After another two trips to the bathroom to throw up, Dean declared that he was dying

After another two trips to the bathroom to throw up, Dean declared that he was dying.

"quit being such a drama queen Dean we both know that the only thing wrong with you

was that giant steak and potato you ate oh and let's not forget that fifty pounds of

chocolate and caramel you ate." Sam replied .Half an hour and half a bottle of Pepto-

Bismol later, "What time is it Sammy?" Dean moaned. After a quick glance at his watch

Sam said "Nine- thirty why?". "Shitshitshit, Dean muttered while reaching for his cell

phone. "Hi Tonya this is Dean and we were suppose to go out tonight ,but well it seems

little Sammy has the flu and I can't just leave him by himself, so does tomorrow sound

good? Okay five 'o clock it is then." Dean managed to duck the pillow Sam hurled at

him. "You jerk little Sammy has the flu, real mature. "Sam yelled as he hurled his other

pillow at Deans head this time he got the satisfaction of watching it hit Dean in the head.

The next day went smoothly Dean was feeling

better and suggested that they go to another restaurant he had seen on the way in for

breakfast. So after a satisfying breakfast of coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, and pancakes.

They went back to the hotel, where Sam done the research an Dean watched TV and

ate."Oh my god you just ate breakfast and now your eating pork rinds." Sam looked at

Dean questioningly. "Well I was hungry and I've gotta wait until noon to get lunch."

Dean replied. The rest of the day passed calmly with the boys going to the local

McDonald's for burgers and fries. At four-thirty Dean got ready to go on his BIG date

with Tonya. At about ten o' clock that night Sam thought he heard the Impala, but when

he glanced out the window he discovered Dean had still never returned. At eleven o'

clock Sam got ready and went to bed it was obvious Dean either at the local bar drinking

or at Tonya's house. At six o' clock the next morning Sam was woke from a deep sleep by

the door being opened and closed. Sam turned over and peered at his brother "So i take it

everything went okay with Tonya or were you down at the local bar drinking your

sorrows away ?" Sam asked with a light chuckle." Okay..." Dean said while pulling

his shirt over his head and trying to stifle a yawn." My god didn't you sleep at all last

night?" Sam asked curiously. "Later, Sammy right now I'm going to bed" Dean replied

while pulling his pants off and falling on the bed. Sam picked Dean's clothes up and laid

them across one of the chairs. He snaked one of Dean's credit cards and the keys to the

impala. He needed something to eat and he needed to pay for another night. Sam quietly

locked and closed the door behind him carefully so as not to wake Dean. He went to the

office and paid for the room then went to the local McDonald's and got two coffees and

two meals. He figured when Dean woke up he would be hungry, he always was after a

night of hunting or having sex. But when Sam got back Dean was still asleep. After

eating his breakfast Sam sat down at the table and pulled out his laptop to do some

research for their next hunt. By noon Sam was hungry again so he decided to

head to a burger joint they had passed on the way here, he ordered two burgers to go and a

cup of black coffee for Dean he opted for an espresso. When he got back to the hotel

room he noticed that the bed was empty and the shower was on. A few minutes later

Dean emerged. "It's about time you got up i was really starting to worry about you

sleeping beauty." Sam said with a chuckle." Just give me my burger damn it." Dean

groused. The next couple hours passed slowly after eating their burgers Dean decided to

watch T.V while Sam done yet more research. "I had a few drinks with Tonya." Dean said

while watching TV. "Huh?" Sam asked while glancing up from his computer. "To answer

your question from earlier we had a few drinks then we went back to her place. "Dean

replied." Dude, I thought you forgot about that my god you were practically sleep walking

when you came back. Sam said chuckling. "And no we didn't do much sleeping if you

get my drifted. We uh... had a little fun, then Tonya called her twin sister

Tiffany and we had a little more fun. Oh my god and the things they done with a pair of

handcuffs, some whip cram and hot fudge is probably illegal in forty- eight states."

Dean said with a big grin."Whoa..whoa first off too much information and secondly you

left two girls handcuff you to a bed." Sam cut in. "Well that just show how dirty your

mind is Samantha.. but yeah." Dean replied smirking. Now get your coat I'm hungry and I

need another cup of coffee. Dean said while flicking off the T.V. "You know on second

thought I could call Tonya or Tiffany and we could have a little ménage a tros." Dean

said while walking out the door. "No. no, let's just go get some food, what you do in your

time is your business. Sam replied." You know what your problem is Sammy, you need to

get laid. Well dean never could resist twins and he was just born a womanizer Sam supposed.

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