Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 7: Search for Tsunade

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It is well known that Sakura was pretty much useless in the first half of the manga and was really only interested in Sasuke. Sasuke was simply an emo and a little unstable mentally. So with that mindset I figured hey why not show how Naruto see's the members of team seven. They definitely are always speaking on his negatives and never his positives.

Also I know cannon Naruto is a bit annoying at times but you have to remember that he's been neglected all his life and craves for his existence to be acknowledged. Now I also agree with another of my reviewers who mentioned how part II started out. With Sakura becoming one of the strongest while Naruto was still basically the same as before he left.

I especially don't like how they've got Naruto acting now that he's back. Sasuke stuck a Chidori through his chest and he still wants to bring his ass back not to mention they had him crying because of it that was just so wrong. Anyway I'm done ranting for now there might be another one in the next chapter goes as I like hearing the thoughts you guys have about the manga. Anyway without further ado here's what you came here for.

Start Now:

Once again the captains of the Gotei 13 were gathered only now two more of them were in attendance. Both of which wore the normal Shinigami outfit as well as the white haori that captains wore. After briefing the two Yamamoto motioned for Hitsuguya Toshiro to give his report.

The white haired captain gave his report including everything that he had learned while he was there. He even included the fight between Naruto and Shukaku and the blondes transformation. At the end of his report he stepped back into his place in line and Yamomoto once again spoke up.

"Tell me what was the child's name again Hitsuguya-taicho" said the old man.

"Uzumaki Naruto sir" responded Toshiro earning a small smile from the old man.

"So he is still alive" spoke the old man to himself before turning his attention back to the white haired boy.

"Hitsuguya-taicho I want you to return and watch over the boy and take Momo-fukutaicho with you" said Yamomoto

With that he dismissed everyone save one person. Once they were alone the old man sighed before speaking.

While this was going on the Gotei 13's shortest captain made his way over to the Fifth Division Headquaters. It was easy for him to find the person he was looking for as they'd known each other even before they became Shinigami. Once he found her he quickly briefed her on their mission and with that the two were gone.


It was a sad day in the hidden leaf village. Everyone in the village was currently gathered for the Sandaime's Sarutobi's funeral service. The funeral service was actually for all who died that day but Naruto really only cared for his ojii-san nobody else mattered to him.

The rookie nine and team Gai all stood together though some stood with their parents or clan. Regardless they all stood in the same section as well as their respective sensei's. Naruto himself stood in front of the group between Jiraiya and Iruka who was tending to the crying Konohamaru.

After a while everyone walked up and placed a white flower in front of the Sandaime's picture. Soon after that the funeral was over and everyone was leaving. The rookies had taken that time to try and talk to Naruto only to find him already gone. Naruto made it back to his apartment in no time and plopped down on the bed.

He really wasn't feeling well right now in fact he hadn't been feeling good all week. This for him was strange as he'd never been sick in his life. It was even weirder as even Kyuubi didn't know what was going on. He sighed quietly before closing his eyes and entering a dreamless sleep.

An hour later Jiraiya entered the room in a poof of smoke. As soon as the smoke cleared Naruto was already up and moving to get dressed. Jiraiya took this moment to look over the blonde's new sword. It was exactly 60 inches (five feet) in length and 1 3/8 inches wide. It had a silver blade which gleamed in the light. The guard was rectangular in shape and gold in color while the hilt was blue with a diamond pattern running up it which was also golden in color.

Once Naruto was dressed he took the sword belt, which was also blue and fixed it so his sword was on his back. As soon as that was done Jiraiya grabbed him and they disappeared in a poof of smoke. Not long after that they arrived at the North gate and walked right out.

With Sasuke:

Uchiha Sasuke was not a happy person. He hadn't been happy in years but right now he was beyond pissed. First he had waited for two hours for Kakashi to show up to a meeting he called. During said time he had to put up with Sakura's pathetic attempts to date him.

If that wasn't bad enough when Kakashi had finally shown up it was only to tell them that Naruto was no longer on the team. He went on to say he'd been taken as an apprentice to one of the Legendary Three. That right there had pissed him off but not half as much as what Kakashi said next.

"Since this team is short a member it's been put on the reserves. You can train all you want but no missions for a while"

Once he had said that the Copy ninja disappeared before they could say anything. Sasuke scowled before stalking off towards Kakashi's apartment to find out what the hell was going on.

With Naruto and Jiraiya:

They had been walking for a while in a serene silence. Jiraiya had explained that they were looking for Tsunade. Though he didn't explain why Naruto didn't really care he just wanted to meet this famous aunt of his. Jiraiya then told the blonde some of the things he knew about her to the curious blonde.

Naruto himself had a small smile on his face. It felt good not having to act like an idiot all the time. He had spoken to Kyuubi and found out about that transformation he'd had at least as much as she knew.

All she knew was that he'd turned into a Shinigami and he'd been able to keep his sword, no zanpakuto he corrected because he had enough reiatsu flowing through him for it to stay with him. She had no idea how the blonde got the power though she theorized that he got it when she had been sealed inside him by one of the Shinigami.

Said vixen was currently resting around the blonde's neck in the form of a small one-tailed kit. The blonde shinobi was broken from his thoughts by Jiraiya who spoke up.

"Alright gaki it's time you learned a new jutsu." Naruto's attention immediately snapped towards Jiraiya.

"It's an A ranked offensive jutsu called Rasengan. It was one of Yondaime's signature moves and took him three years to create" finished the toad hermit.

Naruto's face lit up hearing this as Jiraiya had only taught him a few defensive jutsu's. Besides that the only offensive jutsu's he had were the lightning attack and the Kage Bunshin jutsu's he'd gotten from the forbidden scroll.

Jiraiya then proceeded to demonstrate how the attack was formed before tossing the boy a water balloon. He then proceeded to explain the first step of the jutsu once done with his explanations they continued on towards the next town.


Sasuke had finally gotten to Kakashi's apartment building after an encounter with a few (20) fangirls. Upon entering however he was surprised to see Kurenei, Asuma, and Gai in there with Kakashi laid out on the bed.

"What happened" asked the Uchiha.

Before anyone could speak the door was thrown upon and a brown haired glasses wearing jounin entered.

"Is it true, did Itachi really return and is he really after Naruto" said the jounin as he entered but froze seeing Sasuke there.

"Idiot" said Asuma quietly.

Before anyone could react Sasuke spun around and pushed past the jounin rushing out the door. After looking all around town the Uchiha sped towards the gates. After finding some things out from the chuunin at the gate he shot out himself in the direction Naruto was said to have traveled.

With Naruto:

Our favorite blonde shinobi was currently laid face down on his bed in an inn. He had already mastered stage one of the Rasengan and could now pop the balloon in a matter of seconds with one hand. He was currently working on the second stage this one involving rubber balls.

He quickly shook thoughts of training from his head burying himself deeper into his pillow. Jiraiya had left as soon as some girl winked at him though he had at least given the blonde the keys to the room. Kyuubi was currently in her humanoid form sitting next to the blonde with a frown on her face.

As soon as they had gotten into the room Naruto had run straight to the bathroom and thrown up. The weird thing is that he had thrown up water after that he had gotten right on top of the bed and hadn't moved since. To top that off she still couldn't find anything wrong with him no matter how hard she looked.

She was broken from her thoughts when there was a knock at the door. Naruto groaned into his pillow at the sound but didn't move. Kyuubi looked at him for a moment silently asking why.

"Ero-sensei has a key don't worry about it Kyu-chan" muttered the blonde when he felt her gaze on him.

Kyuubi blushed at the name but did as he said and leaned back on the bed to lye beside him. Again there was a knock at the door which repeated two more times until the blonde finally relented and got up moving towards the door. Naruto grumbled the entire way towards the door before opening it.

"This had better be good I was trying to sleep" said the blonde while pulling the door open.

When it opened completely he was greeted to the site of two men in black cloaks with red clouds on them, correction make that one man and a fish. The fish like man was the taller of the two he had blue skin and what looked like gills on his face. The second was the one who caught his attention however. He had black hair tied in a ponytail and a pair of blood red fully developed Sharingan eyes.

"An Uchiha" muttered the blonde surprised.

"Uzumaki Naruto" said the Uchiha "you will come with us."

Naruto snorted hearing that this guy obviously didn't get the memo because Uzumaki Naruto takes orders from no one…anymore he thought the last bit sadly.

"ITACHI" came the screaming voice of one Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke wasted no time and rushed forward with a Chidori. The young Uchiha ran at the older one with the Chidori tearing at the wall. The man now identified as Itachi watched the boy come impassively. Then at the last moment he grabbed the boys arm before slamming it into a wall where the boy's wrist was quickly broken.

The older Uchiha then proceeded to deliver a knee to the younger boys gut followed by a quick jab to the boys jaw making him stagger back into a wall. Seeing this, the older Uchiha grabbed the younger one by the throat before speaking quietly enough for only him to hear.

"Why are you still so weak Sasuke? You still don't have enough, you still lack hatred" said Itachi.

With that said Itachi's Sharingan spun before changing forming shuriken shaped design. Once that was done he looked directly in Sasuke's eyes and the young Uchiha felt the world change.


Opening his eyes he knew where he was the world of Tsukyomi which was confirmed by the red moon in the sky.

"For the next 72 hours you will watch that event again" came Itachi's voice from all around.

And so it began Sasuke watched as the Uchiha Massacre occurred Itachi killing any who crossed his path. He then was forced to watch as Itachi killed his own parents. After what felt like hours it was over and Itachi's voice echoed once more.

"71 hours, 59 minutes and 50 seconds to go"

Hearing this, the young Uchiha did the only thing he could do, he screamed.

Real World:

Naruto was shocked when Sasuke suddenly slumped to the ground unconscious. Itachi then turned his gaze to the blonde as did his partner. Before anything could happen however Jiraiya appeared with a woman slung over his shoulder with a yellow armored toad that hopped in front of the blonde gennin.

After talking for a bit it was discovered that Itachi and his partner Kisame were from an organization called Akatsuki that was after Naruto. Once Jiraiya heard enough he summoned up the stomach of a fire toad aiming to kill the two Akatsuki members.

Itachi and Kisame had other plans however as they both dashed around the corner. A few seconds later an explosion could be heard causing both Jiraiya and Naruto to dash in that direction. Once they reached they found part of the wall blown apart with black fire covering it.

"Don't touch it" spoke Jiraiya before the blonde even moved. He then quickly pulled out a scroll before sealing the fire away into it. It was at that point that a scream of "Dynamic Entry" could be heard and Gai appeared in a flying kick that connected with Jiraiya's face.

After this Gai frantically began apologizing stating that he had used his hitae-tae as a mirror and misjudged Jiraiya as an enemy. It was stopped however as Naruto shot past both of them back to the room with both following behind him after exchanging glimpses.

When they arrived to the room they found Naruto in the bathroom retching up water in the toilet. They also noticed the red haired girl that was rubbing the boys back though only Jiraiya knew who she was. Once he was done he got up and washed his face before quietly heading back towards the bed.

Jiraiya took this time to instruct Gai on what to do about Sasuke as well as finding out about the attack in Konoha. Once they were done Gai picked up the unconscious Uchiha and was off in a blur. Jiraiya then told Naruto to pack up and that they were leaving before the manager billed them for the mess.

They had packed up quick basically because nobody ever unpacked. Kyuubi however knowing Naruto wasn't feeling well decided to speak up.

"Naruto-kun" she spoke catching his attention. "I think now would be a good time for you to test out the kitsune summons" she said getting a nod from the boy.

Naruto simply rolled up the sleeve on his shirt exposing a kanji tattoo for 'kitsune'. This was another little gift given to him by Kyuubi when she broke the suppression seal though she hadn't activated it or even mentioned it until after the Chuunin Exam was over with.

Using his sharper than average canines the boy bit into his thumb and focusing chakra into the tattoo ran the blood over it. There was a poof of smoke which cleared to show a red three tailed kitsune that was as big as one of the Inuzuka clans dogs.

"Kyuubi-hime" came the shocked feminine voice of the kitsune her eyes wide. Kyuubi smiled at her before speaking.

"How are you Taka" said Kyuubi.

"I'm fine. What about you, everyone's been worried sick since you disappeared and lets not even mention how your father's been" said Taka. Kyuubi laughed sheepishly seeing the looks Naruto and Jiraiya were sending at her.

"Kyuubi-hime" repeated Naruto slowly as if asking for clarification.

"What I said I'd explain sooner or later" said Kyuubi

"Well it will have to wait until later" said Jiraiya snapping from his stupor. "We seriously need to leave I'm not paying for that wall."

With that said they were gone well after Kyuubi went back into her kit form and curled around Naruto's neck again. Naruto himself had chosen to ride on Taka's back as he still wasn't feeling too good. Said vixen smirked foxily at Kyuubi who was happy she had red fur to hide her blush.


While Naruto and Sasuke weren't around the rest off the rookie nine and team Gai had met up at Ichiraku's. Their topic of course was the change in our favorite blonde shinobi. While everyone else was talking Hinata had stayed quiet most didn't pay it any mind since she was always quiet. However Neji, Shino and Shikamaru who were the most observant of the group had noticed that instead of looking anywhere but at them Hinata was watching all of them intently.

"I still can't believe how much he changed in just a month but somehow he seems more real" said Kiba earning a chuckle from the stands owner seeing them looking he explained.

"Naruto doesn't get anymore real than how he's acting now" said the old man.

"What do you mean" asked Sakura curiously. The old man looked at the group for a moment before nodding to himself.

"Most of you have probably had your parents tell you to stay away from him in the past right" said the old man getting nods from all but Tenten and Lee though Hinata only did it to not stick out.

"Most of your parents are shinobi too as well right" this time the one's who didn't nod included Sakura.

"Well to put it simply its because kids talk too much" said the old man before explaining.

"Unlike you guys Naruto didn't have anybody while he was growing up and had to do everything on his own. Several people had tried to pick on him or hurt him as a result knowing that he didn't have anyone. Lots of times Naruto would end up in the hospital but he would always make sure he wasn't the only one going" he paused then continued.

"As a result he became someone who didn't play around much and wouldn't hesitate to hurt those who would try to hurt him. Children however seem to say and do stupid things a lot of the time. Because of this you were told to stay away from him as it was well known how Naruto was" finished the old man.

"Wait I don't get it" said Sakura. "If that's the case why'd he act like he did during the academy"

"That was originally only a game he thought up. However he quickly saw the usefulness in acting like that. After all shinobi's are masters of deception, which is something he excels at" explained the old man

"Brilliant" said Shikamaru catching on seeing everyone looking he explained.

"Think about it Naruto has been acting weak and dumb for years which is the exact opposite of what he is. With him doing that it takes the spotlight off of him and puts it on someone else" he paused here for a breath then continued.

"Not only that but he purposely held back in the academy making everyone think he's weak. The end result is what happened to Neji. Tch troublesome blonde" finished the Nara mumbling at the end.

With Naruto:

A few days later the group of three (Taka went bye bye) had arrived in what appeared to be a gambling town. Both Naruto and Kyuubi stiffened when the scent of snakes hit them. Naruto, who was now feeling a little better, quickly told Jiraiya and they took off towards the source.

When they arrived the scene that greeted them left Naruto stunned. The place looked like a battle zone, the castle that once stood was now nothing but rubble there was also a sizable hole in a cement wall off to the side. Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion as another scent hit him.

"What is it" asked Jiraiya

"Kabuto's scent is here along with Orochimaru's and two others one of which I'm assuming is Tsunade's." said the vessel

After he said that both he and Kyuubi, who was still in her kit form stiffened. Then Kyuubi disappeared in a poof of smoke. Naruto sighed at that mad that the time was up as he could only keep her out for three hours at a time now. After that he had to wait another two hours to call her back out.

'Well it's better than the ten minutes we started with' thought the blonde.

After tracking the scent for a bit they came across a bar. Entering Jiraiya took a look around and smirked.

"Tsunade" called Jiraiya to his former teammate. When he said that she looked up shocked.

"Jiraiya? What is my past coming to haunt me now" asked Tsunade.

Jiraiya said nothing as he and Naruto sat inside the both Tsunade and her assistant were seated in. Naruto looked them both over while Jiraiya engaged Tsunade in conversation. Tsunade he noticed looked like she was in her mid twenties She wore grey pants and a grey shirt with a green jacket over it. He also noticed something else about her that any straight man would.

"Kami she has bigger tits than Kyu-chan" thought the blonde before shaking his head to clear that thought (AN: Just in case your wondering Kyuubi's tits are as big as Temari's.)

Looking to the one in front of him he saw she had short black hair and black eyes. She wore dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt. After looking her over a bit more he tuned in to the conversation between Jiraiya and Tsunade. After listening to their conversation for a while the younger blonde spoke up.

"Pathetic" he said it quietly but caught everyone's attention.

"I can't believe we came all this way for this sad excuse of a kunoichi" said Naruto shocking everyone.

"What did you say brat" said Tsunade glaring at the boy.

"I said your pathetic. I can't believe ojii-san spoke so highly of you. 'Tsunade the greatest medic-nin to ever live a woman who could heal any wound, and cure any illness but has the strength of a demon'" said Naruto before he snorted

"He and Ero-sensei had me all worked up to meet you and this is what I see. The great Tsunade wallowing in self pity and disrespecting the man that thought of her as a daughter" when he said this Tsunade's head bowed a little.

"I've heard about your loss from ojii-san but you had it good compared to me. And while I can't say I care for the villagers I can at least say I still care for the village itself" spoke the blonde before getting up and putting his sword back on his back.

"Sensei I'm going to head back to the room, and maybe train some later" said the blonde getting a nod from Jiraiya before he turned to leave.

"Oh and Tsunade" called Naruto turning back to face the group.

"You know that teme Orochimaru killed Sarutobi-ojiisan. If I find out your helping him I'll kill you even if you are my aunt" said the blonde before he turned and left.

Both Tsunade and Shizune sat shocked at what the boy had just said. After snapping out of their stupor both turned to Jiraiya who was calmly drinking his sake.

"Who was that" asked Tsunade.

"My apprentice Senju Naruto" answered Jiraiya stressing the clan name. Tsunade's eyes went wide hearing this.

"He is also the one Yondaime chose" spoke Jiraiya this time catching both women by surprise.

Next Morning:

Naruto awoke feeling a bit better. After stretching a bit and doing his morning routine he quickly got dressed leaving the trench coat off, he headed out to train. Arriving in a clearing he did a few warm ups before starting his training. Knowing he had to make up for lost time he quickly created a few clones. After they appeared he smirked before each Naruto started on trying to master the Rasengan.

He was still at it when Tsunade arrived a few hours later. Looking around she whistled seeing the damage done to the clearing as it was full of craters. Looking over towards him she had to admit the resemblance between Naruto and her brother Nawaki was uncanny. In fact the only things different were the hair color and the whisker like marks on the blondes face.

She watched for a few minutes as Naruto and his clones tried creating Rasengan's only for them to explode prematurely. After a few more minutes of watching in which the boy cursed more times then she could count she finally decided to make her presence known. She cleared her throat and the only sign he heard her was him looking out the corner of his eye.

"What do you want" said Naruto not looking at her.

"How do you feel about a little bet" said Tsunade earning a raised eyebrow from the younger blonde.

Later That Week:

Naruto awoke with a groan surprised at being in a bed as he definitely remembered passing out in the clearing. A smirk quickly formed on his face though thinking about his last week of training. His training had definitely produced some results though he was far from finished. Looking over he saw Jiraiya snoring away in the bed next to him. He was broken from his thoughts when the door was slammed open and Shizune rushed in.

Both Naruto and Jiraiya jumped to their feet with weapons drawn as soon as the door was flung open surprising Shizune. She quickly shook it off however and informed the two that Tsunade had already left for the meeting with Orochimaru. Once she said that both she and Jiraiya shot out the window. Naruto however stopped for his sword before following.

When they finally arrived Tsunade was already fighting against both Orochimaru and Kabuto. They watched as Kabuto slashed himself flinging the blood onto Tsunade who started shaking badly.

Seeing them Kabuto jumped back towards Orochimaru before smearing some blood onto the snake sannin's summoning tattoo. There was poof of smoke which cleared showing two large snakes. Jiraiya however took quick care of the snakes making a few seals before placing his hands on the ground and mumbling "Doton: Yomi Noma (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)".

The land under the snakes turned into a deep swamp sucking them in. Not wanting to waste too much chakra Jiraiya stopped the jutsu once they were half way in.

Shizune wasted no time rolling up her sleeve and firing poison needles at Kabuto from the launcher on her arm. The silver haired med-nin jumped back dodging them, Jiraiya seeing this shot in at Orochimaru. Naruto however at Kyuubi's request stood and watched waiting to see if he'd be needed.

Shizune charged at Kabuto with a chakra scalpel in her right hand. She quickly sent out a forward thrust which Kabuto dodged by sidestepping. Undeterred Tsunade's assistant kept up her assault turning the thrust into a side slash which was ducked under. Kabuto who had formed his own chakra scalpel used this time to sever one of the tendons in Shizune's leg.

Shizune loosing her balance fell to the ground. Kabuto merely smirked at her before moving around towards Tsunade taunting her the entire way. However before he could reach her he was forced to jump back once again this time barely dodging a kunai that was on course with his head.

When he looked up Naruto was already standing in front of both Tsunade and Shizune glaring daggers at him. Kabuto nearly took a step back seeing the icy depths that were Naruto's eyes, but managed to stop himself.

"Naruto-kun how nice to see you again" said Kabuto with a smirk.

"Shut up and fight traitor" was all the blonde said.

Before Kabuto could speak the blonde rushed forward with two kunai's in a backhanded grip. Kabuto chuckled seeing this thinking this would be easy. Naruto was in front of him in no time flipping the kunai in his right hand he gave a side swipe which Kabuto avoided by stepping back. Kabuto came forward again with a chakra scalpel but before he could swing he was forced to dodge an uppercut swipe from the kunai in the blonde's left hand.

Grabbing his own kunai he charged forward aiming to stab the boy. Naruto brought his own up blocking it but was forced to jump back when Kabuto swung with a chakra scalpel. Naruto who was now standing by Tsunade spared her a quick glance before looking back at his opponent.

It was then that Kabuto felt two different sets of hands grab him. Looking back he saw a clone of Naruto holding him on both sides. Naruto grinned seeing this before bringing both hands in front of him with only his fingertips touching. Blue chakra started gathering in the blonde's hands before forming into a compressed ball of swirling chakra.

Once it was complete Naruto held it in his right hand and grinned at his captive before charging forward. Kabuto saw him coming and went wide eyed while trying to break the hold the clones had on him. Before he could however the blonde appeared in front of the medic nin and slammed the ball of chakra into his stomach with a cry of "Rasengan".

The clones held their grip letting the chakra sphere grind into the med-nin before releasing him. Kabuto went flying along with the Rasengan which was still grinding against him. Finally he slammed into a large boulder and the Rasengan detonated causing an explosion.

When the smoke cleared it showed Kabuto ledged into the bolder. After a moment however he pulled himself out. Before he could do anything else however he coughed up blood and fell face first to the ground.

Tsunade was in shock seeing this. He had actually done it he'd mastered the Rasengan within a week! It had taken Jiraiya months to get and Naruto had done it in a week! Looks like she lost another bet though, for some reason she didn't feel too bad about that.

Both Jiraiya and Orochimaru, who had stopped their battle, were now looking in the boy's direction. While Jiraiya was smirking Orochimaru wasn't happy one bit. He needed to take that boy out before he became a problem. With that thought he dashed towards the blonde and after opening his mouth wide Kusanagi appeared.

Jiraiya seeing this leapt after him only for the snake to dodge and then push off of him towards the blonde. The snake man was shocked however when the blonde spun and quickly drew his own sword blocking his thrust. His shock cost him however as he received a jaw shattering punch to the jaw that sent him flying.

Turning he saw Tsunade glaring at him leaking enough killing intent to have even Kyuubi taking a few steps back, even in her room. Orochimaru not wanting to die made a mad dash for Kabuto and disappeared once he reach him. It was just in time too as he had barely avoided Tsunade's most infamous attack the heel drop, which left a huge crater in the ground.

Turning around she found Naruto on one knee panting heavily. He smiled for a second before his eyes closed and he fell backwards passed out.

Next Day:

Naruto awoke with a groan of pain. His body was sore all over though it was the ass kicking he got from Kyuubi last night that got him.

"Sadist actually calls beating me to death training" thought the blonde with a scowl which deepened hearing Kyuubi's laughing.

"How about I put you back in that cage" said Naruto and was satisfied hearing the laughing stop.

"You wouldn't really do that to me would you" asked Kyuubi a horrified look on her face

"Only if you don't tell me what I want to know soon Kyuubi-hime" replied the blonde making Kyuubi blush at the name.

Before a response could be made the door opened and Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune walked in. Before anyone could say anything however Naruto shot off towards the bathroom. Washing his face after he was done he noticed a jade necklace dangling from his neck and smiled before walking back into the room.

"Well now it seems someone's bloodline is awakening" said Tsunade shocking the blonde gennin.

"Get dressed brat we're leaving. I'll tell you everything when we get home" said Tsunade getting a nod from the younger blonde.

Once Naruto was done dressing the group headed off walking at a relaxed pace. They traveled for about a week during which time Naruto got to know about both his aunt and Shizune. Naruto sighed seeing the gates up ahead and prepared himself for the glares that were sure to come.

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