Okay, this takes place about 13 years after the movie. Bobby and Angel (now married to Sofi) are still living in Evelyn's house. Because I have no idea how old they were in the movie, I'm guessing on ages, but I've got Bobby and Jerry in their early 40s, Angel in his late 30s. Jerry's kids are 18 and 16.

Rating for graphic descriptions of abuse in later chapters.

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Someone was banging on the door. Bobby swayed to his feet, his head aching with the beginnings of an epic hangover.

"Comin', comin'. Fuck," he mumbled, stumbling out to open the door. "What?" he snapped at the short guy who stood on the porch.

"Sorry I bother you, sir," the man stammered. "But I gotta passenger in my cab. Give me this address, but something wrong. Won't wake up."

Bobby swore and pushed past the guy. Snow crunched under his boots as he crossed the yard, trying to push down the pain in his skull. Wrenching the cab door open, Bobby gasped.

Jack. His heart skipped a few beats before he came back to himself. Jack was dead, nearly 13 years ago, and this kid was a little younger than Amelia, maybe only 14 or so. And a girl. Ignoring the cabby who was now chattering at his shoulder, Bobby leaned into the car and pulled the girl out. As the light from a nearby streetlamp fell on the girl's face, Bobby realized that she was older than he'd thought, but smaller than she should have been.

Angel. He needed to get Angel out here. Fuck, Bobby thought suddenly. He didn't even know if Angel and Sofi were home. Their son, Jake, had an away hockey game and Angel had said that they might just find a hotel if the afterparty went too late.

A car pulled onto the street and Bobby sighed in relief as he saw that it was Angel's red SUV. When they pulled up, Angel jumped out of the car and hurried across the frozen lawn to Bobby. Taking a look at the girl in his brother's arms, Angel sucked in his breath in shock.

"Holy fuck, Bobby," he breathed.

"I know, Angel," Bobby said. "Pay the man while I get her inside."

Angel nodded and shoved a few twenties into the cabby's hands. "This hers," the man said, shoving a travel-stained duffle bag into Angel's hands before jumping into his cab and driving off. Angel walked over to his car, slinging the duffle over his shoulder. Jake had woken up a little and Sofi was helping him out of the car. "Where'd ya get the bag, Dad?" Jake slurred. Angel smiled down at his 10 year old son.

"Let's go inside, Jay," he said. "S'to cold out here. Might freeze to death."

Angel stood by the car, watching Sofi and Jake go into the house. When they'd disappeared inside and shut the door, he let himself shiver. He looked over at the lamppost on the other side of the driveway and shivered again. Jack. Jackie. He thought about his little brother a lot, but now every detail of that day jumped back to him.

Blood shining bright red on a white shirt and fresh snow. Anguished screams begging, pleading for big brother to help. Blood coming out of lungs instead of air. Crying, crying so hard that Sofi had to hold him up. That girl looked so much like him. She was like Jack made miniature and female. Suppressing another shiver, Angel hurried into the house.

The living room was filled with warm golden light. Bobby was crouched by the couch, staring in wonder at the girl who lay there. Standing by his brother, Angel looked down at her, ignoring the lump in his throat at how much she looked like Jack.

She was probably about 16, but she looked as if she hadn't had a decent meal in years. She was scrawny and pale, her eyes looking almost bruised because of the black marks on the sunken lids. Her face shimmered with a thin film of sweat and dried blood caked her hairline and forehead from a large cut that seemed almost obscenely bright against the stark white of her skin. She shivered and Angel grabbed a blanket off a nearby chair and tossed it over her.

"Bobby," Angel said quietly. "You know who she's gotta be . . ."

Bobby nodded, taking the girl's hand. "She looks so much like him," he murmured, running his other hand over the lank sandy brown hair that stuck out in every direction. Suddenly businesslike, he said, "She looks pretty sick. Think we should get her to a hospital?"

"Yeah," Angel said. "Lemme tell Sofi and we'll go." He tossed his keys to Bobby. "We'll take my car, it'd be hell gettin' her in an' outta your backseat."

Walking up the stairs to his and Sofi's room, Angel frowned. Where the hell had this girl been all these years? Why hadn't Jack said anything? Did he even know? Oh Jesus, he thought suddenly. Did she know he was dead?

Please God, Angel prayed silently as he watched Sofi tucking Jake in. Please don't make us have to tell her. If she looks this much like Jack, it'd kill us to see pain in those eyes again.

Yeah, so the end was a little cheesy, but Angel's going to be like that through the whole story because he's been softened by fatherhood. Bobby's going to be a little softer too, but he's still going to be the asshole we know and love.

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