Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 12: Naruto's Return

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Start Now:

It was a beautiful day in Konoha, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Hyuuga Hinata was beating the shit out of a training log. She had changed in the last two and a half years. Her dark blue hair was now longer and hung down her back. She had developed curves in all the right places and had grown a nice pair of breast. In all she had changed from a cute little girl to a beautiful young woman.

Panting heavily and whipping the sweat from her forehead she sat against the log and sighed. In the last few years things have been going to plan…somewhat. The only things different were Naruto's absence, she and Neji are already getting along and most importantly she's still a gennin!

She sighed that had been a conscious decision on her part. Both she and Tenten had absolutely refused to take the exams again until Naruto returned. Of course they'd never told anyone that but Tsunade telling everyone else they were just waiting for a challenge. If Hinata were still wearing her mask as tight as she used to everyone probably would have seen right through that though.

In the eyes of most of those around her she had seemingly come out of her shell. She no longer stuttered or made any of her nervous gestures, except on certain occasions. She had also stopped holding back in her sparring as much against her sister. In the eyes of the clan she had surpassed Hanabi and was nearing Neji's level.

She mentally scoffed at that as she was already on that level. To her however Jyuken was just far too stiff. Sure it had its speed and precision but it was also rigid, a sign that it was created by a man. This was the reason she had started developing her own style of Jyuken, one that made use of the natural flexibility of a woman. Without this she knew she would never reach her fathers level.

Most had credited her rise in strength to Naruto's 'death'. Many of her friends believed that the death of the person she held most precious had caused her to release everything that she had been holding back. Whenever this was brought up however both Shikamaru and Tenten would stay quiet as they both knew the blonde was still alive.

When word of Naruto's 'death' had come out the villagers immediately started trying to celebrate, trying being the key word. You see every time they had tried it had been in the presence of one or more of his friends or worse, Tsunade herself. Whenever these things happened the shinobi in the area turned a blind eye, as they had grown to respect the blonde after his battle against Shukaku. The worst however was when she'd been walking with Neji and her father towards the tower.


They had just past Ichiraku's when they overheard two of the villagers talking about what it would have been like if the 'demon' had had children and what they'd have done to them. She had acted on pure instinct, having planned to be the mother of the blonde's children.

Both Neji and Hiashi watched in shock as her Byakugan flared to life and blades of chakra launched out of her palms and into all of the tenketsu in the both of their lower bodies. If that wasn't bad enough she had done it so they would never walk again or have children (AN: author winces). Needless to say no one ever spoke negatively about the blonde in her presence.

Flashback ends:

It wasn't until after she had regained her breath that she had realized what she had done. Her pale eyes had gone wide as she rounded on the still shocked Neji and Hiashi. Hiashi had immediately broken the move down from what he had seen and knew that he had only seen half of what it was capable of. Even still that one attack had more strength than even Hakke Rokujuyon Sho.

This is because the Hakke Rokujuyon Sho only closes the tenketsu for a certain amount of time. With his Byakugan he saw Hinata didn't do that, no she had destroyed every tenketsu she hit. Those men would never walk again among other things. He inwardly shuddered he'd rather die by use of the caged bird seal than face their fate. It was with this thought that he turned his most precious possession away from his daughter.

Things had not been quite the same after that. Hanabi had been livid finding out Hinata had been holding back on her. The elders had also been surprised after they had been informed as Hinata was supposed to be the weakling. They had grilled her on the move with their Byakugan's active to be completely sure she didn't lie. When asked why she never used the move before she simply stated that it still wasn't finished as it easily tires her out.

In the end it had been labeled as an A-rank technique. The kicker though was when she had explained why most of the Hyuuga couldn't use it as they weren't flexible enough, as such it had been dubbed as a woman's technique. They had asked her to start teaching it once it was finished. As a result she had started taking more missions just so she could get out of it. She was not sharing her techniques until her style was finished.

Shaking herself from her thoughts she stood up before heading for a shower. She had a meeting with Tsunade in 2 hours, and something told her she wasn't going to like it.

Yamanaka Flower Shop:

Yamanaka Ino was many things abrasive, loud and demanding being three of them. Right now however she was absolutely bored. She also changed into a beautiful young woman. No longer did she wear her old purple dress, now she wore a purple skirt over black biker shorts. Her shirt was also purple and stopped at the top of her stomach. On her elbows and knees she wore bracers made out of fishnet. Finally she wore black shinobi sandals and had her long pale blonde hair in a ponytail that stopped at the small of her back.

Like most of the Konoha 11, which they still called themselves in honor of Naruto, she had taken news of his death hard. She had locked herself up and broken down and cried for a week. Then she broke down again only this time in front of everyone else bawling about how she never got to tell him the truth.

Then her sadness turned to anger, extreme anger at the villagers. Not only did the blame the Uchiha's defection and mission's failure on Naruto, but they had had the nerve to celebrate his death. She had snapped then and had done something that she had told herself she would never do.

She had used it, she had used her family's techniques to seriously mind fuck them. She had tortured them in their own minds for ten minutes before she was stopped. The one who had stopped her had been none other than Morino Ibiki. He didn't reprimand the blonde though, instead he had taken the three men to his office for a little 'chat'. He would later return to take the angry blonde as an apprentice introducing her to the world of interrogation.

Sighing she shook herself from her thoughts before glancing at the time. She was due at the tower in thirty minutes. Rising to her feet and yelling to her mother she was leaving the blonde chuunin left walking towards the tower.

Hokage Tower:

Tsunade stared down on the village with a frown on her face. In two and a half years the village hadn't really changed, not like she expected it to. Behind her one of her Kage Bunshin's was tending to a mountain of paperwork, an idea she had gotten from Naruto. Tonton who she had in her arms squeaked breaking the busty Hokage from her thoughts.

Turning over she dismissed the clone before sitting in her seat. Just as she did there was a knock at the door, which after her approval proceeded to open. Once it did fourteen people walked in all being members of the Konoha eleven or their sensei's, even Kakashi who she had told to come three hours before the time she wanted. (AN: They all look just like they do in the manga/anime after the timeskip)

"I'm glad you guys could make it I have some things to tell you all" once she said that everyone looked over at her. Seeing this she simply said three words.

"Naruto's coming home"

The reaction of the group was priceless. With the exception of Shikamaru, Hinata and Tenten everyone gasped before going wide eyed.

"Tsunade-sama Naruto can't come back he's…" started Sakura only to be cut off by Shikamaru.

"Naruto never died"

This caused just about everyone to turn in his direction. Seeing this he mumbled a quick troublesome before he explained.

"Naruto had made a complete recovery the same night he was healed" he started slowly.

"That same night his uncle Kuchiki Byakuya extended him an invitation to his home to train. He accepted and left the same night" he finished with a sigh.

"But Tsunade-sama you said that Naruto-kun…" started Ino only to be interrupted by Tsunade.

"I know suffered from chakra poisoning. Here's something only a few of you know Naruto was being hunted by S-class missing-nins" this produced a gasp from all of them minus the sensei's Hinata, and Tenten.

"It was for this reason news of his death was allowed to be leaked out" said Tenten shocking many.

"Anyway I wanted to let you know he'll be arriving some time this week" she finished getting wide eyes from everyone.

North Gate:


Yamamoto sighed as he sat behind his desk. Why did Naruto have to leave when he did? They could have certainly used his help with this Arrancar problem. Naruto was one of the best the Gotei 13 had to offer. He had been labeled as a prodigy after his three month training was over. While some had been doubtful he had quickly earned their respect when he was assigned his temporary division.

He had placed the blonde in the thirteenth division due to recommendation from his teachers. This is because all divisions had something they specialize in. The most well known where the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th divisions.

The second division specialized in covert operations. The third was mainly a fighting division that used only their zanpakuto and hado. The Fourth division was were the composite relief or the medics. Fifth division specialized in the use of any kind of Kido. Sixth division specialized in assassination.

Ninth division specialized in communication technology. Tenth division was the researching department. Eleventh division was simply those who only fought with their zanpakuto. Twelfth division specialized in technology development. Finally thirteenth division they were the Soul Trafficking Management and Research Department.

They were the ones that were constantly in human world. They were also known to be able to find anything. On top of that they were now one of the strongest divisions, Naruto being one of the key reasons. The boy had seemingly brought the division back from the bleak place they were at after Shiba Kien's death.

He never gave up and when he didn't have a mission he was training. In fact he had grown so much he had gained his own nickname. But what got the most attention was that he had been a member of the 13th division for over a year and had never released his Shikai. Sure he had the ability to but he just didn't need to. In fact only two people other than Naruto had seen his Shikai they being Urahara, and Yoruichi and both were tight lipped.

With a sigh he shook himself from his thoughts before turning back to the problem at hand. Who was he going to send to help Kurasaki's group deal with the Arrancar threat.

3 days later, Konoha:

Three figures could be seen standing atop the Hokage Monument. On the right side was a man with long spiky white hair wearing forest green pants and a grey shirt with a red vest over it. This image alone immediately told many this was the Toad Sannin Jiraiya.

To the left was a woman not seen in Konoha in fifteen years. She had long silky red hair with a baby blue hair piece in it. She wore grey pants and a gray shirt over this she wore an open black trench coat. At her side a sheathed sword could be seen.

Then there was the person in the middle. He was tall just about shoulder height to Jiraiya, which was saying something. He had spiky blonde hair that stopped just past his shoulder blades. His blonde locks hung over his face casting shadows over his eyes. He wore black shinobi sandals and blue pants that were taped at the bottom. He also wore a blue shirt under a sleeveless white trench coat with the word 'thirteen' on the back running along the bottom in black. Over this was the kanji for 'God of Flash' also in black. Finally he had a hitae-tae with the leaf insignia on it tied to his arm.

Out of the three, two of them had a calm aura around them. The other had an aura that screamed perverseness. The blonde stood with both hands in his pocket gazing over the village without any once of emotion showing on his face. After a few more minutes Jiraiya spoke up breaking the silence.

"You ready gaki"

"Ah" was the distracted response from the blonde.

With that the three each disappeared.

Hokage Tower:

Tsunade was not having a good day. First she hadn't slept well the previous night as a very sick dream had kept her up. Then she had found out the Kazekage, Gaara had been snatched up by the Akatsuki and his brother had been severely poisoned. It was for this reason that she'd sent Kakashi, Sakura and Ino to Suna.

After that Gai had come in and she had to endure yet another one of his crazy youth rants. After finally getting Gai and mini Gai to shut up she had sent them to assist Kakashi's team, having gotten word of them heading after Gaara. What Sakura see's in Lee she would probably never know.

Anyway once she had finished with them two chuunin had brought in two more stacks of paperwork. Then those old fossils Homura and Koharu had come once again trying to suck up to her. She had quickly stopped that and promptly told them either leave or get on their knees and start licking, she'd gone a long time without being properly fucked the least they could do is put their mouths to good use.

Shaking the disgusting thoughts from her head she looked back to the pile in front of her. Bringing her hands into her new favorite seal she was once again stopped as the door opened up. Looking up and glaring she was surprised to see the grinning face of her former teammate and fellow Sannin.

Looking over to the other two she let out a gasp. Though she didn't recognize the woman the young man surprised her. The boy definitely looked like a cross between his father and great grandfather. His hair was a mixture between the Nidaime's and Arashi's as it was spiky like Nidaime's though he had the bangs on the side like his father. Like his father he wore a white trench coat, but like Nidaime he wore all blue and black everywhere else.

Snapping out of her shock she wasted no time snatching the boy up into a tight hug. Naruto however would describe it more like a death grip. Finally after much struggle to breath he was able to speak up.

"Oba-chan…back…breaking" said the blonde pausing after each word at the pain.

Tsunade hearing this immediately let go causing him to fall to the ground weezing. Tsunade took this time to look over the two it was then that she realized who the woman was and hugged her as well though not as hard as she had Naruto.

"It's good to see you again too Tsunade" said Kushina with a smile.

"It's been far too long" said Tsunade.

After catching up for a bit Tsunade, who was now back in her seat, brought up the fact Naruto was still only a gennin.

"Luckily the Chuunin Exam is coming up so that could change" said Tsunade.

"But I would need a team" said Naruto with a thoughtful look on his face.

"You already have one" replied the Sannin getting raised eyebrows from the group.

"Hinata and Tenten refused to take the exams again without you" she explained.

Naruto nodded as something like that would make sense. After a while more of talking the group left heading towards the Hokage Estates.


Kakashi jumped to the side avoiding yet another of his opponents explosive clay birds. Seeing three more coming in low he jumped up flipping upside down and flinging three kunai at them hitting each between the eyes causing them to explode. Deidara glared seeing this before sending out six clay bats. Kakashi however had already finished his seals and blew out a giant ball of fire while thinking "Katon: Goukakyu no jutsu"

Deidara slid to the side dodging it while absentmindedly wondering how the Copy Nin had done that without lowering his mask. Digging his hands in his pouch he released a few more clay birds while discretely sending out some clay spiders.

'Art is a bang, yeah' thought the blonde nuke-nin.

Kakashi sighed seeing the birds coming hoping Sakura and Chiyo were faring better than he was. He was also wondering where the hell Ino was.

With Sakura and Chiyo:

Sakura was NOT having a good day. First she and Ino had found out it was Chiyo that sealed Shukaku within Gaara, something Ino chewed her out viciously for. Then they had been forced to face Suna's strongest puppeteer in history Aka Suna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sands).

After that Chiyo and Sasori had engaged in a puppet fight only for Chiyo's puppets to be destroyed. Now she was being used as a puppet herself to destroy Sasori's puppets. She was snapped out of her thoughts as she was pulled away from the blade of one of Sasori's puppets. With a sigh the pink haired girl realized it was going to be a long day.

With Team Gai:

They were also having their share of bad luck. They however had ended up facing the blue skinned monster known as Kisame. Unfortunately Kisame had managed to catch both Tenten and Gai in a water prisons. This left Neji and Lee to fight Kisame's clone the problem was getting around that sword of his as each time they got close they were knocked back.

Kisame seemingly tired of playing around quickly went through a long chain of seals before calling out "Suiton: Siryudan no jutsu".

Pumping a large amount of chakra into the technique he created a large water dragon. The dragon circled around its creator before launching itself at Lee and Neji with a loud roar. Nodding at one another both Lee and Neji dodged to the side before charging at the fish-man. Kisame seeing this simply made the dragon turn back after them. With twin smirks the konoha nin initiated their plan.

At the last second they turned to the side of the clone with Lee disappearing in a blur. The green beast reappeared under Kisame giving him a kick to the chin sending him flying, as well as making his hold on the prisons disperse. Lee however was far from done.

Reappearing in under Kisame with his hand in his back the boy's bandages came undone before wrapping around the fish man. Once that was done the boy turned the momentum to have them going towards the ground while spinning at a fast rate. Once they neared the ground Lee released letting Kisame fall with a cry of "Omoto Renge".

There was an explosion as Kisame hit the ground creating a crater. Kisame however wasn't an S-class nin for nothing and managed to stagger to his feet. It was then that his eyes went wide hearing a voice behind him.

"You are within range of my hakke. Hakke Rokujyo Yonsho"

With that said Neji dashed forward his hands moving in blurs as he struck the shark like man's tenketsu's. Hitting the last one he gave him a palm strike to the back just for good measure sending him flying. He wasn't flying for long as he soon got a kick to the face from the freed Gai that sent him into a tree. Tenten took the opportunity and sent a windmill shuriken at the downed Akatsuki nin hitting him right in the neck.

Once that happened his body and head, which was now separated fell to the ground with a dull 'thud'. Not long after that his body was enveloped in a puff of smoke which cleared showing a now headless Suna nin.


Kisame sat up with a jolt his right hand instinctively going up to his neck.

"What happened" questioned Itachi in his annoyingly emotionless voice.

"They beat the clone even at thirty percent" stated Kisame in his gruff voice.

"Let's go we're done here" said the Uchiha before he turned and left with Kisame following.

With Kakashi:

Kakashi dodged to the side of yet another piece of explosive clay before jumping back dodging yet another. Sharingan spinning the jounin ran through a chain of seals before slapping his hands to the ground with a mutter of "Doton: Doryu Dango".

As soon as he said that a dragon of earth rose from the ground shooting balls of mud at the Akatsuki nin. Deidara dodged all of the balls with ease however before he could do anything else he found himself frozen. Ino who had been hiding among the rocks around them had taken the moment to use one of her family jutsu's. usually the Shinranshin no jutsu (Mind Body Disturbance Technique) allowed the user to control the target but because of the power difference between them she could barely hold him still.

"Kakashi-sensei hurry up" called Ino.

Kakashi hearing this wasted no time going for the kill. His Sharingan spun before changing shape into a pinwheel type shape. Focusing chakra into the eye and using one of his Sharingan's abilities he sent Deidara's body to a completely different dimension the only things staying being his head and right arm.

Seeing this, the Copy nin let out a sigh before he fell to the ground in exhaustion.

With Sakura:

Sakura panted in exhaustion as she stared down at Sasori. After much hard work she and Chiyo had been able to destroy Sasori's primary puppet, which he just happened to use as his body. This however didn't happen until she had smashed up Sasori's favorite puppet which was the actual Sandaime Kazekage whom he turned into a puppet.

What she now faced was Sasori's true body of a young red haired boy. According to Chiyo he looked exactly as he had before he left Suna about 20 years ago. This had led Chiyo to come to one conclusion; Sasori had turned himself into a puppet. She was snapped out of her thoughts when Sasori charged at her at incredible speeds.

Chiyo seeing this pulled the girl back allowing her to dodge the attack if just barely. Sasori however was far from done as his forearm quickly flipped over revealing a blade. Charging once again his attack was blocked this time by a puppet in the form of his father. Chiyo seeing this moved her left hand sending the puppet body of Sasori's mother at him.

Sasori smirked as he dodged it and charged forward towards Sakura once more. Sakura seeing him coming reacted quickly channeling chakra she punched the ground hard creating a crater in front of her. Sasori jumped to the side dodging the crater and heading towards Chiyo.

The old woman had already finished her seals though and in a puff of smoke ten more puppets appeared in front of her. Sasori narrowed his eyes before summoning his own army of 100 puppets. What followed was the greatest battle between puppet users in history. (AN: Sorry I just can't seem to write a puppet fight for anything. Maybe I'll get it one day though.)

After a while Sakura had gotten an idea and taken an orb from one of Chiyo's downed puppets. The orbs worked by sealing away the chakra of whomever they hit which gave her an idea. Taking the orb she watched as they battled waiting for a chance to strike. Finally she saw it as Sasori jumped into the air.

'Now' was her thought before throwing the orb right where his heart should be. Sasori saw it coming though and managed to turn in the air so it hit him in his back. Once it did he fell to the ground not moving causing the pink haired girl to sigh in relief. That relief didn't last however, as Sasori got up and charged at Chiyo his bladed arm going for the kill. He was surprised though when he found Sakura in front of the old woman the blade stuck into her shoulder.

"That hurt, SHANNARO" screamed Inner Sakura speaking up for the first time in a long time. It was with this that Sakura's right fist collided with the puppet boy's face caving the jaw in and sending him into the awaiting arms of the forgotten mother puppet. As soon as he was a panel slid down as blades shot out impaling straight through.

Konoha, Council Chambers:

In three years the Konoha council had changed dramatically. No longer were civilians allowed on it nor did they have as much power as before. Tsunade had instead made the council into just the shinobi clan heads, the elders, and herself. So when they saw the former civilian council members they were surprised and a few showed it. The noise in the room died down though when Tsunade entered the room followed closely by another black haired woman. Looking at them all the woman spoke up in an emotionless voice and scaring all in the room.

"Let the punishment begin"

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