Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 13: Reunions and Exams

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Start Now:

Naruto sighed as he stared up at the sky from his position in the training grounds. Three days had passed since his return though he stayed at the mansion so as not to be seen. Tenten had returned yesterday though she had been so tired she'd fallen asleep while hugging him. Today however he planned on catching up with his friends, after training of course.

It was still extremely early, so much so that even the shinobi were not up yet. This was perfect for him as it allowed him to work on his skills in secret. Over the years he had developed his bloodline remarkably to the point where he could gather water molecules from the very air. He once again thanked the fact that he had learned Kage Bunshin that night. His control over the wind element had also greatly increased thanks in no small part to his father's training guide.

Lately however he had been working on something in secret. He had found out during his first trip to Soul Society that the Rasengan was an incomplete jutsu, as such he's been trying to complete it, that he realized wouldn't happen for a while yet. As such he was working on drawing the water as well as converting it to ice faster. Ok so his clones were working on it but in the end it's the same result.

Taking a meditative position he sighed before diving into his mind.


She was late that fact alone had her moving faster. Like lightning she moved gathering her essentials for the trip. Stopping in front of the mirror she sighed before once more taking her human form watching as her tails disappeared and her beautiful fox ears changed to those of a human. With one more glance around the room and finding she wasn't missing anything she disappeared in a blaze of fire.


Ichigo sat deep in thought. In front of him Isshin sat with a frown on his face. Ichigo had just informed his father of his encounter against the hollows known as Arrancar. Needless to say he had not been happy about his sons defeat, but then again the boy only knew how to wield his zanpakuto.

"I think it's time you learn some kido" said Isshin before standing and walking off with Ichigo following.


A single figure could be seen training in the fourth division's domain. Her long black hair flowed down her back as she moved gracefully in her kata, her zanpakuto moving as a blur. As she moved the air around her condensed as some turned to water, tucking low she spun before the water froze into the shape of senbon and shot out in all directions.

"Haku-chan" called a voice causing her to turn in its direction.

"Unohana-taicho how can I help you" asked the girl panting.

"I've elected you to represent our division in this year's tournament" said Unohana getting a shocked look from the girl as the fourth division never entered the tournament.

"I've just gotten word Momochi Zabuza will be representing the eleventh division" said the captain getting a small smile from the girl.

"I'll let you know when I hear who will represent the thirteenth division" she said getting a nod from the girl before turning away.

"I wonder who else is competing, whoever they are better be strong" thought the fourth division's prodigy before continuing her training.


We now find the blonde shinigami along with Tenten and Hinata walking through the village. Naruto seeing the shocked looks sent his way smirked exposing his longer than average canines. They had just come from an enjoyable lunch at Ichiraku's a place Naruto had missed greatly.

They had already had the discussion about the exams and had agreed to competing, something Tenten had been dying to do again, Temari had gotten too far ahead of her. Turning a corner they ran into Temari and Shikamaru who happened to be walking together. The 2 groups stopped for a second before the two boys nodded at each other.

"It's about time you got back you troublesome blonde"

"Hey I'd have been back sooner but I had a lot to do" responded Naruto with a smile.

"So I take it you three will finally take the exams again" said Temari.

"Of course what did you think we were waiting for" said Tenten getting one from Temari.

"Good it would look bad if people found out my rival was still a gennin. I mean I'm a jounin for Kami's sake" said Temari in exasperation.

"Anyway I'm helping out with the exams this time so I'll get everything sorted out for you three even though it's troublesome. It starts tomorrow just so you know" said Shika getting a nod from the group. With that he and Temari continued walking along their own way.

Hokage Tower:

Tsunade sighed as she finished reading the report of Gaara's rescue. What got her attention the most was Sakura's prize for defeating Sasori. Sasori had given her information regarding a meeting with a spy he had in Oto. This gave her ten days to prepare a team for the meeting. The question was who would she choose.

Hyuga Estate:

As a veteran of the last Shinobi War Hyuga Hiashi had seen a lot in his life. As such there was little that he actually feared. He could now say that Kuchiki Kushina was someone to be feared. Just the memory of what had happened in the council chambers caused him to shudder and whimper, inwardly of course.

Flashback no jutsu:

"Let the punishment begin"

"You have been found guilty for crimes against not only the Kuchiki but Soul Society as a whole. Your punishment is death"

With that said she disappeared reappearing with her zanpankuto stabbed into the chest of one man. Most people seeing this tried to run only for someone to have a whole blasted through their legs by what looked like lightning shot out from the Kuchiki's fingertips.

"Hado #4 White Lightning" said Kushina coldly her right arm still outstretched with her index and middle fingers pointed outward.

Then she seemingly disappeared before reappearing in front of the door as a massive spurt of blood filled the room. Body parts fell as she swung her zanpakuto through the air cleaning the blood off of it. Once that was done she sheathed her zanpakuto before turning to face the last of her targets, those being the three elders and a pink haired woman.

"None of you shall get the pleasure of a quick death" said Kushina coldly.

Flashback no jutsu: Kai:

After that Kushina had taken them all and just disappeared leaving no clue to her presence except for the blood covering the room. He shuddered inwardly he hadn't seen something that vicious since Minato's attack on the Iwa-nin's after Obito's death.

With Naruto:

We currently find our favorite blonde shinobi at Ichiraku's. Around him sat all of his friends, from Konoha at least. They started from Tenten on his left then Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, and Temari. To his right were Hinata, Konohamaru, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Lee.

"So let me get this straight" said Naruto in between laughter.

"You" he said pointing at Konohamaru. "Got into a fight with her sister" pointing to Hinata.

"During class because she was being all high mighty Hyuga and knocked her out with a version of Orike no jutsu that uses guys" he said before bowing over in laughter.

"Why didn't I ever think of that, it could have seriously gotten the damn fan girl's with it?" he said laughing so hard that he missed the blushes on the girl's faces.

The next day found Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten at the academy. Walking through the halls and right past the genjutsu that seemed to always get the first timers they made their way to room 301. Walking through the doors none of them paid any mind to the glares and killing intent that hit them simply shrugging it off and standing by a wall.

Naruto did notice however that he was receiving hard looks from the Iwa-nin in the room. After a few minutes he got fed up and let out a bit of his spirit pressure. The results of this were the Iwa-nin each going stiff and struggling to even breathe. Then just as quickly as it had come he let it go still looking away.

During his time in Seireitei Naruto had met and fought with many people. A few of these people had played a role in his development as a Shinigami. One such person was Zaraki Kenpachi captain of the eleventh division. The man had an astounding level of reiatsu and his spirit pressure alone was enough to send people to their knees even when he held it back. This was something Naruto had picked up which he used mostly for intimidation purposes.

The person who'd had the most influence however had been his own captain Ukitake. The man had not only gained his trust but his loyalty. He had immediately seen through the cold mask that the blonde had put up and urged him to be himself. The sickly man had concentrated more on his development as a person than as a Shinigami. This in effect had turned him from an angry teen that only cared for himself and few others to one of the most respectful young men in all of Soul Society. Unfortunately this also resulted in a fan club so large it made the Sasuke fan club pale in comparison.

He was broken from his thoughts as he felt several presences drawing near before a massive cloud of smoke covered the front of the room. When it cleared he was greeted by the sight of Morino Ibiki standing in front of the room exactly as the blonde remembered him along with several chuunin including Shikamaru.

"ALRIGHT MAGGOTS LISTEN UP" yelled the jounin silencing the room.


Once this was said everyone grabbed a number before walking and taking seats around the room with there teams. Forty minutes later Naruto's number was called and he silently walked into the room. Entering the room he saw the shocked looks on some of the chuunins as well as hearing the mutters of 'Yondaime'.

"Name" spoke Ibiki

"Kuchiki Naruto"

Hearing this put them right back in shock. Most of the people had thought the blonde had died. However seeing the boy alive and well and looking like an almost mirror image of the Yondaime with a touch of Nidaime had several people wondering just who he was.

"Changed your name I see" said Ibiki.

"I'm using my real one have been for years" replied the blonde getting a nod from the interrogator.

"Right well for this exam you have to knock out each of the chuunin in the room" said Ibiki. Naruto looked around them and seeing something started to grin mischievously. Seeing this several members of the Naruto task force, a group Sandaime created to deal with the pranking Naruto, shuddered in fear.

Bringing his hands into the familiar crossed shaped seal he created one Kage Bunshin. Several people raised eyebrows at this before both Naruto's grinned evilly. Running through a few more seals both Naruto's called out "Oiroke: Onna no Ko Dōshi no Jutsu (Sexy: Double Knockout Girls Technique)"

Once he said that both Naruto's were engulfed in clouds of smoke. When it cleared the forms of two extremely beautiful women could be seen hugging each other. One of them had long silky black hair and beautiful red eyes, while the other had short purple hair and brown eyes.

Both of these women were completely naked with there breast pressed up against each other. Then as one the two turned and winked at the chuunin. Not two seconds after each of the chuunin as well as Ibiki, were launched back by huge nosebleeds slamming against the wall behind them. Ibiki however proved to be a special jounin for a reason as he lifted his head before speaking.

"Using Kurenei and Anko. What a truly devastating technique, your team passes" with that said the special jounin passed out.

"Konohamaru you are a genius" thought the blonde as he casually walked out the room with a smirk, after taking some pictures of course and leaving a note in Ibiki's pocket.

Walking out the room with his hands in his pocket he simply nodded as Hinata and Tenten followed him out. Two hours later Gai ran into the room. Looking up the taijutsu master counted 56 teams before speaking.

"Yosh everyone here burns with the flames of youth as you all passed the first exam. However as brightly as your youthful flames burn I'll cut this group down in half and if not I'll run around the village 1,000 times on my hands. You have forty five minutes to be at training area 44. Now go the springtime of youth waits for no one" and with that the green clad jounin disappeared in a blur of green out the door.

"I see he hasn't changed" said Naruto shaking his head. Tenten sighed muttering to herself about idiotic jounin instructors.

"Well at least Lee calmed down some" said Naruto

"Yeah only because Sakura told him she wouldn't go out with him if he didn't" said Tenten while Hinata nodded her agreement.

With that said they got up headed towards the forest. As they walked all three noticed someone was following them but paid it little mind. It was then that several strange black creatures emerged from the trees down to the group. Before they could even make it halfway however they were struck down by a hail of kunai and shuriken.

Just after this several more of the strange creatures emerged and were quickly destroyed by Hinata and Tenten. The person watching them was about to summon more when he noticed the blonde had disappeared. Just then Naruto appeared behind him kunai poised against the man's, throat. (AN: It's Sai people)

"To attack us together you are either very brave or very stupid" said the young Kuchiki.

"Your good, maybe you will do" said the boy before he dissolved into ink by the smell of it..

Naruto seeing this jumped out from his perch in the trees. Once he was down the three friends wasted no time in heading for the forest.


Kushina stood in Yamamoto's office her face neutral. Behind her stood several souls, all of which who had committed crimes against her son. These people included Danzo, Homura and Koharu. Each of these people stood shackled around their necks, wrist, and ankles.

In front of them stood Yamamoto with Sarutobi behind him. Like always Yamamoto had his staff in hand while Sarutobi had his zanpakuto strapped to his waist

"Do you know why you are here" said Yamamoto causing those gathered to shake their heads.

"You are here for crimes against Kuchiki Naruto, which turns to crimes against the Kuchiki family, which turns to crimes against Soul Society" said Yamomoto confusing some of them.

"The Kuchiki are one of the four noble families of Soul Society. Each and every member has eventually become a Shinigami, who in turn protect Soul Society"

"It is for this reason you have been sentenced to serving the Kuchiki clan for the rest of your natural lives. Not only that but after you die your reiatsu will be sealed away and you will serve for an additional 200 years."

Once the man finished the gathered people erupted, cries of outrage filling the room. This however was quickly stopped as Yamamoto released a fraction his own spirit pressure. All of them fell to their knees struggling to even breathe. Seeing his point made the oldest Shinigami dropped his spirit pressure allowing them the much needed air.

Throughout all of this both Kushina and Sarutobi had stayed completely still seemingly uncaring of the mortals. It was then that the sound of ringing could be heard as everyone turned their attention to Kushina, who had pulled out her cell phone. Reading the message on it she sighed in displeasure before speaking.

"Sorry sensei it seems that there was a S.W.A meeting called that I must attend"

"No problem I'll have them escorted to the Kuchiki estates" responded Yamamoto. Kushina smiled at this before nodding and leaving the room.


The sound of metal clashing could be heard in the area that connects the Kurosaki clinic to Urahara's shop. Two figures stared each other down as their blades clashed trying to overpower the other. Issin watched as his daughters sparred with interest, it seemed they had learned a lot from Naruto in the time he had been here and had both steadily improved.

While Karen had had his help Yuzu had done it with nothing but scrolls left to her by Naruto detailing either training exercises, jutsu's, and even how to dress and eat. She had taken each of these committed them to memory and before he knew his daughter had the strength of a gennin in Konoha.

While she trained he, Karin and Ichigo had seen her do things that both Karin and Ichigo had thought couldn't be done. This ranged from climbing trees with no hands, walking on the ceiling, and even walking on water. They had even seen her launch several small fireballs from her mouth before. She had also gotten so fast that she had been drafted to her schools track team and had become one of the stars within the first two months.

Both Karin and Yuzu could handle shuriken and kunai as if they had done it all their lives now, though Yuzu had better aim when it came to throwing them. As the house cook she effectively made sure everyone ate the same as she did. Basically they all ate healthier food as a result the girls had grown sooner than he would have liked in certain places causing a number of boys to look their way.

"Are you sure about this" asked Ichigo breaking him from his thoughts.

"Hai. With the Arrancar here and their reiatsu getting stronger everyday it's the only way to keep them safe" responded the former captain.

"Besides I've been there before nothing should happen to them" finished Issin more to reassure himself than his son.

"Their teachers have been asking me what we've been feeding them" said Ichigo.

"What did you say?" asked Issin.

"Just that they were eating things better for their health than I did at their age" both men winced as Karin received a rather strong punch to her jaw as they had both put up their blades a while ago.

"Have you spoken to him?" asked Ichigo.

"Hai. He said he would head home early just to greet them in fact he should be there now" responded Issin getting a nod from the orange haired youth.

"Well let's get this over with" said Issin with a sigh.

"Here come the tears" thought Ichigo walking over two his panting little sisters.


The Forest of Death, the place that changed his life. The very place where his mask had first cracked before it shattered. The place were the end of Team Seven had started. Naruto found himself confused as to if he should glare at the gates or not so he settled for just settled for his mask of indifference.

"All right my youthful friends welcome to the Forest of Death. The next test is a survival exam, the goal is to make it to the tower in the center of the forest. Each team will be given two stars you need to have five of them and get into the tower by the end of the fifth day"

"To get more stars you can test your flames of youth against other teams or against the youthful chuunin that we have stationed inside of the forest. Now everyone sign one of these forms so our youthful village won't be held responsible should some of you meet a most un-youthful death."

Naruto had tuned him out as soon as the man started talking about 'youthful flames' and pulled out a certain orange book though the cover was black thanks to a nice genjutsu. Gai seeing spoke up.

"Hey you did you here what I said"

"Huh" said Naruto looking up from his book.

"Did you say something Gai-sensei"

"AAAHHH YOU HAVE THE SAME HIP ATTITUDE AS KAKASHI" screamed Gai causing Naruto to sweat drop also unknowingly dropping the genjutsu on the book cover.

"Naruto-kun" said Hinata quietly catching both his and Tenten's attention.

"I-is that Icha Icha: Nurses?"

Naruto gulped hearing this and hesitantly nodded knowing how females hated perverts. Hinata proceeded to snatch it from him and then do the unexpected and read it with a blush on her face.

Tenten sighed seeing Hinata at it again, the girl had been following the Icha Icha series since she was nine, though Naruto didn't know. Tenten herself had been reading them since she was ten but at least she only did it at night. After a while they signed their forms and collected their stars Hinata reading the book the entire time.

"So how should we do this? Get to the tower today or wait" asked Naruto as soon as they got to their gate shocking the chuunin who was with them.

"Let's do it today. While everyone else is preparing ambushes and such we can take them out and head to the tower" said Hinata.

"We'll go after a chuunin" said Tenten catching their attention.

"We were given two stars like all the gennin and we need five right. Well it's only logical for the chuunin to have three as they cant expect gennin to take on more than one chuunin" explained the weapon mistress getting nods from the two.

After a few minutes of waiting the exam started as Gai's voice screamed over the speakers.


Once that was said the gates all swung open as the various gennin charged into the forest. The team consisting of Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten however didn't charge in. Instead Naruto bit his thumb running the blood across the tattoo on his arm. There was a puff of smoke which cleared showing several three-tailed kitsunes including Taka standing before the group.

"I need you guys to find me the closest chuunin shinobi inside the forest in every direction" said the blonde.

The group of foxes hearing their orders shot out in every direction of the forest. The chuunin guarding the gates saw this and was extremely surprised. Ten minutes later they returned and told what they knew before disappearing into smoke.

"I've got an idea" said the blonde shinobi/shinigami catching their attention.

"I use shadow clones and send them after two chuunin while we go after the closest, effectively knocking out some competition." Both girls nodded hearing this as it meant less trouble.

With their plans set the three took to the trees at a fast pace, Naruto creating Kage Bunshins along the way and having four henge into his teammates. With that done the three exchanged smiles and disappeared in blurs of speed into the forest. The chuunin guard whistled seeing this though he wasn't surprised as they were members of the Konoha Eleven.


Yuzu sighed as she finished packing her things up. her eyes were red and tear streaks still stained her face. Across from her Karin was no different as she sat on her bed staring unseeingly into space. No matter how she acted her family was all she had and now she and Yuzu were being forced to leave all because of some stupid Hollows.

She and Yuzu had fought plenty of them in the past, though Yuzu couldn't see anything but a slight blur. Even still they had fought and destroyed a few hollows along with Jinta and Ururu as the Karakara Superhero's. But those had apparently been low class hollows a far cry from what Ichigo was currently dealing with, so they were being sent away for their own protection. Well at least they'd be with someone they knew, someone they trusted.

Forest of Death:

Iruka sighed from his position in the trees. It had been about twenty minutes since the exam started and he was already bored.

"Kami this is too much like guard duty" thought the scarred chuunin.

He hadn't changed much over the years in appearance at least. News of Naruto's death had hit him extremely hard it was only thanks to Anko that he'd come out of his funk. His sadness however quickly turned to anger which he had used on missions and in training.

He left the academy refusing to teach children of people who celebrated Naruto's death. He had then become the tutor for the Konohamaru corps as well as gotten back into the field. He had run into plenty of Oto nin all of which he killed brutally earning himself quiet a few nicknames. The first being 'Iruka the bloody' which Konoha shinobi knew him as. The second was 'The Spike Ninja' that was known in other countries. He had gained this nickname for nailing Oto nin to trees like they were on a cross using chakra spikes.

There was only one person to have survived Iruka's wrath, Hatake Kakashi. That however was only because he'd been stopped before he could really get started by both Anko and Ibiki, though that didn't stop him for letting the Copy Nin know just how much of a failure he was as a sensei. He had done this in front of all the other jounin, rookie nine, team Gai, Jariaya and Tsunade.

He had told everything that Naruto had told him about Kakashi. This included what happened in Wave Country and Kakashi's favoritism of Sasuke and him disregarding his other students. He had even explained how he had changed the teams up as a favor for Sandaime stating that the former hokage had wanted Kakashi to train his sensei's son.

This revelation had gotten everyone in the room especially when they learned Naruto was supposed to have been under Kurenei and Kiba with Kakashi to off set Sakura's weakness. When Kakashi had tried to speak up saying he had no right to speak like that Iruka had blown up telling that he had every right he fed the blonde and kept the roof over the boy's head.

It had been him that had bought the rooms that Tenten used to store the weapons. It was him that bought the rooms both Naruto and Tenten lived in. It was him who helped the blonde train his speed. It had been him that kept Naruto from killing both the Uchiha and Sakura when they had first started. He had told them all that as the blondes elder brother he had every right.

That had officially changed everything and everyone. Kakashi had lost a lot of standing within the village when this news got out it was also one of the main factors in Tsunade disbanding Team Seven. Soon after Tsunade had called him once more and told him what had really happened to the boy. He had been relieved but still refused to teach the children of such short minded fools and that he'd quit and leave the village before he did.

A rustling in the tress broke him from his thoughts and snapped him to attention. It was just in time to as a hail of shuriken and kunai came flying at him. Seeing this he used his chakra to turn backwards and hung from the tree branch upside down before dropping down to the next branch. Looking up he saw the pure white eyes of a Hyuga and immediately jumped backwards only to tense feeling a sword in his back.

"You've gotten faster Iruka-sensei" said the male voice from behind him. Iruka smirked hearing this before turning into a log.

"And you've gotten taller Naruto" said Iruka leaning against a tree trunk.

"Of course I couldn't stay short forever" replied the blonde with a smile.

"So you ready to go we haven't sparred in a while"

"I'd love to sensei but we want to beat Gaara's record plus I already have the stars" responded the blonde while showing the three stars he'd picked up from Iruka.

"Still picking pockets I see" said the chuunin shaking his head.

"Old habits die hard" replied the blonde.

"We'll catch up later all right" said Iruka getting a nod from the blonde before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Just then Naruto's clones showed up and handed him six more stars before they dispersed. Once that was done Naruto nodded and all three of them disappeared in puffs of smoke reappearing in front of the tower.


The Kurosaki's walked through the village taking in their surroundings. Issin noticed dryly that not much had changed since the last time he was here. He did however notice the looks they were receiving from the villagers but wrote it off as it was most likely because they were strangers to these people.

As they were walking they noticed a young brown haired boy running in their direction. Unfortunately he was looking behind him and accidentally ran right into Karen causing both of them to fall. Quickly getting up the boy helped her up apologizing while looking around like he was being hunted that's when they heard it.

"KONOHAMARU-KUN" screamed several voices at once causing the young boy to pale.

"Oh God no" whispered the boy.

"What was that" asked Ichigo.

"The most horrifying things in the world, fan girls" said the boy with a shudder.



"I THINK HE WENT THAT WAY" screamed out several voices.

Konohamaru paled once more before running through a chain of seals and whispering out "Orioke no jutsu: Modified"

With that he was engulfed in a cloud of smoke which cleared showing a young brown haired girl in his place wearing a blue kimono with shuriken designed on it. This happened just in time as the mob turned the corner and he saw them.

"Have you seen Konohamaru-kun?" asked one of the girls as this was a common form for him.

"He went that way" spoke Konohamaru quickly pointing in the direction of the slums.

The girls all squealed hearing this before rushing off in that direction. Once they were gone the boy dropped the jutsu and sighed.

"Thank Kami Naruto-niisan taught me that jutsu before he left" mumbled the boy though the group all heard him.

"What was all that about?" asked Ichigo sweat drop still on the back of his head.

"I'm the grandson of the Sandaime Hokage, and graduated the academy a year early this was the result." said Konohamaru with a sigh.

"I swear I'd rather fight the Shinigami himself than deal with those crazy girls" said the boy.

"Anyway I gotta go I'm late for a meeting as it is. Sorry again about the fall um…"

"Karen, Kurosaki Karen"

"Right. I'm Sarutobi Konohamaru by the way. Anyway maybe I'll see you around sometime"

"Maybe" responded Karin.


"Shit bye" with that the boy was gone making a mad dash to anywhere but there.

'She's cute hope I see her again' was his last thought as he sped off.

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