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Saviour of the Weak
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

In his mind only a fool would have wished to become the Hokage. The Hokage was the protector of the people and the head of an emipire, that was certain, but the Hokage had no real power. He would no longer be able to chase his own dreams and ambitions, instead he would have to adhere to the will of the people, protect the weak from harm.

He knew that there was no place in the world for the weak. The strong were the only ones that deserved survival, and the strong were extremely few in number. One who lived to protect was not strong; he was as weak as those that followed him. The truly strong were those that would desert everything in order to pursue ambtions and attain power. True power and the ability to rule over others were all that mattered. The strong ruled; they did not protect. War was the only real state of existance after all.

That was why he lived as he did; peace had no place when ambitions were as strong as his. Only through war was progress made; peace made the mind and body stagnent and dysfunctional. Why bother to go forward and achieve when life seems perfect? Foolish humans and their foolish illusions: they were mortal after all, as fickle as the peace itself.

The weak wished for peace, the strong wished for war; the true rulers were not the ones that fought for stability but those that fought to better everything and everyone around them. Life cannot be attained without death peace cannot be achieved without wars. Blood is the payment, a thousand pounds of flesh food for the beast that is humanity.

Only a fool would wish to become the Hokage; traditions were dying, as weak and unstable as the people that tried to grasp onto them for one last moment before they faded away all together.