Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 17: God of Flash

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As the competitors stepped into the arena the crowd roared as they saw the familiar face of Konoha's Shinigami. Naruto of course was the favorite to win the tournament as many had seen him in his previous showing at the exam. The change in name also caught many by surprise though they shrugged it off knowing it was because he'd most likely found family during his time away.

"Sixth match Tsukiko of the Hidden Mist vs. Naruto of the Hidden Leaf. Hajime!" Cried Neji before quickly getting out of the way.

As Naruto looked his opponent over he couldn't help but whistle, inwardly of course, Tsukiko while pale was beautiful. She looked about sixteen years old and had long white hair that she had pulled into a ponytail with bangs framing the sides of her face. She wore a pair of tight blue shorts that stopped several inches above her knees and a grey shirt that did nothing to hide her rather large breast; breast that he had quite a few ideas of how to use. His eyes nearly widened at that though he held it in and inwardly shook himself to get rid of the thoughts.

'I've definitely spent too much time around Ero-sensei.' Thought the blonde with a sigh as he closed his eyes.

When his eyes reopened they were as cold as ice and Tsukiko nearly recoiled at the sight. Still she steeled her resolve and focused her own emotionless black eyes on the blonde's own. Seeing the challenge in the kunoichi's eyes the blonde did something he hadn't done in a long time; release the power of his killing intent an action the kunoichi quickly responded to by releasing her own.

In the stands the members of the Eleven perked up a bit each interested in seeing just how strong he'd become during his time away. From her seat beside Orihime and in front of her two bodyguards Yachiru was nearly jumping in excitement as a smile lit up her face. Before anyone could stop her she'd jumped from her seat and appeared on the rail just as Naruto released his killing intent.

"Senkou-chan sugoi." Whispered the girl in amazement getting a smile from Kushina who she was now in front of.

"Yachiru-chan, you've never seen Naru-chan go all out have you." Said Kushina catching the attention of everyone surrounding them.

"Uh uh." Said Yachiru shaking her head cutely.

"Senkou-chan never goes all out even against Ken-chan and they always play together." Said Yachiru not taking her eyes off the fight.

"Same here he's never even used his shikai against me or anyone else." Said Tousiro with a sigh as a captain it stung his pride more than a little bit.

"I know what you mean he only ever uses zanjutsu, hakuda and hoho and he'll still beat you even if you use shikai yourself." Said Ikkaku putting in his two cents.

"You guys forget though before he was a Shinigami Naruto was a shinobi." Said Kushina catching everyone's attention.

"You guys weren't warriors before you became Shinigami. All Naruto knows is fighting, it's in his blood. Like his father Naruto was raised and groomed into being a weapon for his village like every other shinobi. Unlike all others though he works to make himself the fastest, strongest, and deadliest weapon this village has ever seen." Explained Kushina much to everyone's shock.

"Excuse me but how do you know so much about Naruto?" asked Sakura with her eyes narrowed on the group more specifically Kushina.

"I'm his mother." Said the woman simply getting a stunned reaction from those from Konoha who didn't know which only Hinata, Tenten, and Ino did. Before anyone could speak anymore however the fight started.

Tsukiko narrowed her eyes on the boy whose killing intent surpassed her own. Naruto himself was highly impressed with the girl though he supposed that with her coming from the 'Bloody Mist' he should have expected as much. Before he could think more on the subject he had to move to the side as several shuriken flew towards him.

Not taking his eyes off his opponent the blonde met her charge calmly and easily dodged the punch she threw to his head simply by tilting said appendage. Leaning his upper body backwards he easily dodged the back fisted punch she followed up with. Seeing this she quickly followed up with a left which instead of dodging Naruto parried sending her arm up and hitting her with a quick palm thrust to the stomach that was so strong it sent her skidding back several feet.

Deciding that taijutsu would do no good the kunoichi quickly sent several more shuriken at him which he easily dodged. Still it proved distraction enough as it gave her enough time to run through a quick series of seals.

"Kirikagure no jutsu" exclaimed the girl as she finished her seals just before mist began to cover the arena.

While the mist was still forming she sped through another quick chain of seals before muttering the name of her jutsu.

"Mizu Bunshin no jutsu" called the girl as the gathered mist quickly formed into five identical copies of the girl as each rushed towards the boy.

"Mizu no Tatsumaki (Tornado of Water)" said the boy calmly.

Just as the clones reached him a large amount of water burst through the ground and formed a tornado. Tsukiko watched in shock as the tornado formed around her opponent. Then with a just a motion of his right arm Naruto sent the tornado out and it quickly attacked the clones picking them up and throwing them with enough force they turned to water as soon as they landed.

"H-how." Muttered Tsukiko in shock.

"Mizu no Tatsumaki is a technique that works as both an offensive and defensive technique. My ability to use said technique without seals stems from the fact that I have an elemental affinity for water and know how to use it. That is the difference between the elite and everyone else. Not only can the elite use chakra they know how to use it in all its forms." stated the blonde calmly.

"Elemental manipulation huh, guess I don't have to hold back then." Stated the girl her face still emotionless.

Kotetsu whistled at seeing the last move by Naruto. Elemental manipulation was the skill required to become a jounin. The fact that Naruto could pull up water from under ground after it had been buried by way of an earth jutsu was impressive; that he could do this without seal's however was even more impressive. Beside him Izumo gulped at the show of power as he knew Naruto was far better than him since he held a water alignment himself and couldn't do that yet.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the smirk that crossed the face of the white haired girl. Suddenly Tsukiko launched herself towards him far surpassing the speed she had used before. Appearing in front of the blonde the kunoichi threw a palm strike towards the boy's chest which Naruto quickly dodged. Jumping backwards the blonde moved to form seals.

"I don't think so." Yelled Tsukiko quickly closing the distance between them. Unfortunately for the girl the blonde had only needed to make one seal, the signature cross shaped seal for the move that made him a gennin.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu" called the boy.

What happened next surprised many of those who had seen the move. As twenty clones simply fazed into existence lacking the puff of smoke that usually occurred when forming Shadow Clones. Then without a word from their creator the clones surged towards the girl while the original hung back.

Naruto watched calmly as Tsukiko systematically destroyed his clones with one shot each, though this didn't bother the blonde one bit. Instead the boy smirked once the last was destroyed much to the girl's confusion. She had no time to react as the boy disappeared only to reappear in front of her. Her eyes reflexively closed awaiting the blow she knew was coming only to feel nothing. When her eyes opened they opened wide finding Naruto standing several feet away, though what had her surprised was he held her hitae-tae in his hand.

"You're quiet the cunning one. Unfortunately for you there is nothing more cunning than a fox, Kaguya Tsukiko." Stated the blonde with a smirk as he tossed her the hitae-tae he'd stolen.

"H-how." Stuttered the girl wide eyed. For indeed on her forehead were the two signature red dots of the Kaguya clan.

Tsukiko wasn't the only one stunned as everyone even the Mizukage looked at the scene in shock. To think that there was actually a living member of the Kaguya Clan living in Kiri of all places was mind blowing. This was especially true for those who knew of the bloodline purge that began those short few years ago.

In fact the only ones not shocked were either civilians with no knowledge of these events or the people from Karakara who were all looking around in confusion. Even Lee who had been cheering alongside Gai froze in shock at the sight while Asuma had dropped his cigarette.

"Do you know why Kage Bunshin was declared a Kinjutsu?" asked the blonde getting the attention of everyone in the arena.

"The Kage Bunshin is the first ninjutsu developed by the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hizuren. However the Nidaime Hokage declared it as a Kinjutsu stating that it takes a large amount of chakra to create even a single clone. In fact most new jounin can't make more than two without loosing at least a quarter of their reserves." Started the blonde evenly.

"However there was another reason that the Nidaime Hokage declared it as Forbidden. You see a shadow clone is far superior to all other Bunshin techniques for the simple fact that a shadow clone has a chakra system all its own which has half the strength of the original. The real reason however is because a shadow clone also has a mind of its own and can act independent of its creator. Because of this every time a shadow clone disperses that clones memories as well as the unused chakra is returned to the creator. That is why they have the name 'Shadow' because these clones are just that; shadows of the original."

"It was your constant use of palm strikes that clued me in. That's mostly because with the exception of the Hyuga Clan's Jyuken not many taijutsu styles rely on palm strikes. That was why I summoned those Bunshin to discover the effectiveness of your taijutsu. Because you 'killed' my clones I gained the knowledge of how they 'died'.

Your usage of palm strikes was meant to disguise your use of your bloodline as just before the hit lands a bone emerges from your palm which then impales your opponent. In fact if I hadn't faced a Kaguya before I'd have never even suspected it. Unfortunately against me it's not good enough." Finished the boy.

Before Yukiko could move to charge once more the blonde had disappeared before he reappeared behind her. Before she could react Naruto struck hitting her four times along her mid back. Just after the fourth hit the girl's knees buckled beneath her before she fell onto her back. Seeing the confusion in her eyes the boy explained.

"I just hit several pressure points along your spine. Because of this you'll find that all of your limbs will be paralyzed for at least the next fifteen minutes." Said the boy before he turned and began to walk away.

"Winner Kuchiki Naruto." Spoke Neji loudly causing the crowds to roar once more.

From their positions in the stands the blondes friends could only look on in shock. Of the shinobi none of them had even seen him move when he appeared behind the Kiri kunoichi. On top of that Naruto managed to hit her so fast none of them even saw the strikes.

"What the hell was that?" questioned Kiba in awe.

"That was a little variation on one of the moves Naruto uses with his sword called Senka." Stated Kushina quietly catching the attention of everyone around her.

"What the move originally did was stab into an opponent's back at high speeds leading to death. Naruto however figured out a way to use it in hand to hand combat and instead of killing it paralyzes. What he does is strike four pressure points along the spine and depending on the amount of energy required it will paralyze his opponent anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Because of the high speed he moves at when he delivers the strikes you won't even know before it's too late." Finished Kushina getting shocked looks from the group.

"I don't get it if Naruto was this powerful why didn't Tsunade-sama just test his level of growth and promote him?" questioned Sakura with a frown getting a chuckle from Kushina as well as a few of the jounin sitting behind them.

"I'll let you in on a little something I was informed of by the Yondaime Hokage." Stated Kushina catching the attention of everyone surrounding her especially Kakashi.

"The Chuunin Exams is the best form of publicity a hidden village can receive. With all of the people viewing this tournament the best thing any village could do was dominate the exam. Having three gennin who have jounin level skills participating is just the type of thing that could insure the Leaf dominates. As such it's just the thing that could bring more business to the village." she paused here to breathe not noticing the jounin nodding behind her.

"Another thing is Naruto is a very well known person in the shinobi nations. Having defeated a Hyuga after having his tenketsu points closed as well as having scared Suna no Shukaku into his vessel. With the rumors of his death circulating and then having the boy appear in the exams Tsunade just insured more business for the village." finished the woman getting understanding nods from those around her.

"Still he's grown remarkably from when we last met. The fact that he can switch between reiatsu and chakra at a moments notice now is a testament to how much his control has improved." Stated Ishida getting several confused looks from those who didn't know what reiatsu was.

"Yes well we've put Naruto through the ringer for the last few years. With his skill with Kage Bunshin on top of that things improved even faster." Stated Yoruichi getting a nod from the boy.

"And his skill with his bloodline has far surpassed mine, though I could probably catch up if he taught me Kage Bunshin." Stated Haku shocking the shinobi as none had known Naruto held a bloodline limit.

Over with the Kage's Tsunade had a smirk on her face that was thankfully hidden by her Kage hat. She couldn't believe how far Naruto had progressed with the usage of the bloodline and in about a year and a half. She hadn't seen anything like that since her uncle had first taught her about the bloodline. To see that Naruto was reaching a level that advanced was truly astonishing.

Beside her Gaara was grinning himself though as always with the sand covering his face he still looked as expressionless as usual. Shizune meanwhile was elsewhere as she was collecting the money she'd won off the fight. With Tsunade not betting and Naruto's own amazing luck the blonde was almost assured to win the tournament.

As the medics carried Tsukiko from the field Neji couldn't help but go over that last move by the blonde. Even with his Byakugan active he'd only been barely able to see the blonde when he appeared behind Tsukiko though he did manage to catch the strikes he delivered to her back. The blond had struck her with just the tips of his index and middle fingers and with the chakra added to the attack he couldn't help but see the similarities between his last attack and the Jyuken. The only difference he could see where the target points.

"The second round will now begin." Called Neji after a thirty minute interval getting a cheer of approval from the crowd.

"Like the first round the names for the second round have been drawn at random. The first match of the second round will be Shinomori Dachi of the Hidden Rock vs. Kuchiki Naruto of the Hidden Leaf."

With the match announced the chosen fighters quickly made their way down into the arena. Once the two had made it Neji quickly started the match before jumping back and out of the way. Neither moved as the two continued to stare each other down and tension seemed to rise in the arena. Naruto took this time to look over his opponent as Daichi did the same. Daichi was a boy of about sixteen years old and had short black hair the bangs of which shadowed his coal black eyes which were as emotionless as his face.

He wore dark blue pants the bottom of which was bandaged leading into blue sandals. Along with this he wore a dark blue vest which was zipped up to his neck. Over this however was a long white trench coat that he wore open. Suddenly Daichi jumped backwards just dodging the Naruto that had erupted from the ground aiming to take his head off. Before he even touched the ground he sent a trio of shuriken at his opponent causing him to go up in a puff of smoke. Almost as soon as he touched the ground Daichi froze upon finding a kunai pressed against his throat.

"Nice, but I'm not that easy." Said the boy before falling into a pile of mud.

No sooner had this happened than a spike of earth emerged striking the blondes back only for the blonde to melt into a puddle of water. Suddenly a loud roar echoed through the arena as a massive lightning made dragon headed towards the ground before striking and causing a massive explosion. Naruto smirked from his position atop the arena walls as he looked upon the destruction his lightning dragon had wrought though he had no doubt his opponent had avoided it.

In the stands none were more surprised than the Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara. Having faced that technique before he couldn't help but be happy Naruto hadn't mastered the technique when they'd fought in this very arena those few short years ago. Of course he wasn't the only one surprised at the move as once the smoke from the explosion cleared several people could be seen gaping at the destruction caused by the dragon.

"HOLY SHIT!" exclaimed Kiba at he got a look at the arena once the smoke cleared.

To say the ground was totaled would be putting it mildly. Nearly the entire ground floor had been cratered; the tree that had planted near the wall had been splintered with majority of the pieces embedded into the wall. Looking around Neji could be found panting as he clung to the side of the wall nearly fifty feet above the ground. This had also had the effect of bringing the rest of the water Yamato had buried earlier to the surface. In his seat Asuma whistled seeing the massive amount of damage caused by the blonde.

"Man I never thought I'd see that jutsu performed to such a scale after the war." commented Asuma catching the attention of everyone surrounding him.

"Asuma-sensei what exactly was that?" questioned Shikamaru shocking everyone by showing his interest.

"Raiton: Rairyuudan, the same attack Naruto used against Gaara the first time he competed." Answered Asuma causing everyone who remembered to go wide eyed.

"That can't be the same technique, that dragon was massive." Exclaimed Kiba.

"No it is definitely the same technique." Said Asuma quietly.

"The Raiton: Rairyuudan was one of the techniques Yondaime-sama created that helped turn the tide of the last war. Near the end of the war Yondaime-sama unveiled it and it was through its usage along with his legendary Hiraishin no Jutsu that he single handedly won the battle for Kamiki's castle in which he killed 1000 nin. Because of the damage it causes and the chakra usage my father classified it as an S-rank kenjutsu." Explained Asuma causing everyone bar the gather jounin and Kushina to look on in shock.

While Asuma was explaining things to the former rookies Naruto had appeared on top of the water with a quick usage of Shunshin no jutsu. Across from him Daichi had appeared his narrowed eyes locked onto the blonde. Before either of them could move a muscle a sudden force of pressure forced Daichi to his knees shaking. Suddenly the pressure lessened and as he looked he found Naruto standing in front of him though he was facing something else entirely.

Following his gaze Daichi found himself looking upon something that until this day he'd thought impossible. Two men were standing in air as if it was an everyday occurrence. Suddenly the world around him blurred and when it came back into focus he found himself crouched beside his grandfather in the Kage booth.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you will come with us." Said one of the two in a monotone that Naruto thought gave him a tone very much like a certain Uchiha slayer.

He had short black hair, silver skin, and green eyes with slit pupils. A pair of green lines appeared under his eyes giving off the appearance that he was crying. He wore a white jacket and a white hakama with a black sash. At the base of his throat was a hole showing his hollow status. What was left of his mask was left at the top of his head on his left side and looked for all the world like a broken helmet.

Next to him was what looked like a walking mountain. With the exception of his head arms and feet he was covered entirely in what looked to be fur. His face was covered by a mask that was separated into two half's. The first half went from the top of his head to his eyes while the second covered everything from his lower jaw down.

His answer came in the form of a massive release of reiatsu that surrounded him like a flame. When the energy surrounding him faded he was clad once more in his Shinigami attire though it had a new addition. Above his kimono he wore a white haori with red flames along the bottom half and had the kanji for 'God of Flash' on the back in black writing.

"To think such a lowly beast would dare to give me an order. You must be anxious for death." Said the teenage Shinigami his tone full of contempt.

Suddenly the large one landed in front of the boy and glared down at him. Naruto however looked up at him in boredom not the slightest bit afraid of the giant.

"You don't frighten me and I hold no interest in you. Leave or I'll kill you."

Enraged the large hollow unleashed a massive amount of reiatsu growing even larger than he was previously. As he did the top half of his mask shattered as two bones in the shape of horns appeared near each of his shoulders reminding the boy of an elephants tusk. Reaching behind him the massive hollow pulled a zanpakuto off its back which seemed to be as tall as a two story building.

"You should know boy, the size of the zanpakuto is proportional to the amount of reiatsu of he who wields it. It's obvious that you cannot beat me with your twig like zanpakuto." Said the giant hollow.

"Oh really? Would you care to give it a try?"

"No matter how informed you may be you lack the common since of a Shinigami it seems. Embrace your death and taste bitter defeat."

With that said he swung his sword downwards causing a large explosion as it hit as well as creating a massive dust cloud. When the dust cleared all that could be found was his giant zanpakuto stabbed into the ground.

"There's something you should know."

As the words hit his ear the giant turned his head and was shocked to find Naruto standing calmly behind him as if nothing had happened.

"It is true that the size of a Shinigami's zanpakuto is a reflection of how much reiatsu that person has. However among the ranks of the Shinigami those of captain class are actively controlling the size of their zanpakuto, otherwise each would be swinging around swords the size of skyscrapers. I hope that knowledge serves you well in the next world."

As the blonde finished his statement the giant hollow's zanpakuto shattered before a geyser of blood shot out from him. He only had time for his eyes to widen before his body fell into two half's having been cut straight down the center.

"That was impressive."

Though this was stated in his usual monotone anyone who knew him could tell that Shino was more than a little impressed. Even in their line of work it wasn't often that you'd see someone cut a giant in half vertically.

"Did anyone even see him move?" questioned Sakura with wide eyes resulting in negative head shakes from the other members of the eleven as well as the sensei's.

"You wouldn't." spoke Urahara drawing the attention of the group.

"Naruto has always prided himself on his speed, according to what I've been told he could out run most jounin by the time he was twelve. During his time training he discovered he wasn't that fast when compared to most Shinigami. Since that time he's dedicated himself to mastering our speed techniques, most specifically a technique called Shunpo. By the time he returned here he'd mastered it to the point that he was given the nickname 'Shunjin' (God of Flash, I think). It is because of this that he has been able to go this long without ever being forced to release his zanpakuto's Shikai." Finished the man much to the shock of the gathered shinobi.

"Shikai?" questioned Shino in his monotone succeeding in hiding his interest.

"Shikai, or Initial Release is when a Shinigami releases the upgraded form their zanpakuto. When this happens the zanpakuto will change shape and the Shinigami will release more power." Explained the blonde man.

"Naruto did that on our last mission when he fought Orochimaru. His sword had turned black and his power output had doubled." Said Sakura with wide eyes causing both Yuroichi and Urahara to chuckle.

"That wasn't really his Shikai that you saw. What you saw was a partial release of his zanpakuto. In a Shikai's true form the power of a Shinigami increases by five." Explained Urahara much to the groups shock.

In the center of the arena Naruto and the green eyed arrancar stood in front of each other with their weapons clashed. Almost immediately after Naruto had dispatched the giant the short one had appeared in front of him already in mid swing. Despite this however the blonde had easily blocked the strike that would have killed anyone caught unaware. Despite the fact that their weapons were deadlocked neither showed even the slightest amount of strain as they held off each others blades.

"You're strong; it seems I just might have to get a bit serious."

As soon as the words left his lips Naruto pushed forward adding a bit of strength and causing the green eyed Arrancar to slide back several feet. Quickly regaining his composure the humanoid hollow looked up just in time to see the blonde descending on him with his zanpakuto aimed for his head. Suddenly the hollow disappeared just in time for the blade to pass cleanly through where his head had once been. Not a second later Naruto also disappeared just as a blade materialized in a position where it would have stabbed through his back before it once again disappeared.

"Hado #4 Bayakurai (White Lightning)."


Suddenly the two appeared in mid air much to the shock of the spectators. Almost in unison the two threw out their right arms a blast of green energy firing from the Arrancar's fingertips while a blast of white lighting ripped itself from Naruto's. As the two blasts collided they fought for a moment before exploding violently canceling each other out.

As the smoke cleared the sight that greeted Naruto was not the one he expected. As he looked over at his opponent Naruto found that the hollow had sheathed his sword and taken on a neutral position. Aside from that he was surrounded by a yellow cylinder of energy that the blonde recognized as a negation field causing him to sigh and sheathe his weapon.

"Though you have a bit of strength within you, you are still useless. Someone like you will provide no challenge for Aizen-sama's goals." Stated the Arrancar before the beam of energy pulled him up towards the sky.

Naruto could do nothing but clutch the hilt of his zanpakuto tighter as he heard this. As it was it was only the training he'd had to control his emotions that kept him from losing his temper, not at the dismissal but at hearing the name the bastard who had effectively ruined his childhood. He also made sure to remember the face of the Arrancar who had just thought he could dismiss him as no threat.

'Ulquiorra Schiffer, the next time we meet your existence shall cease.' Thought the blonde his blue eyes flashing red for but a moment.

Elsewhere Uchiha Sasuke stood calmly in the dimly lit surroundings as he stared at the watery prison in front of him. He had finally made his move to leave the snake after draining him of all the knowledge he could before thanking him with a lightning sword through his chest, after the man had tried to possess his body.

At the moment he was standing within the chamber that held one of Orochimaru's former test subject's prisoner. After spending nearly three years with the man he knew of everyone who would be useful to him, and now it was time to put together his team.

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