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I'll Remember You

Scroll Eight


Miroku had just finished burying Kohaku's remains while Sango sat on her knees, placing a handful of flowers on his grave. Miroku knelt down next to her and put his arms around her. Sango rested her head on his chest and cried softly.

"Would you like to stay here tonight?" Miroku asked as her tears dried into sniffles for the time being

"No. Kohaku has found peace, there's nothing we can do for him now. Kagome needs us" She nuzzled into his chest "I can't imagine what life will be like without InuYasha."

"It's strange, you know? InuYasha was the hanyou, but Kagome has always been the strongest one out of all of us. Still, losing InuYasha like this, I don't know if she will ever be able to get past it."

"She will have his child. That will be some comfort I suppose"

"I'm glad you're here with me Miroku"

Miroku held her tighter, watching the sun set on the horizon.


Sesshomaru stood on a high cliff over looking the sea. Rin and Jaken stood a few paces behind him. The news had come as a whisper on the wind.

InuYasha is dead.

So much needless death.

He remembered the time when it had been his desire to be the one to complete that deed himself. It had in fact once been his most cherished wish. When that feeling had changed the Taiyokai did not know, the important thing was that it had. In the end his most valuable lessons hadn't come from the tempered blades forged from his mighty fathers fang, but from two precious females who were dear to his heart.

He felt wetness on his cheek and he wiped it away, amazed to realize it was a tear.

Again he thought of Tensaiga. Had he been there, could he have revived InuYasha? Since the time it had rejected Kagura Sesshomaru had begun to feel a bit of disdain for the fang of heaven. What if it should do the same to the son of the great InuYokai who had given the fang from his jaw to create it?

To be truthful, in these times, Sesshomaru would put nothing past the enigmatic fang.

That didn't mean he that shouldn't at least, try did it? He could do it in her honor, she would have liked that.

The wind blew over his face, lifting the silver hair off his back, tossing it gracefully about his head and upper body until it flew around him like silver angels wings. He remembered her words,

'When you feel the wind in your hair, it is my caress…When a breeze touches your lips...it is my kiss.'

He closed his eyes and concentrated on his lovers touches.


Kagome sat outside the hut looking at the stars. Sota stepped outside and stood by her. She put her arm around him and pulled him into her lap. He lay back, resting the back of his head on her shoulder to look up at the sky.

"Sota, I'm sorry I scared you and almost hurt you"

Sota shook his head "Kaede explained to me that it wasn't really you. I'm glad your okay again. I'm sorry that InuYasha died."

Kagome nodded, wiping at a new wave of tears.

Sota thought for a minute

"Sis…do you think we will ever be happy again?"

"I don't know Sota. I think so. I hope so. I think it is going to be a really long time."

Sota nodded.

"You have had a long day Sota, you should go get some sleep." she smiled at him and kissed his cheek

"Night sis." He quickly pecked her cheek and ran around the hut to "go" before bed.

Kagome looked up at the moon "I miss you InuYasha" her tears came again

She went to the door and stopped when she realized she was the topic of conversation.

"Do you think Kagome will be ok Kaede?" Shippo asked mournfully.

"We must give her time. She and InuYasha loved each other a great deal. The child will bring her comfort of course. With time and good friends I think she will get through it. But, I doubt she will ever feel like a young girl again."

"Naraku stole so much from so many" Koga said with disdain "But at least that bastard has met his end."

"Aye, all that remains now is to pick up the pieces and start anew."

Kagome turned and walked in the direction of the Goshinboku.


Sango and Miroku rode into the night on Kirara. Sango leaned back against him

"Are you okay?" He asked, putting his arms around her waist.

"Yes, Naraku is dead, and my brother is free"

"But you miss him, of course you do Sango, I would be worried if you did not."

She nodded and cried a little.

"Lets not speak of sadness, Your free as well" She took his formerly cursed hand and placed a kiss in the palm "I am so grateful that I still have you."

"Me too" He nuzzled her cheek with his nose "We have the rest of our lives together, to marry and have children."

"But Kagome….."

"I'm afraid her mourning period will be great. I worry that she wont be able to overcome this. I can't imagine how

Kagome must feel, I miss him already." The soon to be former monk said sadly

"Me too." She was silent for a while " I love you Miroku"


He kissed her.

"I love you."


Kagome touched the spot where InuYasha once slept.

'Oh InuYasha, how could you leave me?? You promised we'd always be together!'

Her heart felt empty, like it was a sucked out shell of what it once had been, like he had taken all of her to the otherworld.

'How? How will I ever find the strength to live without you by my side?'

She was tired. Her ordeal and the emotional energy she had drained in mourning left her feeling lethargic and wasted.

'I ...kami...I miss you so much already InuYasha!!' She sat on the roots and curled up in

InuYasha's hoari. She didn't try to stop the tears, but let them pour freely. She was startled to feel a hand on

her shoulder and sat up to see Koga and Shippo standing next to her.

"Are you okay Kagome?" Shippo asked, concern all over his face.

Kagome shook her head, starting to cry again. Koga sat next to her and put his arm around her. She leaned into his

chest and Shippo jumped onto her lap and cuddled her.

"I miss him too Kagome" Shippo said, and they cried together while Koga did what he was able to comfort them.

"Kagome?" The kitsune said quietly after a long while

She looked at him

"InuYasha told me to tell you something if………if……" he cried

"What is it Shippo?"

"He told me to tell you that he loves you."

"Thanks Shippo, you too Koga." She lay her head on Koga's shoulder and he wrapped Inuyasha's fire rat hoari closer around her.

Kagome let the lethargy take over as her eyelids grew impossibly heavy with her need for sleep.

In sleep she was able to escape the pain.


Moonlight rested faintly over the village as the dawn tempted the eastern eastern ridge barely hours below the horizon. InuYasha's body lay posed for eternal rest in the hidden hut. A young girl entered, Her once white hair now turned black and her eyes of void now radiated a soft dark blue.

The girl touched a hand to InuYasha's chest and Kagome's tears were illuminated in the moonlit night.They rose off his chest and sparkled above his body. A star broke free from the sky and a beam of bright light illuminated the hut to mix with Kagome's tears, causing them to shine like the finest cut diamonds. The hut itself began to glow, and then the glow focused on a single spot and woman's form took shape.

"Thank you for leading me here Kanna" The voice was soft and sweet. She placed a soft hand in front of InuYasha's nostrils and blew air softly into his lungs.

"It is my command that you shall breathe once again InuYasha, so breath you shall. This most humble miko demands it!"

His chest began to move as his hair turned grey, the shade grew lighter and lighter to silver as his inu ears formed again atop his head. His eyes blinked open, nearly blinded by the light radiating from the woman who sits next to the pallet.

He tried to sit up, but was seized by pain and fell back.

"No InuYasha. Rest. Your wound is not yet fully healed and you must allow your body time to rid itself of the poison."

"Your…Your Midoriko"

"I am." Midoriko smiled down at him.

"I'm dead"

"You were"

"Am I a spirit now?" he asked raising his hands to look at them

"No. You are a hanyou, InuYasha."

"I don't get it. Didn't I die?"

"InuYasha. I've watched you since your birth. You were born with a great and challenging destiny. To destroy such a great evil, you needed the one who is your intended mate.. But you had much to endure, many things you had to learn to prepare you for your destiny."

"Destiny. That's what Kikyo said…"

"Yes. When Kikyo was taken from you by another's selfishness, you fell under a spell and slept for fifty years. During that time your heart became hardened, so much so that when your mate woke you from the spell you tried to kill her. But she prevailed. She healed your heart and set it free. She was able because she is pure of heart, only one who is pure of heart can heal the broken heart of the yokai"

"Kagome and the pup, are they okay?" He said, worry crossing his face

"They are well, but her heart mourns deeply."

He tried to get up again "I have to go to her"

Midoriko gently pushed him back onto the pallet.

"You will go to her soon, but now you must rest and let Kanna tend to you." InuYasha looked at the girl,

Puzzled "But she's…"

""Rest at ease InuYasha. Kanna was once my most dear apprentice. She was taken and consumed by a yokai, that demon later consumed Onigumo

and became Naraku, she was freed only to have her gifts used for evil as Naraku's slave. You have also set her free."

"Why did you bring me back?"

"InuYasha, You once selfishly wished to use the jewel to become a full yokai. You gave up that dream once you realized the price of it's realization. Last night you were faced with an

opportunity to revive your dream, yet, the thought never once crossed your mind. Instead, you used the Shikon no

Tama to set another free. When you put love above selfishness you gave me the strength to finally defeat the yokai and end the battle. Now my soul can finally move on."

"I already used the Shikon no Tama to free Kagome. How can it be used again to give me life?"

"Do you believe when two hands connected over the Shikon no Tama, that your hearts desire is the only heart that was heard?"

"Kagome." He smiled

"It is because of her heart that yours was able to free me. Now, you shall be together forever, that is her desire"


"Is this not what you want InuYasha?"

"More than anything."

Midoriko smiled "Then cease to protest and accept the fulfillment of your mates wish."

He smiled and nodded

"You must rest now InuYasha and let Kanna help you regain strength. Your mate and son await you in a place special to you both."

He smiled "Thank you Midoriko" he said turning to look at her. She smiled at him

"Be happy InuYasha."

Midoriko smiled and began to fade. She left the way she came, on a beam of starlight.

InuYasha's eyes popped open 'Son? Did she say son?'

Kanna stood by the bed, a cloth in her hand to wash him. She reached out her hand to touch his cheek, he was overcome by the warmth and kindness in her eyes, the same eyes that for so long had been cold and vacant.

"Thank you for freeing me from Naraku, InuYasha" She said softly and went about washing him.

He rested and closed his eyes again "Hang on Kagome….Just a little while longer"

The morning dawned clear over Feudal Japan, not a cloud in the sky. The sunlight barely began to touch the grass when

he stood at the edge of the clearing by the tree.

"Kagome" he said softly, barely a whisper

She slept wrapped in his robe, her head resting on Koga's chest. Funny, he didn't feel the least bit jealous. He knew who she loved. Soon, she would know he loved her too.

He walked to the tree, and for a wonderful moment knelt by her taking in her face and smell. It was the last thing he remembered before he died, the feeling of her wrapping around him, her scent. He glanced over at Koga, a desire for mischief building in him.


InuYasha stood and took on the old familiar angry stance that was so much a part of him since he woke from the tree. He was surprised to find it wasn't a part of him anymore, no longer felt natural. Still, he continued on.

"Feh. Figures, just like wolfshit. I'm not even in the pyre before fleabag moves in."

Koga's eyes snapped open.

"InuYasha? Your dead"

"baka. I was, but now I'm not. So, get your hands off my mate."

Kagome heard InuYasha's voice and she woke

Koga smiled, part of him wanted to hug his nemesis, but hell, he had an image to maintain

"Figures. Mutts too stupid to even know he's suppose to stay dead."

"Kagome freed Midoriko from the jewel. Kagome wanted me alive so Midoriko brought me back to be with her.

Besides, she's having my son. Mine! Not yours flea bag"

"You told me to watch over her stupid"

"Yeah, I didn't tell you to sleep by her and put your hands all over her did I?, now back off and I just might let you go without pounding you"

"Who's gonna make me?" Koga jumped up and got into InuYasha's face

"hehe..I think I just did hairball."

"You better shut up now mutt"

"Or what"

"You know what."

"Baka! I'm scared. Who do you think you are anyway moving in on Kagome like that?"

"You're the one who left her here alone BAKA"

"Not exactly like it was my fault BAKA. Now get away before any of your nasty stink makes Kagome and my boy sick."

Kagome struggled to understand. He was alive again. How could that be? She watched him die in her arms. He said…

…Midoriko brought him back? Because of her?

Kagome looked up at the two arguing over her like it was any other day. Out of habit she said the first thing that

came to mind, a whisper really.


InuYasha fell in subjugation.

"Nice to see you too Kagome" InuYasha said, pushing himself up on his elbows and looking at her, tears ran down her face again.

Koga laughed and took that as his cue to leave. He had old business with Ayame to take care of, a promise to fulfill.

"C'ya Kagome" He turned to leave, but stopped first and gently nudged InuYasha's arm with his foot.

InuYasha looked up and Koga smiled. The gesture said a thousand words that Koga never would. He lifted his foot and then he left on a cloud.

Shippo woke, struggled to believe InuYasha was alive. He laughed and jumped onto InuYasha's back and hugged him.

"InuYasha! How?"

"Midoriko knew Kagome's heart. When we defeated Naraku, Midoriko was able to defeat her own yokai. I am

alive because Kagome loved me"

"Loves." She corrected

"Huh?" Inuyasha looked at her

"Love's. I love you" she lifted her head to look at him, tears pouring down her face in rivers.

"I gotta tell the others" Shippo hopped down and ran off to the village, he could take a hint.

InuYasha smiled and pulled Kagome to her feet. She let his robe drop and fell into his arms.

"InuYasha. InuYasha I was so sad. I can't believe your really here. Am I dreaming?"

"If you are, don't wake up ok?"

Kagome pulled back and smiled at him. "Okay"

He took her hand and led her to the tree, then sat her on his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

"Are you and the baby okay Kagome? I mean from.."

"Yes, I'm fine"

"Do you remember anything?"

"Not really. The last thing I remember was Koushoku attacking me. The next thing I remember was when you woke me just

before you…." she started crying again and threw herself back against him.

He nodded. "Do you know what happened?"

"Miroku and Sango told me"

He hugged her tightly

"You know, we really have to do something about you trying to kill when your under these curses."

She made a face at him "That's not funny. Baka"

"You couldn't have hurt me anymore than being apart from you already was"


He took both her cheeks in his hands and kissed her. A long moment later He broke the kiss.

She started to cry again.

"What is it with you and all this crying? You women, you cry at the drop of a hat…."

"Hey, I am pregnant you …hey, wait a minute, what makes you think it's a boy?"

"Inside information."

"You don't mean…Midoriko?"

InuYasha nodded

"I protect the thing and you get all the perks" She shook her head.

"Well, I did die"

"Kami…don't remind me!!

I love you Kagome" He kissed her again, then bowed his head and kissed her belly. "and you"

"I love you InuYasha" she beamed at him, a wide smile on her face.

"It's about time!" Miroku shouted from the brush near the tree as the others rushed forward to join them

"Hush Monk"

"Soon to be former, as soon as Sango and I set a date"

InuYasha smiled at them. He turned to look back at Kagome to comment but stopped before the words left his mouth. He looked back, the others gaped at her too

"What are you looking at?" Kagome said, feeling self-conscious.

"Uh, Kagome….?"

"Kagome" Sango said, pulling a mirror from Kagome's backpack


Her hair was drastically lightening while tiny peaks were beginning to form at the top of her head.

"Kagome! Was that your deepest wish? To be a hanyou…..like me?" InuYasha asked staring at her newly forming ears. He lifted her hands, claws were forming as well

"Well, ……Uh……I thought that was the only way we could be together forever"

"I think you got your wish sis" Sota said, staring at her ears "My sister is half inu!"

"Can I touch them?" Sango asked

"No, me first" Shippo jumped up onto Kagome's shoulders

She pulled him off and set him back on the ground.

"Stop it you guys." Kagome squeeled.

"I'm her brother I get to go first."

"I'm her mate, me first" InuYasha reached out, the ears almost fully formed

"Share InuYasha!" Shippo tugged on InuYasha's hands, trying to pull them away from Kagome's ears while she tried to bat them all away.

"I want a turn" Miroku reached towards Kagome.

"Touch her ears and die Pervert" InuYasha shoved Miroku away.

"I'm her brother" Sota hustled to take his place.

"This is weird you guys, stop it, their just ears! You've seen InuYasha's for YEARS!!"

"Yours are cuter" InuYasha grinned.

"I'm her best friend" Sango countered, grabbing

"InuYasha, help" She pleaded, covering her head with her hands. He scooped her up and hopped into Goshinboku.

Finding a good branch he held her on his lap and she rested in his arms.

"Guess I'll have to teach you to do this now. You wont need me as much" He pouted, only half joking.


He looked at her. Kagome touched her belly where their unborn pup rested.

"We will always need you."

He lowered his head, and kissed her.


In the brush below, Sesshomaru nodded and smiled silently to himself. Oddly pleased that he wasn't needed after all.

He turned to begin the trek back to the Western Lands.

He would approach them another time on the matter of reconciling differences, when the others weren't demanding their full attention to fondle the miko's new ears.

Sesshomaru paused again, looking up to where his brother and his miko, and newly developed hanyou, cuddled high in the ancient branches of Goshinboku.

Now that Sesshomaru thought about it, the ears were rather…well, cute. He wondered if she would mind…he was to be the child's uncle after all…

No, there would be plenty of time for that sort of thing later now that Naraku had been destroyed. A yokai's lifetime was nearly infinite, a hanyou's may not be quite so, but it was close.

For now it was time to go home to the daughter who awaited his return.

He turned back to go into the forest and began the journey to his palace.



500 Year's Later

InuYasha and Kagome stood in the window of an unused gift shop watching while their younger selves said goodbye to Kagome's family.

Young Kagome sat on her knees between the two graves, InuYasha's heart clenched in his chest, remembering that afternoon too damn well, he could still feel the pain that radiated off her as he stood quietly behind her while she buried her youth.

To human ears their words would have been lost, but their superior Inu hearing and the broken window let them hear the five hundred year old conversation.

"Thank you for caring for them InuYasha" The girl said quietly. The boy went to her and knelt, drawing her close.



"Promise me something…"


"Promise me you will kill Naraku."

"I Promise" He could still remember wiping at her cheeks, desperate to see her tears stop. The feel of her lips as he kissed her and then held her while she cried.

Finally, he helped her to her feet, and they walked hand in hand to make their final trip together through the bone eaters well.

When the blue light from the well house faded away Kagome wiped the tears from her cheeks and then went to the door and pushed it open, walking out into the empty courtyard towards the garden where the fresh graves lay.

They'd had ten children all together, the eldest was four hundred and ninety-nine, and the youngest were fifteen year old twins. The others were scattered among the centuries that they had lived and watched Tokyo grow around their forest. Currently they were all spending time visiting with Sesshomaru and his mate vacationing in Madrid.

InuYasha hated flying, so they stayed close to home. Now, they really were home.

They had waited for this day for a long time, having to sit on their hands yesterday while Naraku killed her mother and grandfather had been torture, but to mess up history, to change kami knows what, simply could not be considered. Bad enough she had spend so many hours sitting outside the windows watching her mother, wishing she could go to her.

As much as he would have loved to, InuYasha knew he didn't dare try to go through the well and warn them of Naraku's final deception that had almost cost him Kagome and their oldest Son, Kateomaru, and had almost cost them him.

But when all was said and done, most of the past five hundred years, he wouldn't change a thing.

Kagome knelt down between the graves, watching InuYasha pick up the shovel to dig a small hole over her mothers grave. When it was complete, he knelt down with her and handed her the urn.

She put it into the hole and covered it with the dirt.

"You're home now Sota. Tell Mama and Gramps I love them. And I still miss them so much."

InuYasha slipped his arm around her shoulder the way he had five hundred years ago.

"Don't be sad Kagome, he wouldn't have wanted you to be, not today."

Kagome smiled. "I'm not. Just, a little…strange, familiar, but not."

"Hey, check it out."

Kagome chuckled a little, looking down by his feet and picking the green skirt up. "Wow, can you believe I wore such a short skirt in that time?"

"I remember. I remember how much I liked it too." InuYasha teased.

"What else do you remember?" Kagome teased,

"Ramen, dried potatoes, a pretty girl in a yellow dress who found a way to get back through the well after I stuck a tree in it for her own good."

Kagome giggled a little "That was Shippo's doing mostly."

"Sure, blame the Kit sinces he's in Osaka and can't defend himself." He chuckled

"How bout you Kagome? What do you remember most about those days?"

"Goshinboku, and you...I remember you."

InuYasha leaned forward and kissed her.

Kagome sighed into his kiss, tangling her fingers into his silver hair. She had truly come full circle now returning, to the point where she had left off. In between were thousands of memories, happy , sad, in between, and always with her was the one by her side.

The one who was always by her side.

Her best friend... her lover... her mate.

Her one who made things worth remembering.

Her hanyou,




The End








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