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Epilogue - Summer Lovin'

"So, how long do you think it'll take for the paperwork to come through?" Veronica asked as she walked along the beach with her boyfriend, Back-Up pulling on the lead in front of them, eager to run already.

"Mom's lawyer doesn't think there'll be any problems, since my Dad's crimes were shared so well with the world" Logan told her, "They should be divorced in a couple of months, and we don't have to lose the house or anything"

"I guess your Dad's not really going to need it where he is" Veronica considered, "Not for a good while anyway"

"Even when jail is through with him, I can't see him coming back to Neptune" her boyfriend told her, "but hey, why do I need my own father when I can share yours?" he grinned, putting his arm around her shoulders as they continued walking.

"That should sound scary" Veronica realised, "but I can't help being happy for my Dad and Lynn. They actually make the weirdest cute couple" she smiled, as she thought about it.

These past months, Veronica and Logan had been so eager to spend time together, as had their parents. Though the Sheriff and the ex-actress wife of a superstar seemed an even less likely pairing than the Sheriff's daughter and a movie stars son, they got along so well. Love was most definitely in the air between the Echolls' and Mars' families, and despite the slight squick factor, nobody could be happier about it if they tried.

As Logan and Veronica reached a familiar patch of rocks, the blonde let Back-Up off the leash to run and swim a while. She and her boyfriend sat down together, his arm around her, as her head dropped onto his shoulder.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked, kissing the top of her head.

"Honestly?" she sighed, "I was thinking about Lilly" she admitted, causing Logan to be looking at her quite strangely when she glanced up, making her smile amusedly.

"Okay" he nodded, "I'll bite. Why are you thinking about my ex?" he asked.

"She's not just your ex-girlfriend, Logan" Veronica reminded him, "She was my best friend too, and despite all she's done, I can't help be at least a little happy about what I saw today"

"Do tell, Miss Mars" Logan urged her with a grin, "What secrets have you been uncovering?"

"I think Lilly and Weevil are getting back together, but in a much less public eye way" she explained, "And as crazy as it sounds, and I know she hurt you a lot, and me too, but I'm just happy she's happy, y'know?" she shrugged, "Is that crazy?"

"It's not exactly normal" he told her with a smirk, "but maybe I wouldn't love you half so much if you were ordinary" he told her, leaning in for a kiss that she happily reciprocated, "You know Lilly's not all bad, even I know that" he said a moment later when they parted, "I really expected her to sell her story, y'know the great affair with a movie star that turned psycho"

"The thought crossed my mind that she might do that too" Veronica sighed, glad her old best friend hadn't gone that far.

She suspected, however, it was more the Kane family wanting to hush up the whole sorry business, than it was Lilly's decision to avoid the limelight she so loved.

"Of all people, it was Trina that wanted the movie rights to all this" Logan chuckled, and shook his head.

"I still can't figure why she was so into that" Veronica agreed, "She wasn't even here when it all happened" she said, "but I have to admit, it would've been cool to see Evan Rachel Wood playing me on TV" she joked, striking a pose on the rocks.

"You, Miss Mars" Logan said, getting up and pulling her up beside him, so her body was flush to his, "are more beautiful, smart, and amazing than any TV actress. She never would've done you justice" he said with a smile, as they kissed once again.

Six months on from when their adventure together had begun, they were the perfect picture of young love. Now a whole Summer lay ahead of them to be enjoyed in the peace and tranquillity of Neptune. Well, maybe that was pushing it just a little.

The Sheriff's daughter and Movie Stars' son were bound to find themselves in some trouble or other before school started up again in the Fall, but for now they were happy just to be together, knowing they could face whatever life threw at them, just so long as they had each other to lean on.


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