To Readers that have read the story, you will notice that Harry is going to be quite different in this new version of the PlayPen. Harry Potter will no longer be the innocent little boy in this story. He will be like any other teenager so you might have to read it over again. To readers that haven't read to story, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. It's J. K. Rowling's. But if it were, I would have Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe making out in the films.

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Warning: Male-Male Relationships, Swearing, Sexual Situations, M-Preg, Draco bashing others, a Voldemort Pedophile, OOC Harry, and some grammar mistakes that I may have overlooked.

Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since age four. Now a new student has arrived in Howgarts. She seems to attract boys everywhere she goes, but she leaves everyone shocked when they find out she's Harry Potter. Now that the truth is out, one question remains. Where did he go all those years ago? DM/HP Slash

Chapter 1: The PlayPen

A small little boy at the age of four was happily sleeping under the staircase of his only living relatives. He was dreaming he was flying in the air on a broomstick in red robes. He was flying just above the lake. He felt the mist of the water hitting the surface of his face. He stuck out his hand and ran his fingers in the water as he flew. Something caught his eye up ahead and he pulled up on the broom to fly higher. He looked down and saw a giant squid raise a tentacle up moving left and right looking like it was waving at him.

A rapping on the small door under the staircase interrupted his dreaming. "Boy! Get up now and get dressed!" The little boy's name was Harry Potter and he lived with his Aunt and Uncle along with their son, Dudley. Harry had short black hair, broken glasses that his cousin broke twice, emerald eyes and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead that he received from the car accident that killed his mother and father, hence he was living with his aunt and uncle.

Harry was a very thin boy for his age wearing his cousin's hand-me-downs that looked like baby elephant skin. He yawned and stretched and rubbed his eyes. He crawled to the door and opened it. He winced when the light hit him full force and closed his eyes waiting for them to adjust. Today was Dudley's birthday and they were going to a brand new amusement park that was opening today. The Dursleys would have left him with his babysitter, Mrs. Figg, but she was sick today. They had no choice but to take him with them.

He went upstairs and brushed his hair and teeth and washed his face and hands. He changed into another pair of Dudley's hand-me-downs and ran downstairs to the kitchen. His Aunt Petunia was teaching him how to cook. He didn't know why – he was only four years old. Why would he need to know how to cook? She answered him by saying that women love men that cook. He simply said that girls had cooties and asked her why Dudley didn't have to cook. She never answered him.

After they ate, everyone pilled into the car. On the way to the amusement park, Dudley started to poke Harry in the arm and it was annoying him to no end. He yelled at Dudley and his Uncle Vernon hollered at him for making a racket. Once they got there, his Uncle cursed. Harry looked out the window to see that there was no parking space and on the way inside the park, there was a very, very long line. There was one more vacant lot and Vernon was going for it. When he thought he was going to get that parking spot, someone pulled in. Now the whole parking lot was filled. Petunia told Harry and Dudley to cover their ears – and they did – so they couldn't hear Vernon swearing his inappropriate language.

Once he cooled down, he drove all over the parking lot twice to see if anyone left early – but sadly nobody did – and Vernon had to park on the side walk three blocks away from the amusement park. They got out and started walking. Dudley complained why he had to walk so far from the park on his birthday. Harry just rolled his eyes.

They were standing in line for almost and hour and a half and Dudley still wouldn't stop complaining. Finally they got in and the place was crowded and every ride had about fifty people in one line. Vernon turned to Harry. "Now listen boy, if you do anything to ruin Dudley's birthday, you will wish you've never been born." Harry nodded nervously.

1 Hour Later

Harry was sitting alone on a bench near a kiddie ride. He was sitting there for the past ten minutes, but he didn't know that because he didn't know how to count. The whole time that they were there, Dudley only got on one ride and spent the rest of the hour eating hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy washed down with some Pepsi. Petunia went to bring Dudley to the washroom to clean his face and sticky fingers and Vernon wondered off somewhere and they left poor Harry on the bench.

Fifteen minutes went by and little Harry was getting bored of just sitting there. He went exploring. He walked all around the amusement park, watching as kids walked holding hands with their parents. He even watched the kids on the rides enjoying the time of their lives.

Harry wanted to go home and headed back to the bench. By the time he got there, the amusement park was even busier and everyone was bumping into each other. Harry had a hard time not getting squashed. Finally, Harry made it to the bench and stood on it trying to find two familiar fat blobs and a skinny stick, but no such luck. Harry sighed and decided to go home by himself.

Hours Later

Harry was lost and he was ready to break down. He didn't know how long he had been walking, but he did know that he was for a long time. The sun was going down and the streetlights were starting to flash on.

He was walking on the sidewalk in downtown London and was scared. The buildings were old and people were walking around looking like they didn't sleep or washed up for days. He even saw a man sleeping in an alley with newspapers covering him to keep him warm. Somewhere in the distance, a car alarm went off and police sirens soon after. Two men, smoking pot stared at him as he passed by. Harry ran now thinking monsters were going to get him.

Finally, Harry saw a woman on the corner of the street. She looked like a nice lady. She was wearing a tiny little skirt and a small shirt showing her belly. She was wearing a lot of bracelets, glitter, and lip-gloss and had a pink wig on too. She was talking to another woman for a second and the lady went away. Harry walked up to her and tugged on her skirt lightly to get her attention.

She looked down yelped. "Blimey! You scared me there. What is a little boy like you doing out at this time o' night?"

"I'm lost."

"Aw, you poor little thing. Where's your mummy?"

"She died."

"What 'bout your daddy?"

"He died, too."

"Oh, you poor baby," she cooed. She thought that he was an orphan and came up with an idea. "Alright boy-o, follow me." Harry took her hand and walked with her to another corner with another pretty lady. She wore similar clothes as the first lady. This woman had long blonde hair, lipstick, blue eye shadow and eyeliner.

"'Aye, Amanda! This little cutie here is lost. Should we take him to Big Ben?"

The women Harry was walking toward looked at him and smiled kindly to him. "Why isn't he a little bundle of joy," the woman smiled.

"Yeah, he got lost."

"Where are his parents?"

"He said they're dead."

"Aw, poor thing. Definitely take him to Big Ben."

The two women agreed and took Harry's hands into their own and walked down the street. "Oh damn! I forgot," the first woman said. "My name is Drew and this is Amanda," she pointed to the second woman. Amanda spoke "What's your name, sweetie?"

"Harry. Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter. Hmm, has a nice ring to it," said Amanda.

"Where are we going," Harry asked.

"We're going to the PlayPen," said Drew.

"I'm not a baby."

"Oh, its not that kind of playpen. It's where all the grown-ups come to play," said Amanda. "Grown-ups play in playpens?"

Amanda and Drew just smiled at each other. Two minutes of walking and they came to a building that had the words 'PlayPen' in green neon. They walked by a big man standing in front of the doors. His eyebrows rose when he saw Harry. They walked by woman waving and cooing over Harry. All the women were dressed up like Drew and Amanda and they were playing with older men. Some women were playing on poles. Harry could never play like they could. Men were looking at him strangely and turned to the woman he was next to with a confused looked. They were awarded by a shrug from the woman.

Amanda and Drew led Harry to a door in the back that had two bouncers guarding it. The girls and Harry were admittedly accepted to go in. Inside were two other women snuggled with a man in bed; the man was topless had his arms around the two women. He looked like he was in his thirties going on forty. He had black hair; a moustache and his eyes were a shade of grey. He looked up at who had disturbed him. He took out a cigar and lit it. He smiled at the girls and nudged his chin towards Harry in a questioning matter.

"Big Ben, this Harry Potter. He's an orphan and Amanda and I thought that he could live with all the girls here. Can he please," Drew begged.

"The PlayPen is no place for a kid to be raised, girls. If I let one kid stay here, then the other girls will drag in infants too," Big Ben stated.

"But Bennie, he's an orphan and he really needs a family to look after him. The PlayPen will be his family and we'll take care of him, we promise."

"You girls are acting like you just found a puppy in the streets." The girls pouted and gave him a pleading look. Big Ben sighed. "Alright, alright already. Fine, you can keep him after I decide what to do about him."

The girls cheered and hugged Harry tightly. Amanda scooped Harry up in her arms and ran out the doors to make an announcement that they had a new addition to their family.


Young Harry Potter (4) has been missing since yesterday at ten o'clock a.m, writes Rita Skeeter. He was celebrating his muggle cousins' fifth birthday at an amusement park in muggle London where young Harry Potter disappeared. His muggle relatives had only noticed that he was missing for two hours.

We have gone to their house to interview them, but they said no comment. Aurors all over the country are on the look out for him. Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, predicted that young Harry Potter might be in muggle London. Aurors were found at every corner of muggle London. That is all the information we had received.

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