Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 8: Sasuke's Defection

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Start Now:

Naruto sighed staring at the gate ahead of him. He really didn't want to go back there right now. He was just getting used to not being glared at wherever he went too. The group stopped when the blonde fell behind, and looked back finding him glaring at the gates with icy blue eyes.

"Hey gaki" called Jiraiya catching the boys attention. "If you hurry up I can teach you Shunshin no jutsu while the sun's still up" finished the toad hermit.

Naruto simply nodded before he resumed his walk. Once he caught up with the rest they too continued toward the gate. Tsunade's eyes narrowed at the state of her nephew, there would definitely be hell to pay for what this village had done to him.

It didn't take long for them to reach the gates. They were let in without any trouble, in fact neither of the guards glared at Naruto. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth Naruto swiftly walked through the gates. Once inside Jiraiya, Tsunadae, and Shizune headed out towards the tower. Naruto however had other plans and headed towards his apartment.

It didn't take him long to reach the complex. However instead of going up to his apartment he stopped on the second floor. Reaching room 209 of the mostly abandoned complex he quickly entered. The room was filled with nothing but weapons everything from kunai to swords. The rooms back wall had a huge hole in it out to give it more room as did the other two walls.

"Now where is she" he said to himself quietly.

After looking around a bit he decided to check the back. Walking up and looking through the hole he smirked seeing his guess was correct. There rummaging through boxes was none other than Konoha's weapon mistress. Her brown hair hanging down her back in a ponytail instead of the buns it was usually in.

"It's about time you got back" said Tenten without turning her head.

"How'd you know it was me" asked the blonde leaning against the wall.

"Because Hinata-chan was already here. Plus aside from me and her, you're the only person who knows about this place." Explained Tenten like it was obvious.

"So I'm guessing you need to re-stock" said the weapon specialist.

"What makes you think I didn't come just to see you" said Naruto.

"The fact that you just came back from a mission" said Tenten

"Fine I did come to restock. Though just for the record I did want to see you" said the blonde.

"So how was your mission" said Tenten still going through boxes.

"A success, though we did have some trouble" confessed the blonde causing Tenten to turn her head.

"Orochimaru showed up" said the blonde simply.

Tenten froze at the name and her eyes narrowed. Her head slowly turned to Naruto who backed a way seeing the look in her eyes. Knowing an angry Tenten was a dangerous Tenten he hastily explained the encounter. By the end of the explanation he was behind the wall peeking around the corner. He did however leave out a few details such as Tsunade being in the village.

Once he finished Tenten closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out. She was extremely happy she had taught the boy how to wield a sword when they were younger. Opening her eyes she saw the boy hiding behind the wall and had to stifle a giggle. Naruto seeing this came out of hiding a sat down next to her.

"So I'm not gonna die" said Naruto nervously.

"No your not gonna die baka" said Tenten with a small smile before hugging him to her.

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief at that one and rested his head on her shoulder. Tenten ran her fingers through his hair noticing it had gotten longer. In fact it just about reached his shoulders.

"Come on ototo lets go fix that hair of yours" said Tenten standing to her feet.

Naruto did likewise and grabbing the pouch she had filled for him. Once done both headed out of their personal armory and headed towards her apartment. This coincidently was right next to his.

Council Chambers:

Tsunade glared at the people in the room. With the exception of only a few all of these people were on her shit list. Those few being Nara Shikaku, Akimichi Chouza, Aburame Shibi, Inuzuka Tsume, Yamanaka Inoichi and surprisingly Hyuga Hiashi. According to Sarutobi's notes these were the people keeping Naruto alive.

The rest of the council consisted of civilians, Sarutobi's former teammates, and that bastard Danzo. The last one was the one she was having problems with. Apparently word of Naruto's feats during the Chuunin Exam Finals (specifically Shukaku's defeat) had spread through the ranks. While this wasn't a problem what was, was Danzo trying to draft her nephew into ROOT.

"I don't see what the problem is with this Tsunade" said Danzo.

"The problem is you trying to turn him into a weapon" snarled Tsunade.

"That's what he is" said Danzo angrily. "That boy is a monster. His only purpose Tsunade is to be a weapon. Why you and that fool Sarutobi don't see this I'll never understand"

By the end of his little rant Tsunade had had enough and had crossed the distance between them in a flash. Grabbing the man by his collar she hoisted him up so she could look into the man's eyes.

"I'll say this only one more time the answer is no. And if you ever disrespect him or my sensei again in front of me or not I'll kill you" said Tsunade coldly before throwing him back into his seat.

"Tsunade" called Homura catching the attention of the entire group. "What is so special about that boy that you would threaten an elder in the presence of the council" he finished.

Tsunade inwardly smirked at that she could wait to see their faces. Though this goes against all clan regulations she didn't care as she and Naruto were the only two left.

"Firstly Homura you should remember this council means nothing to me. I could dismember it just as swiftly as my uncle created it" said Tsunade her eyes cold.

"Secondly that boy as you put it means more to Konoha than all of you" she said shocking everyone.

"He is the great-grandson of the Nidaime Hokage and my nephew" finished the slug sannin.

This left everyone shocked; even the normally stoic Aburame and Hyuga had it showing. Hiashi by the widening of his eyes and Shibi by his raised eyebrows. Homura and Koharu however looked like they'd been slammed in the chest with a Rasengan. Both had their jaws dropped and eyes wide in disbelief.

"Oh so you get it now" mocked Tsunade. "If you'd ever bothered to think you would have figured something out. Why Naruto was chosen to hold Kyuubi and why sensei protected him so much. Or how about why he wants to become Kage of a village full of ingrates" said Tsunade

"I-I don't understand" said Koharu. "If sensei had had a family why weren't we told."

"Because it's against the rules" said Tsunade simply catching everyone's attention.

"The only one who's supposed to know is the Hokage. Which is why Sarutobi-sensei knew" finished the slug sannin.

"Then why tell us now Tsunade-hime" said Hiashi

"Because the clan is already dead, the rules no longer apply" said Tsunade tiredly.


Yamamoto-Genryusai captain of the first division and Commander-General of the Gotei thirteen was a man of little fear. There were a few things he did fear one of which was paperwork. He had just gotten back to his office to find the desk covered in stacks of paper. His grip on his staff tightened seeing that however he smirked and called in his lieutenant. It didn't take long for the man to enter and Yamamoto's smirk widened.

"You called for me Taicho" said the fukutaicho (lieutenant) of the Gotei Thirteen's 1st division.

"Hai Chojiro I have an extremely important mission for you" said Yamamoto trying hard not to laugh. Hearing silence from behind him he continued.

"I need you to take and fill out all of these forms" said Yamamoto

"Hai Taicho" said Chojiro.

Yamamoto smirked once he was gone. He couldn't wait until someone replaced that guy, he was a weakling and a suck-up. Sitting in his seat he reached into his robe before pulling out a small orange book. Flipping it open to the first page he lost himself into his book. If anyone from Seireitei walked in they'd only see him reading a common thing for him they would completely overlook the books title 'Ichi Ichi Paradise Vol. 1'.

Konoha Hospital:

Naruto leaned against the wall eyes closed as Tsunade worked on Sasuke. He had completely ignored Sakura's presence not that she noticed his either. After a few more minutes however he walked out of the room down to Lee's. On his way there he ran into both Tenten and Neji.

His eyes twinkled mischievously seeing them together but he quickly smothered his impulse and calmly walked beside them. Tenten for her part acted her part flawlessly making it seem like they were merely acquaintances. When they entered the room they found that Gai was also their and looked like he'd been there for a while.

Lee was also awake when they walked in and strapped down to the bed. Naruto snickered at this everyone looked his way when he did, and he explained.

"They used to strap me down too. Otherwise they couldn't get me to stay in that bed even with broken bones" said Naruto causing Lee to smile slightly.

"Your flames of youth burn brightly Naruto-kun" said Lee. "Hopefully you won't have to endure this unyouthful torture again" finished the gennin.

"Yea, but don't worry you'll be good as new in no time" said Naruto confidently.

"How do you know that" said Neji.

"I brought the best to fix him up" said Naruto

Gai's face brightened upon hearing this as he had known where Naruto went with Jiraiya. Neji saw this and just had to ask.

"And just who did you bring"

"Me" came Tsunade's voice as she entered the room.

Tenten's eyes went wide seeing the woman she considered her hero. Then they quickly narrowed in anger as she rounded on Naruto who gave a startled 'meep' very much like a certain Hyuga and took a few steps back. Tenten seeing this took a few steps forward this continued until Naruto's back was on the wall.

"You brought Tsunade-sama back" said Tenten slowly getting a hesitant nod from the blonde.

"And you didn't tell me this earlier why" said Tenten dangerously.

"Um you didn't ask" said Naruto looking anywhere but at her. Tenten took a deep breath before turning her back on the boy causing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thank Kami" he said quietly.

"Kami's got nothing to do with it" said Tenten turning her head towards him. "I just decided to torture you later ototo" said Tenten causing Naruto to shudder.

"Sorry Lee gotta go" said Naruto before he bolted and jumped out the open window dashing across the rooftops.

It was only when she turned around did Tenten realize she slipped up. Everyone had there eyes on her disbelief clearly seen.

"Did she just say" started Neji

"Ototo" finished Lee. Tenten mentally slapped herself for her slip up before looking towards Tsunade for help.


Jiraiya giggled quietly from his perch in the bushes. His invisibility technique active and telescope in his hand he looked at the bath house before him. Occupying said area where two of Konoha's most delectable, dangerous, and elusive jounin. The genjutsu mistress Yuhi Kurenei, and her best friend Mitarashi Anko both of which clad in nothing but towels.

If that wasn't enough right there the most beautiful women in the ANBU, Uzuki Yugao had just joined them. Jiraiya took that moment to silently thank Kami for allowing him to see this sight. Once he did a perverted giggle escaped him as he quickly pulled out his notepad.


Sakura sat staring at the Uchiha before her worriedly. Tsunade had come in and healed then left saying he'd be fine and only had to rest. She had tried feeding him only for him to slap her hand away and glare at her. Sasuke himself was staring blankly ahead of him lost in thought. His encounter with Itachi had done nothing but darken his spirit he couldn't believe there was still such a gap between them.

What was worse that when Itachi showed up it wasn't for him but for Naruto of all people. He hadn't even paid him any mind at all. His hands clenched to fist at that thought as he continued to lose himself in his thoughts. If either Sasuke or Sakura had been paying any attention they would have both noticed his cursed seal pulsing.

Next Day:

Hokage Monument:

Naruto sat on top of Sarutobi's head looking out over the village. When he had first come this morning he had frowned seeing the large crack running over the face of the sculpture. Unlike most times he came up here however this time he wasn't alone. As a small one tailed kit could be seen lying on his lap as he ran his hand through her fur.

Kyuubi purred as the blonde continued to absentmindedly stroke her fur. She loved it when he did this though she wouldn't tell him that. She shuddered as he hit a particular spot that made her weak in the knees in any form. Snuggling up to him she closed her eyes drifting off to a peaceful sleep. Her last thoughts were on the inevitable meeting between her and her father, and the effect it would have on him.

Hyuga Estate:

Hiashi was still in shock over the meeting that occurred less than 24 hours ago. He'd never really had any thing against the boy except thinking he was a bit immature. So it was no surprise, to him at least, that he never busted up his 'secret' friendship with his eldest daughter.

While no one else knew of their friendship he had known for years. His mastery over the Byakugan had allowed him to see it. He had also seen through Hinata's mask which was why he was so hard on her. He knew Hinata was stronger than she appeared and while she couldn't beat Neji there was no way Hanabi could beat her if she was serious.

The reason he allowed this to continue however was simple, he had discovered her plans. The plans that Hinata, Naruto, and Tenten had come up with not only for her to become Hyuga Head, and Naruto Hokage. But the plans to revolutionize all of Konoha starting with the removal of the Branch House's Caged Bird Seal, something he hadn't been able to accomplish. He still remembered when he had found out about it.


Hinata had been late coming from the Academy and he had activated his Byakugan to find her. He had developed his Byakugan to the point where his range extended the entire village. He had found her at the apartment complex in a room filled with weapons. With her were the 8 year old Tenten and 7 year old Naruto.

Though he wasn't able to here he was still able to lip read. So he was surprised at the conversation they were having. He was especially surprised to find Hinata not stuttering or shying away. In the end he was surprised at the slyness of the three especially of his daughter that she had even fooled him. After observing the conversation he decided that he would help out by keeping suspicion away from Hinata.

Flashback End:

After that he would continue to watch them as they met, though never as they trained. He could only tell Hinata held back because of the small almost unnoticeable twitches she made whenever she and Hanabi sparred. He smirked to himself as he walked off, he couldn't wait to see the looks the elders had when things came to pass.

Hokage Tower:

Tsunade stared at the faces of the former Hokage's from the window in the office. She had her inauguration ceremony today but that didn't bother her. Looking over the faces of first her grandfather, then her uncle, to her sensei and father figure she finally came to the gaze of her cousin. She was broken from her musing when there was a knock at the door.

"What is it" she asked.

"Tsunade-sama, Naruto-kun is here" said Shizune.

"Send him in" said Tsunade.

Not a minute after she said that the blonde walked in. Neither said anything simply staring at the monument. After a few moments Tsunade spoke breaking the silence.

"What do you want to know about first the clan or bloodline"

"The clan" Naruto answered quickly.

"Alright as you are aware the Senju are extremely secretive" said Tsunade getting a nod from the blonde.

"The clan originates from Kusa no Kuni (Grass Country). Kusa which was once one of the major villages was nearly destroyed in The First Great Shinobi War and the clan along with it. This was caused by a poison that had spread throughout the village. Those who survived split up going different ways. Shodaime and Nidaime among others came here and created Konoha"

"The other half left heading towards Mizu no Kuni (Water Country). Most of those that came here died out during the Second and Third Great Shinobi Wars. The rest however died in the Kyuubi attack which is why we are the last" explained Tsunade. She had noticed the kit around his neck stiffen at the mention of the Kyuubi attack but paid it no mind.

"Our bloodline is unique" said Tsunade catching the blonde's interest.

"Our bloodline allows us control over water. This of course is what Nidaime is famous for." said Tsunade getting a nod from the blonde.

"Of course that's not all. Our bloodline naturally merges compatible chakra alignments. For my grandfather it created the Mokuton element. While people usually had compatible alignments some like myself didn't, mine being water and fire. As you know the two cancel each other out" she explained getting another nod.

"I have no idea what your father's alignment was, though I know for a fact Nawaki would have gotten Mokuton" said Tsunade.

"How so" asked Naruto.

"As I said our bloodline naturally merges two compatible chakra natures. Nawaki had a Doton chakra nature. That combined with water if his bloodline had awakened would result in Mokuton" explained the slug sannin.

"So if someone had say wind as their natural element" asked Naruto.

"Is that your element" asked Tsunade getting a nod from the blonde.

Seeing this she pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him. Knowing what it was he focused chakra into it and was surprised. First it split into three pieces before one split in half, one soaked through and the other froze.

"Ice I knew it" said Tsunade quietly.

"Knew what" said Naruto.

"There was once a small clan of people in Kiri that were able to use Ice. I had suspected them to be of Senju blood but I wasn't sure." Explained Tsunade

"Haku" Naruto thought with a pang of sadness.

"Anyway" said Tsunade catching his attention. "I'm moving you and your sister out of that apartment" she finished getting a raised eyebrow.

"You'll be moving in with me and Shizune at the Hokage Mansion"

After about twenty more minutes they finished and Naruto left the room. On his way out he stopped and looked towards his side before shaking his head and leaving. Toshiro and Hinomori who were in there Shinigami forms had seen this.

"Why didn't he see us" asked Hinomori.

"Could you feel his reiatsu" asked Toshiro knowingly getting a shake of the head from the girl.

"He's developed a way to contain his reiatsu which he always does unless in battle. As it is he has so little flowing through him he can't see us, but we also can't track him" explained the captain.

"I see smart move" said Hinomori.

"Yes with his level of reiatsu and lack of training he'd be nothing more than hollow bait if he didn't contain his reiatsu" said Toshiro.

Three weeks later:

Naruto could be found in the training grounds of the Hokage Mansion, where he spent most of his time. Tenten had been ecstatic when she had first gotten the invitation to move in from Tsunade and had hastily agreed. In that time Naruto had also noticed majority of the shinobi had stopped glaring at him and wondered why though he appreciated it.

Like most boys with a new toy he spent most of his time tinkering with it. As such he was always found training his bloodline, along with a few (thousand) clones. He had read that Nidaime had gotten to the point where he could draw water from the molecules in the air. He set himself to be able to do that as well.

He had noticed that it took virtually no time for him to master Suiton techniques. In fact he had already mastered Mizu Bunshin no jutsu, Kirigakure no jutsu, Suiton: Teppodama (Water Release: Gunshot) and Suiton: Suijenheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall). He had even gotten to the point where he didn't have to use all the seals to use the jutsu's, meaning they couldn't be copied. At least that's what Tsunade had told him.

While most wouldn't be able to improve so fast with the help of Kage Bunshin, Naruto knew he was now equal with Sasuke in terms of ninjutsu. He had also found out he didn't get the promotion to chuunin, though he wasn't worried since he now had his apprenticeship. In fact the only one promoted had been Shikamaru, who had merely stated it was troublesome.

Even still during all this time he kept feeling as if he was being watched, but shrugged it off as paranoia. He was currently doing another chakra control exercise water rolling. Jiraiya had stated that he was still wasting far too much chakra in his attacks. He was also still working on perfecting the Rasengan, though that was proving to be a little difficult as Jiraiya would not allow the usage of clones for that. After watching the boy fall in a few more times Jiraiya called him over.

"Oi gaki" called Jiraiya waving the boy over, once he was he continued.

"The sensei's have asked me to bring you over for a group spar interested" asked the pervert.

"Are you a super pervert" replied Naruto with a grin.

With that Naruto dried off before dressing. Once he was dressed once more they both ran through a few seals and disappeared in twin puffs of smoke.

Training Ground Nine:

The rookies and team Gai had gathered at training ground 9 for a little sparring at Kurenei's suggestion. Gai had picked this training ground as it had a lake just in case Sasuke missed one of his fire jutsus. They were all gathered with the exception of Shino, Naruto and Jiraiya when the latter two people appeared in twin puffs of smoke. The jounins raised eyebrows seeing Naruto do the chuunin level skill while Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

Lee and Hinata weren't participating, Lee because he couldn't and Hinata because she didn't want him to feel left out. Shikamaru also wasn't participating saying it was too troublesome, and Shino was gone on a diplomatic mission with his father.

The matches had gone by rather quickly Ino had given up after drawing Neji, and Sakura had been put down in one move by Kiba. Tenten and Choji's match had been rather entertaining though it ended with him being surrounded by weapons and surrendering. Tension immediately entered the group knowing the next match was Naruto vs. Sasuke.

Once they were on the field neither spoke for a few moments. Then out of no where Naruto chuckled catching the attention of the black haired boy.

"What's so funny dobe" said Sasuke

"Nothings funny teme" replied Naruto. "Just thinking about how easy it's going to be to beat you" he finished.

Sasuke who had wanted to fight him since he woke up, growled hearing this. Then without warning he shot forward. Naruto seeing this charged as well meeting him in the middle. Both struck out with right hooks which were both caught in the others left hand. They struggled for a second before they broke apart.

Jumping forward the Uchiha rushed at the Uzumaki again throwing a flurry of punches which were all dodged. Sasuke jabbed with his left and Naruto instead of dodging caught it before pulling him forward. Before Sasuke could react he had been punched in the chest in sent skidding back a bit. Sasuke whose head was down, looked up showing the blood red eyes of the Sharingan two commas in each eye.

"So you want to get serious huh" said Naruto.

Sasuke didn't answer and quickly ran through seals launching a few fireballs at the blonde. Naruto jumped to the side avoiding the fireballs. Landing on his feet he looked up just in time to catch a kick to the face before puffing into smoke.

"Shit Bunshin" thought Sasuke.

He turned just in time to see a ball of water flying at him and dodged out of the way. He was caught by surprise however when dozens of Naruto emerged from the water. Focusing chakra to his legs he leapt into the air while running through seals. Taking a deep breath he exhaled a huge fireball while thinking "Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu"

The ball of fire streaked towards the Naruto's before engulfing them creating a large cloud of smoke. The smoke was blown apart however by a water ball shooting out of it. Sasuke seeing this and knowing he couldn't dodge quickly made the needed seals before calling out "Chidori" and plunging through the water ball and towards the blonde.

Naruto seeing this brought his hands up in front of him the ball of chakra quickly forming. Then focusing chakra to his legs he leapt at the boy with the cry of "Rasengan"

Sakura no longer able to watch anymore dashed over trying to stop them. Both saw her though only Naruto made an effort to not hit her. Before either of them made contact however they were quickly snatched out of the air and thrown towards the trees. While Sasuke's arm sunk deep into it Naruto palm rested on the trunk when he moved showing a small hole.

Sasuke smirked seeing this before walking off. As he did however he froze seeing the damage behind the tree done by the jutsu. The back of the tree was torn to shreds as were several bushes while other trees had pieces missing. He gritted his teeth in anger before stalking off once more.

Everyone else was looking on at Naruto who was glaring at Kakashi. Kakashi had given the excuse that Sasuke had used Chidori to get through the water ball since he had no other option.

"Listen Hatake" said Naruto anger dripping from his voice.

"If that was the case he would have ended the jutsu after he got past the water ball" said Naruto making the other jounins and Jiraiya agree.

"But I'll tell you what" said the blonde catching everyone's attention.

"If he ever aims that thing at me again the gloves will come off. Now how's that sound for an option" finished the blonde coldly before he grabbed his things and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

That Night:

Sasuke gazed up looking at the stars deep in thought. As far as he was concerned this place was holding him back. First not giving him any missions then the dobe being trained by a sannin.

"Well he isn't the only one with a Sannin interested in him" thought the Uchiha touching the mark on his neck. Just as he thought that four figures dropped down in front of him. Sasuke smirked seeing the symbols on their hitae-tae's

"So he sent escorts for me huh" said Sasuke.

With Sakura:

The pink haired kunoichi was walking towards her house from Ino's. As she was walking however she saw a familiar figure down the road.

"Sasuke-kun" called out Sakura causing him to turn.

After a bit of talking with Sakura trying to convince to stay or at least let her go with him Sasuke had enough. Appearing behind her he quickly knocked her out, the last thing she heard before darkness claimed her was a soft "thank you".

She was awoken by two chuunin who were passing by the next morning. Once she remembered what happened she immediately rushed to Tsunade's office.

Later Hokage Mansion:

Naruto awoke with a groan before stretching himself out. After a few quick seals he muttered out "Kuchiyose no jutsu". There was a puff of smoke and Kyuubi appeared in her human form in the bed next to him.

She was still asleep he noticed, so he did what he always did at times like these; watched her. He took a moment to look over her body especially her legs, which he could see because of the shorts. He watched the rise and fall of her chest as she breathe and smiled softly.

"You know if I didn't know any better I'd think you'd fallen for her" came Tenten's voice from the door. Naruto snorted at that before getting up himself.

"Yea right, will never happen" said the blonde.

"Then why do you let her out" asked Tenten with narrowed eyes.

"Just fulfilling my part of the deal" said the blonde.

"I think you actually are falling for her" said Tenten.

"Yea right love is a farce" said Naruto going through his drawers.

"It's too early for this argument" said Tenten.

The doorbell ringing interrupted them as they went to check. Opening the door they found it was none other than Shikamaru.

"What's up Shika" said Naruto.

"Sasuke ran away last night. We need to get him back" said Shikamaru.

"I'll pass" said Naruto turning back into the house.

"Naruto" called Shikamaru.

"No. I'm not going after that damn Uchiha get someone who cares to do it" said Naruto

"Tsunade-sama said you'd say that" said Shikamaru.

"So you still came here because?" asked Naruto.

Shikamaru said nothing and merely gave him a slip of paper. Once he read it his eyes narrowed before he balled it up.

"Damn that old woman" snarled the blonde before he went to get dressed.

Tenten seeing this picked the note up and chuckled after reading it. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at this before he saw the note and read it.

"Do it or no ramen for a month" was all it said.

Once Naruto came down fully dressed except missing his coat they left, though Tenten quickly took his sword so he wouldn't be tempted to use it on the Uchiha. It didn't take long for them to get Choji, Kiba and Neji to agree to going either.

Once they reached the gates they checked there supplies before turning to leave. They were stopped however hearing a voice calling for them to wait. Turning around they saw Sakura come up with tears in her eyes.

"Naruto please bring Sasuke-kun back. I tried to stop him but I could please" said Sakura. Naruto said nothing for a long moment then spoke.

"No. I could care less about your precious Uchiha or you for that matter. Though he'll come back if he's in a box or not depends on him" said the blonde before turning away.

Nodding to the others each of them took to the trees dashing after their target.

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