Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 2

Naruto had finished reading the papers for over an hour ago. He had found out he was actually inside his mind and the reason the place looked like a dump was because of his own mental state. He'd also read up on the seal and its effects and was pleased except for one problem.

You see the seal did everything Yondaime designed it to however he also found something unexpected. That being the presence of another seal called a suppression seal. This seal had apparently been sealing up or suppressing most of his own abilities. For example he discovered his spiritual energy was all but sealed away.

If you're wondering why that's a problem well that's because chakra is composed of both physical and spiritual energy which is why chakra depletion can result in death. Anyway he has more physical energy flowing than spiritual and that basically unbalanced him thus his horrible chakra control.

Though that's not to say that his physical energy wasn't hindered as well since it also was. He had found out that it was thus resulting in not only his short stature but his lack of speed as well as strength. Though he'd seen it was also from over eating on ramen since he was small.

He quickly shook himself from his thoughts. Now was not the time for this as he still had to complete the second exam. Standing to his feet he quickly decided he needed to fix these problems. Well at least as many as he could from in here though he'd be seeing the old man after this exam was over.

Real World:

Haruno Sakura was tired. She had been forced to drag both of her teammates through the forest by herself and set up some traps around them. Lets not forget she had to get Naruto down from off of that tree he was pinned to. She hated this stupid exam hell the only reason she was even taking it was because she knew Sasuke wanted to take it and she thought it would make her look better in Sasuke's eyes if she took it.

Now however she was wishing she hadn't. First it was because they had to stay in this forest for five days which meant she wouldn't get a bath or anything until they reached the tower. Then they were attacked by that guy Orochimaru or whatever his name was and now this. She sighed quietly before settling into the tree she found and entering the hole.

With Team Eight:

Team eight was officially freaked right now. They had just witnessed that red-headed Suna shinobi Garra as he easily killed a team of Ame nin. All of them with the exception of Shino where shaking with fear. Though you could tell Shino was afraid by his rigid posture.

They had been told that people would be killed in this part of the exam and had expected it. What they hadn't expected was to see something like that. Once the Suna nin had gone they each stood and after nodding to each other agreed not to cross paths with the Suna gennin.

With Team Seven:

Sakura sighed watching her teammates. Sasuke was still doing bad twitching every few minutes along with the fever he now had. Naruto however appeared to be doing better now his pulse had calmed and his breathing was normal again. Hopefully both of them would be okay soon so they could get out of there.

Naruto's Mindscape:

Naruto wandered through the halls of his mind lost in thought. He had just finished examining the condition of his body and didn't like what he saw. Apparently due to the lack of reiki (spirit energy) he'd had all his life he'd been constantly getting a small amount of Kyuubi's chakra daily. Problem is that demons didn't have reiki, they instead had youki.

Though he wasn't getting enough to do damage to him he was still getting it. However now that he'd been cut off from Kyuubi by the hebi-teme he hasn't thus making him weaker. Because of this he was now wandering well not really wandering just letting his instincts guide him. Anyway that's besides the point he was still heading towards the fur ball regardless.

Once he arrived however he frowned heavily. All that was visible of the fox were his eyes while the rest of his body was behind a wall. Naruto stared in the fox's eyes for a moment before glancing at the wall with his frown deepening before looking back towards the fox once more and walking away.

Kyuubi was shocked with the boy. Kyuubi had watched the boy since the fox's awakening in wave. After which the fox had checked the boy's memory to see what he was about. Honestly the bijuu had little respect for its vessel simply because he was hiding from those measly flesh rats.

However seeing the boy walk in its domain and lock eyes with it without flinching had changed that if only a bit. The fox could see his intentions through the boy's eyes and knew it wouldn't be long until this extra seal is released. Thinking that put a smirk on the fox's face hopefully the boy would keep impressing it.

Real World:

Sakura was in deep trouble right now. She had stayed up all night watching over her teammates. Well actually she had stayed up most of the night but had fallen asleep somehow. Anyway she awoke noticing that it was already daybreak it was then she heard the bushes shaking behind her. She tensed before grabbing a kunai holding it in a defensive position unknowingly shaking the whole time.

Slowly she turned her head behind her only to find a squirrel eating a peanut. Soon however the squirrel started running closer to her. Sakura however was quick to through a kunai at it stopping it in its tracks before it turned tail and ran the opposite direction.

"So she noticed the explosive note on its back" spoke the spiky black haired Oto gennin who was hiding in the bushes.

"No. That's not it at all" spoke the other male Oto gennin. This one was hunched over and resembled a mummy with the way his face was bandaged up.

"Huh? What do you mean" asked the first.

"Well probably find out when we get closer" spoke the second. "So let's get going"

Sakura however was once again in a battle with her body trying to fight the sleep she knew she needed. She was interrupted however when a voice spoke up behind her.

"Keeping guard all night?" Hearing this she quickly whipped her head around finding the Oto gennin behind her.

"But it's no longer necessary" spoke the bandaged up gennin who was obviously the leader.

"Wake up Sasuke-kun. We want to fight him" he finished.

"What are you talking about? What do you want?" called the pink haired gennin standing to her feet.

"I know someone named Orochimaru pulling the strings from the shadows" continued the girl making all the sound nin recoil in shock.

"Furthermore what is that weird mark on Sasuke-kun's neck. You did this to Sasuke-kun and now you want to fight!" finished the girl ending her rant.

"Hmm…I wonder what that man is thinking" said the mummy looking gennin.

"But hearing that, we can't let you go" spoke the spiky haired gennin. "I'll kill this girl and also that Sasuke guy too."

With that said he stood from his perch on the rock ready to end this. He however was interrupted when the mummy-like gennin spoke again.

"Wait Zaku"

"What is it" said Zaku. The mummy gennin walked forward a bit before stopping and speaking again.

"You're not very good. Recently turned over dirt that's a different color. Grass doesn't grow here" Sakura narrowed her eyes hearing this before the boy started speaking again.

"A bobby trap is pointless when noticed" finished the gennin while moving the grass.

"Pft stupid" said Zaku with a smirk. "So that kunai was to prevent the squirrel from setting of the trap."

"Kill her" spoke the bandaged up gennin.

With that said all three Oto nin jumped into the air. Sakura saw this and smirked before taking her kunai and cutting a wire next to her. The Oto nin looked up seeing part of a tree come swinging at them.

"A trap from above" thought the bandaged up gennin before sticking his hand out and catching the tree piece before blowing it to pieces. "Too easy" he said.

Sakura saw this and was surprised. She however didn't have time to stay that way seeing the nin coming towards her.

"Frankly speaking, you have no talent. People like you have to work harder" said the bandaged one still in mid air.

"Konoha Senpu (Spinning Leaf Whirlwind)" called a voice before all three sound gennin where kicked away by a green blur. Said blur turned out to be none other than Rock Lee who landed right in front of Sakura in his ready stance and a squirrel on his shoulder.

"You guys should also work harder" spoke Lee.

"Who the hell are you" said the bandaged gennin.

"Konoha's Green Beast Rock Lee!" was the response to that question.

"Why are you here" asked Sakura quietly.

"I'll always appear when you're in a pinch" was Lee's quiet response before he sat the squirrel down. (AN: Its amazing Bushy Brows actually said a sentence quietly and without the word youthful. There is a GOD)

"But right now I'm an enemy to you" said Sakura

"I told you before" said Lee catching her attention "That I will protect until I die"

Once that was said the mummy tossed his teams scroll to Zaku before telling him to take care of Sasuke while he killed the other two.

"From what I can tell Sakura is in no condition to fight" thought Lee

"That kid is advanced in taijutsu" thought the mummy while pulling up his sleeve revealing the device on his arm. "This will be pretty fun"

With that thought he launched forward. Sakura seeing this launched a kunai at him while Lee hit the ground. When he came up he pulled up a large tree root which had a whole blown in it a moment later.

"There's some trick to your attacks right" spoke Lee. "I'm not going to just simply dodge it. Since I've seen your attacks before" finished the spandex wearing gennin.

"But with three against one I'm at a big disadvantage" thought Lee "I'll have to risk it to crush each at full power"

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