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Underneath Cyan Skies
Chapter 1: Discipline You Shall Receive

"Ritsuka, come here." The frightened boy did not move from his perch on the ledge. "Come here. Now."

The wind was blowing by and Ritsuka's hair was dancing wildly all around his face. His large, violet-round eyes gazed down at the city below, and a feeling of nausea overcame him. He was deftly afraid of heights, but he came onto the ledge on the terms of escaping his Master. Yet, a thought ran across his mind . . . Would it matter to anyone if I were to and die? Would anyone really care?

"Ritsuka!" His Master barked, more fiercely this time, because he was getting angrier, "I told you to come to me!"

Head hanging low Ritsuka shook his head in defiance. He was tired of being abused his entire life. He was tired of the scolding, whipping, raping incidents, and such. He was tired of it all; literally everything. Why turn back now to receive punishment?

"No . . ." Ritsuka finally said. ". . .I'm tired of being a pet you can do with as you please. Go find someone else to screw with."

Just as he began to fall forward, feet leaving the ledge, he was caught by the collar by his Master's hand. He had managed to reach Ritsuka in time. Immediately, he wasted no time in pulling the boy up and hugging him close to himself, quite relieved that his precious pet did not leave him. Ritsuka trembled in his embrace, so very afraid and angry that he could not escape this man he was forced to call a Master

"How dare you disobey me," he hissed, right into the boy's left ear. Ritsuka's dark feline ears went flat against his head in reaction. "I'll see to it that you are severely punished for such foolish behavior of yours. I have no plans to show you any mercy."

Ritsuka gulped and said, "Master Ritsu, I won't disobey you again. Please don't punish me."

"I am not going to change my mind. You lack the necessary functions that any pet should have." Here, he made the frightened boy look at him in the eyes, so Ritsuka can realize that he was absolutely livid with anger at him. "It seems that what you are lacking, I must beat into you until you understand what total submission is."

Total submission? Ritsuka would never agree to such a term and he hasn't thus far. He tried his hardest to get away, but his Master would not let him go.

"Please! I don't want to live this way anymore!" Ritsuka begged, desperately trying to wedge free.

"You know of no other means in accordance to living," Ritsu countered. "Your only place is here with me."

He carried the panicking boy towards their bed where his chains were already placed there by a servant earlier in the day - Ritsu knew he would need it. Ritsuka was quite a wild one by nature, and he knew that it would take a little longer with this pet until he learned his place. Ritsu was somewhat surprised though, that having lived a life of training to be a wealthy person's pet, did nothing to curb Ritsuka's behavior and to leave him still so rebellious and free-spirited.

"I beg of you! I don't want those chains on me! Anything but those!" Ritsuka hated the chains because they made him feel so trapped and vulnerable to his Master's advantages. "Aaauuuhhhh!" Ritsuka cried out in anguish and fright, as he was thrown onto the large bed.

Cold metal met his skin and Ritsuka wanted so badly to get away, but his Master made sure that he was properly pinned beneath him, before he started to chain the kid. First, both of Ritsuka's wrists were cuffed, then his ankles and at last his neck, which dragged along a long chain so his Master could hold onto it. It was pretty much like a pet dog being held by the leash.

Ritsu insistently tugged at the chain on Ritsuka's neck. "Come. I have yet to deliver to you your punishment." Ritsuka stood up and followed his Master down a flight of steps. As they were descending, Ritsu continued to talk to the silent boy. "How long have you been in my care?"

"Three years," Ritsuka replied.

"And how long have I been disciplining you into total submission?"

'Three years . . ."

"Are you not tired of the same sequences? The same pain and brutality that I must show you? Have you not learned just yet?"

"Yes, Master . . ." Ritsuka balled his hands into fists. ". . . I've learned."

"Then why do you continue to defy me?"

Ritsuka did not answer this time, and refused to say anything until his Master tugged at his neck chain. ". . . Because I do not want to be your pet."

Ritsuka laughed a sinister laugh. "Don't speak such nonsense! You were born into this world to become a pet. Your ears and tail are proof enough that you are not of total human origin."

Ritsuka is fuming at hearing these words. He was not going to blame his mother for sleeping with a hybrid humanoid and producing him. They were in love and cared for one another deeply; this much he knew from the last and only video he got to see of them when he was a bit younger. As to what has happened to his parents at this current time he did not have a clue.

At last they've reached the door to the chamber below. Ritsuka's been down here when he needed extreme discipline, and after trying to commit suicide, there was no way that he could not avoid not coming here to repent.

"Go by the t-stand and remove all your clothing."

Ritsuka looked over at the device. It was really called a torture stand, but everyone shortens the term to make it become simply known as the "t-stand" instead. The dark-haired boy could feel himself trembling, as he continued to stare at the t-stand; it was frightening to be standing by it and Ritsuka knew that pretty soon, he was going to be the one bound to it.

Having finished taking off the last garment he adorned, Ritsuka was instructed by his Master. "Get on the t-stand with your backside exposed to me."

As soon as Ritsuka was chained into place, his angry Master started to whip him with all his strength. The very first strike already made the boy bleed, and a thin trail of blood dripped down his backside. Pretty soon several large welts have formed on Ritsuka's back, but Ritsu continued to beat him until the boy's back was a bloody mess. There were even remnants of torn skin hanging loosely on his behind and some have simply dropped to the floor, instantaneously becoming invisible to the naked eye. Ritsu knew that it was going to take weeks before the kid fully recovered from the wounds.

Ritsuka was pitifully sobbing due to the immeasurable pain. Ritsu came over to him and stared at him long and hard, face portraying no sorrow or slightest of regrets for hurting his pet; his expression only displayed controlled anger.

"I am not done yet," Ritsu warned, "I'll make sure that your bottom becomes a painful, swollen mess as well."

Ritsuka shook his head as he continued to cry, the pain too overpowering to allow him the chance to speak. This only made Ritsu all the more excited to let the boy face his wrath. The stab of pain he felt when Ritsuka tried to jump would never amount to the punishments Ritsuka has to endure.

Ritsuka was made to lie on his stomach, while being draped over his Master's lap. Ritsu raised his right arm high into the air as he brought down a metal paddle right onto the boy's bottom.

After a couple of swaps, Ritsuka begged, "please, no more! I'll behave, I swear!"

Ritsu relented this time and threw the metal monstrosity to the floor. Everything was silent save for the sounds of Ritsuka's choked sobbing. Ritsu took the time to inspect the boy's backside and bottom. The gashes on his backside were horrible to look at . . . The peeled skin, the red flesh bared to the world, the smarting welts that did not quite break skin, but were definitely there. Next, he inspected Ritsuka's bottom - the damage there was less severe - although two swollen butt cheeks meant that the kid wasn't going to be able to sit down comfortably for a while.

Anger somewhat pacified, Ritu asked, "shall I call for a servant to come patch you?" Ritsuka weakly nodded. "Very well, then."

With the push of a single button on his wrist terminal, it let a servant know that his/her attention was needed based on their number tattooed on their right arm. A tall, thin man came to them after several minutes. "How may I assist you, Master Ritsu?" The servant caught sight of Ritsuka's wounds, and he tried his best not to make a face.

"Bandage his wounds before he gets an infection," Ritsu said, voice a little more commanding than usual. He made to move Ritsuka off him, but when the boy quickly latched onto his arm, Ritsu did nothing but smirk. He liked how the boy was clinging to him. "Do you want me to remain here with you?"

Ritsuka nodded; despite the fact that his Master had just finished beating him, he still felt the strong desire for his Master's presence. This was not a commonplace thing to do, but this time Ritsuka thought it was okay. He soon fell fast asleep when the servant (invariably known as Aki83) administered a drug to cause drowsiness.

For the next couple of hours that his pet would sleep, Ritsu decided to chain him to the bedpost so that he could leave for a while. It was not a necessary thing to do, since he could have his servant, Aki83, watch the kid, but he wanted to add on to Ritsuka's punishment.

By the time Ritsuka woke up it was well into the late afternoon. He looked down at himself to note that he was fully clothed and in bed. Around his neck, wrist, and ankles the chains were still there, and when he tried to move he found it very painful to do so. His bottom and back burned with excruciating pain.

"Ah, you're awake. Are you hungry?" Ritsuka heard Aki83 ask him.

The first thing that came out of the boy's mouth was, "where is Master Ritsu?"

"He's gone out for the remainder of the day and possibly a couple hours of nighttime before returning. Can I get you anything?"

"Water would be fine."

While Ritsuka waited he found out that he could only lie on his stomach most of the time, or gently move onto his side (with great care in doing so). It didn't surprise him either that he was chained to the bedpost. There was no way Ritsu would want a repeat of what happened earlier that day. In any case, that event went unexplained, really. Ritsuka was sitting on the balcony railing when all of a sudden he felt a strong urge to stand at the ledge and possibly consider jumping. Upon getting on top of the balcony railing though, Ritsu caught sight of him and tried to go retrieve him. Out of panic Ritsuka automatically moved farther away out of his Master's reach.

"Here's your water." Aki83 was holding out the glass, and Ritsuka didn't even notice it until the servant spoke.

"Thank you . . ." Ritsuka found it hard to try and maneuver himself into a position where he could drink the water without irritating his wounds further. What he managed to do was to prop one pillow beneath his left arm and he placed all his weight there, so he could lean forward and take the glass with his right hand. (Aki83 would have helped but he knew from experience that the dark-haired boy disliked the favor). Tipping the cup to his face he drank it all in three gulps. "Um, was Master Ritsu especially mad this time?" Aki83 gave him a perplexed look, quite unaware of Ritsuka's means of needing "severe" punishment in the first place. "Since I actually jumped this time . . . He caught me as I was falling."

Aki83 frowned. After so many attempts of suicide and not actually jumping, it rather shocked the servant that he did take the plunge this time around. "I see . . . That explains for your wounds."

"However," Ritsuka smiled a small smile, "when I jumped I was glad that Master Ritsu saved me when he did. I regretted ever falling. I guess I want to cling onto life despite the harsh living conditions I face here."

"After hearing about you jumping, I am glad that he has saved you as well."

They both shared a laugh, but it was somewhat strained in a way. Each was held prisoner, but for many different reasons.

"I almost forgot! Your birthday is arriving soon!"

Ritsuka blinked several times, surprised by the man's enthusiasm. He never really did bother to look forward to it, because on the night of every birthday since he's been with Ritsu, they'd have sex at night till well into the morning. Ritsuka came to dread his birthday instead of treasuring it.

"I'd postpone it if I could," Ritsuka said, sweat dropping at the fact that his birthday was only a week and two days away.

"How are you feeling, Ritsuka?" Both Aki83 and Ritsuka shut up immediately as they looked towards the Master of the house. "Answer me."

"I'm fine," Ritsuka replied, saying it as fast as he could. He was completely lying through his teeth, and it only made it worse that Ritsu was very well aware of this fact. "I mean I'm really sore and aching . . . But other than that," Ritsuka felt his feline ears drooping on the top of his head, "I am fine."


"Yes, Master Ritsu?"

"You may return to your quarters, lest I call for you again."

"Yes, Master Ritsu." Aki scurried out of the room, leaving Ritsu and Ritsuka all alone.

"Would you like it if I removed those chains of yours?" Ritsu suddenly asked, a small grin coming to his lips.

This was a trick question . . . Ritsuka didn't know whether he should say yes or no, because he couldn't tell what the true results were going to be afterwards. "Tell me. Which is your choice?"

"I'd rather not answer that . . ."

"Is it a yes or no?" Ritsu demanded, voice becoming dangerously low.

"No, I mean yes! Actually, I mean no! No, Master Ritsu, I do not want to take these off!"

"Good choice. I'll have Aki24 bring in your dinner for you in a bit. You are not allowed to leave this bed, unless it is to relieve yourself and bathe, nothing else."

"Nothing . . . else?" This was why Ritsuka hated the chains and wished for them to disappear. They only permitted him to go so far.

"Be gracious. If you would have replied yes earlier, then I was going to give you fifteen lashings on your chest."

Ritsuka sweat dropped. "I won't continue to complain. I'm sorry, Master Ritsu."

"After this punishment I do hope that you won't pull a stunt like that again?" Ritsuka vigorously nodded his head. "Good boy." With that said and done Ritsu left the room.

Now that Ritsuka was alone once more and very much wide awake, he had the time to lay there and brood. Having a pet or pets was only what the wealthy could afford, and the only pets they are allowed to own are hybrid humanoids: products of non-human organisms such as himself. Whether they be half human, half hybrid humanoid, they are still categorized as pet material because the hybrid gene is so strong that it offs as the operative of genetic makeup, thus causing anyone (even a half) to have ears and a tail.

Nothing seems more suffocating than to be a pet of a human . . .

Chapter 1: END