Title: CAKES

Summary: Sam and Dean have dinner at a local diner this is the conversation that ensues.

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Dean pulled in the parking lot of the local diner; he'd seen and eaten at a million of these

In their travels across country. This particular mom and pop joint was located in Creek side

West Virginia. Sam slowly crawled out of the passenger side.

"We're here already?" Sam asked wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Yeah geek boy, now come on I'm starving to death." Dean replied somewhat annoyed

The boys walked across the parking lot and pushed the door open, where a perky

Blonde waitress Meet them "Table or booth?" She asked slowly looking them up and down

Before her gaze settled approvingly on Dean.

"Booth." Sam replied Dean was to busy checking out the waitresses double D's.

They settled down at the booth, Dean ordered a coke and Sam ordered a water.

The waitress turned to go get their drinks and Dean lifted his menu (Oh he knew these kinds

Of diner's they served the best burgers and had the finest looking waitresses.) He thought as

He peered over the top of his menu to check the waitress out as she slowly walked to the

Kitchen. Oh yeah he would defiantly give her a ten.

"Dean you can put your tongue back in your mouth now." Sam said sounding obviously


"Oh damn didn't you see the rack on her though oh my god, we're talking double D's and oh

Don't even get me started on her ass.Dean replied letting out an appreciative sigh.

Sam opened his mouth to reply when Betty Boop returned with their drinks.

"What would you boys like to eat?" She asked batting her eyes at Dean

Sam ordered the chicken sandwich and a side salad, Dean ordered the twelve ounce steak

Medium well with a baked potato with extra butter and sour cream.

About fifteen minutes later the waitress returned with their order and Dean set to the task of

Cutting his steak, while Sam took a bite out of his sandwich. Half way through the meal Sam

Glanced over at Dean who had eaten his baked potato, drunk two glasses of coke and had

Already eaten half of his steak, Sam had eaten his sandwich and was slowly eating his salad.

"You know that will eventually kill you, all that fat will clog your arteries and kill you. Sam

Asked looking at Dean's plate.

"Yeah but Sammy boy the key word is eventually, see I could live to be ninety or even a

Hundred eating steaks, hell how long do you think your going to live eating that rabbit's food."

Dean replied pointing at Sam's salad.

"Well I'll live a whole hell of a lot longer than you, I mean look at your stomach you've

Probably put on thirty pounds in the last month, your jeans getting a little to tight?" Sam

Asked a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Why don't you mind your own fucking business

For starters and second I have not put on any weight it's all muscle and everybody knows that

Muscle weighs more than fat anyway." Dean ground out

They finished the rest of the meal in peace.

"Would you boys like desert." the waitress asked as she took their plates.

"Yeah I think I'll have a piece of your carrot cake." Sam answered

"Well since your not on the menu, Dean gazed up at the waitress, I guess I will have to settle

For a piece of your chocolate caramel surprise cake.

"I get off work tonight at ten if you want to take care of that little problem." She replied as

she turned toward the kitchen to get the desert.

"Oh your real smooth there Dean." Sam said as he took a drink of his water.

"Well it worked didn't it Bitch."Dean replied


A few minutes later the waitress returned with Sam's carrot cake. "Your order will be right

Out." She told Dean.

About five minutes later she returned toting a huge plate witch she sat down in front of Dean

"Okay rules are if you can eat all this in an hour and a half no puking your meals free. The

Waitress informed him. That's when he actually looked at what he had ordered there where

two huge slices of cake one chocolate the other caramel two huge scopes of ice cream one

Chocolate one caramel swirl it had a dollop of whip cream with a cherry on top and the whole

thing was covered in caramel sauce and hot fudge sauce. Sam's eyes widened when the

waitress had set it on the table.

"How do you plan on eating all that?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Well I got a man's sized desert her Sammy not some rabbit food desert, so tell me since

That's a carrot cake doesn't that make it a vegetable and not desert?" Dean asked picking up

his spoon and digging in to his cake."

"Just because it has carrots in it doesn't mean it's vegetable it's got sugar in it there for it's a

desert, besides cocoa comes from a bean." Sam said as he watched Dean eat his cake.

"Well I still say that carrot cake is a vegetable lets ask the waitress shall we?" Dean asked

waving her over.

"Hey since carrot cake has carrots in it does that make it a vegetable or a desert?"

Dean asked the waitress all the while still eating." Well it's a desert." She replied sweetly and

Sam started laughing. an hour, well and hour and five minutes damn why wouldn't Sam drop

the five fucking minute thing. Dean had polished off his chocolate caramel surprise cake.

They got their whole meal for free and as they were leaving Dean promised to return at ten

O'clock to pick Tonya up. Dean made it to the Impala climbed behind the wheel and got half

way to the motel before he had to pull over he just got the door open and got out of the car

before he vomited the first time.

"Do you want to me to drive?" Sam asked as Dean climbed back in the Impala.

"No I'll be fine besides we're already half way there." Dean replied and pulled the door shut.

Sam barley had time to get the door open before Dean almost mowed him down to get to

The bathroom to throw up again.

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