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The Game of Life
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Life is a game, a sick and twisted monochrome. Black and white the only way in which things can be seen, but there are no sides. They try to tell you who your allies and enemies are, try to tell you what came before you and what you in turn should become. There is no room to break this mold, no way to escape from a thousand years of tradition. But your eyes see all, you can see past this stupidity. There are things beyond here that they would wholelly deny the existance of. You are above them, though they will never let you prove it.

You have to see what you are capable of. You know you are expecptional, you've known that all your life, but you don't know the full extent of your abilities. But you will see now, you will show them what you are capable of. Wash away your sins by spilling the blood of all those that had held you back before. Black blood, red souls and eyes that see beyond gods and devils. You know everything; only in their deaths has the truth been realised.

You leave him alive though. Leave your brother alive and crying at your feet. Tell him to come back to you when he is as you are. Tell him to come back and kill you when his eyes and soul are also stained with blood. You are black and red, the two sides of the game, for there is no white where there is no purity. Now all you can do is wait for him to strike; you had to leave him alive after all. What fun is a game where you are the only player? If there were no others then there would be no fun to be had. There would be no blood left to spill, nothing left to prove, and when there is no one to surpass or kill then there is nothing left at all.