Naruto: Shinigami

Chapter 9: Bonds Broken, Naruto's Departure

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"Naruto please bring Sasuke-kun back. I tried to stop him but I could please" said Sakura. Naruto said nothing for a long moment then spoke.

"No. I could care less about your precious Uchiha or you for that matter. Though he'll come back if he's in a box or not depends on him" said the blonde before turning away.

Nodding to the others each of them took to the trees dashing after their target.

Start Now:

Sakura stared at the ground with a sullen look on her face. The gates were crowded with the rookies and team Gai. Asuma, Kurenei, Gai, Kakashi and Jiraiya had leapt into the forest after the team upon learning of what was happening. Tsunade herself had taken to waiting with them by the gates next to Tenten and Hinata.

She still couldn't believe what Naruto had told her. Naruto had never spoken to her like that before he had never denied her anything… ever. So why would he do that now of all times?

"Why wouldn't he" came the sarcastic voice of Inner Sakura.

"After all what have you ever done for him. You were always belittling him just so you could feel better about yourself. You were always hitting him just to take out your frustration on someone. And lastly you were always trying to compare him to that faggot Uchiha" said Inner Sakura yelling the last part.

"Hey Sasuke-kun is not a faggot" defended Sakura.

"Yea and Kakashi's not a pervert" retorted Inner Sakura. "All I'm saying is no straight guy would be turning down all the pussy he was being offered."

"What's your point" asked Sakura trying to change the subject.

"My point is all you seem to care about lately are yourself and that Uchiha" said Inner Sakura.

It was then that several high chakra signatures could be felt moving at high speeds. Looking up all anyone could see were dust clouds heading towards the village. Soon a green blur flew past the gates and the crowd followed closely by several others. They didn't even slow down when one snatched up Tsunade and kept going.

Reacting quickly each of them moved quickly in the direction the blurs traveled. When they stopped at the hospital it was immediate chaos as everyone could see the state of the team members.

While Shikamaru was fine everyone else was a wreck. Choji was now extremely skinny and pale. Neji had a hole going through his chest and most likely his lung as well. Lee looked like he'd just fought Gaara again. Kiba had a deep stab wound in his side and was cradling Akamaru who looked to have a few broken limbs.

The worse however was Naruto. The boy's blonde hair was covered red in blood and his left arm was hanging limp like it was dead. The worst however was the hole going through his stomach. Jiraiya who was holding the blonde was also covered in blood that was most likely Naruto's.

Tsunade froze seeing the amount of blood coming from her nephew but quickly snapped out of it. She wasted no time snapping out orders to every medic she saw. Before anything could happen though a white portal opened up and a dozen people stepped out. Each person wore a black kimono and hakama set tied together with a white sash.

The final person to step out was a female with long black hair braided over her chest. She was as tall as Tsunade and like all others she wore the black kimono and hakama set. Unlike others however she also wore an obi instead of the sash and a white haori on the back of which was a black rhombus with the kanji for 'four' on the back. She took one glance at the group before speaking in a calm and relaxed voice.

"Isane take one squad and take care of the unnaturally skinny child. Hanataro I want you to take a squad and deal with the one with the hole through his chest."

"Hai taicho" said the mentioned two.

Before any one could blink they went about their assigned task taking both Choji and Neji with him.

"I want you four to take care of the boy with the dog" she continued pointing to a group.

The group immediately obeyed and disappeared to take care of the assigned task. Another group of four she sent to take care of Lee. Finally she turned to Naruto moving his hair from his forehead she sighed seeing a small seal on it, before taking him from Jiraiya's arms. Turning towards Tsunade she spoke up quietly and politely.

"Tsunade-san I will need both yours and your assistants help to care for Naruto"

"Who are you" asked Tsunade snapping from her shock.

"Oh where are my manners. I'm Retsu Unohana captain of the Gotei 13's fourth division" she answered.

"That can wait however I still need your help" said Unohana politely.

Both Tsunade and Shizune complied before making their way towards one of the operating rooms. Once they were inside Unohana spoke up once again.

"We have to hurry his preserver seal will only last a little longer"

"Preserver seal?" questioned Shizune.

"Hai the seal on his forehead. Apparently the seal on his stomach was destroyed the captain who was watching over the battle had been able to apply the seal before sending for my division" said Unohana before setting the blonde teen down.

"We'll need to work fast once it's removed his body will react" said Unohana sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.

Once she was set a blue glow surrounded her before surrounding Naruto as well. After a few moments the seal on the blonde's forehead pulsed a few times before dissolving. Once it did the boys eyes snapped open and a blood curdling scream came from his mouth. Then before anyone could react red chakra burst forth covering him so much so that it was hard to see him.

"Kami what is he holding" asked Unohana in shock.


A black haired woman's head snapped up as a presence filled her senses. She was dressed in a black kimono and hakama set. She also had the white haori with the kanji for 'six' in the rhombus on the back. On her side was a sheathed katana with a red hilt. Anyone who saw her would immediately recognize her as a Shinigami.

Her eyes narrowed when she recognized the presence and she disappeared in a blur.


It had been a few hours since the return of the retrieval team. Everyone was now fine and in perfect health with the exception of one Uzumaki Naruto. The members and senseis of the rookie nine and Team Gai were now sitting outside of the operating room the blonde was in. They weren't the only ones however as each of the clan heads that supported the blonde were there as well as the Suna sibs.

Everyone was broken from their thoughts when the door opened and the exhausted forms of Tsunade, Shizune, and Unohana walked through the door. The unconscious forms of Naruto and Kyuubi being carried by Tsunade and Shizune. Once they were placed in a room Tsunade spoke up.

"What the hell happened out there"

"Yes I'd like to know that as well" said Unohana.

"We were ambushed" said Shikamaru quietly catching the group's attention.

"Explain" demanded Tsunade.

"Troublesome any way what happened was…" started the shadow user.


After Naruto had finished with Sakura the group had moved quickly. Kiba and Akamaru who were in the lead were using their noses to track the Uchiha. Behind him was Naruto his face clearly showing his displeasure for being forced to come. Shikamaru came next his face set in its bored expression. Then came Choji who was stuffing his face with chips while still leaping through the trees. Finally came Neji who was using his Byakugan periodically to check their surroundings.

After running for a few more minutes Naruto came for a stop causing everyone else too as well. Narrowing his eyes the blonde looked around at his surrounding before taking a whiff of the air.

"Neji" spoke the blonde looking his direction. Neji catching on silently activated his Byakugan and cursed as soon as he did.

"Genjutsu" spoke Neji quietly telling the others what Naruto already knew.

"How many" asked Naruto after dispelling it knowing there were people nearby to run it.

"Four all Oto nin" said Neji.

"Point me in the right way" was all Naruto said before three clones appeared.

"One to the right thirty feet out. One to the left, one behind, and one ahead same distance"

As soon as he finished each of the blondes blurred in a different direction. Not long after that the blondes returned and three of them disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I think its safe to say Sasuke is not by himself" said Kiba stating the obvious.

"It changes nothing" said Naruto. "It's not like the hebi is going to send an entire army to deal with four gennin and a lazy chuunin" he finished making the others nod in agreement.

Flashback End:

"Unfortunately that's exactly what happened" said Neji.

"What" exclaimed the shocked Shizune.

"Apparently Orochimaru wanted Sasuke so bad he had an army prepared just to make sure he got there" explained Neji.

"Not to mention the fact Naruto somehow got on the snakes bad side" said Kiba.

"As well as the fact the troublesome blonde has a bit of a reputation now" said Shikamaru.

"What do you mean reputation" asked Ino.

"Apparently Naruto gained a nickname during the invasion. They call him 'Konoha's Shinigami'" said Neji getting a snort from Isane.

"Him a shinigami yea right, he hasn't even been to the academy" said Isane.

"Did you forget about what Ichigo did to you when he first came to Seireitei. Let's not forget he never attended the Academy either" said Unohana

"Actually taicho I did forget" confessed Isane.

"Wait what academy" asked Shizune.

"It's like the academy shinobi attend except instead of the Shinobi arts we teach how to be a Shinigami" explained Unohana.

"Anyway what happened after that Neji" asked Tenten.

"Right well after we left that group we caught up with the group who was with Sasuke. Unfortunately we were caught in a barrier made of earth…"


"What the hell" exclaimed Kiba watching in shock as the wall reconstructed itself after withstanding a Tsuga from him.

"This dome is filled with chakra Kiba" explained Neji his Byakugan active. "What's worse is its slowly draining us of our own" finished the Hyuga.

Naruto took this time to bring his hands in front of him with only his fingertips touching. Not long after he did that a sphere of pure chakra formed between his hands only to dissolve before the jutsu could be completed.

"Damn it" said Naruto through gritted teeth.

"Naruto man what the hell was that" asked Kiba his curiosity getting the better of him.

"It's one of my most powerful and favorite techniques. I learned it when I went with Ero-sensei to get the old woman to become Hokage. Jiraiya-sensei was also the man who trained Yondaime. Anyway it was a jutsu which was created and mastered by Yondaime in a span of three years. Its called the Rasengan" finished the blonde.

The group hearing this was in shock. Choji had even dropped his chips in surprise. Not long after that Shikamaru's head snapped up in Choji's direction.

"You ready" asked Shika.

His only response was Choji enlarged himself with his Baika no jutsu. Following directions Choji turned to the wall directly opposite of the sound nin that was holding them hostage. Once he was facing it he turned into a giant ball before charging and destroying the back of the prison.

Once they were out they noticed all but one Oto nin had left. That one had been the fat one Jiroubo. Though that didn't mean that he was alone as there was at least twenty more shinobi with him.

"Look it's him" spoke one of the oto nin who was wearing a mask over his face.

"Who" asked a second.

"The blonde one it has to be him" said the first.

"Lets see blonde hair, blue eyes and whisker like marks yeah it's him alright" said the second.

"Who'd have thought we'd meet up with the Konoha no Shinigami in a place like this" said the first.

"Hurry up and attack" yelled Jiroubo interrupting their conversation.

Seeing this, the group each took their stances as the twenty or so shinobi converged on them. Naruto had two kunai in hand in a backhanded grip.

"This will be quick" said Naruto with a smirk.

"Yeah their foolish to come in close" responded Neji.

As if by some signal the group split apart in different directions. They each only had four opponents which was rather insulting to both Naruto and Neji.

Neji sighed watching them come and deciding against a Kaiten he blurred forward. Slamming his palm into the chest of one Oto nin, he turned quickly striking another in the heart with the index and middle fingers of his right hand. Ducking under a kunai swipe he flipped forward kicking the nin behind him in the chin. Coming down he quickly threw a kunai into the nin's chest before giving the final one a palm strike to the stomach.

Using his kunai's Naruto blocked two kunai thrust from both sides. Pushing them off the blonde moved quickly ducking under another kunai swipe, he came up stabbing one of his kunai into one nins throat. Letting go of the kunai he caught another that was thrown at him by the handle before throwing it back at the nin hitting him in his chest.

Blurring the blonde appeared in front of another before aiming a chakra infused punch at his opponent. He ducked just in time to dodge the kunai swipe that came from behind him. The swipe however did go through the other nins neck. Naruto came up quickly and punched the nin in the chest sending him flying back a few feet.

Turning the blonde looked seeing the others already done with their opponents as well. They then noticed Jiroubo was the only one left they started to move on him before Choji told them he would handle him himself. Reluctantly they agreed to his wishes and continued further ahead.

Flashback end:

After listening to Choji recount his fight most of the group was in awe. The clan heads however were worried about the level of power the cursed seal had given Jiroubo. There was one thing however that had Hiashi curious after thinking on it for a moment he spoke up.

"Neji" said Hiashi catching the younger Hyuga's attention.

"Are you sure the name of Naruto's jutsu was called the 'Rasengan'. Asked Hiashi looking at the boy intently.

"Positive why" asked Neji

"The Rasengan was thought to have been lost after the Yondaime's death" explained Inoichi.

"Anyway what happened next" asked Tsunade.

"After we left Choji we found the other three resting in a clearing. Shikamaru came up with a plan to surround them. Unfortunately we ended up stuck to spider webs…" started Neji.


Kidomaru looked at the group ahead of him. the others had already left leaving him to finish this group. Seeing multiple blondes he decided to stab them all until he found the real one. He was surprised however when the final one also turned into smoke. He moved just in time to dodge the kunai that were heading towards the back of his head. These same kunai however struck the piece of the web holding Neji in place.

The same happened a few more times freeing the rest of the group. Once everyone was down Neji stepped forward telling the others to go ahead. The group complying with his wishes did. Just after this was done Kidomaru made a signal and fifteen nin jumped down from the trees on the Hyuga.

Neji sighed seeing this before a blue shield appeared around him. then placing chakra to his feet he spun with a call of "Kaiten". The nins all hit the Hyuga clan's absolute defense before being sent flying away from the Hyuga. Turning Neji glared at the six armed man before blurring forward.

Flashback End:

After hearing Neji explain the details of his battle the rookies were once again in awe of the battle. Hiashi however was inwardly raging at how Neji's weakness was used against him. He like Hinata had never believed that juken was invincible as all you needed to do was fight long ranged. The elders however refused to hear such things loving to think themselves invincible.

Unohana herself was listening quietly to all of this knowing she'd have to report this. Especially since it sounded as if these humans were using demonic energy. Before anything else could be said however another portal opened. This time only one person stepped out.

Like all shinigami he wore the black kimono and hakama set. He also wore the white haori that showed him as a captain. On the back of which was the kanji for 'six' in the black rhombus. He had long black hair with a whitish silver hairpiece and an extremely long white scarf around his neck.

"Byakuya-taicho I thought you'd be a bit later" said Unohana.

"Yes well I managed to finish up early" spoke the newly introduced captain.

"He's in the room if you'd like to see him" said Unohana.

"First I'd like to know what has happened that would force me to come here so early" responded the Kuchiki head.

"Oh Tsunade-san this is Kuchiki Byakuya he is the current head to one of the four noble families of Soul Society and the captain of the sixth division" said Unohana.

"Right well Shikamaru here was just about to explain what happened next" said Tsunade motioning to the Nara.

"Troublesome" muttered the Nara.

"After we left Neji we caught up to the rest of the other two. Before we could confront them however another troublesome group dropped down in front of us…" started Shikamaru.


"This is getting really annoying" said Naruto looking at the fifteen nin in front of him.

"Yeah I don't even like the Uchiha that much" said the dog boy.

"Regardless if we like him or not we have to take him back. Even if he's more troublesome than my mom" said Shikamaru with a sigh.

"Lets make this quick I'm starting to get hungry" said Naruto before his hands turned to claws and his pupils became slits.

Kiba following his lead brought out his own while engaging his Jujin Bunshin. With that Kiba and Akamaru leapt into the fray with a cry of "Gatsuuga"

"Well can't let dog-boy have all the fun" said Naruto before he blurred forward.

"Troublesome" muttered Shikamaru drawing his kunai to deal with any who got through those three.

Naruto appeared between a group of six nin who surrounded him in a circle. He watched as they looked at him in shock before one said something about being rewarded for killing the Shinigami. The blonde smirked before rushing towards that one, faster than the man could react naruto had ripped into the man's throat with his claws.

"It will take a lot more than you losers to kill me" spoke the blonde.

Blurring forward the blonde planted his fist into one nins stomach. Then grabbing him he turned throwing him in the direction of the two tornadoes that were Kiba and Akamaru. Catching a punch aimed at his face he kneed his attacker in the stomach before giving him a backhanded punch to the back of the head.

The other four seeing this charged towards the blonde who stood still. Naruto simply watched arms crossed and smirk on his face. Once they were close enough he dropped down as the twin tornadoes slammed into the four. Getting to his feet he dusted himself off before looking towards the oto nin.

He looked just in time to see a white haired man take the barrel containing Sasuke and run off. Getting nods from Kiba and Shikamaru the blonde took off knowing he had the best chance of catching him.

Flashback End:

After hearing Shikamaru and Kiba recount their fights the group was silent for a while. Each of them trying to digest the information that they had just heard. Noticing the sword Tenten was carrying Byakuya spoke up.

"Tell me child where did you get that zanpakuto"

"Soul Slayer? What this sword" asked Tenten getting a nod from the man.

Seeing the way the man was looking she looked over to Tsunade for help receiving a nod from the blonde.

"It's Naruto's" said Tenten after a moment.

"I took it from him when we first heard about the mission since we weren't expecting any real trouble. Plus with the way things are around here it wouldn't help if he'd have killed the Uchiha" explained the weapon mistress.

"I just want to know what happened that could hurt Naruto-kun that bad" said Hinata her stutter absent and looking deep in thought.

"I know I've never seen him hurt that bad" said Tenten a thoughtful look on her face.

"Inoichi" said Tsunade getting the man's attention.

"Is it true you have a technique to show the memories of others" asked Tsunade.

"Yes though we'll have to find the memory" said Inoichi.

Tsunade nodded before leading the way towards the blonde's room. Once they reached the room they found one of the two was up. Kyuubi was currently looking out of the window over the village with a peaceful expression on her face.

"I was wondering when you'd come" she spoke still looking towards the village.

"I'm surprised you're up so soon" said Tsunade.

"I'm a fast healer especially when I'm at full power" replied Kyuubi getting a few raised eyebrows.

"I've sent a messenger to inform my father so you should be expecting him soon" said Kyuubi.

"Of course it has been twelve years" said Tsunade

"It went by fast for me. After all I just woke up a few months ago" said Kyuubi

"Anyway I'm guessing you're here to check on Naruto-kun" said Kyuubi.

"Hai we need to find out what happened" said Tsunade.

"He won't be happy with people being in his head" said Kyuubi

"I figured as much but it's a necessity" explained Tsunade.

"Fine just remember that Naruto-kun has been through a lot. As such you'll see things in there most will never experience" advised Kyuubi. Turning around she laid eyes on the group who looked shocked seeing her pink eyes.

"Two captain level Shinigami" said Kyuubi in shock.

"You'd better not be like that bastard Aizen or I'll tear your heads off where you stand" threatened Kyuubi.

"How do you know of Aizen he only went rouge a year ago" said Unohana.

"Who do you think was responsible for my imprisonment" said Kyuubi shocking those who knew who she was.

"Explain yourself" said Byakuya.

"You'll have to wait I promised Naruto-kun I'd tell him before anyone else and as you know demons never break promises" said Kyuubi with a smirk.

Everyone who didn't know who she was were shocked hearing this. It was the older generation that figured out this was Kyuubi.

"I see you realize who I am well, allow me to formally introduce myself" said Kyuubi still smirking.

"I am the princess of the kitsune clan, and strongest demon of my generation. I am Kyuubi no Kitsune" she finished with a bow shocking the younger generation to the core.

"H-how you're supposed to be dead" said a shocked Sakura.

"Fabrication though I was as good as dead. You should all thank Naruto you're even still alive especially you Sakura as you'd have died in that forest if it wasn't for him" said Kyuubi.

"Anyway there are more important matters at hand" said Tsunade.

Once that was said Inoichi stepped up and ran through a few seals. After calling the name of his jutsu he placed his hands on the blonde. Once that was done a screen appeared over and between them. After a bit of searching he came upon what he was looking for and it started up.

On Screen:

Naruto stared at the person before him with annoyance clear in his eyes. He had had a very annoying day so far. First he was threatened into taking this mission in the first place, then running through the forest. Then getting trapped into that earth barrier which had drained his chakra. After that he had to fight all those weaklings and run through this forest some more before running into that bone user. Lee had showed up before anything could really happen though.

Now he was staring out from one of the statues at the Valley of the End. Sasuke, near the edge stared back at him with hatred in his eyes.

"Why'd you come here dobe" asked Sasuke still glaring.

"Cause that old hag made me why else teme" replied Naruto casually.

"Did you know Naruto this place is called the Valley of the End. A fitting place for our final battle" said Sasuke. Naruto said nothing and continued just staring at him.

"You will not keep me from gaining power" said Sasuke.

"And you're going to stop me how" responded Naruto walking forward he stopped however when the Uchiha drew a kunai.

"You don't wanna do that. You can't win, you don't even know the rules of the game" said Naruto with a smirk.

Sasuke looked confused for a moment which was all Naruto needed. Faster than the Uchiha could react Naruto crossed the distance and delivered a crushing punch to the boy's stomach knocking him over the edge. Sasuke recovered quickly though and flipped landing on the water below not long afterwards Naruto landed himself.

Neither wasted any time before they charged at each other. They both sent out punches which collided with each other a few times. At the same time both jumped back and ran through a few seals. Then each taking a deep breath exhaled thinking.

'Katon: Goukakyu no jutsu'

'Suiton: Teppodama (Water Release: Gunshot)'

While Sasuke blew out a giant fireball, Naruto blew out a water ball the same size. Both attacks streaked at each other before colliding, cancelling each other out and creating a wall of steam. When the smoke cleared both were boys were standing still staring at each other.

"Warm ups over" said Naruto

"Ah" was all that came from the Uchiha

With that said the Uchiha closed his eyes which quickly reopened showing the blood red orbs of the Sharingan two comma marks in each one. Naruto smirked seeing this now he could crush him at his best. With that thought he blurred forward streaking at the Uchiha jumping he delivered a vicious spin kick towards his head.

Sasuke seeing it coming blocked it before throwing his own punch which Naruto flipped over. Sasuke seeing this swung down on him which Naruto dodged by dropping into the water. It didn't take long for the blonde to emerge away from the Uchiha, when he did he wasted no time going through seals before calling out "Kirigakure no jutsu".

Just after he said that a thick mist rolled in surrounding the area. Sasuke cursed even with his Sharingan he could barely see. Naruto himself was perfectly fine and watching the Uchiha as he looked around. Flexing his hands he watched as they turned to claws and blurred forward.

Sasuke bit back a scream as he felt the claws tear across his skin. Luckily it had only been his arm that had got hit that time. Not wanting to deal with anymore of this he quickly activated his cursed seal the purple chakra dispelling the mist. He looked up just in time to catch a punch to the jaw that sent him flying into a wall. Before Naruto could do anything else however another group of Oto nin appeared jumping over the edge of one o the statues.

"God damn it" snarled Naruto seeing the group.

Before most could even land his hands blurred through seals and he blew out a large fireball. Most managed to dodge it though some were incinerated. Once they landed the blonde looked at the ten that had dodged his fireball. Then once again running through seals the blonde called out "Mizu Bunshin no jutsu (Water Clone Technique)"

Ten clones were created then with a mental command Naruto sent them forward. Hearing the sound of chirping birds he turned just in time to catch a Chidori to the shoulder. Sasuke took this opportunity and quickly grabbed the blonde by his neck and prepared to strike him again.

Just as he was about to strike red chakra burst out of the blonde. He watched as his claws became shaper and his eyes turned red. The most horrifying however was the wound on his shoulder healing.

The now officially pissed off Naruto charged at the Uchiha leaving after images behind him. Arriving in front of him he delivered a devastating right punch to the Uchiha's stomach followed by three more punches the last of which sent him into the water.

He emerged quickly trying to put some distance between the two of them. Naruto was having none of this however and sped after him. Running on the walls the blonde jumped off landing in front of the Uchiha and giving him a crushing kick to the side of the head. Sasuke went flying but Naruto was on him quickly once more grabbing him by the neck pinning him against the wall.

"If I'd have known this would happen Uchiha" spoke Naruto quietly with anger lacing his voice.

"I'd have let you die in that forest" finished the blonde.

Sasuke in need of air swung a kunai for the blonde side. Naruto jumped back reluctantly releasing his hold on the Uchiha's neck. Sasuke taking the opportunity jumped after the blonde catching him by surprise and sending them both towards the water.

Naruto recovered quickly however and quickly kneed the Uchiha in the side causing his grip to loosen. Then moving quickly he flipped and using his arm tossed the Uchiha towards the water followed quickly by a ball of water. Sasuke who was running through he own seals turned dodging the water ball which streaked past him. Then once he reached the water and finished his seals exhaled a giant fireball at the Uzumaki.

Naruto saw the attack and let loose a yell. Just using a blast of chakra he sent the attack right back at the Uchiha. Once that happened Naruto watched waiting for the smoke to clear. When it did it showed who Naruto assumed to be Sasuke.

He now had longer light blue hair and a black mark that went over his nose. His eyes were now fully matured Sharingan eyes against a black background. Finally a pair of large hands had burst from his back which Naruto assumed had blocked the fireball as they had been covering the Uchiha.

"I don't know why my brother considers you special Naruto" said Sasuke quietly. "But I'm more special than you are" he finished grinning.

"Really" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course I'll always be more special than you. After all I'm an Uchiha and your just some no name orphan" said Sasuke with a smirk.

"Is that what you think" said Naruto smirking as well.

"Then why is mister all mighty Uchiha so weak that he has to run to that snake for power" said Naruto smirking.

"Better than being held back in that village full of weaklings" said the Uchiha brat.

"And breaking my bonds with them and you will make me even stronger" finished the Uchiha.

"Breaking them huh" muttered Naruto

"Let's finish this then" said Naruto coldly.


With that Naruto brought his hands forward and together a red Rasengan forming. Sasuke himself quickly went through the seals for the Chidori. The usual chirping sound now sounded more like screeching and the Chidori now black in color. Both tensed and then at the same time sprung forward with yells.



the two attacks collided creating a giant white orb. Inside the org however both were struggling to gain the upper hand. Finally Naruto won the power struggle going through the Chidori and slamming the orb of swirling chakra into the Uchiha's chest sending him flying into a wall before hitting the ground.

Naruto who was panting heavily and back to normal smirked seeing this. However it was short lived a scream ripped out from his throat. Looking down the blonde saw the steel of a blade going through his stomach from his back. It was then he felt several hands grab him and hold him still.

"Hello Naruto-kun" came the sickening voice of Kabuto.

Kabuto walked over to the Uchiha and shook his head before healing the damage done by the Rasengan. Naruto growled seeing this though he coughed up blood as a result.

"Don't die now Naruto-kun" said Kabuto lightly. "After all Orochimaru-sama wants Sasuke here to kill you" he finished.

Naruto said nothing as the pain had already gotten to him. Inside his head Kyuubi's screams of rage could be heard as well as her promises of revenge.

"You know cough I'm going to cough kill you" said Naruto grinning weakly with blood dripping down his chin.

Not long after that the Uchiha stood up and turned towards the blonde.

"You know Naruto killing you means a lot as it gets me closer to killing my brother" said the Uchiha a Chidori quickly forming in his hand.

Once it was fully formed the Uchiha charged forward slamming it through the blonde's stomach and out of his back. Once he pulled his hand free the hold on the blonde was released and he fell into the water. Once that happened Sasuke now in his normal form left along with the sound nin.

Once they were gone Naruto was immediately pulled from out of the water. Looking up weakly he saw the person was a white haired teenager with a black haired girl beside him.

"Naruto listen the seal on your stomach was destroyed. If something isn't done about it, it could kill you. I'm going to put a preserver seal on you. It will put you to sleep and stop any more damage from being done to you until you can be healed".

With that said the white haired boy applied the seal to his forehead and Naruto passed out.

Real World Later:

Tsunade sat in her office with Jiraiya, Unohana, and Byakuya with her. Since they had seen Naruto's memory they had been talking a lot. She had learned of the Gotei 13 and what they did. But what they mostly talked about was Naruto. Said blonde had awoken not long after they had viewed his memory of the fight. During this time Byakuya had decided to talk to Naruto alone. Thus bringing about the conversation taking place now.

"Let me get this straight you want me to let you take Naruto" said Tsunade looking at Byakuya like he was crazy.

"It's not a request I'm telling you I will take him. He has no choice but to go" said Byakuya evenly.

"And you think I'll just let you take my nephew away why" said Tsunade her eyes narrowing.

"He is my nephew as well" said Byakuya with a sigh.

"We had thought him to be dead for years and just learned he was still alive" he paused then continued.

"Like it or not Naruto is a Kuchiki a member of Soul Society's most noble family. Aside from that he needs to be trained in the ways of a Shinigami" finished the Kuchiki head.


Naruto stared out the window looking over the village. his thoughts kept going back to that mission it had changed him. He had no doubts that he was believed to be dead which would get the Akatsuki off of him for a while giving him time to train. He had already made up his mind about the Kuchiki heads offer and accepted it.

He had told this to both Tenten and Hinata. The latter of the two had took it the hardest but agreed to his choice. His sister however had just warned him not to become a pervert before they left.

"Your awake" said Shikamaru breaking the blonde from his thoughts.

"How do you feel" asked the shadow user

"Like someone shoved their hand through my stomach while it was covered in lightning" answered Naruto

"How's everyone else" asked Naruto after a moment.

"Everyone's fine though we're all tired" said Shikamaru.

"Luckily when those Shinigami came to heal you they took care of us as well" finished the shadow user.

"So what will you do now" asked Shikamaru.

"I'll train and then when I'm stronger and hunt them down and kill them all especially the Uchiha" answered Naruto spitting the name out.

Shikamaru said nothing and joined the blonde in looking out the window. Sakura who was outside had silent tears running down her face from what had happened to her team.

That Night:

Naruto stared out over the village from atop Nidaime's head on the Monument. He was dressed completely his coat was on and zanpakuto strapped to his back. Kyuubi who was standing next to the blonde would be staying in the village until her father's arrival. Byakuya and Unohana were both standing behind them. After a moment more Naruto, Byakuya and Unohana left through a portal.

"Be safe Naruto-kun" whispered Kyuubi before she too disappeared except in a whirl of fire.

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