Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 4

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Our hero was currently walking out of the forest on his way towards the hospital. After finishing the second exam they had ended up having a preliminary round. He wasn't really in a good mood so he didn't really pay attention to most of the matches. The ones he did watch however were pretty good.

Sasuke's match was alright in his opinion though he found it rather disrespectful that the Uchiha had stolen one of Lee's hard earned moves. He found he wasn't alone in this as both Gai and Lee had screamed about the un-youthfulness of the Sharingan.

He was also able to finally see one of Suna's famed puppeteers in action and had to admit the guy Kankuro was good. Shino's match was also pretty good he got a slight bit of satisfaction seeing Shino cripple that big mouth Oto nin with his bugs.

He had completely ignored the match between Ino and Sakura simply because neither of them had any skill what so ever. One would think he would have paid attention to anything involving Sakura since he was always asking her for dates though that was just part of his mask. He did however know that if that bitch even tried hitting him again he quickly shook that thought from his head.

Anyway after that match he himself had to fight Kiba. The dog boy had seriously thought he could beat him. Anyway since he couldn't use most of his chakra he had settled for a combination of tricks to win his match.

The most exciting match however was the match between fuzzy brows and that Gaara guy unfortunately Lee lost both the match and perhaps his shinobi career. Lee apparently was a speed demon and had those ugly orange leg warmers hiding an incredible amount of weights.

Then there was Hinata's match now that one pissed him off. You see he had known Hinata for years, however because of his situation he had convinced her to keep their relationship secret which is what they'd been doing for a long time. Anyway she had fought against her cousin Neji. The prick didn't just want to beat her though, no first he had to try and crush her mentally before fighting knowing he'd win regardless.

You see it was no secret Hinata's father had abandoned her training years ago though no one new the real reason why. He had simply said Hinata was weak though Naruto had his own suspicions anyway long story short Neji went so far as trying to kill her, after the god damned match was over.

It was then when he had lost his patience. The jounins had stopped Neji luckily for him because of this Naruto changed directions mid flight to go to Hinata's side. After some snide remarks from the white eyed bastard Naruto had had enough. This time it wasn't the jounins who stopped Naruto but the Hokage himself.

He had appeared on the ground holding the blonde by the wrist it was then everyone had seen the kunai he had already pressed into the boy's throat which was in deep enough to draw blood. Needless to say it had everyone shocked since nobody knew he could move that fast. Anyway once Hinata was taken away by the medics he himself went back into the stands. Though not before telling Neji he'd be kicking his ass should they fight in the third exam.

This is the reason he was very pleased when he found he'd be fighting the Hyuga bastard a month from now in the tournament. He had studied the match ups for a while just to know who he'd fight after he crused the Hyuga and this is what he found.

First Match: Uzumaki Naruto vs. Hyuga Neji

Second Match: Uchiha Sasuke vs. Sabaku no Gaara

Third Match: Aburame Shino vs. Sabaku no Kankuro

Forth Match: Nara Shikamaru vs. Kinuta Dosu

Sabaku no Temari fights the winner of the fourth match

He was broken out of his thoughts upon entering the hospital. There in front of him is none other than Kakashi deciding to play nice he went up to the man only to be interrupted before he could speak.

"Before you ask I can't train you" spoke Kakashi.

"Let me guess your training your precious Uchiha" was Naruto's reply.

"Ma, ma don't be like that anyway I already found someone to train you" said Kakashi. Once he said that closet pervert Ebisu came out of hiding causing Naruto to frown.

"No thanks. Oh and just for the record I wasn't going to ask you to train me" said Naruto before pushing past the jounin.

"You know I do hope I make chuunin at least that way I get off this so called team" spoke the blonde before walking up to the receptionist and getting Hinata's room number.

Meanwhile both Kakashi and Ebisu were stunned Kakashi more so than Ebisu. Ebisu had known that the boy was more than he led on to be since that night they met. While he may have initially disliked the blonde that opinion had changed upon seeing the good impact he made on Konohamaru. He simply chuckled before leaving Kakashi still standing there stunned speechless before he shrugged it off and went for Sasuke.

An hour later found Naruto in Sandaime's office. He had actually just gotten in after that rotten secretary decided to do her job. After having the seal that the hebi put on him removed he decided to ask about the other one.

"Ojiisan did you know about the suppression seal" asked he blonde quietly.

"What suppression seal Naruto-kun" asked the old man knowing there were many holding Kyuubi back.

"The one that's been suppressing all of my abilities and I mean all of them" said the blonde.

"Explain" said the old man.

"Firstly I'm not getting enough spiritual energy running through me which is screwing up my chakra control. Second I found out it's effecting my speed, strength and my memory" explained the blonde.

"Sorry Naruto-kun that I didn't know about" said Sarutobi. The blonde nodded hearing this and was just about to leave when he turned back.

"Ojiisan do you know anybody who could train me for the exams" asked the blonde.

"What happened to Kakashi" asked the old man, Naruto scowled before answering.

"Apparently his times better spent on the villages precious Uchiha" said the blonde spitting the name out.

Sandaime frowned hearing this before writing something on a piece of paper and handing it to the blonde. Seeing the boy's confused look he explained.

"You should find a white haired old man named Jaraiya near the bathhouses. Once you do hand him that and he'll train you" said the old man.

"Are you sure? I mean he's not another of the demon haters is he" asked the blonde.

"No far from it. He was actually one of my students and the man that trained the fourth" said Sarutobi.

The blonde's eyes went wide hearing this before he thanked the old man and left the building. Once he was gone Sarutobi sighed it seems he'd made a mistake allowing Naruto to be with Kakashi.


Said copy nin sneezed for the fifth time. He was currently training Sasuke to enhance his speed. He had big plans for the Uchiha concerning these exams there was no way his favorite student would lose to any of them.

With Naruto Later:

Naruto finally arrived at the bathhouses. He'd run into Sakura earlier who was complaining about not being able to find Sasuke needless to say he had completely brushed her off. After searching around a bit he decided he'd relax while he could and walked inside.

It was while he was heading inside that he heard the sound. He recognized the sound of course since his pervert of a sensei makes it a lot. It was giggling perverted giggling however instead of going over there he decided to mind his own business.

After a while of the giggling his curiosity got the better of him and he looked towards the noise. Looking the man over he saw long white hair that went to past the man's mid back. He wore sandals that were more common to samurai or so he'd heard. He also wore a red vest or jacket he couldn't tell from behind and he had a large scroll on his back.

Curiousity once again winning over his more cautious nature he decided to speak up. However upon getting no response he got out of the oh so relaxing hot water and walked over to the man.

"Excuse me you wouldn't happy to be Jaraiya would you" asked the blonde.

"And if I am" asked the man not even looking at him

"Than I have something for you" this caught the man's attention.

Turning his head he looked the blonde over and didn't like what he saw. It wasn't until he saw the whisker-like marks on his cheeks did recognition enter the mans eyes.

"What would that be gaki?"

Naruto said nothing simply handing the man the hokage's note from his pocket. Jaraiya read it over before nodding to himself. Folding the note up he looked at the blonde before speaking.

"Alright I'll train you gaki meet me here tomorrow morning at nine" getting a nod from the boy he turned back to his work once he knew he was gone he went back to giggling.

The Next Morning:

Naruto was currently heading once more towards the bathhouses. He had been up since about seven. It's not that he woke up that early for this reason it just happened since he was so used to getting up early. In the shinobi world most people were up at about five and at home around eight.

He quickly arrived in the same spot he'd met Jaraiya finding he was the first to arrive. Two minutes later Jaraiya himself came strolling up taking this time the blonde studied the man. He found his shirt and pants were a very light green he still wore the red vest and had some kind of hitae-tae on his head with the Kanji for oil.

Once the man reached the blonde they both walked off until they found a lake. Once they did the man ran through a few seals before slamming his hand to the ground calling out "Kuchiyose no jutsu (Summoning Technique)". There was a cloud of smoke which cleared revealing a toad with a large scroll in its mouth.

Once the scroll was on the ground and unrolled Naruto following Jaraiya's instructions quickly signed his name to it in blood of course before putting down a handprint as well. Once that was done Jaraiya explained he'd be teaching the blonde how to summon. After a while Jaraiya decided to let the blonde try it out what resulted from this got sweat drops from both.

"I guess my control is still screwed from what the Hebi did" muttered the blonde catching Jariaya's attention.

"What are you talking about gaki" asked the white haired pervert.

"During the second exam this creepy grass nin attacked my team and put a five point seal on me. I had ojiisan remove it but I guess the damage is still done." Said the blonde.

Jaraiya's face darkened hearing that there were only three people besides him who could use that seal. One of them just so happened to be very snake like. He quickly shook those thoughts away before telling the blonde to start water walking seeing his confused look he spoke up.

"Kid what did Kakashi teach you?" asked the pervert.

"Tree walking" said the blonde

"That's it" asked the man with a scowl

"Yeah not like I expected much anyway" said the blonde

"Why'd you say that" asked Jaraiya

"People have been trying to hinder me all my life. I had no reason to believe he wouldn't besides it's not like he pays attention to anyone besides the Uchiha anyway" said the blonde.

"You don't like your team" asked the man

"No I don't. I'd quit if I could but I'm stuck unless I make chuunin" said the boy.

"Not necessarily" said Jaraiya

"I could talk to the old man and make you my apprentice" he finished.

"You'd do that" asked the blonde

"Yeah you actually remind me of my last apprentice" said Jaraiya

"Yondaime" said the blonde getting a nod from the man.

"Honestly I'm confused on the man. I don't know weather to hate him or admire him" said Naruto.

Jaraiya said nothing knowing what the boy was talking about. He had talked to Sarutobi yesterday so he knew how the blonde was treated around the village. He'd also been told about the blondes mask which he's actually seen very little of.

After a moment more he the duo got back to work with Jaraiya telling the blonde how to do the exercise. Once he did he left the blonde to his own devices while he went off for a bit of research.

Jaraiya returned to find Naruto passed out under the trees. It had been a couple of hours plenty of time for him to go see the old man and get some research done. In that time he had got the old man's consent and taken Naruto off of team seven officially making him his apprentice.

He had also found out about the suppression seal that the blonde had neglected to mention though he paid it no mind figuring that the boy thought that if Sandaime couldn't do it then no one could. He shook himself from his thoughts before waking the blonde once he got him up he spoke.

"Alright I've got the old man to agree so your off team seven and as of this moment my apprentice" spoke the pervert getting a nod from the blonde.

"Now this means lots of things most importantly that you'll need new clothes" he stopped seeing the frown come on the boys face.

"That's impossible no one will sell me any good clothes or tools for that matter since everyone wants me to die" said the blonde.

Jaraiya nodded at that since it made perfect since with everything else that's happened in the boys life.

"If that's the case I'll pick up some things for you alright. Next is from now on I'll be training you hard. While I would normally leave and do some research you've been neglected enough as it is" he paused for breath before continuing.

"That's all for today. Meet me here tomorrow same time" getting a nod from the blonde he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

That Night:

Naruto once again awoke in the sewers he now associated with his mind. This time was different however as he felt himself being pulled in a certain direction upon reaching his destination he once again found himself facing the fox only this time there was no wall blocking it.

"Come closer kid" spoke the fox.

Not one to show fear he did as asked and didn't even budge when the claws shot out at him stopping just a few inches away from him.

"Impressive you show no fear" spoke the fox. "But your still far too weak"

"What do you want fox" spoke Naruto in an annoyed tone.

"You've impressed me kit. I wanted to see you for myself is all" spoke the fox.

"If that's all you wanted than I'm leaving" with that said the blonde turned and started to walk out.

"I could break the suppression seal" spoke the fox stopping Naruto in his tracks.

"What do you want in return" asked Naruto warily.

"I want out" said the fox.

"No deal" said the blonde before once again turning away

"I didn't mean it that way" said the fox getting the blondes attention, seeing this it continued.

"I meant you could summon me out. I mean it's cramped in here I need to stretch my legs" said the fox.

"You sound like such a girl right now" said the boy with a smirk.

"I AM A GIRL" roared Kyuubi knocking the blonde on his ass. With that there was a puff of smoke which cleared to reveal something completely different. Inside the cage now stood a girl who looked to be about 15 years old.

She had long red hair, a pair of fox ears and pink eyes. She had a considerable amount of bust as well as nine tails swaying behind her. It was at this point Naruto realized one critical thing she was completely naked this of course resulted in him being launched backwards by a massive nose bleed.

Once he regained consciousness and was back on his feet he looked over finding her to have some clothes on now. She now wore a pair of black pants and a pink shirt with some black sandals on her feet. He didn't know weather to be grateful or cry because of this.

"Anyway like I was saying I'll remove the suppression seal if you let me out every once in a while" spoke Kyuubi getting a nod from the blonde.

Once she saw that red chakra leaked out the cage before engulfing the blonde while some went down the corridor. She was impressed since the boy wasn't screaming though he was whimpering from the pain. Finally it was over leaving the blonde panting while she looked him over.

He had now developed an impressive set of claws as well as some fangs. Finally the whisker marks on his cheeks thickened and his eyes had become slitted but were still blue. Lastly his hair became wilder and shaggier turning a darker yellow making it resemble fur. Then just as suddenly as he changed he was normal again though his hair remained the same and he was a bit taller.

"What the hell was that" panted the blonde.

"That was your gift for impressing me. If you'll look you'll notice you now sport a nice set of claws as well as some fangs. Along with that I've enhanced your senses to that of a kitsune" spoke Kyuubi getting a nod from the boy.

"What's the catch, am I part demon now or something" asked the blonde.

"You've been part demon for a while now" spoke Kyuubi getting a confused look from the blonde.

"Remember the bridge incident where you took some of my power since then. I just activated your abilities is all" said Kyuubi.

Naruto nodded hearing this part though it didn't change much to him anyway.

"Alright you might want to sit down. We have lots to discuss" said Kyuubi. Naruto nodded before making a leather reclining chair appear and sitting down.

Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi was just finishing up his paper work when he felt it. He hadn't felt a power like this for twelve years. Looking into his crystal ball he found Naruto still fast asleep his body having a blue outline glowing around it which quickly faded. He also noticed his clawed hands just before they returned to their regular shape. Then for just a split second he saw a sword appear by the blonde though it to faded out of existence. It was for this reason he decided to keep watching just in case anything else happened.

The Next Day:

Naruto was awoken to the sound of knocking on his door which was something quite odd for someone who'd never had visitors. Upon answering the door he found it was none other than Jaraiya with a large bag in his hand which he quickly tossed to the blonde before walking inside.

"Hurry up and get changed we have lots to do today" said Jaraiya getting a nod from the blonde who took the pack to change.

He came out wearing black shinobi sandals and pants that were bandaged at the ends. He also wore a black shirt which he thought to be rather tight and a large black trench coat. He had also replaced his blue headband for a black one but kept the same haitae-tae. Getting a nod from the older man who quickly grabbed his shoulder both disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi sighed behind the mountain of paperwork he found himself doing. He'd been thinking about the situation with Naruto all night before finally making the decision to tell the boy about his family. He just hoped that the boy would take the news well.

With Naruto:

Too say Jaraiya was impressed would be an understatement. They had come out here and Naruto was stronger and faster than yesterday. He also noticed that the blonde's attention span had increased as well as his chakra control. He had also checked for his elemental affinity finding the boy's chakra to be wind natured.

They were currently in the middle of a spar since Jaraiya had wanted to test the boy's level. It seems the boy had learned more than one jutsu from the forbidden scroll if his usage of kage kunai no jutsu was any indication.

Calling for a stop he decided to test the boys summoning skills. A few quick seals and a thumb bite later and Naruto was standing on a medium sized toad. Naruto dismissed it before using Kyuubi's chakra per Jaraiya's instruction this time the cloud of smoke was massive and Naruto was starting out at above the trees.


Naruto who was panting quickly explained to the toad what was going on. The toad was skeptical at first but after looking closer at the boy knew he had done it. In the end the toad Gamabunta simply said to summon him if he needed anything though once he could they were getting a drink.

Jaraiya who was watching from his hiding spot couldn't believe it. Naruto had done what even he couldn't do in befriending the boss toad. He and the old man would definitely have to talk and soon something about the kid was far too familiar.


Ten people were currently gathered inside of a large room. Each of them wore a black kimono, a black hakama, a white sash around the waist and a white haori. They were currently lined up in two parallel lines facing each other with one, the oldest standing at the head between each.

He himself was an older man. He had a bald head and a long white beard that he had somehow managed to bind together with a long black string. In his left hand he carried a large wooden staff and although he was old he exuded an aura of power stronger than anyone in the room. After looking around and seeing everyone gathered he spoke up.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know you all have lots to do so I'll get straight to the point" he paused for a moment then continued.

"Last night there was a massive amount of reiatsu detected in the human world" stated the old man. After this was said one person raised their hand and spoke after receiving permission.

"Sir large amounts of reiatsu are always detected there how does this warrant any concern" the speaker was female judging by the feminine voice.

"True. However what has my concern is that I've been told that in three years this person could develop as much reiatsu as Kurosaki Ichigo had when he first started" spoke the old man shocking many.

"The reiatsu vanished as quickly as it appeared however. I will be having the area monitored in case it appears again. It goes without saying that we cannot have Aizen finding the one who emitted such power" said the old man he paused then continued.

"I will be sending the tenth division captain to monitor the situation the rest of you are dismissed." With that all but the said person left leaving the two alone.

He was young the youngest in the group looking to be in his early teens and had short white hair and green eyes. He also had a sword band wrapped around his back that was made from a long pale-green cloth which was of course holding his sword.

"You will be traveling to the elemental continents to the village of Konoha. The elemental countries are all currently hidden behind a very powerful illusion isolating them from the rest of the world" he paused for a moment then continued.

"You are to find the one emitting the reiatsu and monitor them. Any findings you make report back to me directly you leave tomorrow" finished the older man.

"Hai Yamato-sama" spoke the white haired youth before leaving.

The man known as Yamato sighed hopefully they could prevent anything from getting too dangerous around there. He wasn't worried the Hitsugaya Toshiro although young was one of the best which is exactly why he sent him.

Still something about that reiatsu was familiar to him. It was for this reason that he was worried he knew of only one person who had stayed there as well as her child. He quickly shook that thought away as the child was reported to have died the night he was born. And with as many people who had died that night it was definitely possible. He sighed once again before heading outside he definitely needed some air.

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