Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 16: Third Exam

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Start Now:

Guard duty was probably the most boring job any chuunin could receive. This was especially true when one was guarding two places the village gates and the Hokage's office. Guarding the gates however was probably the worst as those who did it couldn't involve themselves in the activities happening within the walls. This was especially true when it came time for the Chuunin Exam finals when it seemed like the village held a festival for the last two weeks of that month.

Of course the most important of people only come within two days before the tournament mostly because of their busy schedules. As such one would see many people within those days from a country's Daimyo down to just regular people. However out of all the times Kotetsu had done this he had never seen a group gathered like what he was seeing now.

In front of him stood sixteen people eight of them female. As he looked over the group he couldn't help but think a few of them were a bit weird, one of them even had tattoos where his eyebrows should be. After he finished looking everything over he allowed the group to pass through.

"So this is Naruto's village, not bad." Said one of the boy's as he looked out at the village. He stood at 5'7" and had silky black hair and a pair of glasses framing his face.

"I could get used to a place like this. Just the smell alone has Karakara beat." Said one of the girls. She stood at five foot one and had short spiky black hair.

"Well lets look around this place, then we can head to his house." Said Ichigo getting nods of consent from the group.


Naruto sighed as he sat within the training grounds of the Senju Clan house. The house itself had been hidden beneath a very powerful genjutsu that not even a doujutsu could see through. In fact it was so complex that only those of Senju blood could see through it. Of course those trusted by the Clan could also access the grounds as a sample of their chakra was entered into the seals sustaining the genjutsu.

It was here that the scrolls for the clan's most powerful techniques were hidden away. This included Shodai's Mokuton jutsu scrolls and the Nidaime's Suiton jutsu scrolls. Along with Tsunade's medical and strength enhancing jutsu scrolls. And finally the Yondaime's scrolls for his fuuinjutsu and ninjutsu including his infamous Hiraishin no jutsu. It is also here that the Scroll of Forbidden Seals was usually kept unless the Hokage needed to check over it.

As it stood there were only four people who could now access this place. These people were Tsunade, Naruto, Tenten thanks to the adoption ritual she did with Tsunade, and Yamato due to the Shodai's DNA within his body. As such this was the perfect place for him to train.

As he sat within his meditation he idly checked up on his clone's progress. True to his word Yamato had helped him out with nature manipulation. At the moment he had nearly a thousand clones working on it. One group was focused solely on water manipulation. Another he had focused on furthering his wind manipulation; a third was focused on merging the two and forming ice. As the clones did this he himself was doing something far more important that he just knew would come in handy soon. He just hoped he could accomplish his goal before that time came.

Hokage Mansion, Training Grounds:

Karen panted as she glared at the tree in front of her. How Yuzu had managed to do this she had no clue, and it was starting to piss her off. Sighing she glanced at the notes Yuzu had left for her. These notes were actually the training guide Naruto had made for Yuzu and the first thing he had down was the mastering of tree climbing.

On top of that he wanted it done while wearing eighty pounds of extra weight, twenty pounds on each limb. Luckily for her she'd started her weight training at the same time as her twin. After that was learning how to walk on water, followed by jutsu training, and all of this came after the physical exercises he wanted done.

With help from Yuzu and Kushina-oba-san she had already managed to gain access to her chakra. Now all she had to do was learn to control it. She had already completed the leaf spinning exercise which would explain her moving on to tree climbing. With a sigh she stood back on her feet determined to finish this exercise and move on.

While this was going on Yuzu was having her own problems. With Kushina-oba-san's help she had managed to access her reiatsu and subsequently grasped her birthright, the power of her Shinigami form. Like her sister, she found herself doing control exercises, which would explain why she was trying to learn meditation.

She sighed to herself wishing not for the first time Naruto had taught her Kage Bunshin. Unfortunately he had told her that she didn't have the chakra capacity to even make one clone without ending up in the hospital from severe chakra exhaustion. Even with all her training her reserves were only as much as a rookie chuunin, Kage Bunshin required you have the reserves of a jounin.

After this she had to learn Shunpo, then it was Kido training, then taijutsu, and then zanpakuto training. She sighed at that it was going to be a long day. Still if this was what she had to do to protect Karin she'd do it. She smiled at that having no idea her sister was mirroring her thoughts.

Across from them Tenten stood atop of the lake, twin water dragons surrounding her body. Over the past few years Tenten had gotten water manipulation down to an art. With Tsunade's blood now running through her, thanks to an adoption ritual, she found water element ninjutsu came to her easily. Along with this her already impressive chakra control had increased exponentially. All in all the girls were all fairly busy training.

Hyuga Estate:

Hinata panted as she stared down her opponent. Across from her Neji was in shock with the girl matching him blow for blow. Throughout their entire spar he had yet to close a single tenketsu on the younger girl. Hanabi and Hiashi also watched the girl the former of the two in shock knowing now that her sister had always gone easy on her.

It was then that the Hyuga heiress changed her stance up. One hand she raised vertically until it stood straight up. The other hand she held up, her index and middle fingers straight up in front of her mouth while her other fingers were closed. Almost as soon as she did this the divination field appeared under her causing everyone's eyes to widen.

Hinata's chakra level began to steadily rise before topping off at jounin level. Finally the girl opened her eyes, the veins around them buldging as her Byakugan flared to life. Neji seeing this stiffened as he remembered the last time he'd seen this, that guy still couldn't walk.

"Ok you win" said Neji quickly dropping out of his stance and moving over towards Hiashi, as quickly as his Hyuga posture would allow him.

Hiashi smirked at that, Hinata had definitely become feared within the Hyuga Clan in the last few years. In fact there wasn't a single person within the clan who didn't acknowledge her strength or fear her jutsu. While everyone noteworthy could close tenketsu points, Hinata stood alone in saying she could destroy them.

That however only happened when she used the jutsu to its fullest. Any other time it would simply close them. On the plus side though the moved doubled as a defense becoming the first double Hyuga technique since the Kaiten. He couldn't wait to see what she'd do during the tournament. That thought alone made him giddy enough to show his excitement though he quickly managed to reign in the impulse.


Uchiha Sasuke was livid. He had spent nearly three years here in this damn cave training under the Snake Sannin. Even still Naruto, the dead last of his class, was still stronger than him. He was an Uchiha elite, blessed with the greatest bloodline in existence yet the blonde still continued to surpass him in power.

If that wasn't bad enough the blonde had the nerve to speak down to him of all people. He was acting as if he was of the noblest blood possible using the name of a clan that probably didn't even exist. (AN: Man this guy is full of himself.)

To add to that he had beaten him and acted as if a child could have done the same. It didn't matter though; the next time they met he'd take the blonde's power for himself and use it to kill his brother. With that thought he smirked to himself before walking out towards the training area, he needed one last training session.

Hokage Mansion:

The room was silent with the only noise coming from the television that the gathered group was watching. Naruto had arrived about three hours earlier nearly dead to the world. Even after all these years he still couldn't recover fast from the mental exhaustion training with clones gave him.

He had then staggered into the living room to find everyone lying around watching TV. Karin and Yuzu were on the floor, Tenten was in a reclining chair and Kyuubi was sitting on the couch. Seeing this he joined Karin and Yuzu on the floor though he was sitting with his back against the couch.

On the TV was the latest Snow Princess movie entitled 'Clash in the Land of Snow.' The movie actually followed the real life events of Kazahana Koyuki and a team of Konoha shinobi that led to Koyuki gaining the throne in Snow Country. On the screen they saw a younger Naruto his short blonde hair and black trench coat flapping in the wind as he stood up in the trees with a frown on his face.

Yuzu, Karen, and Kyuubi watched transfixed, while Tenten having seen the movie before had an amused smile on her face as she took in the look on her cousin's face. The girls watched in horror as Naruto fell from the sky after having his rope cut. Then much to their shock the blonde flipped in mid air bit his finger and ran through seals before summoning a large toad.

After they landed and he thanked and dismissed the toad he summoned one of the rare snow foxes and proceeded to chase after the retreating Dotou all the while talking about how he was going to enjoy maiming the wanna-be batman.

"Onii-san how come you never told us you were in a movie?" questioned Yuzu turning towards the aforementioned teen.

"Because honestly Yuzu I didn't know. Still those bastards better had deposited a rather nice sum into my account or there's going to be problems." Stated the blonde as he flexed his now clawed hand getting a giggle from the brown haired girl.

Anything further was cut off as they heard someone knocking on the door. Pausing the movie the blonde sent a still giggling Yuzu off to open the door. It was quiet for a few moments before a rather loud scream cut through the air. Faster than most could blink Naruto had flashed out and appeared at the door only to freeze at the sight in front of him.

Outside his door stood about fifteen people with sweatdrops as they watched the sixteenth getting squeezed to death by a rather happy Yuzu. Taking a look around himself Naruto had to whistle at the group that had gathered.

First there was of course Soifon, Haku, Hinamori and Toshiro. The next he saw was Yachiru flanked on both sides by Ikkaku and Yamichika. On the other side stood Sado, Tatsuki, Orihime, Renji, Ishida, and Rukia. Ichigo was on the ground being crushed to death and Yoruichi and Urahara were bringing up the rear.

"Yuzu are you going to stay there killing your brother or go back inside and finish watching the movie." Said Naruto who smirked when the girl got back up and rushed into the house.

"Oi Ichigo you'd better not be dead. I don't have the time to be going to your funeral." Said the blonde with a smirk as he watched the grumbling teen try to pick himself off the ground.

"Well come on in you guys." Said the blonde motioning for the group to enter before he found a smiling Momo by his side joined shortly afterwards by Soifon who took her usual place on his right.

As they entered each of them had to admit they were impressed with the place. Even Yoruichi, Soifon, and Rukia had to admit it, though the place was smaller than either the Shihouin or Kuchiki estates. Still this place felt far more comfortable than either of the two estates. It lacked the traditional Japanese themes that those estates held and was more of a western style mansion.

The floor in the entrance was made of marble as was the kitchen and bathrooms. The living room however had a soft white carpet along with several chairs and couches of the same color with a small coffee table in the center. Upon entering the room however they found two more girls aside from Yuzu and Karin. After the introductions were made they finally noticed the 57" flat screen TV attached to the wall.

"So what are you guys watching?" asked Ichigo as he plopped down with Rukia on the couch.

"It's called Yukihime (Snow Princess): Clash in the land of Snow. Naru-nii is in it." answered Karin getting shocked looks from the group and a sigh from Naruto.

"How about I just start it over, since the girls came in after the movie started anyway and Naruto didn't come until near the end." Said Tenten getting nods from the group before starting the movie over.

One Week Later:

The village was crowded as people from all over had come to attend the final round of the Chuunin Selection Exams. Those participating in the exam had spent the month as best as they could and were anxious to see just what results their training produced. The arena was packed full of people from commoners to nobles, civilians to shinobi.

Many of those gathered were looking forward to seeing the Hyuga Heiress and what she could do. Others there wanted to see the weapons mistress who was also finally competing once again. Iwa also had some supporters in the crowd many looking forward to seeing the Tsuchikage's grandson in action.

The various lords however were more interested in the return of 'Konoha's Shinigami', who had been rumored to have been killed a few years back. Those same lords had also been present the day when a young boy with unknown origins beat not only the highly praised prodigy of the Hyuga Clan, but also scared the Ichibi no Shukaku back into his vessel. Many of the higher ups in the village knew that the last time there was a turnout like this was when word of the Uchiha survivor competing had been spread.

Among the crowds sat a large group of people. The members of the Konoha Eleven not participating sat here along with their parents. Among them sat Sonia as well as the groups that had come from Seireitei and Karakara to see Naruto compete or in some cases just to see a good fight. Tsunade sat within the Kage's booth with the Mizukage, and Tsuchikage, to her left while the Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara sat to her right.

Each of the Kage's present were wearing their ceremonial robes, no matter how much they despised them. Tsunade was grinning widely behind her kage hat, she had seen the betting pool earlier and had convinced Shizune to place a large sum of money on Naruto's fights.

On the ground stood the proctor for the tournament Hyuga Neji. The recently promoted jounin couldn't help but think back to the first time he'd been in this arena and faced off against Naruto. At this thought he couldn't help but think of the boy he had thought had been killed so long ago and wonder what new skills he'd gained.

All the fighters were currently gathered in the waiting area being kept from the sight of the crowds. Those gathered included three from Iwa, three from Kiri, three from Oto, and three from Konoha. Naruto himself stood with his nose buried in the pages of his own Icha Icha book though a genjutsu made it look black. Still if anyone thought the boy was oblivious to the glares he was receiving from the Kiri and Iwa teams they would be mistaken.

"For those of you who are not familiar with the rules this tournament it's simple. The rules are there are no rules. The only thing is if I say a match is over, it's over. Anyone who tries to defy that will be disqualified." Said the Hyuga calmly.

"Alright then first match: Kasumi of the Hidden Mist vs. Katsu of the Hidden Rock. Please come down."

Naruto looked down on the competitors for just a moment before turning back to his book. Kasumi was a girl of probably about thirteen with light blue hair that went down to her mid back. She wore a pair of grey shinobi pants and a white shirt. Katsu however looked to be about fifteen had black hair and wore black shinobi pants and a grey shirt.

The match had been rather good considering Kasumi was at a disadvantage from the start. Being from Kiri most of her jutsu were water based, which the stadium lacked. On top of that water based techniques naturally lost against earth based techniques. Luckily for her Kiri shinobi had a thing for using kenjutsu which had helped her out a bit. In the end though Katsu defeated her with barely a scratch.

"Second Match: Tenten of the Hidden Leaf vs. Hiroto of the Hidden Sound." Said Neji after the field was cleared.

Tension filled the arena almost as soon as that was said. Every shinobi in the stadium knew one of these two would die this day, most likely Hiroto. Over the past few years Tenten had become quite well known for her skills with weapons. After a few short minutes the weapon mistress emerged from the stairwell finding her opponent already on the ground with a smirk on his face.

Tenten smiled at that, a sadistic gleam entering her normally kind eyes causing Neji to inwardly shiver. Tenten had gotten like this whenever they encountered any shinobi from Oto in the last few years determined to bring pain to those who had harmed her 'ototo'.

Hiroto was a boy of about fourteen with red hair tied back into a ponytail and black eyes. He wore the standard uniform of an Oto gennin, gray and black camouflage pants, a black shirt, and a gray and black scarf.

"So your Konoha's famed weapon mistress. You don't look like much." Said Hiroto with a smirk.

"You Oto trash are always cocky. At least until I turn you into pin cushions." Said Tenten returning the smirk and making her opponent scowl.

"Tenten of the Hidden Leaf vs. Hiroto of the Hidden Sound. Hajime!" said Neji before using Shunshin to leave the field.

Tenten like always immediately tossed a kunai towards her opponent before jumping back to create a little space. Hiroto seeing this quickly pulled out a kunai of his own and parried Tenten's. Tenten however had taken this time not to draw a weapon but to complete a chain of seals. Finally finishing her hands stopped on the seal for 'Bird'.

"Suiton: Bakushoua (Water Release: Aquatic Shockwave)"

After calling out the name of her jutsu the girl took a deep breath. Throwing herself forward she let out her breath spewing out a massive amount of water. The water formed a massive wave which Tenten used to ride towards her stunned opponent

"Forgive me for ending this quickly. BUT I WANT TO SEE NARUTO FIGHT." Cried the girl as a katana appeared in her hand and the wave towered over the stunned Oto gennin.


"Whoa I didn't know Tenten knew any jutsu's like THAT." Said Kiba as he looked at the giant wave of water with the rest of the eleven.

"Remind me never to get on that girls bad side." Said Kankurou as several others around him nodded.


"YOSH GAI-SENSEI IS RIGHT TENTENS YOUTHFUL FLAMES HAVE BECOME AN INFERNO." Screamed Lee as he stood up cheering for his teammate much to the irritation of his girlfriend.

"Tsunade-sama I was unaware that Tenten-san knew any elemental jutsu much less one of that level." Said Gaara in his usual monotone, though Tsunade could tell he was surprised.

"Yes well you know how much that girl loves her weapons. Even though I've been training her for the past few years that is one thing I think will never change." Said Tsunade with a fond smile on her face.

"I'm also surprised the girl knows such a high level technique from my village Hokage-dono." Said the Mizukage. Even though Tsunade couldn't see beneath the robes she could tell like her the Mizukage was a female by voice alone.

"Yes well Tenten and I share the same affinity so I've spent the last two and a half years teaching her to use it. That's one of the reasons I'm only just now allowing her to take the exam." Said Tsunade though she stopped speaking when the water finally crashed over the Oto gennin.


Hiroto panted as he tried to catch his breath on top of the water. He had managed to snap out of his shock in time to jump away and dodge the wave before it crashed onto him. Before he could do anything however the water shot up from behind him and trapped him in a sphere of the liquid.

"Suirou no jutsu (Aqua Prison Technique)." Said Tenten from behind him her left hand sustaining the technique.

"Sorry kid but fights over. Not only do I have you trapped in this little prison of mine but as you can no doubt figure out you can't move your hands, so no seal making for you. To make things better you only have enough air in there to last for one minute with the way I manipulated that water." Said Tenten.

"So you have a few choices. The first you could forfeit since your obviously stuck like that. The second is you can sit in there and drown. And the third and my personal favorite…" she stopped here and turned her head as the water started to part a few feet from her.

"…is that I can fill that sphere with lightning and watch you fry." Said another Tenten emerging from the water.

Unfortunately for Tenten, Neji took that moment to make himself known and declare Tenten the winner. Having been on the receiving end of that jutsu lately Neji knew for a fact there wasn't much you could do when trapped in it, if anything at all.

With that done the water barrier dropped and the Tenten that was holding it up fell into even more water. The original pouted towards her teammate for ruining her fun before disappearing in a puff of smoke to reappear in the fighters waiting area.


"Man that girl's good." Said Kotetsu from his position in the stands.

"Yea she managed to end this fight in just three moves, definitely chuunin material." Said Izumo getting a snort from Kotetsu.

"Chuunin my ass. That girl should be a Special Jounin with that jutsu arsenal." Said Kotetsu with a smirk.

After a few minutes the arena was clear of water since Neji had called for someone to remove it. With a quick jutsu Yamato had drained the water from the stadium with one of the many Doton jutsu he knew. Looking down on his list for the first round Neji smirked before reading off the names.

"Third Match: Kamizuru Atsuko of Hidden Rock vs. Hyuga Hinata of the Hidden Leaf." Said Neji.

As they made their way down Naruto took that time to look over the Iwa kunoichi. She looked to be about sixteen and stood eye to eye with Hinata. She wore a black skirt and a grey kimono like shirt with a grey trim. Finally she had brown eyes and brown hair pulled back into a ponytail that was braided at the end.

Shino from his position within the stands narrowed his eyes behind his glasses at the sight of her. During the Third Great Shinobi War in the battles between Konoha and Iwa the Aburame and Kamizuru clan's had become fierce enemies. The fact that both clans were bug users hadn't been lost to anyone, and it seemed anytime two members of those clans were even within ten feet of each other tension seemed to build.

Neji seeing both fighters in position immediately called a start to the match and quickly retreated. Hinata's eyes snapped open instantly Byakugan flaring just in time to see her opponent launch a swarm of bees towards her. Seeing this Hinata slid herself into a stance that had her left hand cocked back and her right hand turned up under it but not touching.

"Hakke: Kuushou." Called Hinata as she thrust her arm forward making Neji's eyes go wide.

Following the call a wave of invisible chakra was launched from the girls palm blasting the bees and their creator back towards the wall. Not giving her opponent a second Hinata was off towards the girl nailing her with a palm strike in the chest. The girls eyes went wide however when her opponent burst into a swarm of bees.

The real Atsuko took this moment to jump out from the tree she was hiding in. Smirking she made a single seal before the bees surrounding Hinata reacted and launched their stingers at her. Faster than she could blink the stingers imbedded themselves into her everywhere except her face.

"Well that was bor…" Started Atsuko only for Hinata burst into smoke much to her shock.

Eyes widening she jumped to the side just as Hinata burst out from the ground with a palm strike aimed at her jaw. Seeing this the Hyuga girl quickly whipped a few shuriken in her opponent's direction. Sidestepping the projectiles Atsuko flung her arms to each of her sides as more bees launched out from her quickly flying towards the young Hyuga.

"Hachi Bakudan no jutsu. Any last words before you die tree hugger." Said Atsuko with a smirk which died down seeing Hinata smirk as well.

"Yes. Surrender, you've lost." said Hinata.

Atsuko laughed hearing the words from the Hyuga and pulled her hands into the seal for tiger. Seeing this Hinata shook her head before a single word slipped past her lips.


As soon as the word left her lips Hinata's chakra spiked before a massive explosion occurred. When the smoke cleared Hinata was gone and all that was left was a crater at least five feet deep and ten in diameter. Atsuko had been thrown by the blast and was now reduced to a shivering mess having had majority of her colony destroyed leaving only her queen. As he looked around with his Byakugan Neji spotted the real Hinata perched about halfway up the wall in front of him.

"Winner Hyuga Hinata." Announced the Hyuga genius signaling both the end of the match and for the medics to come and fetch the shivering mass that was Atsuko.

The next two matches had been short. The fourth had been between an Iwa gennin named Daichi and an Oto nin named Kouta. The fight if you could call it that had been over faster than most could blink as Daichi had beaten the Oto nin with a single punch. The fifth was also short one between a Kiri nin named Kaito and another Oto nin named Chiyo, Chiyo was torn apart.

Neji smirked his active Byakugan eyes trained on the booth that the exams participants were occupying while he kept his face towards the Hokage's booth. The next match Neji knew had purposely been made the last one of the first round. This had given many of the shinobi gathered in the arena as well as some of the spectators more time to arrive. Many of the Lords of the various countries had come specifically to see this match after all. Taking a breath Neji calmly exhaled before speaking the words that brought a hush to the entire stadium.

"The sixth match of the Chuunin Selection Exam will now begin. Tsukiko of the Hidden Mist and Naruto of the Hidden Leaf please come down."