Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 1

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He groaned coming back into consciousness. He felt different now though he figured that long tongued snake freak had something to do with that. Looking around at his surroundings he frowned.

The place was a dump it was dark, smelly, and had water that came up to his knees. On each side of him he could see doors lining the walls. He moved forward down the hall wanting to know exactly where the hell he was. He wondered briefly if that grass gennin brought him here or if the villagers had managed to catch him.

He was not ignorant of the villagers hatred of him. You see Naruto had always been hated by everyone save a select few people. It wasn't until this year however that he found out why. You see sealed within Naruto was the demon fox Kyuubi no Kitsune who attacked the village twelve years ago.

The Yondaime Hokage who was the village leader at the time sealed Kyuubi into the baby Naruto as a means to defeat him and wished for Naruto to be seen as a hero. However not all things worked out as planned. The people of the village all saw Naruto as the demon itself and tried to have him killed at birth. The Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi had seen this however and made a new S class law.

Basically what this law said was that the events of that night would not be revealed to anyone of the younger generation under the penalty of death. While this stopped the younger generation including Naruto from finding out it didn't stop the adults from passing their hatred on to the younger generation.

After a while however the adults found ways around the laws since Naruto couldn't be killed by the village they did there best to make his life hell. He was forced to wear bright orange clothes that he knew could one day get him killed. Then there was the fact he wasn't allowed in majority of the stores and the ones that did allow him entry overcharged him greatly.

This of course was the very reason he hid behind that mask of his. This mask was perfect hiding anything that could lead to either pain or death. He had at first considered removing it around his team however seeing how they treated him he decided against it. In reality he was smarter than he let on though he had nothing on Shikarmaru or Sakura. While they both had book smarts he himself had street smarts which is how he had survived before the Hokage had found him.

After walking down the halls a bit he stopped seeing two different halls ahead. Glancing to the one to the left he felt something primal, powerful, but with a familiar feel to it. Glancing to the right he felt something here as well this one was also powerful but felt different though nodding to himself he moved down the right hallway.

A few minutes of walking later he came to the end of the hallway. In front of him stood a large door taking a deep breath he steeped forward and opened it. Once inside the door closed right behind him though he paid it no notice. Looking ahead of himself the blonde saw he was in a chamber of some sort. After looking around for a moment he saw something on the walls and immediately knew what it was.

The large black markings covering the walls, ceiling and floor of the room were all part of a large seal. It was what was in the center of it that caught his attention however for it was the design of the exact seal that was on his stomach. He was amazed when after a moment of wishful thinking where he wondered both where he was and what the seal did that a stack of papers appeared in front of him. Seeing this he grinned before sitting down and grabbing the papers.

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