A/N: Edward left for good. Bella graduates and decides to do the one thing she likes to…draw. She leaves to Oregon, Art College. The memories of her past are always there, she decides to let them out on paper. What happens when she tries to learn how to play piano? And will Edward every return? Read & Review.

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Chapter 1- Graduation decision.

A year had past since I last saw him, the longest year of my life. However, the memories of our past were as fresh in my mind as if it all just happened yesterday. I was trying hard to live through a single day without running off into the woods and screaming my lungs out…I screamed his name as it ripped me up inside. I begged God to take me, why live without my love? But every time I thought of Charlie and Renee and how much pain they were through watching me so wrecked and empty.

Finally the graduation day was coming, I was truly glad, though he never returned. I was happy to get away from Mike and his stupid friends. Thankful to be out of that biology class, whenever I asked people to switch seats they went, "Sorry, Bella I want to sit close to my friends. Where is your lover boy?" That is when I wanted to rip there faces off. I remember one day I was late for biology during a test, I tumbled into the class finding my teacher sending me angry glares. I quickly hurried to my desk with a blush creeping up my face (I hardly ever blushed since he left). I flung my school bag open and accidentally ended up in Edward's seat, pain and horror ran through my chest opening up the hole again. I excused myself from class and ran to my truck. I now felt tears finding their way down my cheek at the memory.

"Bella, honey what's wrong, are you ready for graduation? We have to leave soon." I heard Charlie's worried tone coming in. Ever since Edward left, Charlie never left my side trying to calm me. As if I cared.

"Yeah, I am fine dad. It is just all of the memories from Forks High School are coming into my mind now that it's graduation." I answered, finding myself sitting on my bed lost in thought. I picked up the dress that Alice bought for my graduation day; I chuckled to myself remembering here crazy mania. "Where are you Alice?" I started crying. No, I could not wear the dress, it was too much, though I remembered my promise.

"C'mon Bella, try this dress on, it is just so perfect for you!" Alice squealed, pushing me into the fitting room. She decided it was time for us to choose my graduation dress, I could hardly stand the thought of going shopping with Alice. However, what choice did I have she would force me anyway.

"Alice, you know I am really surprised I am saying this, but this dress is awesome. Do you think Edward will be pleased?" I asked.

"He would be pleased even if you wore a pair of sweatpants, but hey I wouldn't be pleased! Now let's purchase it and promise me you will wear it no matter what," She muttered, taking her credit card out.

"Ok, I promise Alice."

I slipped through the dress, amazed how wonderful it looked. I ran a brush through my brown hair and ran down stairs, though not without tripping. I saw Charlie putting his best suit on, holding a camera.

"Dad no pictures, I am not in the mood," I never really imagined my graduation day being so sad.

"Bells, I know it is hard for you. Trust me I can see, but you have to move on. You and I both know that he moved on, and is not coming back!" Charlie hated him now, when he said he true hate was felt in his words.

"Can we not talk about it, let's go are you ready?" I did not like it when he talked about him this way, but to myself I wondered… did he move on?

As we quietly drove in Charlie's cruiser, I thought about what I would do after graduation. A part of me wanted to stay in Forks and wait. A part wanted to leave this town forever. I was thinking about going into an art university or designing college, since drawing was the only talent I had. I love painting it calms me. I did hear of a good art college in Astoria, Oregon.

"Ch-Dad, what do you think of me going to Oregon art college?" I think I decided what I want, I was sick of the town trying to avoid everything that reminded me of him, which is simply everything in my life.

Charlie looked at me surprised by the offer, he thought for a moment and mumbled "Is that what you want sweetie? Will it help you to move on?" he added quietly.

"I only have an answer for your first question: Yes that is exactly what I want," I knew it was harsh, but…We arrived at school and Charlie haven't said anything else on the topic.

Once I opened the door of the car, the first person to come up to me was…


dazzled by topaz