Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 6: Demons Clash, Shinigami's Birth

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Neither moved for a long while simply staring each other down. Neji who had already slid into his taijutsu stance watched the blonde intently waiting for him to make a move. Naruto himself stood completely still hands still in his pockets the bored look not even leaving his face.

Deciding to test the Hyuga out Naruto shot forward before jumping and delivering a spinning heel kick towards the Hyuga's head. Neji blocked it easily and pushed it back before sending a palm thrust at the blonde. Naruto seeing this grabbed the boy's arm before flipping himself over it landing in a crouched position. Moving quickly the blonde brought his left arm forward, kunai in hand swinging towards the Hyuga's stomach.

Neji seeing this jumped back to gain some distance before taking his stance. Naruto stood to his feet before turning to the Hyuga the semi-bored look still on his face. The blonde simply looked at the Hyuga for a moment before speaking breaking the silence.

"That was a nice warm up but you should forfeit you can't beat me" spoke the blonde shocking many.

Neji himself was livid this dobe, the dead last of his class was talking down on him telling him to forfeit. He was a Hyuga a member of the strongest clan in Konoha. Calming himself he also spoke not moving from his stance.

"Fate has already declared me the winner so why would I forfeit" was the Hyuga's response.

"There is no such thing as fate. Only cowards, weaklings and fools would believe in such a thing. You of course are all three of these" said Naruto in return his hands coming out of his pockets.

Neji's eyes narrowed and his body tensed hearing this. Naruto seeing this inwardly smirked now he would go for the kill.

"I mean why else would you have to try to mentally break someone before fighting other than being either a coward, or a weakling" finished the blonde.

Neji hearing this launched himself forward rage in his eyes causing Naruto to inwardly grin at his plan working. Neji rushed forward sending a palm strike out at the blonde. Naruto seeing it coming simply side stepped avoiding it completely. Neji however kept pushing the attack his hands moving as blurs. Naruto however simply kept dodging around the attacks.

Naruto was inwardly grinning he could keep this up all day. Neji on the other hand he knew couldn't last like this too long. No one could win against him when it came to stamina anyway. Especially when the attacks were as sloppy as this. Jumping back he saw the Hyuga come to a stop and smirked.

"Don't tell me this is all the great Hyuga Neji can do" spoke the blonde smirk not leaving his face.


Most people watching the match were in shock. In the beginning many had thought the Uzumaki was crazy rushing at the Hyuga head on. The older shinobi in the arena who had heard of the Uzumaki's skill in the past were impressed. Especially since the blonde hadn't shown any of his skill in years except when pulling pranks. The one's who had written the rumors off however were seeing that they held more truth than they believed.

The two examiners were impressed with the blonde. They like everyone else that didn't know the blonde and some that did had assumed he was an idiot. What they saw however was completely different. Like most leaf nin they knew the Hyuga clan was obsessed with fate they were just surprised the blonde had used that to his advantage.

Hiashi was also surprised with this turn of events. He couldn't believe it took that little effort to make Neji loose his temper. He could also see the angrier the boy became the sloppier his movements became. He had to give Naruto some credit the boy had done his homework.

Even still he was surprised by the how the blonde was taunting the boy. But then again considering the extent of Hinata's injuries he shouldn't have been. Especially considering how close the two were. He quickly shook himself from his thoughts before focusing back on the fight.


Naruto observed the Hyuga boy quietly as he panted. After a moment the smirk left his face before the bored look returned. Neji scowled seeing the look on the blondes face before dashing forward once again. He approached quickly once more aiming a palm thrust. Naruto seeing it coming waiting until the last second before catching the boys wrist with his left hand and delivering a punch to the Hyuga's jaw with the right.

Neji staggered back from the blow and looked up just in time to catch an elbow to the face. Naruto watched him stagger back for a moment and shook his head.

Neji spat out some blood before forcing himself to calm down. Figuring out his anger was clouding his judgment the Hyuga took a few deep breaths before settling back into his stance. Naruto seeing this grinned before speaking.

"Well looks like your ready to get serious. In that case so will I" finished the blonde.

With that said the blonde removed the trench coat before taking it in his right hand and tossing it aside. Once that was done the blonde's hands formed a few quick seals before he called out "Katon: Goukakyu no jutsu (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique)" sending a fireball towards the Hyuga.

Neji dodged to the side and looked just in time to see a kunai heading towards him. He paled however when the single kunai turning to fifty. It was at that moment chakra surrounded the Hyuga before he started to spin calling out "Hakkeshou Kaiten (Divination Whirl)" the chakra formed a shield around the Hyuga which deflected each of the kunai.


Hiashi, Hinata, and Hanabi were each in shock seeing the move Neji did. The Kaiten was a Hyuga clan technique reserved for Main house members. As such they knew no one would teach it to Neji which meant he learned it on his own.

"Such talent wasted on the branch house" thought Hiashi with a scowl.


Naruto was not happy at the moment. Having known about the Kaiten himself he was also shocked seeing Neji pull it off. Neji seeing this had taken advantage of this and used that time to close off the blonde's tenketsu. The results of this were Naruto ending up on his back not able to use any chakra. Staggering to his feet the blonde glared at the Hyuga boy fiercely.

"You're gonna pay for that" snarled the blonde.

"Oh and what are you going to do? I've closed of your tenketsu, meaning you can no longer use any chakra to fight" said the Hyuga looking at the blonde coldly.

"Like I care. I told you before you had an ass kicking coming" said the blonde.

"Besides I don't need chakra to handle someone like you. You're nothing but a coward, living in the past and blaming others and fate for your problems" finished the blonde.

"What would someone like you know" said Neji with that he launched into his rant about the Hyuga's so called fate of hatred, Hinata's kidnapping, and his father's death. At the end of his rant he finally noticed Naruto staring at him in boredom once again.

"Is that all?" questioned the blonde in boredom. "If that's so then it's nothing I haven't heard before. I've lived my life on my own, without any aid from anyone except the old man all my life so don't expect any pity from me" he finished coldly.

Neji said nothing before launching himself forward towards the blonde. Striking out with a palm thrust he was surprised to hit nothing but air. His surprise cost him however as he was hit with an elbow to the back of his head making him stumble forward. Turning around the Hyuga saw Naruto standing casually back still turned to him.

"Did you know Neji…" spoke the blonde while turning "…that the human body can use more than just chakra" finished the blonde.


Hitsuguya was in the stands watching the match by all the rookies and Tenten who didn't make it to the tournament. He had actually been rather bored with the match having known Naruto was still playing around though he was surprised at the techniques the two used. He was even more surprised when the Hyuga boy managed to cut Naruto off from his chakra.

However he couldn't hold back his smirk when he noticed Naruto's reiatsu was starting to be released.

"Well you're finally getting serious Naruto. Now I can see what you're made of" thought the tenth division captain.

"This is going to be good" he spoke up causing quiet a few people to glance at him


"As you know chakra is made out of a combination of spiritual and physical energy. Some people like Lee can only use one these, his being physical energy. I however am different since I can use my spirit energy separately. As I said I don't need chakra to beat the shit out of someone like you" finished the blonde before a blue aura surrounded him.

With that the blonde blurred forward before burying his fist into the Hyuga's stomach causing him to lurch forward. Naruto wasted no time before grabbing his hair and bashing the boy's face into his knee. Releasing the hold he watched as the Hyuga staggered backwards.

Looking up with his Byakugan now activated the Hyuga locked eyes with the slit blue ones of the Uzumaki. Naruto flexed his hands before they turned to claws and he blurred forward. Neji felt the claws before he even saw them. Then the blonde appeared behind him one of his hands bloody and Neji fell backwards with four slash marks showing on his chest.

"H-how" the Hyuga gasped out.

"Simple you were so confident you'd already won all I had to do was let you keep yapping while I released my spirit energy which I knew you could neither see or sense" he paused then continued.

"You should thank Hinata had she not convinced me I'd have probably beaten you to within an inch of your life. Why she cares so much for you after what you did to her I'll probably never understand" finished the blonde before Neji passed out.

Genma seeing this smirked around his senbon before calling out "Shousa Uzumaki Naruto"

There was a shocked silence in the arena before everyone started to cheer loudly for seeing a good fight. Naruto paid this no attention and simply put his coat back on before heading to the stands as the medics took care of Neji.


The rookies with the exception of Hinata and Ino were shocked. Having no idea Naruto was that good. Akamaru was now whimpering in Kiba's jacket while Kiba himself was still in shock. All of them with the exception of Sakura who was still in denial knew Naruto was no dobe.

The two examiners were both impressed with the blonde's performance. Naruto just might receive the promotion to chuunin himself.

Hiashi had taken this time and slipped out of the stands making his way towards the infirmary. He had to admit that Naruto was far more than he led people to believe. Shaking such thoughts and saving them for another time he made his way towards the infirmary, it was time Neji learned the truth.

Genma sighed it was time for the Uchiha's match and he still wasn't here. He shrugged Sandaime had told everyone at the meeting this morning what would happen if the Uchiha wasn't here in time for his match.

"Due to the absence of Uchiha Sasuke the winner by forfeit is Sabaku no Gaara" finished the senbon chewing jounin. Gaara hearing this disappeared in a whirl of sand back into the stands.

He called for the next match only for Kankuro to forfeit. Hearing this he called for the next one Shikamaru vs Temari. Originally Shikamaru was suppose to fight Dosu from Oto but got Temari due to Dosu's death during the one month break.

Shikamaru not wanting to fight another girl also was about to give up before he was pushed over the edge by Naruto he muttered something about blondes being troublesome.

That match had been a long one. Both gennin's had been using their brains a lot during the fight. In the end Shikamaru had managed to catch Temari in his Kage Mane no jutsu but still had to forfeit due to lack of chakra. After a fifteen minute break Genma called for the next match which was Naruto and Gaara.

Neither said anything as they stood glaring at each other. Suddenly Kakashi and Sasuke appeared in a whirl of leaves though neither vessel moved their gaze towards them.

"Kakashi" spoke Genma catching both of their attention. "Get off the field the Uchiha was already disqualified since he didn't show up for his match" finished Genma.

Kakashi himself was shocked. He was sure that Sandaime would overlook it since it was Sasuke, the last Uchiha. He was broken from his thoughts hearing Sasuke's protest.

"You can't disqualify me for something like being late I'm an Uchiha such things don't apply to me" said the black haired boy

"The rules apply to everyone now get off my field your interrupting a match" said Genma.

Sasuke looked over and seeing it was Naruto and Gaara rushed at the blonde in a rage. He didn't get far however as he was knocked unconscious. Jiraiya who had knocked the boy out threw him to Kakashi before speaking.

"Keep your student on a leash Kakashi. I won't have him attacking my apprentice again" said the Sannin before he disappeared back to the Kage booth.

Once Kakashi was gone with the Uchiha, Genma started the match and jumped back as far as he could. Neither boy had heard any of the commotion as they had glared at each other the whole time. Suddenly killing intent was released from Gaara causing the blonde to release his own. Both boys' chakra levels started rising passing over jounin level. Suddenly Naruto rushed forward throwing a few shuriken ahead of him only for the sand to intercept them.

Seeing this Naruto jumped back before creating four clones of himself. Each of the clones appeared on a different side of Gaara. Seeing this, the red headed suna nin made a ball of sand which surrounded him before creating an eye of sand so he could view things on the outside. The clones seeing this each pulled out a kunai before launching them at the sphere they each performed a few seals before calling out "Kage kunai no jutsu"

The four kunai multiplied to eighty before they each crashed up against the sphere though they did no damage. The real Naruto meanwhile started on a chain of seals for the last jutsu he had gotten out of the forbidden scroll.

Stopping on the last seal one which surprised Kakashi and the Hokage the blonde called out "Raiton: Rairyuudan no jutsu (Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Technique)"

The sky darkened a bit as a single bolt of lightning shot down before changing shape into a dragon and charging towards the Suna nin. As always Gaara's sand rose up to protect him but his eyes went wide when the dragon blew right through the sand shield and slammed into him.

There was an explosion that rocked the arena and kicked dust into the air. When the dust died down Gaara was shown getting back onto his feet with his right arm bleeding. This of course enraged the suna gennin as it was the first time he'd ever bled. In response to his rage his gourd burst open before turning into sand and covering his right arm.

However before they could continue another explosion rocked the place this time coming from the village. Looking over Naruto saw a smoke bomb go of and the Kazekage dragging Sandaime up to the roof. Not long after he noticed the place begin to flood with both Oto and Suna shinobi's

He was snapped out of his thoughts however when he felt himself lifted and thrown into the wall of the arena. Climbing to his feet Naruto glared over at Gaara his eyes now blood red with red chakra pouring out of his body.

Gaara stood where he was his body now covered in sand with the exception of his feet making him look like a mini Shukaku. Gaara launched shuriken made of sand at the blonde who made a few seals in response before speaking "Hari Jizo (Needle Guardian)".

The blonde's hair grew long before circling around him and forming spikes stopping the attack. Once the attack was over the blonde released the jutsu before charging towards the suna jinchuuriki. Quickly grabbing a kunai and slapping on an explosive note Naruto charged the red head before jumping and flipping over him throwing the kunai right at his ass.

Gaara in response quickly turned at backhanded the boy in the back of the head sending him flying forwards. Naruto however was grinning and while flying said one word "boom".

The tag exploded catching everyone especially Gaara by surprise. When the smoke cleared it showed Gaara while still standing was badly damaged which you could tell from the sand falling off of him. He looked just in time to catch a kick to the face that launched him into the air before he received a few more while in the air followed by a hell to the head with a cry of "Naruto Rendan" before being sent to he ground and creating a crater.

Jiraiya was not happy right now. He had known about Orochimaru's planned invasion so that didn't bother him. He had even left a Kage Bunshin in the village to deal with the summoned snakes that he knew would come. What pissed him off however was that he had no idea Orochimaru had actually finished that rival jutsu.

So now here he was facing off against the Nidaime Hokage while Sarutobi took care of the Shodaime. Orochimaru however was simply standing there watching with that same sick grin on his face. Dodging another water dragon the toad hermit sighed to himself. "This is gonna be a long day."

Kakashi, Gai, Asuma, and Kurenei were taking out invading shinobi quickly. They were easily showing why they were elite jounin. Gai and Kakashi were currently engaged in a game of who's the better killer. Gai was winning with 20 kills to Kakashi's 19. Asuma and Kurenei however were simply picking their opponents apart with Kurenei's genjutsu's and Asuma's trench knives.

It didn't take long for the members of both teams eight and ten to get into the act. Each team using the teamwork they developed to take out opponents. Sasuke was also getting into the act sending shuriken, kunai of fireballs at his opponent. Sakura however just took a defensive stance in front of Lee since she was basically useless.

Everything was stopped however when there was a large cloud of smoke that covered the entire arena. When it cleared everyone saw the gigantic form of Suna no Shukaku. Naruto cursed as soon as he saw it knowing there wasn't enough room for him to summon Gamabunta here as well.

Soon there was another large cloud of smoke that cleared showing Naruto's all over the arena. Each of the Naruto's grabbed a kunai before slapping an explosive note onto it before tossing it at the sand demon.

"Tajuu Kage kunai no jutsu (Mass Shadow Kunai Technique)" came the shout from all the Naruto's.

Each of the kunai's multiplied while flying at the stationary form of the sand demon. The kunai's all hit before there was a massive explosion that shook the entire arena. When the smoke cleared the sight that the blonde saw wasn't what he hoped to see. Instead of seeing the sand falling down the form of Shukaku still stood where it was without a scratch its eyes glowing. Gaara himself was above the beast head waist deep in sand slumped over.

The beast roared before screaming about finally being out. It was then that it turned facing Naruto with one palm out in front of it. Sand started to curl around the blonde before covering him completely. The sand slowly started to compress on the blonde as he struggled to free himself seeing it proving useless the blonde closed his eyes tightly knowing what was coming. The last thing he heard was a cry of "NARUTO-KUN"

The rookies and team Gai had both finished off the last of their opponents. Neji who had joined up with his team had proved to be a big help especially with the soldier pills he brought. The jounin were just running over when they heard Hinata cry out turning their gaze they each saw what made her scream seeing what was happening to her crush.


Naruto opened his eyes finding himself once again in his mindscape. Only this time everything was shaking like it was falling apart. It was then that he felt it the same power he felt the first time he came here. Following the feeling he continued to walk until he came to the same room where he had first learned about the seal.

Walking into the room he immediately noticed something different about it. Said something would be the right wall was missing and a set of stairs was in its place. Shrugging the blonde walked down the stairs and was surprised at what he saw when he reached the bottom.

He was now standing atop of the Hokage Monument only overlooking Konoha. He soon noticed that this place was also shaking and falling apart.

"What the hells going on" muttered the blonde.

He was snapped from his thoughts when the ground shook again this time hard enough to make him fall on his ass. Getting up he looked around and seeing everything falling around him knew he didn't have time to search this place physically. Deciding to use his senses he closed his eyes while searching for the power he felt.

Once he found it he snapped his eyes open and was surprised when he found ribbons floating all around him. All but one of them were white while that one was red. Naruto's hand instinctively grabbed the red one before pulling on it. A red box was pulled over to him before it opened showing the hilt of a sword. The blonde took a breath before grabbing it and pulling.

Real World:

Both Hinata and surprisingly to everyone Ino had hit the ground upon seeing what happened. Hinata herself was openly sobbing knowing what happens to people who end up caught in Gaara's sand. Everyone watched horrified (except Sakura) at what was happening to shocked to even move.

Shukaku was still laughing while slowly compressing the sand tighter. It stopped however when a golden glow came out of it and it exploded outward. A golden light shot out of the sand into the air where it divided in two before one part came down in front of the beast. Once it touched down there was an explosion that kicked up dust.

Once everything cleared a single figure could be seen. The figure wore a black kimono, a black hakama with a white sash around his waist along with the sheath for a sword. In his right hand he held a sword that was as long as he was tall. Other than that it looked like a normal katana the hilt itself was midnight blue with diamonds designed in it. The guard like most katana was rectangular in shape.

He had blonde hair and a pair of slitted red eyes. He blinked and his eyes were blue in color. It was his eyes that could identify him to some as Uzumaki Naruto. Shukaku got a good look at him then the sword and took a step back.

"S-s-shinigami" stuttered the demon tanuki.

Naruto said nothing before he seemingly disappeared. The blonde reappeared behind the demon holding his sword over his shoulder. Once the blonde turned his head the beast left arm fell off turning into sand.

"I'd suggest you get back in your cell tanuki and leave the boy alone" spoke the blonde impassively.

Shukaku for once in his life did what the smart thing and dissolved his form. Gaara's form was quickly snatched out of the air before he could even hit the sand. The suna nin seeing this took one look at the blonde before they turned and ran as fast as they could towards Suna.

Just then Temari and Kankurou landed before them. Naruto looked at them for a second before turning away. Both suna nin let out the breathed they were holding when he did. They did not want to mess with anyone who could scare Shukaku back into his cage. They wasted no time picking up Gaara and dashed off.

Naruto seeing this turned his gaze and upon seeing the group coming let out his breath. Once he did he was in his regular clothes once more with the sword now sheathed and strapped to his back. He took one look at Hinata and passed out into blissful unconsciousness.

Hitsuguya was surprised and impressed. Surprised by the amount of reiatsu Naruto had as well as his transformation. What impressed him was that the boy handled his Zanpakutou as if he'd had it his entire life. He smirked to himself at that the kid was interesting. Clearing his thoughts he sighed before and after taking a deep breath changed into his Shinigami form.

He was glad that freak Mayuri found away for them to travel without those damn gigai's. He always hated those things especially since he always had to take those gigongan's just to get out of it. Shaking his head from his thoughts and using shunpo (flash step) he disappeared to make his report.

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