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Warning: Male-Male Relationships, Swearing, Sexual Situations, M-Preg, Draco bashing others, a Voldemort Pedophile, OOC Harry, and some grammar mistakes that I may have overlooked.

Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since age four. Now a new student has arrived in Howgarts. She seems to attract boys everywhere she goes, but she leaves everyone shocked when they find out she's Harry Potter. Now that the truth is out, one question remains. Where did he go all those years ago? DM/HP Slash.

Previously on the PlayPen

Voldemort's eyes widened and he dropped the misty ball in shock. The ball shattered into thousands of tiny shards. His followers seemed shocked as well. They had never seen their Lord looked the way he looked just now. The Dark Lord stared at the shards of the ball. Once he was back to his scenes, he commanded everyone to leave the room. They all rushed to the exit in a hurry for if their Lord should think that they were not fast enough, he would curse them into oblivion.

Back at Hogwarts, Harry woke up from a nightmare holding his scar in pain. His nightmare was about Lord Vodemort and his followers. Voldemort was looking into a crystal ball at him and he dropped it.

Chapter 13: Obsessing

The Dark Lord sat on his throne alone in his bedroom, his gaze never leaving the crystal ball. Inside was Harry doing his homework with a redheaded boy trying not to fall asleep and a girl with a book in her face. He assumed that they were his friends, but paid no mind. His attention was fully on Harry.

Voldemort didn't know how many days and hours he spent studying him. Just by staring at him, Voldemort could sense how powerful his was. He might have not lived in the Wizarding world long, but he was still powerful. Harry just didn't realise it. He might have been powerful, but he didn't know how to fully awaken or control his powers.

It wasn't just Harry's power that fascinated Voldemort, but also the way he looked. He had wondered if the boy were a virgin. It would be a very slim chance if he did turn out to be. He is sixteen and that is when the hormones rage inside to get some attention. Then he stopped. What in the bloody hell was he doing??? What was he thinking??? For three days (he assumed it was that long) he was obsessing over Harry Potter. The boy that was to be his downfall! And here he was just… just… he glanced back at the ball with Harry's smiling face inside. That smile turned into a laugh that sounded like rich music to his ears.

In his anger and lust for the boy, he took the ball and smashed it to pieces. (A/N: (Sigh) Another crystal ball wasted.) That boy was going to ruin him. He wouldn't defeat him if he fancied the boy. A bloody fucking pedophile! That is what he is going to turn out as! Not a Dark Lord, but a fucking PEDOPHILE!!!

Who ever heard of a Dark Lord that turned out to be a pedophile? With a sixteen year old boy no less! And that boy was destined to ruin him! Perhaps he could just meet him in person just once, he could convince him to join him. He was still recovering in getting all his powers back and soon he would be powerful enough to take over the Wizarding world once again.

He stood from his throne and walked to a picture on the wall that had a basilisk feeding upon a baby dragon. He removed the picture and behind it was a volt. This kind of volt needed blood, the blood of the person who installed it. He took a dagger from his robes and sliced his palm open. He pressed his palm on the volt and let his blood soak inside.

The volt's gears started to move and the door swung open. Inside were his most valuable possessions. Inside the volt were a diary, a little golden cup and a blue hair clip. The diary was his, but the golden cup and the hair clip both belonged to Helga Hufflepuffs and Rowena Ravenclaws. (A/N: Just thought of making him have something of Ravenclaws.)

The reason why these were so special was because they were his Horcruxes. Each item had a piece of his soul. His pet, Nagini, was a Horcrux herself. Voldemort had six Horcruxes in all, but two were gone. The memory left him in a rage. His ring and locket were both gone. His ring had disappeared and he had no idea where it could be. But his locket was stolen by a R.A.B. He knew who this 'R.A.B' character was. A treacherous follower of his that he himself killed. Both his ring and locket were passed down from generation to generation for they had once belonged to Salazar Slytherin himself, Voldemort's ancestor.


He turned to see Nagini slithering through the open door. She slithered up his leg and coiled on his shoulder.

"What isss it, my pet?"

"Why have you taken them out? They ssshould be kept hidden. Away from prying eyesss."

"I will ussse only two of thessse objectsss to regain my youth and humanity."

"Why would you want to do that for? There mussst be a reassson for your behaviour."

"Oh, there isss, my pet. There isss."

Nagini stared at her master as he took his diary that held his sixteen-year-old self and the hair clip that held his twenty-year-old self. The objects he chose held his younger selves. If he used these two, the younger he would appear far younger in his current age.

In order for his soul to fuse back into his body, he would need a potion. And no one could make a potion better than his spy, Severus Snape. But he did not show up the night of his resurrection. And that had him thinking. Was he a coward? He had heard from Lucius that he was the Potions Master at Hogwarts. But why had he not showed up?

'I will find out soon enough,' he thought as he called his follower.

Severus Snape sat at his desk at eight o'clock at night. He was correcting his fifth years Hufflepuff class's essays. He had gone through his tenth essay and not one of them received an Acceptable or higher. Just when he thought he was done and getting ready for bed, his arm stung like a thousand needles.

He had felt it. The first time he had called. He had no choice but to answer his call this time. He could not Apparate and he could not floo for he had no powder. He would have to leave the castle in order to Apparate.

For several minutes, Snape had to walk from the dungeons to the main hall and across the school grounds until he reached an area for Apparation. He had kept him waiting and he did not like to wait.

He made sure no one was around and disappeared only to reappear inside of an old manor. It was his Lord's father's manor. "Hello, Severus."

He turned to see the Dark Lord alive and kicking. He sat on his throne with his pet serpent curled around his chest. He bowed in show of his respect for him. "You have called, my Lord."

"Yes, I have and also the night of my rebirth. Why have you not come to me that night?" Voldemort looked at him straight in the eye. He was performing the Legilimens spell in hoping to catch him off guard, but Severus was an expert in Occlumency. And therefore, could not tell if Severus were lying or not.

"I did not want to cause suspicion around the castle, my Lord. Also, I have been working in Hogwarts for the few years and was in the middle of something of great importance."

"Be that as it may, Severus, but you are still my servant and when I call upon you, I expect you to answer. Is that anyway on clear, Severus," he snarled.

"Yes, my Lord," Snape whispered.

"But I am curious, Severus, what could possibly be of great importance other than my revival?"

Now, Snape had to think of something fast for he was walking into a dangerous territory. He was on thin ice now. He could feel sweat on his brow, but luckily his hair happened to hide it. "I was with Potter, my Lord. He is terrible in Potions and the Headmaster suggested that I tutor him. He was watching the entire tutorial, my Lord. Please forgive your loyal servant," he begged as he bowed lower.

Voldemort snarled. That would have been a believable story to someone else, but the Dark Lord was not sure. He could never tell. Severus Snape was like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.

"Never mind. I want you to make a potion for me," he leered down at the Potions Master.

"A potion, my Lord?"

"Yes, a potion. A potion that could separate two pieces of my soul from these two objects," he indicated to the diary and hair clip.

"My Lord?"

"It is of no concern to you. Just do as you are told, Severus."

"Yes, Master." Snape stood and took the two objects without question and left. He had no idea how the Dark Lord got two pieces of his soul into two plain objects such as these. Also, he did know how to get them out. Voldemort said that they required a potion so maybe he could check in the library. Although, something like this must be in the Restricted Section. He had no doubt that he was dealing with very dark magic. Snape gave his master one last look and Apparated outside of Hogwarts.

(A/N: Remember that the Horcruxes were forbidden and stuff so Snape doesn't know about any of it.)

"I don't trussst that SSSeverusss SSSnape," Nagini hissed in her master's lap.

"Yesss, but we'll make good ussse of him in the mean time," Voldemort petted her head lightly.

"What do you plan to do, my Massster? What do you plan to do with that potion onccce your sssoulsss are exxxtracted from them?"

"You ssshall sssee my pet. Onccce I have that potion, you ssshall sssee."

'Why mussst you talk in riddlesss, Massster? Why not jussst tell me? What are you keeping from me, Massster," Nagini thought suspiciously.

Voldemort called for Bellatrix and ordered her to get him another crystal ball. Once she came back, he dismissed her as he snatched the object from her claw-like hands. She left with a huff and looked one last time at her Lord longingly.

Voldemort sat on his throne and gazed into the ball. Harry was in his sight again and he was talking to someone. The ball did not show whom, but who ever it was made Harry blush.

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