Title: Out Tonight

Characters: Wonder Woman, Batman

Synopsis: Stemming from one of my BMWW drabbles…


Drabble #2: Out Tonight (100)

"Let's go out tonight/I have to go out tonight" - Rent

Glancing in the mirror, she smiled at the reflection that stared back at her, the happy tilt to her lips, the satisfied gleam in her azure eyes.

She had taken extra care with her appearance this evening, donning something both stylish and comfortable, something befitting an evening at Wayne Manor and worthy of whatever delicious concoction Alfred would have prepared.

It was her first date with Bruce, an event she considered a long time coming and deserved whatever extra attention she could devote to making sure that it was a night to remember.

After all, she intended to wow him.

Humming a little tune under her breath, Diana looked into the mirror, staring back at the reflection that mirrored her infectious smile – the same smile that had just to ease from her lips all day. She was fairly sure the villains with whom the League had been fighting today had wondered at the cause of her happiness, particularly since she was usually a staunch and stoic warrior, but today, she simply couldn't contain either her smile or her happiness.

Glancing down, she admired the fit and color of the dress as it clung to her body, revealing curves and skimming the length of her body in a way that she decided was quite appealing. It wasn't her usual style, but then, outside of Paris, her usual style had consisted mainly of white Grecian style gowns and her Wonder Woman costume.

Tonight's ensemble was a welcome change.

Truthfully, she had rarely seen herself quite so happy. She was, overall, a contented woman, but today she was truly happy in her own skin and with her lot in life. Perhaps some of that had to do with the spark that lanced through her every time she considered her date today – her first with the usually elusive and always emotionally capricious Batman. His moods towards her seemed to change with the tides and the winds – one night giving her a dance in the halls of Paris and later that dawn chiding for enjoying her time out with Audrey.

Diana knew quite knew what to expect, but she understood herself well enough to know that that was part of the appeal. He wasn't the same as everyone else – he was a man of mystery and loyalty, an odd combination that seemed to suit him – and her, apparently.

Her blue eyes laughing in response to her thoughts, she flipped her hair idly behind her ears before glancing into the mirror one last time. Her smile filled her face and she had a feeling that Flash would make some sort of comment if she passed him in the hall. But for now, she was happy just to be happy and to be embarking on this strange new adventure known as a date with Bruce Wayne.

Tonight he wouldn't be Batman – not in the outward sense of the word, but she knew that inside, he would still be the same man that had charmed and eluded her for so long now, still managing to capture her heart with his smile and his stubbornness.

Although, his stubbornness had often given her pause and occasionally managed to irritate her highly, an unusual feat within itself.

Still, he she had persevered and now they were about to try something completely new, something that she had never even known about before Themyscira; that of a date. The evening promised to bring about new things in her life and in Bruce's and she hoped that the change would be welcome to each of them. She was used to being amongst her sisters and the League and a small sliver of her heart worried that if she lost Bruce now that things would change for all of them within the League.

She refused, simply, to let that happen, no matter what ultimately transpired between her and Bruce. But the majority of her heart refused to even dwell on that possibility, instead, slipping into her shoes for the evening and making her way to the door of her room, ready for whatever the evening would hold.

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