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"You still have those dreams?"

"What?" Leon then turned around and looked questioningly at Cloud.

"I said: do you still have those dreams?"

"No…they have stopped."


"Do think that Sora is back home?"

"Probably, there's rarely any heartless here."

"Hey! Cloudy! Leon!" Both the men turned around at the call of Yuffie's voice, she then ran over to the two of them with something in her hands.

"Don't call me that, Yuffie." said an annoyed Cloud

"I can call you what I want, Cloudy." She then stuck her tongue out at him, before he could argue, Leon stepped in and asked: "What do you want?"

"You're so mean, Squall!"

"That's Leon."

"Fine, humph…this came in today, there was no name on it but just this symbol on it, and well it probably is for you. C'mon Cloudy, Aerith made some fresh cookies." Yuffie then gave Leon the envelope with a wink, and dragged Cloud off before he could protest.

Leon shook his head in exasperation at Yuffie's antics and turned to the envelope, it was made of heavy ochre parchment and on the front was the same red winged symbol that was on the back of his fur collared jacket that he was wearing. He then took a seat on the ledge of the stone wall the he was standing on and he flipped the envelope around and opened it.

He pulled out a folded piece of parchment, and unfolded it, as he read it his eyes widened; written in a delicate hand, it read:

Dear Squall,

I know that you miss me just as much as I do; I hope that you are taking as much care of yourself as you do for the others.

Right now, Kingdom Hearts is safe, thanks to the help of the chosen keyblade masters: Sora, Riku and Kairi. I assure you that Sora, Donald, and Goofy are all well and they will have returned home safely, by the time you get this letter. There is still much to do, I assume that it is the same with Radiant Garden.

I'm sorry that I couldn't send word to you before, I found myself drifting, having lost much of what I had but I gained more from all that has happened. Please wait for me, I will come back to you and be your wings.

With all the love that cannot be expressed in words,


Leon then looked up at the clear blue sky and with a smile, he thought: I will wait for a bit longer then…


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