Disclaimer: I have to admit... Gundam Wing doesn't belong to me.

Warning: Chibis... cuteness.

Summary: The chibi-G-boys have an important mission, but one comrade is AWOL.


"I'm bored!" cried a hyper-active boy. He was a strange kid; his brown hair was pulled in a messy braid. His hair was the only spot on him clean. The hyper braided boy was on his hands and knees playing with his mini scythe. The small robot in his hands continued to slash the air continuously.

Another kid, a blond, little, blue-eyed angel scolded, "You can't do anything until Twowa gets here." He had a very obvious pout on his face.

"I don't want to wait!" braided boy complained.

Another boy, a Chinese cutie, reprimanded him, "You know the rules Duo!"

A messy haired boy nodded his head. "Quatre and Wufei are right. We can't play Gundam until all five of us are here."

Duo narrowed his big eyes. "But Heero, I want to destroy the base now!" He perched his black toy a foot away from the bad-guys base-- the lego factory base.

Heero didn't listen to the long haired kid's whining. Instead, he was busy adding attachments to his winged robot. He spotted Duo's Deathscythe accessories and waited until the braided kid's back was turned to take his attachments and add them to Wing.

Duo noticed his lack of parts quick, and Wing had extra black parts on it. "Heero, you thief! Give it back!"

A pointless game of tag erupted. The braided kid would scream made-up insults, while Heero snickered, adding distance between him and the slow kid.

Meanwhile, Quatre (who was the richest kid and had loads of gracious uncles ready to shower their nephew with new toys) was mounting a full-stage assault using all his robots; his favorite, Sandrock, was in the front.

Wufei was working with him and drawing out their strategic battle plan with crayon; he got sidetracked on the way, and the battle strategy morphed into a disfigured lizard (it really was a dragon).

The blond peaked over his shoulder. "Wufei, that's briwwiant," he praised with a wide smile.

"I know," he said smugly while drawing a tail that took up half the paper.


Four pairs of eyes stared at the enemy base. Heero still had his foot in it. "Oops, I self-destructed the base."

"That wasn't in the plans!" Wufei yelled while waving his crayon drawing.

"I wanted to destroy it!" Duo complained.

Quatre was practically in tears when he said, "It's not fair; all of us were suppose to destwoy it! We have to work on a team to defeat evil!"

Wufei nodded his head. "You can't fight evil with truth and justice by stepping on the enemy base!"

Heero's eyes were glued to the legos. They started to water up. The boy hiccuped a couple of times. The blond kid saw this and quickly comforted. "It's okay; we can build it again. We need your help Heewo. You're the best builder, awight." The messy haired kid nodded his head.

All four of them began rebuilding the enemy base. With a few owies and a couple cute complaints of 'injustice', their enemy base was un-self-destructed.

The door to the day-care opened and an oddly banged kid stepped in. The four boys greeted him enthusiastically.

"Twowa!" Quatre whooped for joy.

"Finally," Wufei muttered. He smiled anyway; he got along with the taller kid.

Duo exclaimed, "Yay, we get to destroy the base!"

The messy haired kid looked at Trowa with curiosity. "Where's Heavyarms?"

The banged kid put his hands in his pockets shyly. "Umm, I've been thinking...; I'm too old to play Gundam anymore."


Who wants to adopt one?!