face and it causes him to shudder. He kisses her chin, dragging his teeth along the pointed edge. Hearing her gasp, he runs his tongue across the area, soothing the sting. He drops his hands to her shoulders and shifts beneath her causing him to go deeper insider her. His head falls back against the cushion as he moans at the feeling.

Kara takes advantage of having access to Lee's neck. She runs a trail of fiery kisses up to his ear, blowing a hot breath against it. When he shudders beneath her, she tightens around him kicking the friction between them up a notch. As his hands slide forward to cup her breasts, she shivers at the contact, amazed that it's always so good between them. Her hips move faster and her breathing grows harsh. It's going to be a short ride to completion.

Lee's palms glide over Kara's breasts, cupping them, kneading them, as her hips rock against his faster and harder. He pumps up into her, breathing raspy breaths against her shoulder. He feels Kara clamp around him causing him to swell even more inside her. He can feel his control slipping away, but knows she's going to come right along with him. Twisting his hands in her hair, he gasps her name, sliding on the fringes of a meltdown. His lips move over her face and he whispers words of love in her ear, causing her to shiver even as the heat between them arcs out of control.

Kara feels insanely hot. Lee's rough voice in her ear nearly sends her over the edge. She never tires of hearing him whisper, urging her on. She speeds up and grinds harder against him, feeling him swell and surge up inside her. She clings to him, moving faster, the pleasure building in intensity. Shifting her hips forward, she draws him in deeper and gasping out his name; she tosses her head back and shatters around him, fingers digging into his shoulders as she rides out the wave.

When Kara pitches her hips closer to his, Lee feels the burn of satisfaction begin, not sure if he'll topple first or if she will. Her hands grip his shoulders, hard, and he glances up. He watches as her head slides back, hears her gasp his name and feels her tighten around him as she soars out of control. The play of emotion on her face sends him over the edge right behind her. As he spills himself insider her, he wonders if he'll ever tire of watching her expressive face as they pleasure each other. A contented feeling washes over him, settling deep in his bones. He feels Kara collapse against him and his arms automatically hold her close as their breathing returns to normal. His head leans against the cushion and hers rests under his chin.

As the pleasure slowly drains from Kara, she takes a few deep satisfied breaths. It's still amazing to her what Lee makes her feel. Her head resting on his shoulder makes her happy. She smiles against his chest, almost giggling at the thought of something so simple causing her joy. If people only knew how little it truly takes to make her a contented pile of mush, they'd laugh her off the ship. She doesn't care. Not at this moment, anyhow. She raises her head to find Lee looking down at her with love in his eyes. Nope. Doesn't care at all.

Lee feels Kara smile against him and it makes him grin. He loves the fact that she distracted him from an insanely busy day. He forgets sometimes that he's got someone to come home to. She's been a part of his life for so long that he has to remember not to take her for granted. A simple phrase uttered by her and he's back at the beginning of things, hard and ready. He'll have to find reasons for her to do that more often. He glances down at her happy face. In the meantime, he plans on just loving her until they either grow old together or kill each other. Whichever comes first. His eyes shine with love and when she looks up at him the feeling is reflected in hers. They don't need the words for them to know it anymore, but they are nice to hear. "I love you for doing that." He shifts himself up and she moves around to lean against him. Lee pulls a light blanket over them.

Kara settles back into him. "Hey, I'm still going for no more than 48 hours apart. It's been two days, Lee." She snuggles down under the blanket, wrapping his arm around her.

Lacing his fingers with hers, he states, "I know. I'm sorry for that." He chuckles and at her questioning look he answers, "I'll have to remember not to let that happen again."

Kara narrows her eyes. "Why?" She twists around a little so she can see his face.

He shakes his head. "You kicked the door shut again." Settling her close to him again, he adds, "I couldn't believe it the first time you did that." He smiles with amusement at the memory of father's face as the door slammed shut. "You're a brave girl."

Kara grins at the memory herself. "Oh, that. Believe it." Then she questions. "Why, brave?" She only had one thing on her mind at the time. Leave it to Lee to think of everything else. It had been three months ago.

Lee draws back from her a little. "You could have seen additional time in hack for that little stunt." His lips twitch when all she does is roll her eyes.

Kara snorts. "At that moment, a whole squad of marines would've had to pry me away from you." No way would the Commander have been that cruel. "It had been 30 days. I firmly believe your father knew exactly what was going to happen when he summoned both of us down here." She lays her head back against Lee. "How could he not know?"

Lee grins again. "You're right about that. My father is nothing if not astute." He drops a kiss on the top of her head. "We'll have to thank him for that." Yawning, Lee shifts them lower on the cushions, as a wave of weary hits him full force.

Kara nods her agreement. "We should thank the President, too." She shifts to move more comfortably against him. "Those two are scary when they agree on things. Especially us." She sees Lee's eyes start to drift closed. Maybe they should head for their bed. "Lee?"

Lee's arms tighten around her, stopping her question. "It's been a long couple of days, Kara. I don't want to even think about moving." He yawns again. "You're with me. And I'm home." He tilts her chin up, giving her a lingering kiss. "It's all I need."

Kara snuggles back down with him. "Me, too." With that she settles in the warmth of his arms, murmuring quietly. "Home."


Author's note:

So ends the saga of Follow Me...But a new saga begins about how our pilots maneuver through coupledom. This final chapter is meant to be an epilogue for one and the prologue of the other. Close Quarters will coming your way very soon.

A huge thank-you goes out to all who have read and enjoyed and/or provided feedback. I've had such a great time with writing this.