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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Run, run and cling pitifully to life.

Those words never leave your mind. No matter what heinous things you saw on that day it is your brother's words that have stuck with you most, that have distrubed you and kept you from rest. Run: run forever, be the coward who could not face the death you truly deserved.

You tried for years to run away from your memories, but they just refused to leave. Run, run: run forever. No matter what you try there is no escape. Mutilated corpses and blank, staring blood-red eyes: always there, always at the back of your mind. Such a terrifying sight: insanity of the worst kind staring back at you from sanguine-stained orbs. That was what he became and that is what you will become.

Run, run and cling pitifully to life.

You keep on running but soon you know that you have come full-circle. There is no way to escape from the hands of fate. You have run too far now, fallen to your own grave. You have become the thing you hated all your life, and now it is your own face that you can see warped with insanity.

Run, run, run, run.

You keep of running, but this time it is from yourself. You can never be free of this curse; you will never be able to stop running.