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Shanks gave a frustrated sigh as he looked over his almost bare notes. This was getting ridiculous, he had been here for five weeks now, and he still had nothing to go on. Was there really even a mystery to solve? It could just be someone trying to stir up the town, hell, it could've even been just Ace., wanting to have some fun at the town's expense.

With that in mind, Shanks thoughts went back to the run-in with the older D. brother he had a couple weeks ago. Zoro seemed a little shaken afterwards and Luffy was excited.

"You saw Ace!? Maybe he'll come home soon!"

If it was one thing Shanks learned about the boy it was that he had a knack for playing dumb. There had to be some way of getting information out of him. With a sigh he decided to might as well try, he then left the guest room and headed to Luffy's.

Standing before the boy's door, Shanks knocked on it. The door suddenly opened and Zoro and the town doctor exited.

Zoro blinked when he saw Shanks. "I'm sorry…But Luffy can't have any visitors right now…"

"It's okay Zoro!" Luffy called out suddenly. "I want to have visitors!"

"But the doctor said 'no'." Zoro pointed out.

Luffy pouted. "I'm the boss of the house right now, not him…and I'm really bored right now…I'd really like someone to talk to…"

Zoro sighed and shook his head. "Do as you please…But not for too long, okay?"

Luffy grinned. "Okay!"

Shanks then walked into the room. He noticed that Luffy was looking much better, he was no longer the deathly pale he had been when Shanks had first seen him. Luffy grinned when he saw Shanks.

"Hi!" he said happily.

"Hey…you're looking good…"

Luffy blushed a little and scratched the back of his head. "Hee, hee, hee…thank you…the doctor said so too…"

"So…are you able to go outside yet?" Shanks asked.

Luffy was silent. "The doctor said no…" he said sadly.

"You seem well enough to me…" Shanks said with a blink.

Luffy gave a sad smile. "Too bad I can't convince the doctor of that…"

Shanks gave a slight huff. This was ridiculous, the boy could use the fresh air. He walked over to one of the windows of the room and opened it.

"Hey! The doctor said to keep that closed!" Luffy said with a slight frown.

It was nice and warm that day, if the skies weren't grey it'd be perfect. "You can walk, right?" Shanks asked.

"Huh…?" Luffy gave a confused blink.

Soon Luffy found himself and Shanks sneaking out of the house. Shanks was helping supporting him being that Luffy's legs were a bit weak, they made small cracking, creaking, and popping noises as they moved. It was obvious they haven't had much use for quite a while. In Shanks' opinion it was criminal to keep the kid so cooped up, true he was ill, but at the same time sunlight and fresh air were good medicine too (well he'd get fresh air at least, since the sun was mostly non existent in this crazy little town…).

"Eep! It's Zoro!" Luffy whispered suddenly.

Shanks stopped and hid Luffy and himself out of view. Shanks watched him carefully.

"I think he's trying to find my room…" Luffy whispered.

Thinking fast, Shanks seated Luffy on the floor and walked into view. "Oi! Mr. Bush Head!"

"Huh?" Zoro blinked. "Oi! Don't you start with that shit! I get enough of that from that damn love cook!"

Shanks scratched the back of his head. "Er…sorry…um look, I was wondering…"

"Look, not now, I got go check up on Luffy…"

"Oh! Right! Of course…but one thing…um…you're going the wrong way…" Shanks pointed out.

Zoro blinked and looked at one of the signs Luffy had made for him. "No I'm not…"

"I believe I saw that love cook guy messing with those…"

Zoro glared. "Again!? Damn him!" He then left in a huff.

Seeing his chance, Shanks went through out some of the hallways and rearranged the signs. "There…that outta do it…" He then made his way back to Luffy, who was laughing.

"I can't believe you tricked Zoro like that!"

"Well it wasn't very hard…" Shanks said scratching the back of his head. "So…shall we go now?"

Luffy blushed slightly and gave a smile.

A little later Luffy and Shanks were seated on a hill just on the outskirts of the town. Luffy stretched out his limbs, ignoring the creaks and cracking noises, and sprawled out onto the warm grass. He stared up at the sky with thankful eyes and gave a content sigh.

Shanks smiled. "Nice getting out of the house, huh?"

"Yeah…" Luffy said with a sigh. "…Thank you…"

Shanks raised an eyebrow. "For what?"

"For this…" Luffy said, now sitting up again.

"To be honest, it's not really that much…" Shanks pointed out.

"Well…it means the world to me…" Luffy said with a grin.

Shanks could tell he really meant it. And, even though he couldn't quite explain why, it felt good knowing that he did something that made the kid happy.

Suddenly there was a cry that sounded almost like a wild animal. Both Shanks and Luffy looked up in surprise, it was Usopp.

"LUFFY!!!!!!!" Him and his band of pirates were rushing over to them. They would've tackled the poor boy too if Shanks hadn't stepped in their way.

"Hold it! Look I know you guys are excited but you can't be too rough with him!" Shanks was kind of getting an idea how Zoro must've felt sometimes.

Usopp blinked.

The three other boys ran around Shanks and ran over to Luffy.

"We missed you!" said Ninjin.

"Yeah, everyone's been worried about you!" Piiman said as he hugged onto Luffy.

"The captain's been saying you're dead!" Tamanegi added. "He said that Zoro might've done you in to get to some hidden treasure in your house!"

Luffy just laughed.

Shanks gave Usopp a weird look.

The liar grinned nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Well…it could happen, right?"

Shanks rolled his eyes and gave a sigh.

"Man! I can't wait to tell everybody that you're better!" Piiman said excitedly.

"Well I'm not all better…But I'm getting there…But don't tell the doctor, okay?" Luffy said with a wink.

"No problem!" Usopp said proudly. "Our lips are sealed! Right guys?"


"I won't tell!"

"We promise!"

Luffy smiled. "Thanks guys…"

Shanks couldn't help but smile himself. He could see that Luffy was really enjoying every bit of this, that he was truly grateful for everything that day.

"Say, you want to play with us?" Tamanegi asked. "We're hunting the great Cerberus!"

Luffy laughed. "I don't know…Can my friend play too?"

"The old man?" Piiman asked.

Shanks' jaw nearly dropped to the ground. "O-o-old!?"

Luffy laughed at the look on Shanks' face.

Usopp studied Shanks for a moment. "I don't know…is he pirate material?"

"I think so…" Luffy said with a grin.

"Alright then! Welcome to Usopp's pirates!"

Shanks gave a smile and scratched the back of his head.

Later, just before the sunset, Shanks and Luffy had to sneak back into the house, but that plan was foiled when they were spotted by the much more direction orientated Sanji. The two then found themselves seated at the kitchen table with large bumps on their heads and getting scolded like there was no tomorrow.


Shanks and Luffy both sunk in their chairs, looking like little kids that were caught stealing from a cookie jar.


After a while both Shanks and Luffy weren't really paying attention anymore, until Sanji smacked them both upside the head. "NO DINNER FOR EITHER OF YOU!"

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" the two shouted in unison.

That night Luffy laid curled up in bed with his stomach growling.

There was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in…" he whined.

In walked Zoro with a tray of food.

"Please don't tell me you're here to taunt me…" Luffy said a little sadly.

Zoro laughed a little. "Nah, I think you suffered enough today…this is for you…"

"Really!?" Luffy said excitedly as he sat up.

Zoro gave a slight chuckle at this and handed him the tray of food. "Yeah…" He then took a seat in the chair beside Luffy's bed. "So…how was the outside?"

Luffy blushed slightly and stopped eating for a moment. "Aren't you mad at me that I snuck out?"

"At first I was, yeah…" Zoro said with a slight laugh. "But after a while…I kind of understood why…and it's not like it was a cold day or anything…and it seems to have done you some good too." Zoro then laughed again. " And the way you made that dart board brow flip out really made my day, so I guess I can't really complain…"

Luffy smiled. "It was great…I got to see some of my friends today…"

"Yeah?" Zoro said with a slight smile. It was good to see the kid in higher spirits, Luffy hadn't been this happy for a long time. Maybe that Shanks guy coming here was a good thing, he was certainly doing wonders for Luffy, and for that Zoro was thankful (though he'd never admit it out loud to the guy).


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