Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 3

AN: Hey guys just had to let you guys know that I'm going to be showing the real Naruto. Meaning his mask will come down, I'll simply start it off slow

With Team ten:

They were currently in a clearing talking well Ino was complaining. They had had a brief run in with Hyuga Neji last year's number one rookie. He had dismissed them though simply because they were too weak for him to even bother with.

After that they had spent some time searching for a weak team. Of course Shikamaru had known full well they were most likely the weakest team in the exam. This is what has led us to the point where at now. She and Shika soon had their conversation interrupted by Choji who had spoken up.

"Sasuke is knocked out cold" spoke the um…big boned boy. This of course earned the attention of his teammates especially Ino who is a big time Sasuke fan girl.

"Excuse me" Ino said.

"Sasuke is knocked out and Sakura is fighting" spoke Choji who watching things from his spot in a tree while enjoying a bag of chips.

Hearing that both Ino and Shikamaru jumped into the tree on either side of the larger boy only to have what he said confirmed much to Ino's shock.

With Team Seven & Lee:

Lee had been unwrapping the bandages around his arms. Gai-sensei had told him about this technique when he first learned it. He had also told Lee that there was a certain time when this technique should be used. For Rock Lee that time was now.

"Gai-sensei" thought Lee. "I'm using the technique since now is the time for me to protect a precious person"

Dosu took this time to rush towards the green clad gennin. However just as he did Lee vanished before reappearing in front of him crouched low to the ground before delivering a powerful kick to the jaw launching the sound nin into the air.

Using his hand to push off the ground Lee quickly followed him. Appearing behind his opponent Lee quickly wrapped him up in the bandages. Once that was done he quickly grabbed hold off him before directing them towards the ground head first. He wasn't done however as he started to spin at high speeds and let go once the were close to the ground with a cry of "Omoto Renge (Initial Lotus)"

His attack however did not have the effect it should have. Zaku had seen what was happening and after a quick series of seals had thrown his hands into the ground. Flowing some air into it he managed to cushion the landing for his teammate.

"Looks like I made it in time" said Zaku before his teammate got up.

"Impossible" said Lee seeing his opponent rise.

"What a terrifying technique, this much damage even on a sponge of dirt" Dosu thought before standing to his feet and once more pulling up his sleeve. "Now it's my turn"

Just then he rushed towards Lee who was still winded from his use of the technique. Once he reached he quickly swung his right arm towards Lee stomach region making his vision swim.

"Your moves a certainly fast" said the Oto gennnin. "But ours surpass that with the speed of sound"

"Now I'll show you a wall that hard work alone can do nothing against" finished Dosu.

Suddenly Lee hit the ground before vomiting. Just after this he tensed as blood started to leak from his ear he cursed inwardly before moving his arm to his left ear.

"There is a trick to my attack" said Dosu holding up his right arm. "Just dodging it won't help."

"What did he do…" thought Sakura though she was interrupted by the mummies laughter.

"It sound" continued Dosu after his laughter subsided. "You dodged my fist but the sound attacked you"

"Sound" thought Lee

After some explanations from both male sound nin the mummy rushed at Sakura. Seeing this Sasuke's puppy I mean team seven's kunoichi pulled her own kunai. Both however were surprised when Lee rushed forward to protect her. Once more Lee called out for his signature kick Konoha Senpu only to freeze in pain mid kick. Seeing this the mummy smirked though it was hidden before using his left hand sending the leg back towards the ground while he himself rebounded from the ground.

"You surprised me a bit" he said rushing forward. "But I don't see a trace of your combo that was executed in a flash."

Once he was close enough the Oto gennin once again swung his right arm out. Only this time using both arms Lee blocked the arm. However this didn't stop the Oto gennin as sound waves started pouring out of his amplifier though they were going the other way.

"This arm amplifies the sound that is in it to its maximum like a speaker" spoke the Oto gennin.

"But the sound is not limited to the direction of my hand. I can use my chakra and send it into the target" just as he finished that the sound changed directions and went straight to Lee's injured ear. Once this happened Lee swayed for a second before collapsing to the ground.

"Now then time to finish you off" said the mummy.

Sakura hearing this stood to her feet before throwing a few kunai at his face. However he simply moved his amplifier blocking them all before looking towards them.

With Team Ten:

They had been watching in the bushes for a while now. Choji was afraid and had already voiced his opinion on leaving this dangerous team alone.

"Looks like both Sasuke and Naruto are out of it" spoke Shikamaru. "But even Lee is getting beaten and it's just Sakura left. What are you going to do Ino?" Finished the closet genius. His next sentence however made her eyes go wide.

"Sakura being in danger is ok with you. I mean you two were best friends, right."

That sentence there sent Ino right into her memories. She had met Sakura when she was just a shy little girl with a big forehead. They had quickly become best friends even until last year when Sakura had an even bigger forehead. But it was Sakura who cut those ties though. It was Sakura who had broken ties with her so she could chase Sasuke,

But even still what could she do to help Sakura now. Even if she helped she'd just get beat herself.


Sakura had once again started trying to fight back. Her first attack was simply launching a few shuriken though Zaku quickly sent them back at her via the air holes in his hands. It was at this moment the sound kunoichi who up until this point had been forgotten had got involved.

She had quickly appeared behind Sakura who was crouched to the ground grabbing a fistful of pink locks before pulling the girl onto her ass.

"Your hair is glossier than mine" spoke the girl. "If you have time to care for your hair, train more."

"Are you trying to be sexy?" asked the girl. "Zaku kill that Sasuke guy in front of this bitch"

"That sounds good" said Zaku

Sakura hearing this tried to move once more. This of course resulted in her getting her hair pulled hard and putting her back down.

"Alright let's do this" said Zaku walking towards the tree Naruto and Sasuke were currently resting in.

Sakura meanwhile was once again thinking about her uselessness. This time however it was enough to bring tears that slowly slid down her face. She was always being protected not by just her sensei but her teammates and now even Lee. Coming out of her thoughts she once again drew a kunai from her holster.

"That won't work against me" scoffed the sound kunoichi.

"What are you talking about" spoke Sakura with a devious grin on her face that was often seen on her blonde teammate before a prank was pulled.

This confused the kunoichi above her. Sakura however paid it no mind and brought the kunai up before using it to cut off the section of her hair that the girl was holding onto shocking everyone especially Ino. The kunoichi holding her however was sent to the ground do to the fact that she was actually leaning back while pulling on the girls hair.

Once she was free Sakura stood to her feet with a look of determination on her face. She quickly started on some seals Zaku seeing this called for the girl Kin to take her out. She immediately went to do so only for Sakura to turn into a log when she hit her. Zaku seeing this simply held his hands out in front of him.

"Who does she think we are? Is she seriously trying to fight me using such a basic jutsu?" thought Zaku while scanning around the area.

Sakura quickly appeared running for Zaku and throwing a multitude of kunai at him. Zaku once again held his hands out sending out some air pressure while Kin jumped up. Sakura stopped however and once again did the seals for kawarimi a log replacing her once more this time it was filled with kunai.

Zaku however immediately knew she was above him. Looking up he nearly groaned seeing her once again going through those same seals.

"You know that's not going to work more than two or three times" he said before digging into his own pouch. "This good enough for you" he finished launched a few kunai of his own at her.

Once he did that he once again looked around for the girl. He was surprised however when blood suddenly fell onto him. Looking up he saw Sakura still coming down with a kunai in one arm and holding another cocked back ready to stab him. Seeing this he raised his arm just in time for her to come down. Landing on top of him she stabbed the kunai into one of his arm while…biting the other.

This got various reactions from those watching. Zaku however reacted differently taking his other fist and slamming it into her head demanding her to let go. When she held on however he quickly delivered another and another and kept pounding. Sakura took it the entire time while still holding onto the kunai lodged into his arm not that it was stopping him from hitting her though.

Everyone watched as he continued to pound on her head which was already busted open. Because of this no one noticed the aura coming off of Sasuke well almost no one. Zaku after finally prying the girl off his arm tossed her away before standing.

"Cut it out already" spoke Zaku.

"I have to protect everyone" thought Sakura sitting up.

Zaku seeing the defiant look in her eyes once again held his hands out palms aimed towards her.

"Dumb bitch" spoke Zaku.

It was then that Team Ten appeared in front of Sakura though they literally had to drag Choji by his scarf well Shikamaru did.

"So some more weird ones are here now" spoke Zaku.

Sasuke's Mind:

He looked around himself not knowing where the hell he was. Soon however he was able to make out a person in front of him. Someone who was in fact a younger Sasuke.

"Otousan and Okasan didn't have to die" spoke the young Sasuke.

Once he said that Sasuke himself saw the visions of his dead parents one lying on top of the other.

"Everyone was killed. Because I didn't have enough power, the clan was wiped out" finished the young boy before looking up looking eyes with his older self.

Real World:

The sound gennin were getting truly annoyed. They were all tired of this game and ready to finish this.

"They just keep swarming in" said the mummy. "Konoha bugs have wandered in here again."

"What the hell are you two thinking?" said Choji "These guys are two dangerous!"

Choji like Shikamaru knew they were a weak team. Anyone could tell firstly they had the laziest jounin in Konoha as a sensei. Second they never trained Shikamaru either looked at clouds or played shougi with Asuma. He himself was always eating while watching clouds or watching his sensei and teammate play shougi. And Ino only fawned over Sasuke or talked about beating Sakura.

To top that off they all only knew one technique Shikamaru was to lazy to learn new ones. Ino was to busy being a fan girl to learn new ones. And he himself was always to busy eating. He was broken out of his thoughts hearing Shikamaru speaking.

"It's troublesome, but we have to do this. Since Ino revealed herself, we men can't just run away."

"Sorry to get you two involved" spoke Ino. "But we are a three man team. We do everything together."

"Well whatever happens, happens" said Shika.

"No! I don't wanna die yet" cried Choji turning and trying to run for it.

"You can run if you want…" said Zaku "…fatty."

"What did that person just say" asked Choji who had stopped moving completely. "I couldn't here him to well."

"I said you can go jack off in the woods if you want. You fat ass" said Zaku

This however resulted in Choji doing a complete 180. Turning around Chouji's chakra poured out forming a tornado around him while he roared about not being fat but big boned.

Once everything was settled they got to work. Choji had quickly done his seals before going into his Baika no jutsu (Double Weight Technique) making him twice his size. Following this he pulled his limbs inside his clothes with chakra coming out the holes for each one including his head before he curled up turning himself into a ball. Then with a cry of Meat Tank rolled himself towards Zaku.

"What is that? Is just a fat ass rolling" said Zaku before once again thrusting his arms out this time with a cry of "Zankuuha (Air Slicing Blast)" launching a blast of air at the rolling ball of flesh.

After a few moments of the air holding him in place Zaku put more effort into the attack. What happened however surprised him as Choji went up into the air before falling back towards him.

The mummy seeing this quickly rushed towards his teammate. Shikamaru however saw him move and was having none of it. He quickly made his seals before calling out "Ninpo: Kagemane no jutsu (Shadow Copy Technique)". His shadow shot out and connected to his target stopping the sound nin in his tracks.

It was at this time Choji came crashing down narrowly missing Zaku who had jumped to the side. Ino seeing it was her turn decided to take care of Kin. Telling Shikamaru to take care of her body she made her seals and called out "Ninpo: Shintenshin no jutsu". Her attack connected and she quickly took control of the girls body.

Choji however still wasn't done and had kept up his attack. Zaku jumped to the side of another pass knowing this Choji begin to circle him. Looking over and seeing Kin doing nothing he called out to her.


However she didn't respond. Instead she pulled out a kunai and held it upwards before speaking.

"This is it" she spoke. "If you move this girl Kin is dead. If you don't want to retire here I suggest you leave your scroll and get out of here."

"Once you two back off enough so we can't feel your chakra I'll let the girl go" she finished. This however got different results than she expected as both boys smirked.

She quickly called for Choji who immediately came down. Zaku however had already raised his arm and pointed it straight towards the possessed girl before firing a blast of wind at her. Choji raced to intercept it but was blown away while the possessed Kin was blasted into a tree. Ino who was now bleeding from the mouth with both her body and Kin's was shocked they'd attack their own teammate.

"You took us too lightly" spoke Zaku

"Our purpose is not some dumb scroll or to get through this exam" said the mummy to the surprise of team ten.

"It's Sasuke-kun" he finished.

It was then that Shikamaru's shadow retracted freeing the mummy like gennin. Just as they were about to attack and finish it however a new voice spoke up.

"How disgusting" looking up everyone saw it was Hyuga Neji who spoke with his teammate Tenten next to him.

"A mere minor sound shinobi. Acting like victors by beating those second class shinobi" he finished.

"You guys keep coming out like roaches" said Zaku.

"That bobbed haired kid is on our team…" started Neji before his Byakugan activated "…looks like you went overboard with him" he finished making everyone's eyes go wide.

"If your going to continue to fight then we will fight with everything we have" said Neji just then his Byakugan deactivated.

"What is it, Neji?" asked Tenten.

"If you don't like what were doing then stop showing off and come down here" said the mummy..

"No. It seems that there is no need for me to do that" said Neji

That's when everyone felt it. Turning they all saw Sasuke who was getting to his feet with purple chakra pouring off of him, Sharingan activated and black lines moving across his body.

"Sakura who did that two you" spoke Sasuke from inside of the purple chakra.

"Sasuke-kun…your body" stammered Sakura.

After glancing at his body for a moment Sasuke spoke up. "It's fine. More importantly I can feel power pouring out of me. I'm feeling good right now"

"Sakura say it. Who the hell hurt you like that" said Sasuke

"I did" spoke Zaku earning the red eyed boys attention.

Shikamaru knowing the danger quickly called Ino back to her body as well as called for Choji to come back. Neither needed to be told twice and quickly did as told. During this time the lines covering half of the Uchiha's body started to move over to the other half as he turned himself towards Dosu.

Knowing the danger of the cursed seal he quickly tried to retreat. Zaku however who had no knowledge of them was having none of it and quickly spoke up.

"Dosu! Don't be afraid of some half dead guy" he said moving to attack much to Dosu's protest. "I'll kill them all with this. It will be finished in a flash."

With that he thrust his hands out sending a huge air blast where team seven was gathered. The attack blew apart anything that wasn't rooted to its spot. When it died down he smirked not seeing anyone from team seven.

"Ha I blew them all to pieces" said Zaku breathing heavily.

"Blew who to pieces" came Sasuke's voice from next to him before he was viciously backhanded by the Uchiha and launched right over to Dosu.

"He's fast" said Dosu. "On top of that he moved them away while moving instantly"

Sasuke took this opportunity and made a few quick seals launching his attack with a cry of "Katon: Housenka (Fire Element: Phoenix Fire)" sending several small fireballs towards Zaku.

Seeing this Zaku made one more air blast but was unprepared for the shuriken that were hidden in them. It was then that the Uchiha appeared under Zaku he quickly got around him before grabbing both of his arms and planting his foot into the boys back. No one missed the smile that came to his face at that moment.

"You seem proud of your arms" spoke the Uchiha applying more pressure to said limbs. He then proceeded to viciously break the boys arms while he screamed out in pain. With that done he turned towards Dosu.

"You better entertain me better than he did" spoke the Uchiha while walking forward. Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and was about to go and stop him when he was stopped.

Everyone looked towards him and was surprised to see Naruto up. Sasuke looked over and saw him he was standing with his back towards Dosu holding Sasuke by his left arm with his head down and hair hiding his eyes.

Naruto had awoken when he first felt the boys aura change. He had been waiting to see what would happen and had seen enough.

"Let me go Dobe" said the Uchiha.

"Wait" Naruto said it quietly so only Sasuke could here it. When the Uchiha tried moving forward again he was surprised when the grip only tightened.

"I said wait." spoke the blonde looking at him out the corner of his eye. Sasuke recoiled at the sight he'd never seen eyes so cold in his life. It was for this reason that he decided to see what he would do.

Turning towards Dosu he looked up locking eyes with the boy before speaking.

"You have two choices either give up your scroll and leave or die" said the blonde shocking everyone before he continued.

"And just so you know I have no intention of wasting my time with you. Though I would let Sasuke here finish what he started" he finished earning a smirk from the Uchiha.

Dosu wasted no time in surrendering his scroll before grabbing his teammates and getting the hell out of there. Once they were out of sight Naruto released Sasuke and walked over before sitting with his back to a tree breathing heavily.

With the rush of battle over Sasuke himself fell right on his butt the markings covering him receding. Sakura seeing this immediately rushed over to him. It was thanks to Naruto's enhanced hearing he was able to hear Sasuke tell Sakura not to tell him how the Uchiha got the mark on his neck.

Choji and Shikamaru moved over to Naruto while Ino went to fix up Sakura. Tenten and Neji picked up Lee and left then.

"You alright Naruto" asked Choji.

"Not really. I'm still not completely healed that took a lot out of me" replied the blonde.

"Well that's what you get troublesome blonde" said Shikamaru earning a smirk from Naruto.

Shikamaru was one of the few who knew that Naruto was holding back. Not that he was told he had just happened to see the blonde while he was training once. It was at this time he saw the blonde could do anything required for a shinobi except for make a bunshin. It was then he figured out that Naruto had been purposely failing though he didn't say anything that would be too troublesome.

Finally after Ino was done fixing up Sakura's hair they each headed out their separate ways. Sasuke looked towards Naruto only to find that his eyes had changed back to the normal happy eyes he usually saw. Seeing this he just played it off as a trick off his imagination and forgot about it.

"Listen were short on time I suggest we head straight towards the tower and take out anyone in the way" said Naruto getting nods from the Uchiha who he was speaking two. With that they put on a little more speed and headed that way.

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