Hi, this is my first KH fan fic, so bear with me...just testing out the waters before the deep dive. This is semi-based on the KH II game plot line...

He never knew what happened, he never knew how it happened, but he just realized that he could never live without her. Never in his whole life did he ever have such a clear and pure knowledge that she was the one, his partner… his love… his soul… his life…

That was, till the day she was taken away from him, forever lost to him, just so that she can save his life. The day they came, the heartless, they fought and battled but it was no use, they consumed their world…

"Squall! Go!"


"Squall, please you can't stop them on your own."

"Rinoa! I'm not leaving you!"

"I'm sorry…"

Squall suddenly froze in his steps and suddenly turned around towards the last gummy ship and was magically forced to run towards the ship that held: Aerith Gainsborough, Yuffie Kisaragi, and Tifa Lockhart and was piloted by Cid Highwind.

"NO! Rinoa, Don't! I love you! Please!"

"Squall, I will always love you, but I want to protect those that I love, and now is my chance."

"Rinoa, NO!"

When Squall eventually got in the gummy ship, Cid took off just as Squall regained the use of his limbs, a bright white light burst from Rinoa; it engulfed her and the whole world and the world suddenly blew up, the force of the explosion, knocking the gummy ship around and rendering the occupants unconscious…

The last thing that Squall could remember hearing was:

"I want you to be happy Squall, I love you…"

Leon woke up with at start; I'm dreaming that again, why? It's been so long…Rinoa…

"Leon! Breakfast!" called out Aerith from the downstairs kitchen, the smell of Aerith's famous pancakes fully waking Leon and his reverie. He shrugged off the sheets and stumbled towards his bathroom...

"Hey! Those were mine!"

"They were on my plate!"

"Sooo?! Your name is not on them so finders keepers!"

"Oh yeah?!"

"Ewww, yuk! Fine, you eat those, since they have your spit all over them"

Leon winced as he came down the stairs when he heard the end of the argument that Yuffie and Sora had over Aerith's pancakes, Jeez, great way to start the morning…

"Good Morning Leon!" said a cheerful Aerith, "Sora, there's more than enough pancakes so don't worry about Yuffie eating them all"

"More in eon!"

"Yuffie! Don't talk with your mouthful!"

"Leon" said Cid with a nod

"Morning everyone" said Leon in his usual cool voice with a nod towards Cid and Cloud, "Cloud, where's Tifa?"

"She needed to go out or something, what did she say Aerith?"

"Oh, Tifa, wanted to go out for a jog before breakfast. Why do you ask, Leon?" asked a curious Aerith

"It's nothing."

"Speak of the devil! Tifa! Good morning! Have a seat, how was your jog? I hope you're hungry; I made enough pancakes to feed an army."

"My jog was great, oh thanks!"

"Hi-yuk, these pancakes are really good!" said Goofy

"Yeah, their great!" said Donald

"Thank you, Donald and Goofy, So what is everyone up to today?"

"Oh! We're going to explore the Deep Depths." Said Sora

"Humph, I'll be fixing all the damage you did to your gummy ship." Said Cid as he pointedly looked at Sora, who gave a sheepish grin at Cid and Donald

"We're going shopping right Aerith? Yuffie, you and Cloud are coming too-

"Aww shopping is boring! Right Cloud?!"



"Anyways…Leon you wanna come with us?" asked Tifa

"…No…you guys can go ahead."

After Breakfast everyone broke into their corresponding groups, Leon was strolling through the Bailey lost in his thoughts: what does this mean…its been at least four years since that day our world was lost…I've always been missing you…Rinoa…why?

"So this is what you're doing?"

"Cloud." Said a Leon in a calm voice as he turned around to face the man, damn when did he get here?

"Are you thinking about her?"


"……Rinoa……Tifa, Yuffie and Aerith told me about her…I'm sorry" said Cloud as he walked towards Leon who was standing near a balcony

"……No…it's…alright…" Leon turned to look at the large expanse of Hollow Bastion, and leaned on the ledge, "……Cloud….thanks…"

Cloud turned towards Leon, looking at him curiously and he leaned down on the ledge right next to Leon, enjoying the comfortable silence in comparison to the bustle and the nagging and the "look Cloud, isn't that cute" and the "Cloud, you'd look simply charming in this" he'd get when he was around the "Triple Threat" as he so lovingly calls Tifa, Aerith and Yuffie.

"So, you got away from the Triple Threat, huh…shopping not your thing Mr. Strife?" said Leon jokingly

"Heh, they were planning to get me this pink shirt…"

"Oh?" said Leon as he turned and looked at Cloud, imagining him in a pink shirt and little pink bows tied in his blond spikes that Yuffie for sure would try on Cloud if he ever let his guard down…

"Hey! Stop imagining me in pink!" said Cloud as he jokingly punched Leon on the shoulder

"Well you would look very pretty in pink, you know Cloudy…"

"What did you say?!"


"So your really itching for a fight huh, Lionhead?" said Cloud as he removed his sword off of his back

"You could say that, Cloudster" said Leon as he pulled out his gunblade and backed away from the ledge.

"Shall we say whoever loses their weapon has to go shopping with the Triple Threat next week?"


A yell suddenly sounded out of the Deep Depths, followed by a metal clanging sound, the two men looked at each other with the same thought running through their heads: Sora fighting heartless around….

Sooo, what do ya think? Please let me know...good/bad/ugly?