Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 15:

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They moved quietly through the trees each lost within their own thoughts. They were nearing the edge of Fire Country near the border to Rice Country. Yamato had apparently had a few safety measures in place and somehow managed to plant a seed onto Sai, which they were now tracking.

Naruto himself was inwardly smirking; Orochimaru had definitely served his purpose and as such was no longer needed. Beside him Sakura was worried, while she may have outgrown her crush on the rogue Uchiha, she couldn't help but remember Naruto's promise to kill him. She knew he would do it too, Kabuto was living…well Kabuto was just proof of that.

Yamato however was still going over Naruto's battle in his mind. The blonde had shown speed far surpassing Shunshin and swordsmanship that would make the late Hayate jealous. His sword however is what had his attention the most as it had abilities surpassing those of the Seven Swordsman's weapons.

"Naruto" spoke the ANBU captain breaking everyone from their thoughts. Upon seeing he had the blonde's attention he continued.

"What are your plans concerning your shinobi career?" he asked quietly.

"Becoming Hokage has always been part of my plans." spoke the blonde just as quietly.

"That however changed as I have no desire to simply be a paper pusher." he said smirking seeing the shocked look upon Sakura's face.

"Since Kyuubi's attack the title of Hokage has become less than it originally was. In fact the council had managed to strip the Hokage of nearly all the power they held and reduced them to a simple paper signer."

"Aside from that the Hokage should have the best interest of the village as a whole in his mind at all times. I however couldn't give a fuck less if all the villagers just up and died. Well on second thought I would it would mean more work on my part." Said the blonde shuddering near the end.

"Anyway I think I'll just go for Sannin rank and train Konohamaru to become Hokage. Not only is it what he wants, but as far as I'm concerned he's the only one who deserves it." finished the blonde getting a nod from Yamato.

"Well if you need any help along the way don't hesitate to ask" said Yamato with a small smile.

"Well if it's not too much trouble, I do need some help with nature manipulation" said the blonde getting a raised eyebrow from Yamato and a surprised look from Sakura.


Hitsuguya Toushiro was one of the best. Upon entering the Shinigami Academy he was dubbed as a child prodigy. He would later become the youngest person to ever hold a title as a captain within the Gotei 13. In time he had gained himself a nickname which applied to both his abilities and personality 'Hyou no Toushiro'.

This title however has no meaning to a few people. These people were Hinomori Momo, Ukitake Joushiro, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Naruto and Senju Haku. Each of these people either called him by name or by his old nickname he'd gained long ago 'Shiro-chan' or 'Whitey' in reference to his hair color.

Over the years he and Naruto had become what people called 'best friends'. They had far too much in common to not get along, but that is a story for another time. It was this relationship that eventually led to both Naruto's relationship with Hinomori, and Toushiro's own relationship with Haku.

Shaking himself from his wandering thoughts he once more focused on the paperwork in front of him, frown deepening. However just as soon as he looked down there was a knock at his door. Looking up he was surprised to find Soifon leaning on the doorway.

"How can I help you Soifon-taicho?" asked the younger captain gesturing for her to take a seat.

Complying with his request the 2nd division's captain took the offered seat. Looking around she whistled at the set up of his office, it had definitely improved since the last time she'd been here.

"Well Momo-chan and I are going down to see this Chuunin Exam Naruto's in. We were wondering if you and Haku would come along."

"Sure I'll stop by the Fourth division headquarters and inform Haku." Replied Toushiro eyeing his papers with the icy stare he was known for.

Soifon smirked seeing this before standing and turning towards the door. Upon getting there she turned to face him once more before speaking.

"It doesn't start until next month so that gives us plenty of time to complete our duties." She said shuddering inwardly at the pile of papers no doubt waiting atop her own desk.


Nine figures stood in a dark corridor. All that could be seen of the figures was the red clouds that some of them wore. They stood in a circle a large statue behind them showing fingers large enough to stand on.

"Listen up." said one of the figures catching the attention of everyone else within the room.

"I've just gotten word that the Kyuubi has returned to Konoha." Raising his hands he silenced the whispered comments that were being passed.

"I've also gotten word that he'll be in the tournament portion of the Chuunin Exams being held in Konoha. I've also found out that he's encountered Orochimaru recently and forced him to flee." This got reactions out of the more vocal members within the group as that meant the brat could fight on an S-class level.

"It is for this reason I'll be sending in one of my elites to test his abilities." He said getting a shocked silence from the group of nin's. while each of them were strong they were nothing when compared to the elites that Leader was so proud of. The elites however were nothing when compared to the founding three which said a lot to each member there.

"Now Diedara you will take Tobi and go after the Yonbi" said the Leader getting nods from the mentioned two who phased out moments later. (AN: What you didn't really think I'd kill off Diedara like that did you?)

"Hidan and Kuzuku will both go and collect the Nibi" he said once more getting nods as the mentioned two fazed out.

"Itachi and Kisame I have a different assignment for you. The rest of you know your assignments." He finished causing everyone else to fade out. Finally only three people remained within the cave.

"Kaname" he called into the shadows.

A dark skinned man emerged from the shadows. He wore silver pants and a silver vest, his long purple hair hanging down his back. He wore a pair of black gloves that stopped just beneath his elbows, two silver bands wrapped around each glove. Over his eyes he wore a silver visor, a black katana strapped to his waist.

"Aizen-sama" said the man called Kaname.


Ichigo panted as he looked at the group in front of him. though they all different in appearance one thing about them all was common, they were Vizards. Like Ichigo they were both Shinigami and Hollow. Unlike Ichigo however all of them, even the youngest, had full control of their hollow side.

This was a feat he was also determined to accomplish himself. As a result they put him through a multitude of test leading up to this one. Now he was trying to draw out the hollow within him, problem was it only really came out when he was getting his ass handed to him or needed an extra boost in terms of raw power. This led to his current floored position in the combat test. He sighed before standing to his feet once more, whatever the case this had better be worth it.

With Naruto:

Naruto walked through the dark building carefully. Blue eyes glowed within the darkness, the slit pupils nearly clear. A single kunai was held in his right hand which twirled upon the finger within the ring. He walked calmly and silently, as he'd been taught, in the manner of the Kuchiki heir. Absently he wondered if he should just head after Sai or give him a bit more time. After a bit of thought on the matter he decided on the latter and followed the strong scent of ink through the halls.

After a bit of walking he came to a door. Silently he pushed it open and entered and was not surprised seeing Sai sitting there waiting.

"How did it go?" asked the blonde.

"As planned. You should have seen the look of surprise on the Uchiha's face, especially when I told him you were coming to kill him. Why he's afraid of a dick less wonder like you I have no clue" said Sai with a smile.

"You know I don't mind you being gay. However keep your disgusting thoughts off of my anatomy. Or you'll find yourself missing a part of yours." Said Naruto his left hand calmly resting upon the hilt of his zanpakuto.

"I am NOT gay" said Sai as he gathered up his things.

"Are you sure, I mean you do always have dick on your mind" said the blonde with a smirk.

Without giving the other boy time to answer he turned out the room leaving a stunned ink user behind him. Not two minutes later the ink user emerged still smiling. Seeing this Naruto merely nodded before walking off towards Sakura's and Yamato's scents.

"Tell me Naruto-kun." spoke Sai after a few minutes breaking the silence, he continued seeing he had the boy's attention.

"Why are you doing all of this? Is the bond between you and Sasuke-kun so strong that you would willingly go through all this trouble?" asked the black haired shinobi.

"No. The bonds between Sasuke and I were broken long ago. I am doing this because Orochimaru's actions are disturbing the peace of Konoha. For Tsunade-obachan, Ero-sensei and I, that is an unforgivable act and as such he must be dealt with." He paused here and turned looking the other boy in the eye.

"Uchiha Sasuke is merely a bump on the path I travel, that is all." Finished the blonde evenly, then seeing he'd gotten his point across he turned and continued down the hall.

Before they could go much farther however several kunai came raining down on the pair. The two Konoha shinobi simply pulled out their own kunai and deflected them.

"Sen'eijashu (Hidden Shadow Snake Hand)" came the shout above the two.

Looking up the two saw the form of Orochimaru coming from above, two large snakes coming from his sleeve. Naruto seeing this simply drew his zanpakuto, then before Orochimaru could blink the blonde slashed twice cutting both snakes in half.

Before he could even react Naruto disappeared. Reappearing the blonde brought his zanpakuto down on the snake-man. Orochimaru blocked the strike but was caught by surprise when he was kicked over in Sai's direction. Sai smiled seeing this before focusing his chakra to the pad in his hands and holding the picture outwards.

Just then an ink lion leapt from the picture and descended on the nuke-nin claws first. Both boys were not surprised however when the Orochimaru they were fighting dissolved into mud.

"Well now it seems the hebi's getting impatient." said the blonde with a smirk.

Hokage Mansion:

The sounds of metal clashing echoed throughout the training grounds. The forms of Yuzu and Karin could barely be made out as they moved. Kushina watched from the sidelines as the girls went at it. The girls had taken to training even harder since they'd arrived, and she had to admit she was impressed. Even still if they wanted to be of any help to their family they would both need to improve drastically in all areas.

"That's enough you two." she called breaking the girls from the power struggle they'd been in.

"Get over here, we need to talk." she finished getting nods from her charges. A small smile formed upon her face at that. Now she'd see just how alike they really were.

With Naruto and co.:

The tension around the area was intense. On one side stood the group of Konoha ninja standing atop the rocks with Naruto standing beneath them. On the other were the Snake sannin Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Uchiha Sasuke. The tension however seemed to be nonexistent to both Naruto and Sasuke as they stared each other down coldly.

Suddenly Sasuke disappeared, reappearing beside the blonde facing the Konoha nin. He was surprised however when he found his katana blocked by the tsuba of Naruto's. Suddenly the blonde disappeared reappearing in front of the other leaf nin. The raven haired youth narrowed his eyes at that, he hadn't even been able to see him move.

He smirked at that before his black eyes were replaced by the blood red orbs of the Sharingan. Whatever speed technique the blonde was using he'd see through it and take it for his own.

"Still relying on those pathetic eyes of yours Uchiha" said the blonde with a smirk.

"The Sharingan is far from pathetic" said the Uchiha with gritted teeth.

"Your right it isn't, when used the right way at least. It's the users that are pathetic" said the blonde evenly.

"In fact I think the only person who hasn't been pathetic when using it was Itachi." finished the blonde.

Sasuke snapped hearing this and charged the blonde his Chidori springing to life. Naruto simply watched as he came completely apathetic when concerning the situation. Finally when the Uchiha was a mere ten feet away the blonde unleashed the power of his spirit pressure upon his opponent.

Sasuke fell to the ground as soon as the pressure hit him, the Chidori slamming into the ground. His lungs burned as they fought desperately to draw in the air they were being denied. His vision shifted as his Sharingan faded and he saw everything in black and white. His eyes widened as he turned to look at the blonde who was still standing there casually.

"I've neither the time, patience, or desire to teach a weakling such as you how to breathe." Spoke the blonde his voice sounding much like his uncle's with the tone he used.

The Uchiha narrowed his eyes at that his cursed seal pulsing and coming to life. The black markings covered the entirety of his body allowing him to stand up, after much struggle. Sasuke was far from done engaging the second level to his cursed seal.

Raising to his feet the Uchiha was surrounded by purple chakra, glaring at the blonde with Sharingan eyes.

"Ku ku ku you've gotten stronger Naruto, killing you will definitely be a pleasure" said the Uchiha smiling coldly.

"Now matter how many jutsu's you copy Uchiha, you will never be on my level." Said the blonde quietly.

Without another word the Uchiha charged towards the blonde. Before he could even make five steps however he was sent sailing backwards crashing into the wall. Looking up he saw Naruto standing in the spot he had last been at hands still by his side. Rising to his feet he had the air knocked out of him as he doubled over with a fist in his stomach.

"Foolish Uchiha, did you honestly think you ever stood a chance." Said the blonde emotionlessly.

"You are weak, your not even worth fighting at half strength." He stopped here to straighten himself up pushing the boy off of his fist.

The Uchiha got up with rage in his eyes before charging at the blonde once more. Finally he closed in on his opponent only for the other boy to disappear. Naruto reappeared grabbing the other boy by his hair and throwing him back towards the Snake Sannin. Before he could travel far though, he was assisted in the form of a spinning heel kick from his former teammate. Recovering quickly the boy did a handspring off his right hand landing on his feet. Once he landed he glared at the other boy with all the hatred he could muster.

"You still don't understand do you? A weakling like you doesn't stand a chance against any Kuchiki especially not against me." Said the blonde before he turned his back on the boy and walked off.

"Where are you going I thought your mission was to kill me?" Yelled Sasuke at the blondes back.

"My mission was never about you. My mission was to find Orochimaru's whereabouts and thanks to Sai that was done easily enough. At the moment however I still have a use for you, that is the only reason I'm letting you live."

Orochimaru seeing this decided to take the chance to strike. Quickly he drew out his own Kusanagi before launching himself at the blonde. Sakura seeing this called out to warn the blonde only for it to die in her throat. Before Orochimaru could even reach him the blonde disappeared before a scream of pain ripped out from the snake-nin's throat. Looking forward she soon found out why as the man's entire right arm was cut off leaving just a nub.

She gasped out in shock as a stream of incredibly hot fire, which she could feel from her spot, streaked towards the Sannin's arm before incinerating it completely.

"Hado #54: Abolishing Flames" spoke the blonde as apathetic as ever.

"Let's go." Said the blonde knocking the Konoha nin from their thoughts before he walked off.

'Well now, it seems he's finally grown some balls.' thought the former Root member holding his right arm.

Konoha, Hokage Mansion:

Kushina stared at the people in front of her with a critical eye. In front of her were Kyuubi, and Tenryo, Hinata and Hiashi, and Ino and Inoichi. Tsunade occupied the chair beside her own a saucer of sake resting in her hand. On the table were five more bottles and saucers.

"Ok I've called you here because each of you has expressed an interest in your daughter marrying my son." Started the former Shinigami ignoring the look of shock from Hinata and Ino.

"However Naruto has been engaged since before he was even born." She continued calmly.

"That makes since, you Kuchiki do generally do that, though you rarely marry those who were chosen." Spoke Tenryo quietly.

"Hai though that's mostly because of the death of the person chosen. Regardless Naruto has every intention of marrying the person I had chosen." She paused here as she saw the look that flashed through Hinata's eyes.

"I know for a fact he had promised to marry you Hinata, even if you tricked him into it." said Kushina with a smirk. Hinata blushed in embarrassment at that and put her head down.

"Tenryo you yourself have threatened to kill him unless he married your daughter." She quickly held up her hand stopping his comment before he could make it.

"Ino you yourself have admitted to your feelings for him. There is yet another who has done the same." She said getting shocked looks from the girls.

"Fortunately Naruto is in a position to marry you all." She finished getting raised eyebrows from the three men.

"Explain this." Snarled Tenryo his eyes narrowing.

"That is why Tsunade is here." She said sending a glance at the Godaime. Tsunade sighed at this before speaking.

"As some of you know Naruto is my great nephew." She started ignoring the shocked looks from Hinata and Ino

"What nobody aside Kyuubi knows is he is also the son of my nephew Senju Namikaze Minato otherwise known as the Yondaime Hokage." She paused here hearing the gasp from several people within the room.

"Our clan originated from Kusa and was once the strongest in the world. Our bloodline gave us complete control over water and actually merged two compatible chakra natures together naturally." She paused here for a moment before continuing.

"As some of you know Kusa was a superpower during the First Great Shinobi War. This was in large part thanks to our clan, the Senju. During the war however Kusa was nearly destroyed and our clan along with it when the water supply was poisoned."

"Roughly 100 of us survived my grandfather and uncle being two of them. They left Kusa half of them coming here creating Konoha. There were of course other survivors who went with one of the half's. They were the Nara and Kaguya Clans" said Tsunade catching the humans by surprise.

"As you can guess half the clan and the Kaguya's ended up in Kiri. I'm pretty sure both Hiashi and Inoichi encountered them in the last war." Here she paused getting nods from the two men.

"Those of the Senju you would remember as the 'Ice Warriors of Kiri'." She once again paused seeing both men go wide eyed.

"During the wars lives were lost, this was followed by Kiri's Bloodline purge, and the Kyuubi attack each affecting the Senju heavily." She paused here seeing the mentioned vixen wince.

"In the end Naruto and I were the only one's left." She finished with a sigh.

"Luckily my uncle had thought ahead and created the Clan Restoration Act." Said Tsunade watching as the two male shinobi's went wide eyed in realization.

"Clan Restoration Act?" asked Ino quietly.

"In the event of a clan being wiped down to simple handful of members this allows any males to have a minimum of four wives. It's why many parents were pushing their daughters to chase the Uchiha brat." Said Inoichi getting a nod from Hiashi.

Before anything could be said a loud ringing could be heard causing Kushina to groan. Digging in her pants pocket she pulled out the cell phone all Shinigami carry. Reading the message on it she couldn't help but smile.

"It seems you'll get to meet the two other girls as well as Naruto's cousin and his best friend. Apparently they found out about the tournament and decided to come check it out." Said the black haired woman.

Once again before anything could be said something stopped it. This time it was a loud cry of 'Tsunade-bachan' echoing throughout the house.

"In the den Konohamaru" called the slug sannin.

Not long later the Sarutobi came into the room with Karen and Yuzu not far behind him. panting the boy looked up at her with a large smile on his face.

"What's up" asked Tsunade seeing this.

"Naruto-niisan sent him a message." Said Yuzu catching everyone's attention.

"What did he say" questioned Kushina.

"He said he was on his way back from his mission." Said Karen before Konohamaru took over.

"He said he's giving up his claim on the Hokage title and he's going to train me to take it." said the boy beaming and getting a groan from Tsunade.

"What's wrong" asked Kushina.

"That brat just doomed me to a longer time doing paperwork." Said Tsuande with her eyebrow twitching.

"Did he say anything else?" asked Hinata.

"No but he sent this for you bachan." Said the Sarutobi boy handing her a paper. Reading it the slug princess had to stop herself from smiling like an idiot and settled for a smirk.

'Well nephew you do live up to expectations.' Thought Tsunade.

Hueco Mundo:

Hueco Mundo is located between the living world and Soul Society. It can only be accessed by ripping a hole in the dimensional fabric separating the worlds. Unlike Soul Society, where travel requires specialized gates, the residents here can travel to and from Hueco Mundo at will.

This was the land where hollows roamed. The landscape was like an endless white desert with dunes scattered throughout the place. The desert is littered with what appeared to be boulders and shriveled trees, though they were actually forms of quartz. This is the world in which Tousen Kaname currently found himself.

Walking around he quickly found himself at his desired designation, judging from the reiatsu he felt.

"Ulquiorra" called Kaname into the darkness which he always saw.

"Tousen" came the desired response.

"Aizen-sama has a new mission for you." Said Kaname

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