Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 11: Karakura

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Start Now:

Karakura Town is one of the many districts of Tokyo, Japan and borders Naruki City on the west. It is also the town with the highest reiatsu reading in human world. This of course would be the reason that it has such a concentration of hollows there. Rumor has it that Karakura is also the location where the royal key must be created.

The royal key is of course the tool used to access the dimensional space of the King himself. The rumor has it that the creation of the key would require a concentration of 100,000 souls to be created. Upon its creation however the key would vaporize all of Karakura Town.

While no one knows if this is true or not one thing remains a fact. That would be Karakura Town is home to some extremely powerful reiatsu levels. These levels come from a select group of individuals though most are more than a match for your average shinigami or hollow. In fact some can stand toe to toe with captains of the Gotei 13 a few of them are even members or former members of the Gotei 13.

It is here that we now find one Kuchiki Naruto as he emerged from the portal on an empty street. Along with him are the captain of the Gotei thirteen's 2nd division Soifon, and the fukutaicho of the 5th division Momo Hinomori. Naruto grinned feeling his chakra once again flowing through him. He smiled foxily remembering he now had the training routine that his father himself had used.

Taking stock of himself he was happy to see his clothes still fit. Un-strapping his pouch he checked his supply of shuriken, and explosive tags. Next he did a quick inspection on his favorite weapons his kunai. Pressing the bladed end into his finger he nodded seeing it draw blood and grinned as soon as the small wound healed up. After placing the weapon back into its place he flipped both his wrist and two more kunai shot into his hands. After testing these out as well he nodded to the two girls.

Soifon raised an eyebrow seeing this, the kid looked like he was going to war with as many weapons as he had on him. Hinomori was also shocked by this as she'd never seen this many weapons on one person before. Both women quickly shook themselves from their shock though and focused on the task at hand as well as fighting to keep the blushes from covering their faces.

"Naruto I need you to find the highest levels of reiatsu in the town so you know where we're headed" said Soifon getting a nod from the blonde

Closing his eyes the blonde concentrated his own reiatsu for the task. Both women were surprised to see his reiatsu surround him before he was surrounded by threads on all sides. His hand raised and he grabbed hold of quiet a few threads before his eyes snapped open.

"That way" said the blonde his hand pointing in the direction it had been raised.

'Reiraku' thought both Soifon and Hinomori in shock.

'To think he could do something as high level as using spirit threads. He really is the same as Kurasaki' thought Soifon.

"Right then shall we go Soifon-taicho" said Hinomori snapping Soifon from her thoughts.

"Hai hope you can keep up Naruto" said Soifon with a smirk.

"If you could loose me I'd have to get my body back in shape" said Naruto with a smirk of his own.

Ever since he was young the blonde had known his speed was essential to his survival. As such he had trained his speed more than anything else which was proven as he could easily outrun most chuunin.

Twenty minutes later found the trio in front of a small shop of some kind. The sign up front had it labeled as the Urahara Shop. Without any hesitation Soifon walked up and opened the door before heading inside followed closely by the other two.

Once they came upon a large group of people. The first he noticed was a man with pale blonde hair wearing black pants with a black kimono with a diamond pattern on the bottom under which was a green robe. On his head was a stripped green and white bucket hat. Sitting across the man's lap was a brown cane.

The next person he noticed was a young boy with fiery red hair sitting next to a young girl with her black hair in two ponytails on both sides of her head. Finally he noticed another dark skinned man who wore glasses and braids. The man he noted had a muscle structure that rivaled Gai's.

"Ah Soifon-taicho I was expecting you" said the bucket hat wearing man.

"I see. Are our rooms prepared Urahara-san" said Soifon.

"Hai Jinta, Ururu please guide the young one and Momo-fukutaicho to the guest rooms" said the newly introduced Urahara getting nods from the two.

"So that's him Kushina's son" said Urahara as soon as the four had left.

"Hai" answered Soifon.

"I've already contacted Yoruichi she should be here tomorrow. Kushina has also informed me that she wants you and Naruto to share the room so I've arranged it as such" said Urahara getting a nod from the captain.

"His control lessons start at ten o'clock tomorrow morning with Isshin. Depending how well he does he'll start his training with his zanpakuto soon after" said Urahara once more getting a nod from the woman.

"Now tell me how things have been Soi-chan" said Urahara with a smirk.

Once Naruto reached the room he looked around finding two futons rolled up in front of him. Knowing his mother most likely had something to do with this he shrugged it off and removed his coat. Once that was done he quickly bit his thumb and ran the blood over his summoning tattoo. There was a puff of smoke and there in front of him once again stood Taka.

"How can I help you Naruto-kun" said the vixen.

"Can you deliver a message for me" asked the blonde receiving a nod from the vixen.

Next Day:


Tsunade sighed as she listened to the council members bickering in front of her. It had only been a month since Naruto had left and already news about the retrieval mission had spread. The villagers had of course immediately blamed Naruto for not only the Uchiha's defection but the mission's failure. They had even gone as far as demanding the boy's death something that had caused Jiraiya to release all of his killing intent.

This eventually led to the meeting she was in now. In all of Konoha only a few people even knew Naruto was gone. Those people were Tenten, Hinata, Shikamaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade herself. Other than that no one even knew he was out of the hospital since Jiriaya felt nobody else should know as he's supposed to be dead.

"Tsunade-sama" called Chouza breaking the blonde Hokage from her thoughts.

"Hm" mumbled Tsundae turning in his direction.

"I was asking how Naruto is doing" said Chouza concerned.

"Oh he was completely healed last I heard. I'm waiting to hear from him sooner or later" said Tsunade casually causing more than a few eyebrows to be raised.

"What do you mean I thought he was still in the hospital" said Tsume confusedly.

"He was out of the hospital the night the team got back" said Tsunade.

"Then where is he now" asked Homura lacking any malice in his voice for once when regarding the boy.

"Don't know he left the village the same night" said Tsunade causing everyone to go wide eyed.

"What do you mean he left" said Danzo heatedly.

"What did I say" said Tsunade

"Then he must be marked as a missing-nin" said one of the civilian council members getting nods from the other civilians in the room.

"He's not a missing-nin when the Hokage knows when he leaves" said Tsunade glaring at the group.

Before anything else could be said there was a puff of smoke in the room. Everyone tensed seeing this not sure what it could be. When the smoke cleared there was a red three-tailed kitsune in the center of the table. Turning and sniffing the room Taka finally found the scent she was searching for.

"So you must be Tsunade" said Taka getting a nod from the women.

"Yes who sent you the princess or the lord" said Tsunade evenly.

"Neither, Naruto-kun did" said Taka making the blonde go wide eyed while most other people were just confused.

"Anyway he wanted me to tell you that his training is going well and he'll meet up with the pervert in a year in a half where you two first met" said Taka getting a nod from Tsunade.

"Also he gave me this to deliver for you to read to the council whenever you called them" said Taka handing over a scroll she had in her tail. Once that was done Taka disappeared in a puff of smoke. Looking at the scroll she noticed it had a blood seal and quickly broke it before reading it aloud.

"To the Konoha Council

First of all let me say that I am extremely disappointed in Konoha. I left specific instructions of how I wanted Naruto to be treated and you did the opposite. I have a feeling that was mostly because of those stupid civilians on the council. Either way I am far from pleased. If you haven't figured it out by now I am the fourth Fire Shadow.

I am only writing this just to let you know that there will be hell to pay for your crimes against my son. And don't think that just because I'm dead I can't make good on my threats, because you see soon I'll be finishing my own training in the Shinigami arts.

And just so you know I've heard of all of your crimes. Homura and Koharu trying to have my son killed in his crib. Danzo trying to draft him into the Roots since before he could walk so you could turn him into a weapon only loyal to yourself. You civilians took every chance you could to make his life hell. You even spread the rumor that he was the Kyuubi incarnate when you knew it wasn't true. You also treated him like the plague, kept the children away, and beat him every chance you could get.

For all of these crimes you have been found guilty. But I'm not the one you should worry about for when Naruto returns he won't be alone. Don't even think about asking for mercy either because she will have none. As the saying goes hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This is especially true when it is a mother who you separated from her son for twelve years. Also whoever gave the order to tell my wife our son was dead just know that not even in death shall you rest. For you will then be at my mercy as well as the mercy of his entire family, I look forward to that day.


The Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato"

The room was eerily silent after that was read. Those who had supported the boy were all happy that they had since it meant they'd get to live. Those who hadn't well lets just say they weren't looking forward to when Naruto returned. Finally after a while one of the civilian council members spoke up.

"It's a trick there's no way that could be real" said the man gaining everyone's attention.

"First of all there's only one Shinigami. Secondly Yondaime is dead and there is no way that the Kyuubi brat is his son" said the same man.

"Actually there is more than one Shinigami" said Hiashi suddenly getting nods from those who knew.

"They healed Kiba and Akamaru" said Tsume

"Choji too" said Chouza.

"And Neji" said Hiashi

"Then they healed Naruto and left to train him" said Tsunade.

Each time someone said something the civilians and the three elders felt like they got hit in the stomach.

"Oh and just so you know how I know it could happen" spoke Tsunade catching there attention.

"Naruto's mother is the former head of the Kuchiki family. They are a family of Shinigami's and are the equivalent to the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans combined" said Tsuande shocking everyone.

"Wait his mother is the former head" said Shikaku.

"Hai she passed the title on to her brother you remember Kuchiki Byakuya" said Tsunade with a smirk.

"Now anything Naruto related is a SS class secret" said Tsunade suddenly and very seriously catching everyone's attention.

"Jiraiya and I have already come up with a plan concerning a few people and we can't have news on Naruto leaking to our enemies" said Tsunade getting nods all around.

"If anyone speaks you will find yourself doing the paperwork of everyone in this room" said Tsunade making everyone even the normally stoic Hyuuga and Aburame shudder in fear.

"Also Uchiha Sasuke is now considered a B-rank missing-nin. He is to be captured or killed on sight" said Tsunade shocking the civilians.

"But Tsunade-sama he's the last Uchiha without him we'd lose the Sharingan" said a pink haired civilian.

"The Sharingan is already lost. And unless Kakashi has children which I seriously doubt it's going to stay that way" said Tsunade.

"Also Danzo I need you to do something for me" said Tsunade catching his attention.

"Find a way to let out the information of Uzumaki Naruto's death at the hands of Oto" said Tsunade shocking everyone.

"I don't understand" said Chouza.

"It's simple" said Tsunade.

"Akatsuki was after Naruto for the Kyuubi so they needed him alive. The group is composed of nine S-class missing-nin's one of which being Uchiha Itachi" said Tsunade.

"I see" said Shikaku catching everyone's attention.

"When the news of Naruto's death reaches the Akatsuki they'll take their anger out on Oto and Orochimaru" said Shikaku

"Also team seven under Hatake Kakashi has been officially disbanded" said Tsunade catching everyone's attention especially the pink haired woman as that was her daughter's cell.

"Since the hebi wants to play we'll play hard ball" said Tsunade confusing many.

"Jiriaya" said Tsunade before a blur appeared on the rooms back wall which revealed Jiraiya.

"When Naruto returns you are to teach him everything you can" said Tsunade getting a nod from the man.

"Kotetsu" called Tsunade. The door opened and the jounin walked in.

"Have Haruno Sakura report to my office in twenty minutes and not a second after"

"Hai Hokage-sama" said Kotetsu before he left to do his task.

"Tsunade you're not thinking what I think you are" said Jiraiya confusing some.

"Yes it's the birth of new generation of Sannin" said Tsunade shocking many once again.

"Do you think they can do it" said Jiraiya seriously.

"This is Naruto we're talking about. If he can't do it no one can" said Tsunade with a smirk.

"Fine I'll see you in a few years. It looks like I'll be putting the gaki through the same training as I did Minato" said Jiraiya before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Danzo send some of the Roots to Tea Country" said Tsunade catching his attention.

"A group of Ame-nin have been spotted there one of which carrying the Raijin. I want that blade back. Should my uncle's sword be returned to me you may just live after Kushina's return" said Tsunade with that said she stood up. Everyone seeing this as a sign of dismissal stood as well and left the room.

Karakura Town:

Naruto arrived at the Kurosaki Clinic at exactly ten o'clock. He had of course been up since six and training at Urahara's. He had spent that time working on perfecting the Rasengan all he needed was a bit more control and he'd have it. Shaking himself from his thoughts he walked inside and rang the buzzer that they had. After about two minutes a little girl with short brown hair came out.

"Can I help you" said the girl.

"Yes I'm here to see a Kurosaki Isshin he's expecting me" said Naruto getting a nod from the girl.

"Okay follow me" said the girl.

Following the girl who had introduced herself as Yuzu he soon found himself in a dining room. Once he was in the room he came upon a few people. The first was a girl he knew was Yuzu's age with black hair. Across from her sat a boy with orange hair who looked a few years older than Naruto himself. Next to him was another girl with black hair that Naruto immediately recognized as Rukia. Finally at the head of the table was the man he had come to see.

"Yuzu why did you bring him up here" said Isshin before she could answer however Naruto spoke up.

"Kurosaki Isshin former captain of the Gotei 13's 10th division. You are known as one of the strongest Shinigami to ever live" said Naruto shocking everyone who turned to look at the man.

"Kuchiki Naruto son of Kuchiki Kushina. Rumor had it you were dead" said Isshin seriously shocking everyone.

"Yes I was aware. My mother said you were trustworthy. In fact you were a witness to her marriage with my father" said Naruto.

"Yes I was. Do you have any combat experience" said Isshin.

Instead of answering Naruto simply pulled his hitae-tae from his pocket and showed it to him.

"Yamamoto-sama has spoken highly of you. I hope you don't disappoint" said Isshin.

"In fact he told me you could actually surpass Ichigo here in power" said Isshin once again shocking everyone.

"Kurosaki Ichigo the infamous substitute Shinigami. Kuchiki Rukia of the 13th division" said Naruto nodding to both of them.

"Your mother taught you well I see" said Isshin causing Naruto to nearly shudder.

"I hate bookwork" said Naruto getting an understanding nod from Isshin.

"Well since I'll be teaching you I might as well teach the idiot here as well so he won't be spilling out reiatsu all the time anymore" said Isshin

With that said the older man closed his eyes before he glowed blue. When the glow died down his clothes had changed and he was now in his Shinigami form. His haori however had no sign on the back and was worn as a sash over his left shoulder.

"Why do you not have a sign on your back" asked Naruto.

"When you lose your position during battle instead of retirement you no longer where the sign of the division's captain" explained Isshin.

"Well come on you three and you too Karen we might as well begin you're training as well" said Isshin before moving out.

Moving through the house for a bit they came to a large grandfather clock. Reaching inside the former captain pulled on the pendulum rod. Once he did that the clock slid to the side revealing a narrow doorway. Walking through and down a several flights of stairs the soon found themselves in a very spacious and rocky area.

"This is…" said Ichigo in shock.

"Yes the training grounds under the Urahara shop. It actually stretches from the shop to the clinic" said Isshin.

"Alright Naruto lets see how much reiatsu you have and don't hold back" said Isshin.

The blonde nodded hearing this before he disappeared in a puff of smoke only to reappear a few yards away from them. Once he did that he closed his eyes and let down all the barriers holding back his reiatsu.

Naruto was surrounded by a golden glow for a moment then his reiatsu burst outward completely covering him. Finally after a few minutes it died down. When it did he was once more in his Shinigami form his zanpakuto in its sheath on his back.

"Man I haven't seen this much reiatsu in a kid since Toushiro" said Isshin

"What's wrong dad" asked Karen

"He's got as much reiatsu as a lieutenant level Shinigami" said Isshin.

After a moment more the blonde rose the barriers back up and retuned to normal though he kept his zanpakuto.

"Karen did you get a feel for his reiatsu" said Isshin getting a nod from the girl.

"Good then I want you to try to find something similar in yourself. I won't allow what happened to Ichigo to happen to you" said Isshin.

"Ichigo-san can I ask you a question" asked Naruto after a few moments.

"Sure" said the orange haired teen.

"Your part demon aren't you" said Naruto shocking both Isshin and Ichigo.

"Why would you think that" said Ichigo.

"I can smell it. The demon in you though its low class it's still a demon" said Naruto.

"It's a hollow" said Ichigo with a sigh.

"Hollows are low class demons that wish they were high class" said Naruto with a smirk.

Any further conversation was cut off when a golden glow took up the field. Turning they found Karen now in the robes of a Shinigami her zanpakuto in its sheath at her side. Once that was done Isshin got to work drilling them on how to control their reiatsu.

A few hours later Urahara himself showed up. With him were Soifon, Hinomori and Yoruichi.

"Ok Naruto here how things are going to go" said Urahara catching the blondes attention.

"Every morning you'll have control training with Isshin from 7-10 am. From 12-3 pm you will be trained in hand to hand combat by Yoruichi and Soifon. From 4-7 pm you'll be training with Hinamori in kido. And from 7-10 I'll be training you on zanpakuto combat" said Urahara getting a nod from the blonde.

For three months this was Naruto's schedule. The hours between times he spent getting to know Soifon and Hinamori better. The other two hours he usually spent with Yuzu and Karen who had quickly become like sisters to him. He had also started teaching Yuzu about the ninja arts as she often felt powerless when near her siblings.

His control had greatly increased as he no longer had so many barriers up to hold back his reiatsu. In fact he had cut the barriers from 10 down to two thanks to Isshin's training. His kido training had also done well though he favored hado (blast spells) over everything else. In fact for a few of them he no longer even had to use the incantation.

His training with Yoruichi and Soifon had also produced results. The first thing they had taught him was Shunpo (flash step). Their warm ups was actually a game of tag to see if Naruto could catch them. In the third month he had finally caught Soifon though it was only once. The results of which had them on the ground with Naruto on top of her and his face buried in her breast, something Yoruichi never let them live down. Yoruichi however was proving why she had gotten her nickname every time.

His training with Urahara however was different. The bucket hat wearing man had pointed out all the flaws in the blonde's stance the very first day and corrected them. After that it was all theory on zanpakuto's and how they worked. He also had him doing meditation to work on the blonde's short amount of patience.

Now however he was meditating for a different purpose. Urahara had told him it was time he met his zanpakuto face to face. He had said that unless he did their training could go no further. It is for this reason Naruto was now walking the halls of his mind.


Following the pull he felt he soon found himself in the now familiar room from when he first came to his mind and when he had awoken his Shinigami powers.

Walking down the stairs he soon found himself once more overlooking Konoha from the Hokage Monument. Only this time something was different, that something would be the storm clouds in the sky with streaks of lightning passing through it. Finally one bolt fell from the sky before striking the Monument and setting it ablaze. Out of the fire walked a single man.

The man was tall with long silver hair. He wore a long black coat with plate armor on the shoulders. He also wore black pants that led to belted black boots. On his hands he wore a pair of black gloves. Finally he had bright emerald-green eyes that had slits for pupils.

"So you have finally come" said the man in an emotionless voice.

Naruto said nothing and merely looked out over Konoha. The man seeing this turned to look out over it as well.

"What would you do with my power should I grant it" said the man

"The same as I always do walk down my path with no regrets" said Naruto

"And should your path cross with the Uchiha's" said the man.

"I will not hold back" said Naruto seriously.

"You have lived a hard life and yet you have not faltered once. Such a thing is hard for any one especially a child. Should you need my strength you will know what to do" said the man before silence settled over them. After a few minutes the silence was once again broken this time by Naruto.

"You speak of this as if you have experience" said the blonde.

"I do. I was not always a zanpakuto spirit I once lived in the world just as you do. It was only after I died that I was remade into a zanpakuto spirit. However during my life I let my pain and anger get to me I suggest you don't do the same" said the man getting a nod from the blonde.

After a few more minutes Naruto nodded receiving one back before turning away. The last thing he heard before he left was the name of his zanpakuto.

Real World:

Urahara watched Naruto while enjoying a conversation with Yoruichi. It had been about two hours since Naruto had entered his meditational trance. There were two ways for a shinigami to learn their zanpakuto's name. The most common was for the Shinigami to be in danger and their zanpakuto helps them out. The less common however was to gain their respect and have them come to you. The first method he had used with Ichigo as they had had little time. The second was the way Naruto was now doing it.

Their conversation stopped however when both Naruto and his zanpakuto pulsed blue a few times before the glow died down and he opened his eyes.

"Well then" said Urahara with a smile. "It's time for the real training to begin" he finished as Yoruichi grinned.

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