Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 5:

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Start Now

It was nice and quiet. The perfect setting if you asked Uzumaki Naruto. He'd been up for about an hour now sitting on top of the Monument. For as long as he could remember he would come and watch the sun rise from on top of the Monument. Nobody was ever up this early which meant no one was glaring at him.

Everyday was the same for him wake up and watch the sun rise. Then slap on a cheesy grin and deal with the glares, insults and all around mistreatment all day. Though he truly loved the village he had long since given up on its people. As far as he was concerned they were a lost cause especially the older generation.

His generation was in the middle ground while Konohamaru's generation was fine. It was for them that he would become Hokage. It's funny in the beginning becoming Hokage had just been a part of his mask like his infatuation with Sakura. It was Hinata that had convinced him to actually go for it and it was for her that he would.

For them they had things all planned out. If he were to become Hokage and she the Hyuga Head then together they'd be able to change things. The first of which would be removing and banning the caged bird seal. That is of course if he lived long enough to make it happen.

While he pretended to be one he was no ones fool. He had known for a while the council was trying to have him killed especially Sandaime's former team mates. Then there was Danzo to deal with since the fool was trying to turn him into a weapon. He shook himself from his thoughts seeing the sun coming up and headed back towards his apartment.

Once back inside he settled himself down before going to go see his resident vixen. Navigating through the halls of his mind he quickly found himself in front of Kyuubi finding her still sleeping. For a moment he just stood back and watched her as she slept. He couldn't believe the being in front of him was the fearsome Kyuubi. He'd mistake her for an angel if he didn't know who she was. The two had already made peace with each other though she still wouldn't tell him why she attacked.

He had also changed her surroundings a bit at least what he could. Instead of the cage that once held her she was now in a bedroom of sorts. She of course had a bed, a desk, a bookshelf and a fireplace. There was a couch in the room as well as two reclining chairs. He had created a door which leads to a garden with flowers of every kind he knew. Finally she now wore a black choker around her neck with the kanji for seal in the front.

After a moment more he changed his mind and hopped on to the couch to catch some extra sleep.

Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi was in engaged in the fiercest battle of his life. He was battling against his greatest enemy to date, an enemy far worse than Orochimaru could ever be. This enemy just couldn't stay down and was more annoying than Gai's youth rants. It was the greatest enemy of all Kage's the enemy known as paperwork.

In all of his years as Hokage combined he still couldn't stop it. It was Yondaime who had, gaining him the title of greatest Kage ever. Sadly he had taken the secret with him to his grave.

Normally the Sandaime wouldn't be caught dead in this office at this hour. However today was different as he had plans for today. Today would be the day that he'd tell Naruto of his heritage. He had a feeling he wouldn't be around much longer and didn't want to take this secret to his grave. With that thought in mind he put a bit more effort into his work hoping to finish this soon.

With Jariaya:

He was also up early working. He hadn't done any research since he had taken Naruto as his apprentice. The kid was like a sponge absorbing whatever he could teach him especially jutsu's. He had learned the few jutsu's he'd taught him quickly though he kept going until he mastered it instead of just learning it and trying another one.

They'd been mostly working on the boy's taijutsu and chakra control. While his control improved a bit it still wasn't that good. His taijutsu however was just horrible apparently the kid hadn't been lying when he'd said people had been trying to hinder him.

While the boy could brawl it was nothing in comparison to a true taijutsu style. He did notice however the blonde seemed to be learning quickly. Though that could probably be because he was tired of losing their spars all the time.

He had also learned a lot from his new apprentice such as the fact Kyuubi's a girl and apparently a hot one. He had been trying to get Naruto to use her chakra when Naruto told him how he met her. That was the first time he had actually wished that Kyuubi was sealed in him instead.

He had also been helping the boy hone his new senses. The boy's senses had increased at least ten times. He could now make an Inuzuka's nose look like that of a regular human. He also now had a great pair of eyes which let him see at a distance, gave him night vision, and apparently could make things out in greater detail.

He shook himself from his thoughts before turning back to the springs. He was careful to keep his giggling quiet as these were all ANBU level kunoichi he was using for his research. This was the only bad thing about starting this early all the strong kunoichi were here since they couldn't come any other time. He shook his head quickly and got back to work praying to not be caught.

With Naruto:

Naruto had just been awakened by Kyuubi. Once he was she immediately got down to business. She had been teaching the blonde everything they wouldn't teach him in the academy and some things they hadn't taught at all. Naruto for his part was actually learning it and remembering due to his now unsuppressed mind.

This had been going on since they had first spoken. She was currently teaching the blonde how to dispel genjutsu. They had already discovered that he would never be able to use genjutsu but she'd teach him how to break and counter them.

She had gone through his memories and was determined to have him ready for this tournament. Especially with him there he'd need to be otherwise he'd die. She was broken from her thoughts feeling a presence near her vessels body.

"Kit time to go someone's in the apartment" spoke Kyuubi. Naruto nodded with narrowed eyes before he faded out.

Real World:

When Naruto awoke his hand immediately went around the handle of a kunai. He made sure not to move anything but his hand keeping himself under the sheets of his bed. This wasn't the first time this happened he'd had years of experience dealing with assassination attempts.

"Oi wake up gaki Sarutobi-sensei wants to see you" came Jariaya's voice. Naruto breathe a sigh of relief hearing his voice.

"You know you shouldn't do that" spoke Naruto surprising Jariaya before removing the blanket showing the kunai in his hand.

"It could get you killed" finished the blonde.

"Anyway get dressed the old man wants us there in 30 minutes" spoke Jariaya hiding his surprise, getting a nod from the boy. With that he grabbed the boy by the shoulder before they both disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Hokage Tower:

The old man was currently gazing out the window towards the Hokage Monument. After a few more moments he sat back in his seat and lit his pipe. Taking a few puffs he exhaled before turning his attention to the two in the room.

"I've given this a lot of thought and have determined that it's time you learned of your family Naruto-kun" spoke the old man causing Naruto's eyes to go wide.

"Now before I begin you must know that this must remain a secret as such only tell those you feel you can trust fully" he finished getting a nod from the blonde.

"Your family Naruto-kun originated from Kusa (grass) and is the noblest family in our village. They are also the most secretive clan to exist within Konoha. In fact they are so secretive except for us no one knows they even exist. Your clan Naruto-kun is known as the Senju" said the old man.

"Unfortunately the clan nearly died out during the great shinobi wars. I was never told how just that they nearly died out. Those that managed to survive split up in two different directions. Some came and settled here in Fire Country and eventually building and naming our village" said Sarutobi

"Wait if that's the case then both Shodaime and Nidaime would be related to me right" said Naruto with wide eyes.

"That's correct my sensei's the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokages are in turn your uncle and great grandfather" spoke Sarutobi much to Naruto's and Jariaya's shock.

"Wait you're telling me he's related to Tsunade" said Jariaya with wide eyes.

"He's her nephew" said Sarutobi.

"Wait what about my parents" asked Naruto.

Sarutobi sighed knowing the easy part was over with. Now would be the hard part hopefully though Naruto wouldn't over react.

"Your mother is a mystery to me Naruto-kun, sadly all I know is her name Kushina" spoke the old man.

"Your father however I know plenty about. He was one of the greatest shinobi to ever live. He was actually a lot like you are, his name was Senju Namikaze Minato" spoke Sandaime waiting for the explosion he sighed however when it didn't come.

"Wait you're telling me he's Yondaime's gaki" said Jariaya before he shook his head mumbling to himself about how he couldn't figure it out.

"Are you telling me my own father did this to me" said Naruto angrily.

Sarutobi sighed once again this time looking like the old man that he was. He knew this would happen the minute the blonde found out. While the blonde used to look up to Yondaime his image of him shattered when he found out about Kyuubi being sealed in him by the man.

Naruto himself was beyond pissed. He couldn't understand how the man could be his father yet force him to live a life worse than death. The man had ruined his life before he even had a chance at living it.

"Tell me Naruto-kun" spoke Sandaime breaking the boy from his thoughts. "Could you sacrifice someone else's child when you had one yourself. Could you trust anyone else besides your own flesh and blood with power like Kyuubi's."

The blonde shinobi sighed hearing that of course he couldn't do something like that. He could never see himself forcing someone else to live his life. He really couldn't see himself handing a power like Kyuubi's to anyone especially people like the Uchiha's and Hyuga's.

"So what now" spoke Naruto quietly.

With that they discussed other things namely his inheritance. This of course included a house and a nice portion of the village. It also included some money as well as a few scrolls including the forbidden scroll.


Hitsuguya Toshiro scowled as he walked down the streets of Konoha. He'd been here for two weeks and still hadn't found who he was looking for. He had discovered that most of the shinobi had a large amount of reiatsu though he hadn't found anyone with enough to warrant any concern.

He had however felt a presence that was different from the others. When he went to investigate he had found a young red-headed shinobi with the kanji for love on his forehead and a large gourd on his back. While his presence was different it wasn't who he was looking for.

He had also discovered that the one they had called Hokage had a lot of reiatsu enough to become a shinigami when he died. He was broken from his thoughts when a different presence hit his senses. Following it he came to a small stand of some kind. Upon entering he found a blonde shinobi who looked to be around the same age as he himself looked.

He raised an eyebrow seeing the number of bowls the blonde had stacked to the side. Sitting down he ordered one bowl of miso before closing his eyes and focusing on the blonde's reiatsu. It took him a few minutes to find it which was a surprise, but upon finding it he inwardly smirked at finding who he was looking for.

Naruto himself was on his eighth bowl. Jariaya had given him the day off not really surprising for what he learned today. I mean who wouldn't be surprised about finding out they were of the noblest clan in their village after living the life he lived for twelve years.

Even still he knew it wouldn't change anything right now. He couldn't touch anything of his families until he was either sixteen or until Tsunade who he found out was one of the Sannin returned as she is his last known living relative.

He had been told that the reason no one knows of the Senju clan was because members of the clan don't use the clan name. Apparently the males of the clan always used a different clan name while females dropped it all together. This was why his father was known as Namikaze Minato and not Senju.

He scowled thinking of that man. As far as he was concerned the man while noble was a fool. He quickly shook his head removing the negative thoughts before finishing the last of his ramen. Once done he paid, thanked Ayame and the old man and left heading for the one spot in the village where he knew he could be alone.

Hokage Tower:

Both Sarutobi and Jariaya were still in the office. They had seen how Naruto had taken the news and felt for the boy. Though the blonde had stopped wearing his mask neither would be able to tell what he was thinking if not for his eyes. The blonde's eyes had changed for just a split second but they had both seen it clearly. The coldness in the boy's eyes when he looked down at the village would've frozen it over if they had the power.

Jariaya himself was currently lost in thought. How was it he had Minato's son as his apprentice and didn't know it. He should have seen it from the beginning the two had too many similarities. Both had bright blonde hair as well as those deep blue eyes, which no one else in the village had.

Both of them were ninjutsu sponges and neither could use genjutsu to save their lives. Both were extremely protective of their friends as well. Both had a presence that immediately captured the attention of everyone in the room.

But the thing that top all of that was their determination. Both were determined to accomplish their goals so much so that you had no choice but believe they could do it no matter how impossible it seems. For Minato that was stopping Kyuubi and for Naruto that is gaining the village's acknowledgement.

That would probably be the only real thing about Naruto when he was under the mask. Everything else was a stretch according to his sensei. While its true the boy had a playful side, cheerfulness was something he lacked as he had never been cheerful for anything in his life.

He quickly shook those thoughts from his head hoping to keep the negativity out. After a few more minutes the toad sage stood before disappearing in a puff of smoke leaving Sarutobi to his thoughts.


Sasuke was panting heavily. Upon awakening he had been told by Kakashi that his training would begin immediately. With his Sharingan they had began working on his speed and taijutsu by remembering and focusing on Lee's movements he was able to copy it.

He smirked to himself at that thought. Though the spandex wearing teen had beaten him before he knew it wouldn't happen again. In fact he was pretty sure no one in the tournament could beat him. After all he was an Uchiha so it was only natural he'd be better than them.

That Night:

Naruto sighed staring up at the moonlit sky. He had come directly to this spot after leaving Ichiraku's not stopping for anything. This spot was his getaway that no one, not even Hinata knew about. This spot was were he came whenever the problems of the village got to him.

He had also stayed here for a while when he was thrown out of the orphanage. He had stayed here for two years until he met the Hokage when he was six. Glancing around one last time his gaze landed on the lake for a brief instant before he turned and headed back to the village.

After a while he found himself back in the village jumping across the rooftops. He stopped however feeling a strong killing intent from behind him. Turning around he saw the red headed suna gennin Sabaku no Gaara. Blue and green eyes stared each other down for a few moments before the red head spoke up.

"Your aura is different. The power in it is the same as what I sensed two weeks ago" spoke the suna nin his emotionless expression still in place though curiosity was in his voice.

"Things change" was Naruto's response.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you" said the suna gennin before he disappeared in a whirl of sand.

Naruto himself simply turned around and continued on his way. Not even bothering to give what was said any thought. Not that he wasn't worried because he knew the suna nin would hold true if given the chance. As well as the fact he could feel the demonic presence coming from the red head.

The reason he didn't think about it however was this. He was too tired to give a shit right now. That's all there was to it the only thing on the blondes mind at the moment was getting back to his crappy apartment and going to sleep. Arriving at his apartment the blonde quickly unlocked the door before walking straight to his bed and collapsing face first falling asleep instantly.


The blonde opened his eyes finding himself in the halls of his mind. It took him very little time to find his way to what he now called Kyuubi's den. The vixen seeing him motioned for him to approach which he did cautiously. While he wasn't afraid of Kyuubi he knew that it was time for his combat training.

Kyuubi had been teaching how to fight since the beginning. While it's true he'd been fighting all his life he was a brawler and had no set style or any proper form. Kyuubi was fixing that problem teaching him a style from her own clan to reflect the blonde's new demonic heritage. Once he was close enough Kyuubi pounced coming at him hard and fast. Naruto groaned because of this knowing it would be a long night.

Two weeks later:

The countdown to the tournament was over. The weeks to some of the participants had passed far too quickly. While for others such as Sabuku no Gaara it didn't pass quickly enough. The village had been flooded with people to see the tournament most betting on either the Hyuga or the Uchiha to win it.

During this time Naruto had not been seen in the village once. The villagers had begun spreading rumors of his death because of this. In the whole month only three people had seen the blonde in the village Sarutobi, Gaara, and the owner of Ichiraku's. None of them however made any comments upon hearing the rumors.

Naruto himself was currently standing at team seven's traditional training grounds with Jiriaya. The reason I say traditional training grounds is because every team seven including Sarutobi's gennin team, the Sannin, Yondaime's gennin team, Kakashi's, and Naruto's own previous team had always trained here.

They were just finishing up Naruto's warm up exercises. Jariaya had told him warming up now would get him ready for his match. This was the sight Hyuga Hinata saw upon arriving there where she was supposed to meet the blonde. She blushed heavily upon seeing Naruto again.

While they had known each other for years Hinata still blushed every time she saw him. Which she knew he would never figure out why because of his lack of knowledge on certain subjects as a result of his childhood.

She had also heard the rumors of Naruto's death but knew they weren't true. She knew Naruto as stubborn as he is wouldn't die until he accomplished his goals and she wouldn't allow it until she accomplished hers. She once again blushed heavily at that thought, and the naughty thoughts that it triggered.

Naruto looked up and smiled seeing his closest friend. This wasn't the smile of his mask but one that Hinata had the privilege of being one of the only people to see from him, a true smile. After the introductions were made and greetings exchanged Jaraiya grabbed both gennin by the shoulders before disappearing in a whirl of leaves.


The stadium was packed with everyone from villagers to the Fire Country's Daimyo. Sarutobi himself was seated in a special booth reserved for the Kage's of the participants. Beside him sat the Kazekage who had arrived not long ago. Looking down Sarutobi saw all but two gennin had arrived, those two being Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.

He wasn't the only person however that noticed this for everyone did. For most they were wondering where the Uchiha was while some of the villagers smirked not seeing Naruto believing the rumors to be true. Neji himself was smirking believing Naruto had run away not wanting to face him.

Everyone looked up when Gaara took a few steps back. Temari and Kankuro seeing this did likewise knowing Gaara had reasons for doing anything. They moved just in time as a whirlwind of leaves picked up obscuring everyone's vision.

When it cleared there stood a completely different Uzumaki Naruto than they remembered. They looked over his new outfit some, the females drooling seeing how the shirt clung to him showing off his muscles while his trench coat blew in the wind. Moving their gaze they saw along with him was the Hyuga Heiress Hinata and for those who knew of him the Toad Sannin Jariaya.

Jariaya after confirming they were on time looked at the blonde receiving a nod before once again taking Hinata by the shoulder this time disappearing in a poof of smoke. Naruto turned feeling the killing intent directed at him to find Gaara glaring at him. Seeing this, the blonde leveled his own glare unconsciously releasing his own killing intent which combined with Kyuubi's.

This of course startled all the shinobi on the field. The leaf nin cause they had never seen the blonde like this. The suna nin however were shocked that the blonde produced a level of killing intent that surpassed Gaara's own.

Hayate himself however was shivering feeling Kyuubi's killing intent again as were any other shinobi who had ever felt it. What shocked them however was that Naruto seemed to not even notice. Then just as quickly as it escaped it disappeared letting everyone breathe a sigh of relief while Gaara grinned maniacally.

Neither Gaara nor Naruto moved both staring each other down hard. The stare down was broken however when Hayate spoke up catching their attention. Telling everyone not fighting to clear out which they did only Naruto and Neji were left on the ground. Neji stared at the blonde coldly while the blonde looked almost bored.

In the stands Sakura scoffed at the flashy appearance of the blonde. Ino however was drooling at what she saw. She had thought Naruto was cute for a long time as she had seen him before he donned the orange monstrosity.

She remembered this version of Naruto from before he had started his pranking career. This was the Naruto that glared back at those who glared at him. This was the Naruto that would hit you before he smiled at you.

All in all this was what was underneath the prankster, the real Naruto and she couldn't be happier seeing him again. She always did like the bad boy type after all. It was this Naruto that she liked which in turned had set off her crush on the Uchiha as he was somewhat like this Naruto since he had a badass aura about him though it was nowhere near as strong as Naruto's is.

Sarutobi himself smiled, it seemed it was time to see what Naruto could really do. It was then that Jariaya appeared in a poof of smoke beside him before sitting in the chair that was left for him.

The ANBU members in the arena each had smirks hidden behind their masks. Each of these people were once charged with watching the blonde during his childhood and had seen the things he would do to protect himself. They had seen when the mobs would try to get him and he would fight the entire mob even though he knew he'd lose.

Another person however paid him no mind. This was Hyuga Hiashi head of the Hyuga Clan. In his mind the blonde stood no chance he was fighting a Hyuga after all. It was for this reason he told Hanabi, his youngest daughter to watch the match closely.

Hayate himself was smirking inwardly he honestly felt bad for the Hyuga. For this Naruto was different than the other one he could feel it. Hell he could tell just by the way he stood.

This was the Naruto he had heard about the one that children were told to stay away from by their parents. For most of the shinobi it wasn't because of the Kyuubi since they had faith in Yondaime. No it was because Naruto didn't take any shit and wouldn't hesitate to hurt those who crossed him.

He quickly shook himself from his thoughts before speaking. "First Match Hyuga Neji vs. Uzumaki Naruto. Hajime!"

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