Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 10: Seireitei

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Soul Society the true name for what humans have come to 'heaven' or 'nirvana'. It consists of two portions Rukongai and Seireitei. Rukongai made up most of Soul Society and is where most people lived. Seireitei or the 'Court of Pure Souls' was where the nobility and Shinigami lived. Seireitei was the exact center of Soul Society and has for entrances.

Naruto listed dutifully as Unohana told him of the place. They had arrived not long ago and where currently on their way to the office of the Commander-General. He had noticed however that when he exited the portal he was once more in the Shinigami uniform he had when he first transformed. Apparently only spiritual forms could pass through the portal which is why he was transformed according to his uncle that is.

After walking a few more minutes they arrived at their destination. Naruto after quick consideration opted against a mask of any kind deciding to show his true self to any who might be in the room. When they entered the room he noticed there were already four people inside.

He noticed that both the white haired boy and black haired girl were in the room. In the front of the room stood an older man that reminded him much of the Sandaime. The difference between the two was this man was bald, had a long white beard and carried a staff.

The person who caught his attention the most however was someone he could never forget. Where as before the man whore the robes of a Kage he had traded them for those of a Shinigami. The blonde's eyes watered at the site and he disappeared in a blur latching himself onto the man with a cry of "Ojiisan".

Sarutobi hit the ground with an "oomph" though he smiled at the boy that was clinging to him and crying in his shoulder. After a moment though the blonde sobered up and glared at the older man causing him to recoil.

"What the hell is wrong with you old man" said Naruto though he continued before the old man could rebuke.

"Shiki Fujin is forbidden for a reason. You won't even let me use my Orokie no jutsu and here you are using that technique" finished the blonde causing the old man to chuckle.

"How are you here anyway I read from the scroll that the Shinigami eats your soul" asked the blonde curiously.

"Wait what do you mean Shinigami eating souls" asked Unohana curiously.

"The Shiki Fujin is Konoha's most forbidden technique as it calls on the Shinigami himself to seal away the soul of a target. The price however is that the user must also give up his own soul" said Naruto

"So you did get past Raiton: Rai Ryuudan" said Sarutobi

"Of course I memorized that whole scroll. I'm just not crazy enough to try all the techniques" said Naruto with a smirk

A cough from above quickly brought the two back to focus as they quickly got to their feet. Once that was done everyone turned to the old man that was standing in the front of the room. Satisfied he had their attention the man spoke.

"Kuchiki Namikaze Naruto" spoke the old man getting a nod from the blonde.

"It is good to finally meet you we've actually been searching for you for over a decade as we had heard you were dead" said the old man.

"Yes Byakuya-sama has told me as much" said Naruto slipping into a role he'd once seen Neji play after he'd removed the stick from his ass.

"Tell me how has your life been in Konoha" said the older man.

"To put it simply" said Naruto looking him right in the eye. "It was hell" finished the blonde shocking many.

"If it wasn't for Sarutobi-ojiisan I would be dead" explained Naruto.

"Yes he's told me as much, though you must have friends there" said the old man.

"A few" answered Naruto simply. "Though I'm starting to question that as well" finished the blonde getting a raised eyebrow from both older men in the room.

"Sasuke defected to Oto" said Naruto simply to Sarutobi.

"Anything else" asked Sarutobi wearily.

"He shoved a Chidori through my stomach and left me for dead" said Naruto his eyes turning icy.

Sarutobi sighed hearing this. He'd always known that boy was trouble but the council wouldn't hear of such things when concerning their precious Uchiha. Though the moment Naruto's name was brought up half of them called for his death. That thought alone made his eyebrow twitch.

"A Chidori?" asked the older man.

"It's an A-rank assassination technique created by one of Konoha's finest the Copy Ninja Kakashi. It's basically a blade made of lightning that can cut through anything" explained Sarutobi.

"Though that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for that guy with the glasses and silver hair" spoke Toushiro gaining everyone's attention.

"Explain" said Yamamoto.

"Naruto here had already won their battle with what he called the Kitsune Rasengan. That guy apparently had been waiting and stabbed Naruto through the back with a katana" explained Toushiro.

"It was after this that the guy Kabuto healed this Sasuke who afterwards shoved the Chidori through Naruto's stomach" finished Byakuya

"How'd you know" asked Toushiro.

"One of the shinobi there has a technique that lets people see others memories" said Byakuya.

"Anyway we've also heard of your battle with Shukaku" said Yamamoto getting a raised eyebrow from the blonde.

"Hitsuguya-taisho was monitoring you then as well" explained Yamamoto getting a nod from the blonde.

After some more seemingly random discussions Naruto was introduced to the rest of the people in the room. Most of which were captains and their lieutenants. After this Yamamoto was just about to speak when his door was slammed open and an angry looking woman walked in.

"You'd better have a damn good reason for summoning me old man" said the woman with a glare in her black eyes.

"Actually I do" said Yamamoto ignoring the glare and the old man comment.

"It concerns your son" said Yamamoto.

"What about him" said the woman worriedly.

"We found him. He's right behind you" said Yamamoto.

The woman who Naruto had been studying whipped around quickly in his direction. Once her eyes landed on him her eyes went wide. It was at this moment another person entered the room.

"Kushina was that really…" his words died in his throat at who he saw.

Naruto snapped around at the mans entrance. Naruto knew immediately who this was and the glare in his eyes would have froze the mans soul if they had the power.

"You" snarled the blonde.

Just then the gennin blurred and appeared in front of him delivering a heavy right hook to the mans jaw. The man skidded back a couple of feet before he brought his hand up to his jaw and rubbed it. When he looked up it was to the enraged eyes of one pissed off Naruto.

"See I told you that would happen" said Sarutobi with a smirk.

"Was that really necessary" asked the man

"I've got half a mind to shove a Rasengan down your throat" snarled Naruto. "But I can settle with just my claws" finished the blonde flexing his hands which turned into claws.

"Naruto would you really kill your own father" asked the man.

"No but I'll settle for tormenting you" said Naruto. "But it's Aizen's blood that I want" finished the blonde with a demonic grin more suited for Gaara.

This got reactions from just about everyone in the room. Most of the people in the room quickly turned serious eyes on the blonde. The exception is those who didn't know of Aizen.

"How do you know of Aizen" asked Yamamoto

"It was Aizen that caused Kyuubi's rampage through Fire Country" answered Byakuya.

Every shinigami in the room remembered that. They had sent plenty of pluses to Soul Society during that time. As a result each captain was also swamped with paperwork. This thought made several eyebrows twitch and one old man tighten his grip on his staff.

After a few more moments they were once more emerged in conversation. When it got down to Naruto's training however Yamamoto spoke up.

"Naruto's situation is rather unique. As it stands I believe he would have most likely been raised in the ways of a Shinigami anyway" said Yamamoto getting a nod from Sonia.

"Because he lives in the human realm he can not go to the academy" said Yamamoto.

"However anyone that wants to can train him" said Yamamoto with a smile.

"I would suggest starting with theory and control before moving to anything practical" said Byakuya.

"Why" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"Because you have no control of your reiatsu" said Byakuya getting a sheepish look from the blonde.

"Right we'll start with theory and move on to control after that" said Sonia.

"Right then Naruto-kun, Sonia and Sarutobi will direct you to the Kuchiki estates while the captains and I have a brief meeting" said Yamamoto getting a nod from Naruto who quickly left the room.


Kyuubi sighed as she looked out the window of the room. It was far too boring for her without Naruto around to torment. Her presence in Konoha was obviously kept a secret as such she couldn't leave the mansion. It's not like she had anywhere to go if she did though as her only connection to this village was Naruto and he was gone.

Her musing was cut short however as a presence hit her senses. She froze for a moment before snapping into action. She couldn't let him come here as he normally would. It was with that thought that she disappeared in a whirl of fire.


The walk to the estates had been made silently. Though it was a comfortable silence one all four people involved enjoyed. It was the reunion of their family after all. Naruto had noticed that most of the Shinigami looked at his mother as if she was some sort of god, a being they couldn't believe they were seeing.

Naruto himself had sported the look one time in his life. That was when the old man had first gotten him his apartment and simultaneously introduced him to Tenten. While distrustful of them both in the beginning he had warmed up to, and eventually saw them as the family he never had. Not long after that he and Tenten had met Hinata while she was crying in the park. They had been close ever since and were the only people he'd massacre a village for.

A small smile formed on his face at the thought of his sister and best friend. The expression of course was not missed by Sarutobi who smiled himself. It wasn't often Naruto had a true smile on his face after all.

"Hey" called Naruto breaking the silence. Minato who he was looking at nodded showing he had his attention.

"Why did you add the suppression seal" asked Naruto with a glare.

"Which one" asked Minato

"The one that not only cut off my reiatsu but hindered my abilities as well" said the younger blonde with a glare.

"Wait you mean to tell me I couldn't find him because you cut off his reiatsu" said Kushina with a glare.

"Hey don't blame me I thought you'd still be there" said Minato in his defense

"I would have if that damn medic wouldn't have told me he was dead" said Kushina with a snarl.

"Anyway Naruto the seal was designed after your mother told me of the things Shinigami normally encounter such as hollows" explained Minato.

"Hollows?" questioned the blonde.

"There basically ghost. They are the result of a soul staying to long in the human world after they have died. You'll learn more about them later on" explained Kushina.

"Right after I found out about them I designed the seal to suppress your reiatsu since hollows hunt those with high amounts of reiatsu. As a baby you already possessed a high amount and would have been a sitting duck had I not sealed it up though it wasn't sealed too tight" explained Minato.

"I had actually left the instructions for its removal at the clan house so your mother could remove it when she started training you" finished the former hokage.

"How did you remove it Naruto-kun?" asked Kushina

"Kyuubi flooded it with her chakra until it broke" said Naruto like it was nothing.

Any further conversation was cut off as they reached the estate; both Naruto and Minato were in awe of the place. Like the Hyuga estates it was decorated in the traditional Japanese fashion. The place had a large garden along with a pond and enough room to train in.

After the boys had snapped out of their awe Kushina guided them through the house. After walking around a bit and Sonia explaining about the estates they came upon the bedrooms. All of the bedrooms had tatami flooring and shoji doors. The one they were in however also had a sliding glass door which had a deck outside leading to another garden.

"I had this room built when I first learned I was pregnant" said Kushina with a small smile.

Naruto looked around and saw the room had a desk on one side and a dresser on the other. On the dresser sat three pictures, the first was of Arashi and Sonia sitting and holding each other over looking Konoha from on top of the Hokage Monument. The second was a picture of Minato and a very pregnant Kushina both holding one hand over her stomach and smiling.

The third however caught his attention the most. It was of a young girl with long dark blue hair. She looked to be around 13 years old she wore a black outfit similar to old style shinobi outfits and had a smile on her face. Next to her was a girl who looked to be about 17 years old. She had short purple hair and brown eyes. She had golden brown skin and yellow eyes with black pupils. She wore an all white gown and also had a small smile on her face.

"Those two are Shihouin Yoruichi and Fon Shoalin though she now goes by Soifon" said Sonia with a smile.

"This picture was taken just after Soifon was named as your fiancé" said Sonia causing Naruto to snap his head in her direction.

"Don't look like that all members of the Kuchiki clan have marriages arranged before they are born. Some of us just don't marry them as is the case for Byakuya and myself" said Kushina getting a nod from Naruto.

"I had planned on raising you in Human world and then bringing you here to meet her when you were close to her age which is why you were born in Konoha" said Kushina.

"Yoruichi and I had served as captains together in the Gotei 13 and were best friends. She had been watching Shoalin who is her cousin for a while and decided to take her as an apprentice. She had made plenty of plans for the girl as she held great potential. We eventually decided that you two would be good together and arranged the marriage" said Kushina.

"Anyway as you probably guessed this is your room. Ours is down the hall and around the corner to the right. The one across from you I had had designed for Soifon for when she stayed here. The rest are all guest rooms for whoever you invite over" said Kushina before she turned and left the room.

"Naruto" said Minato catching his attention.

"I don't know if you noticed or not but you no longer have access to your chakra. Regrettably I can't train you myself as I still don't have much reiatsu as unlike Sarutobi I didn't die before that technique finished" said Minato getting a nod from the blonde.

"However I will design a training manual for you for when you return to human world" said Minato getting a nod from the younger blonde.


Kyuubi walked with her father by her side towards the tower. It had taken a bit of convincing but she'd talked her father into taking on his human form here. Unlike her however her father completely loathed his human form though she didn't blame him, the man had far too many fan girls for her liking.

Arriving at the tower the two wasted no time entering and walking up the stairs towards Tsunade's office. Along the way Kyuubi noticed that they were receiving curious glances from the nin who worked there. Once they reached the top floor the pair walked right by the secretary and into Tsunade's office. Tsunade who was engaged in a fierce battle against paperwork looked up as the two entered the room.

Raising her left hand she watched as several puffs of smoke appeared around the office. Nodding towards the door she watched as the ANBU members complied with her request and left the room.

Once they were gone the male sighed before leaving his human form for his demon form. Once he was settled he had a pair of red fox ears on his head, and nine tails that swayed behind him. Along with that he had long red hair and slitted gold eyes

"Otou-sama this is Tsunade this village's leader" introduced Kyuubi getting a nod from the man.

"Tsunade this is my father the original Kyubi and the man your stories are about" spoke Kyuubi getting a nod from the Godaime as well.

"Now I have waited long enough Kyuubi you will explain why I have not heard from you in over a decade" said the man in a commanding tone of voice.

"I was sealed" said Kyuubi immediately though looking away.

"Surely these humans couldn't have a seal that could contain for long" asked the fox lord spitting out the word human in distaste.

"Actually" spoke Tsunade gaining their attention.

"The seal that held her was designed by my cousin and the former leader of this village. It actually called on the Shinigami to seal the target away into the body of a newborn as nothing else would be strong enough to contain her" explained Tsunade.

The fox lord snarled hearing this. These flesh rats had the ability to summon the Shinigami's. While they weren't a problem for one such as him knowing they could seal away someone as strong as his daughter hit a nerve. Even still something wasn't sitting right and he needed to know what.

"Explain everything" said the male.

"It was Aizen's doing" snarled Kyuubi her eyes flashing red at the memory of the man.

"I had found out he had broken the rules and sided with the hollows. You remember the Hogyoko (Orb of Destruction)" said Kyuubi.

"Urahara Kisuke's invention" said the lord.

"Yes apparently Aizen believed hollows to have more potential than Shinigamis" said Kyuubi

"So he planned on seeing this potential so he could grow stronger" finished the fox lord.

"Yes and apparently Shiba Kean's death was a part of it. I found this out and was on my way to inform you when he cornered me and placed me in an illusion with his zanpakuto" said Kyuubi.

"But a shinigami's death is no concern of ours" said the fox lord.

"It is when the shinigami was absorbed by a hallow" said Kyuubi

"He then sent her in this direction where she attacked the country in an illusion induced rage until my cousin sealed her" said Tsunade.

"Who was the child you were sealed in" asked the lord.

"His name is Senju Naruto" said Kyuubi dreading this part.

The lord said nothing before looking into his daughters pink eyes his own golden one's glowing. He then saw every memory the girl had concerning Naruto as well as the ones she had seen from Naruto himself. In the end he was impressed with the child though when he backed away his eyebrow was twitching.

'Oh shit' thought Kyuubi with a bit of panic.

"You gave some of our blood to a human" said the lord.

"Then we have no choice" he said with a sigh.

'Oh shit he's going to kill him. I knew this would happen' thought Kyuubi inwardly shaking.

"You will become his mate" said the lord causing Kyuubi to nearly fall on her face.

"W-what" stuttered Kyuubi unsure if she'd heard correctly.

"You heard me the boy is now part demon and has the blood of a Kyuubi going through him. You have no choice now but to do it, besides it's not as if you don't want to" finished the lord.

"Now we are returning home your sister has been awaiting your return" said the lord getting a nod from his daughter.

"Tsunade I will be here when Naruto returns" said Kyuubi getting a nod from the Godaime.

With that said both father and daughter disappeared in a whirl of fire. Once they were gone Tsunade sighed before pulling the sake from the hidden compartment in her drawer.


The council of nine, demon world's equivalent to the Shinigami. However where the Shinigami kept the balance of souls in human world the council of nine kept the balance of power. meaning anyone who gained more power than what the King allowed was destroyed.

As the shinigami had the Gotei 13, the council had the bijuu, its elite forces. It was with them all actions that were done by the bijuu were accounted for or assigned. In fact with the exception of summoned creatures all demons were monitored by the council. As such Kyuubi was now in front of them once more explaining the circumstances of her disappearance among other things.

"This is most distressing" said one of them a brown three headed dog with a distinctively male voice.

"Yes it is and I'm beginning to think the disappearance of all the other bijuu was no accident" said another this time being a green seven tailed dragon.

"I knew of Shukaku but the others are gone as well" asked Kyuubi

"Yes they all started to disappear around the time you left for your last mission" said the fox lord.

"Well if it helps I know where Shukaku is" said Kyuubi causing everyone to shift there attention to her. She then proceeded to explain about Gaara and then the Akatsuki who she had found out about from Naruto.

"This is most disturbing indeed" mumbled a black two tailed cat after the vixen had finished.

Seireitei six months later:

Naruto sighed as he stared up at the sky. He was currently on his back staring at the clouds and lost in thought. In the last six months he'd learned quite a lot about Seireitei and shinigami. He'd also tracked down Haku and had his reunion with her. Both had been working on using their bloodline with reiatsu instead of chakra though they had little success.

He had also gotten to know both Hitsuguya and Hinomori as well. Hitsuguya reminded him a lot of himself and they had quickly become friends. Hinomori however had been different as she'd been in a funk for the last year. He had learned that she once served under Aizen as his lieutenant. He had also heard how the man had used her and left her for dead after she'd served her purpose.

It had taken him a while but he eventually managed to convince her that Aizen had never cared for anyone but himself and that he didn't deserve her loyalty.

His relationship with his family had also developed nicely. He and his father were alike in many ways and trained in his taijutsu everyday. His mother had been determined to make him book smart instead of just street smart and was working him to the bone. His uncle however had named him as the heir to the family as he himself never had any children with his wife. All in all the last six months had been rather good for the blonde.


The captains of the Gotei 13 had gathered once again. This time however it was to discuss the placement of the academy graduates. After a while it had came down to the final person who Seireitei had dubbed as a geniuses Senju Haku

"Senju Haku is the most balanced Shinigami I've seen in a while" spoke Unohana catching everyone's attention.

"She is the first in class. She excels in all arts of the Shinigami including medical arts" said Unohana.

"She has also been working on a side project" spoke Unohana catching just about everyone's attention again.

"Before she died she had the ability to control ice. She's been working to regain that ability except using her reiatsu instead the chakra that she used in life" explained Unohana.

"And how far has she come with that" asked Soifon the only other female captain.

"She can now make small balls of ice as well as needles made of ice. Though she said its nothing compared to what she could do before" responded Unohana.

"Right well since she's good with medic techniques well put her in the 4th division" said Yamamoto getting nods all around. Once that was done everyone moved to get up when Yamamoto spoke again.

"Byakuya-taicho how is Naruto's progress"

"We're ahead of schedule he knows everything a Shinigami should know that's theory based and his control has improved though it's still not that great. Though the good news is he has more control than carrot top" said Byakuya getting a glare from an orange haired man that looked to be in his mid teens.

"Did stick up his ass just make a joke" said the orange haired shinigami.

Before it could go any further Yamamoto spoke up once more.

"I figured that he'd have a hard time with control with as much reiatsu as he has" stated Yamomoto.

"Let's send him to Karakura in two days time for further training Soifon-taicho and Momo-fukutaicho shall join him. I've talked to Kurosaki Issin who will be training his control. Kisuke has agreed to teaching him to use his zanpakuto and Yoruichi would train him anyway once she knows who he is" said Yamamoto getting nods all around with that done everyone but Soifon, left leaving the general alone.

"Is there something I can help you with Soifon-taicho" asked Yamamoto.

"Yes why am I going with him? With Yoruichi-sama there already it really isn't necessary" said Soifon.

"Your going to get to know your fiancé better" said Yamamoto with a small smirk seeing the surprised look on her face.

"I didn't know you knew and I thought he died" said Soifon quietly.

"I was there when Kushina made the proposal, and before you ask yes Naruto knows but you should know something as well" said Yamamoto gaining the captains attention.

"I've recently talked to his aunt in Human world and found out he has other fiancés" said Yamamoto causing the woman to raise her eyebrows.

"Apparently he's known one of them since childhood though he doesn't know their engaged" said Sarutobi.

"Then the other would be Kyuubi herself which he also doesn't know about" said Yamamoto.

"I've also noticed Momo-fukutaicho has had her eye on him" finished the general.

"What is with all these women" said Soifon with an eye twitching.

"Hey its better for you as well, he does have a clan to revive" said Yamamoto getting a nod from the girl who blushed scarlet.

"I would suggest you going to see him" said Yamamoto only to get a nod from the girl before she turned and walked out of the room.

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