Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 18: How To Kill An Immortal

"Naruto come back to bed."

The mumbled words had the blonde turning from his position at the window to see Soifon with her head in the pillow using his to block off the sun.

"Sorry Shao-chan I just feel I need to be out there tracking these bastards." Said Naruto closing the curtain and lied down on the bed.

It had been one week since the Chuunin Exam tournament that had earned him his promotion to jounin. After the tournament the other former rookies had thrown a party to welcome him home at the Inuzuka compound. Even after all the time spent away from the village he hadn't attended many of the things so it had taken him a while to get into the swing of things. It had been three days after that when the news of Sarutobi Asuma's death had come in and a day since the memorial service.

"I think you are in the perfect place right now, home helping Konohamaru through this." said Soifon softly wrapping her arms around him.

The two had grown used to sleeping together and now Naruto found it weird when arms weren't wrapped around him. Granted neither of them were highly affectionate people because of the way they were raised and their current positions both military and social at least in public. Behind closed doors however it was a completely different story, for instance Soifon loved being held and to be treated like a normal woman instead of a soldier. She also loved it when he called her by her given name of Shaolin instead of Soifon like everyone else did.

"I know that's what I should be focused on yet the cry for blood echoes within my soul and I'm tempted to answer." Said the blonde.

"Don't look at it as his death. You can see him anytime you please in Seireitei. Instead you should look at this as him finally getting a chance to reconcile with his family." Said Shaolin causing the teen to sigh.

Seeing the need for a distraction a slender hand wrapped itself around the blondes cock beneath the sheets. Naruto gasped at the unexpected attack nor was he ready for the pair of lips that attached themselves to his neck.

"Your insatiable." Said Naruto.

"Your fault." Answered the brunette shortly pressing her lips to his.

"What about Momo?" asked Naruto motioning to the knocked out girl next to her.

"Let her sleep, you went hard on her last night."

As they were speaking Shaolin moved so that she was straddling him the sheets pooling around her waist leaving her small c-cup breast to be seen in the open as she sunk herself down on the already hard cock. She rode him slow still exhausted from the marathon the three of them ran the previous night. As she did Naruto's hands found the firm globes of her ass causing her to moan softly as he squeezed. As she leaned forward Naruto's mouth captured her right breast and as she pulled herself up he met her on her way down.

"Kami Naru, it's so good." Moaned the woman lowly.

Finally after a few minutes both of them reached the heights of nirvana that only an orgasm could send them to and Shaolin stopped and merely lye on top of him savoring the afterglow.

In the short time since Sarutobi Hizuren had joined the ranks of the Gotei 13, and subsequently the first division much had been discovered about him. The first was that the man was a genius that surpassed even the young captain Hitsuguya Toshiro. In just the few short months after his death the former Sandaime Hokage had materialized his zanpakuto on his own and gained it's shikai shortly afterwards.

He rose through the ranks quickly and in a year had become fuku-taicho of the 1st division. Under him the first division had quickly shaped up becoming the powerhouse that each of the divisions looked to as the strongest of all the thirteen. A year later and the man had been promoted to captain and took over the 5th division, which came as no surprise to those who knew of Sarutobi Hizuren's skill with kido.

However outside of the Sotaicho, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni not many knew that he was not the first to accomplish such things. In fact the current head of the kido corps had grown at the same speed as had his brother who was now acting as his second. In fact the only reason the former Sandaime was not a member of the Kido corps himself was because Yamamoto had personally brought the man to Soul Society and Seireitei do to his usage of the Shiki Fujin. Now it seemed another had to be added to that short list, Senju Namikaze Minato.

It seems after a crash course it hadn't taken the man long to adapt to the differences between reiatsu and chakra. In just three human years the former Yondaime had gone from untrained to captain of the Third Division and even more amazing Soshireikan (Commander-in-Chief) of the Onmitsukido defeating Soifon for the title. Even though he was new Minato like Hizuren held a place within the top tier of the Captains. Like his son many were mystified by the man who had never once shown his shikai let alone his bankai to anyone outside of a select few.

At Hizuren's insistence Yamamoto had held the former Yondaime's captains exam in private only with himself Hizuren, Kuchiki Byakuya and his two old students Kyoraku Shunsui, and Ukitake Jushiro to act as witnesses. Though out of respect for his wishes none of them had disclosed the abilities of the man's zanpakuto rumors of the man's power ran rampant. At that thought the Sotaicho couldn't help but allow himself a pleased smirk, now all that remained was to fill in the vacant captain position in the ninth division.

Two figures darted through the canopy of trees that covered Hi no Kuni their forms covered by their black cloaks with red clouds. Before they could make much ground they were cut off as a hail of kunai came raining down upon them hilts wrapped with already active explosive tags. Eyes widened the duo jumped apart just to be thrown further by the explosion. The two look up just in time to see Shikamaru flying through the air before he tossed a pair of knives at them once again wrapped in tags.

Seeing them coming they jumped apart only to find themselves confused a second later as not only did the tags not go off but they found themselves unable to move.

"It seems my Kagemane Shuriken no jutsu was a success." Said Shikamaru as he stood to his feet.

"You bastard." Muttered the white haired nuke-nin who Shikamaru recognized as Hidan.

"What I threw at you was a chakra blade. It absorbs the users chakra and based on the type of chakra gives an effect. Meaning I was always aiming at your shadows."

'I see, the explosive tag was a fake, just a scrap of paper. Of course the first with the kunai was there to make us dodge the second he threw the chakra blade. He also made us focus on our footsteps with his shadow and made us focus on the attack from above in hopes of attacking our shadows directly. This kid is a sharp one.' Thought Kakuzu as he eyed the Nara heir.

"Shit, he got us both what do we do now. We're fucked Kukuzu, and I mean seriously fucked." Said Hidan.

"Fucked. That sounds about right according to my plan the second I captured you it was over." Said Shikamaru his hands instantly forming his clans signature seal as his shadow extended outwards quickly latching onto Hidan's and snatching up the knife.

"This time I don't intend to screw the order up." Holding his hand up so that as if he was holding a weapon forcing Hidan to tighten his grip on his scythe.

"Now I remember you! I'm going to destroy you no matter what you try I swear you…"

"Just shut up already." Said the Nara heir interrupting Hidan mid rant.

Suddenly Hidan found himself in the air his arm cocked back ready to swing his weapon straight through his partner. As the blade fell towards his head, Kakuzu ducked at the last second as the knife holding him in place was snatched out of the ground. For a second the knife hung in the air held by a hand before that hand retracted back into a hole and quickly heading back to Kakuzu attached by some type of black tendrils.

"I'll give you credit for that one. You must've known I had other abilities but considered the full range of possibilities and came up with your next move. You seem to actually think, unlike my partner. However even if you analyze every aspect of a battle things don't always go to plan." Said Kakuzu.

"Hey what the fuck was with that unlike my partner bullshit you…"

Whatever else Hidan wanted to say was cut off as once again he found himself rushing towards his partner. At the same time Choji leapt out from his hiding place in the trees his form curling into a ball with practiced ease and his hair covering him and spiking out, just before his form enlarged and he came crashing down towards the duo.

"What the hell happened Shikamaru?" questioned Choji as he landed next to his longtime friend.

"He can harden his body like steel, that's his hidden ability." Stated Shikamaru.

"Another good analysis. You're right no physical attack can harm me." Stated Kakuzu.

Anything more he would say was cut off as his eyes widened just before a hand burst out from his chest covered in lighting as Kakashi made his appearance Sharingan eye exposed.

"How the hell, I couldn't even sense you…" muttered Kakuzu.

"The seals you used for that iron skin jutsu used earth type nature manipulation. Earth is weak against lightning. You got matched with the wrong guy, and now you're gonna die."

Tsunade sighed in contentment as she took a sip of the sake she'd managed to sneak past Shizune. She had managed to finish up the paperwork early today and was enjoying that fact, she really had to thank her genius nephew for the Kage Bunshin idea. She wasn't the only one enjoying the drink however as Kushina had arrived not long ago with Yoruichi and Kukakku. She was happy Jiraiya wasn't around at the moment as he'd most likely joke about the meeting of the 'big tittie committee' or some such nonsense.

It was a little odd how quickly the four of them seemed to mesh together as if they'd been friends for years. Sure technically she had been Kushina's friend for years but that didn't really matter at the moment.

"Kushina do you know what technique Naruto is working on?" asked Tsunade after a few moments of silence.

"Hai, he's trying to complete the Rasengan." Said Kushina causing one of Tsunade's blonde eyebrows to raise in curiosity.

"As you know the Rasengan is the ultimate shape manipulation technique. What Minato left out is that the Rasengan is incomplete. In truth the Rasengan is supposed to be the technique that merges shape manipulation and nature manipulation. In truth Naruto's already completed a version of the technique using Fuuton chakra. However what he's trying to do is create a version that uses Hyouton chakra." Finished the woman with a sigh.

"As it is the Rasengan is already an A-rank technique adding anything more to it would undoubtedly make it S-rank." Said Tsunade.

"Sorry we're late."

"Wow sempai, I've never seen you so beat up. This guy must be good."

Kakashi blinked both shocked and slightly relieved to find the members of his team standing between himself, Ino and Choji. The battle had taken a surprising turn after he had landed his Raikiri and the leaf nin had quickly found themselves on the losing end. Shikamaru had disappeared drawing Hidan away from the group leaving them to deal solely with Kakuzu who as it turned out had five hearts, two of which had been taken out during the battle. As it was they had arrived just in time to block a Fuuton-Katon combination attack that he was pretty sure would have roasted the three of them.

"More ants; I've already beaten Kakashi are you sure you want to face me?" Said Kakuzu his words barely understood with the threads hanging from his mouth.

"Where's Shikamaru?" asked Naruto quietly never removing his gaze from the nuke-nin before him.

"He's fighting this guys partner somewhere else." Answered Chouji.

"Two of you go back him up; Pakkun will lead you." Said Kakashi summoning the pug a moment later.

"Sai, Sakura." Said Yamato causing the mention two to blur off after Pakkun.

"Heh you're just new hearts for me to rip out." Said Kakuzu.

"I'll take it from here." Said Naruto stepping away from the group drawing his zanpakuto from its sheath.

"Yamato, has Naruto…"

"No. He's about halfway there, if that." Answered the mentioned jounin.

Before anything else could be said the blonde disappeared Kakuzu's eyes widening as he jumped back barely avoiding the trio of thrust as three Naruto's appeared where he once stood. Barely a second later the trio of Naruto's burst into smoke as Kakuzu's tendrils burst threw them only for another Naruto to descend from the sky a moment later.

"Sempai, what exactly are we dealing with?" questioned Yamato.

"We're dealing with two members of Akatsuki. Shikamaru is dealing with one, Hidan and his backup as you know is already on the way. This one before us is Kakuzu his main ability involves splitting off parts from his body. He is a mid range fighter and can use attacks from every element. The masks that you see on his shoulders are normally connected but can be detached if necessary. He started this battle with five hearts, so far we've taken out two." Finished Kakashi.

"Excuse me?" muttered Yamato in surprise.

"Basically we killed him twice already and have to kill him three more times to win." Said Kakashi gravely.

"I see." Muttered Naruto surprising the group of leaf nin by his presence each still thinking he was fighting Kakuzu who was now calmly standing in front of them.

"I suppose I'll have to use that technique then." thought the blonde thoughtfully.

"Watch carefully, you will only see this once before you're death." Said Naruto in a tone Kakuzu noted absently reminded him of a certain Uchiha's.

As he said this he stepped in front of the group a Rasengan forming in his palm instantly. Suddenly a loud screeching sound filled the air as the blondes chakra output shot threw the roof causing every pair of eyes on the field to widen in surprise.

'What the hell is this jutsu, such an attack can't hit me.' Thought Kakazu sweat trickling down his face.

Kakashi himself was watching in shock as what appeared to be blades began to appear upon the Rasengan as the sphere of power began to grow in size. For but a moment the Sharingan user could see the silhouette of another blue eyed blonde shinobi overlapping that of his student. Finally the preparation was finished and Naruto raised his hand up over his head, holding up an attack in the shape of a giant shuriken.

'So that's the nine tails power, definitely an attack fit for a monster.'

"Fuuton: Rasenshurken"

With the name of his attack Naruto did something that surprised everyone, he threw it. Eyes widening in fear of the attack heading for his head Kakuzu sent his tendrils out to intercept it only for the attack to cut straight through them with no resistance. In the next instant the attack slammed into him picking him up and carrying him as it continued to grind into him for a few moments before the attack seemed to enlarge. As the attack enlarged it began to slice into him at a phenomenal rate for what seemed like ages but in reality were only a few seconds. Finally it was over and the attack died allowing for his body to drop to the ground, all three of his remaining masks destroyed and the rest of him looking like he'd been thrown in a blender.

'Kami he just took that guy out with one technique, while we struggled just to break a single mask.' Thought Chouji in shock his eyes wide as he eyed Kakuzu's corpse.

"Naruto, that jutsu…" started Yamato his eyes wide.

"My first attack ninjutsu, Fuuton: Rasenshuriken the technique which combines my wind affinity with the Rasengan. Basically it is the combination of shape and elemental manipulation. My father had been unable to do it before he died so it was left to me to complete it. It's the first time I've actually used it in battle but in theory it is supposed to combine the grinding power of the Rasengan with the slicing power of the wind. Whatever the case the initial test proves to have been successful." Said Naruto calmly as if he was merely speaking of the weather.

'To think he actually finished the Rasengan, even adapting it for a long range attack. Not only that but even with the Sharingan I couldn't even count how many times Kakuzu was sliced into. Such an attack would have to be at least mid S-class level.' Thought Kakashi eyeing the blonde that had once been his student.

Within a darkened cave several shadowed figures had been gathered as the members of Akatsuki gathered once more. In the center of the cave a wrapped up figure could be seen eyeing each of the members as they made their appearance.

"Now that everyone is here, Zetsu why have you called this meeting?" demanded one of the figures his ringed eyes staring into the center figure piercingly.

Before speaking Zetsu eyed the figure warily knowing he wouldn't like the news he would deliver. The man was known as Pein the founder and leader of Akatsuki, even though Aizen was also called leader they were merely working in alliance with him and his two generals towards common goals, at least until things had been decided and one of the two leading figures were killed.

"Hidan and Kakuzu are dead." Stated Zetsu after a few moments shocking everyone.

"Impossible." Came the voice he knew as Kisames.

"I thought so as well, but it's true. The two of them ran into a group of Konoha shinobi while in Hi no Kuni. Hidan's was defeated by a chuunin named Nara Shikamaru, while Kakuzu was killed by the Kyuubi jinchuuriki." Said Zetsu though none of the figures seemed to be bothered by the changes in his voice.

"I see." Said Pein his ringed eyes narrowing.

"There's more, Kakazu was killed with a single attack."

"Perhaps I should handle the boy then." Said Aizen his tone casual.

"No. You have your own things to do. I'll handle this one myself." Said Pein immediately afterwards.

"I must think, report back here in thirty minutes for your new assignments." Said Pein before his figure faded away.

Uchiha Sasuke walked calmly through the dark caverns that made up the underground Oto base. Barely twenty minutes ago he'd left the bunker he'd been at leaving a dead Orochimaru and a shocked Kabuto behind. Finally he found himself within a section of the cave that was holding what appeared to be a giant glass beaker filled with water.

"Wake up Suigetsu."

As the words left him the water within the beaker stirred for a few moments before a face appeared within the water staring at the raven haired youth.

"I have a proposition for you."

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