Love is Blind

Jack Ramsey was walking down the sidewalk lost in his own thoughts; he had just broken up with his girlfriend Livvie and was kinda upset. But he really didn't have a choice; she was not the same girl he had fallen in love with; ever since last summer she had become rather distant and she had stopped confiding in him.

He was thinking about all the good times they had shared, when he bumped into someone. He looked into her eyes as he was getting up "I'm so sorry," he said. "No, this is my fault," she replied. That's when he noticed that she was holding a cane and he realized that she was blind.

"No, I wasn't watching where I was going," he said.

"I'm Tess."


"Hey, you sound upset is something wrong," she asked.

"How could you tell I was upset?"

"Well when you're blind, your other senses are heightened."


"I know we just met, but if you wanna talk about it."

"Sure," he replied, "But not here, how about that restaurant over there," he said leading her across the street.

They both went inside and sat down; Jack noticed that even though Tess was blind she could do everything just fine. They talked for hours and soon became good friends. "So Jack, what do you look like?"

"Well I have brown hair and green eyes…"

"Sounds nice, but that's not how I tell what people look like."


"Yeah I usually touch a person's face to get an idea what they look like."

She felt his face and then tried to picture what he looked like. "Hmmm, you look very cute," she replied.

"Thanks," he replied with a laugh.

A few weeks later…

Jack invited Tess on a picnic in the park; he made all the food and went over to her house to pick her up. She was dressed in a pair of faded Capri pants and a red t-shirt but Jack thought she had never looked more beautiful. The truth was that he was falling in love with Tess, but he wasn't sure she felt the same way.

They were sitting on the blanket eating, when Jack noticed that she had a little icing on her face from the cupcakes. So he leaned over to wipe it off. "You have a little bit of icing, right there." They were really close to one another and Jack just couldn't resist, he kissed her. He was really happy when she kissed him back because he knew that she felt the same way. From that day on Jack realized that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, but what your like on the inside because Tess loved him despite the fact that she had never seen his face.