Author's Note: This Story is co-written by DualBlader. Also, charactors belong to either Disney or Square Enix, ecxept Logan. Enjoy.

"Is reality a dream, or is dreaming a reality?

The universe is full of answers, I only want one.

My question, why me?"

Deep inside of a large, black painted building, there was a mouse like figure, about three feet tall, his face hidden by a black hood, his tail exposed, as he looked out the window into a scarcely populated area, it was lit by street lights.

"We need a new bearer...", said a voice from behind the short mouse, this man was hidden in darkness, by the shadows. He put one foot out of the shadows, towards the short figure, it turned around immediately.

''I know," said the mouse figure. "But the question is.."

"Who will it be?" the man in the shadows replied quickly, making a mental note to find this out as fast as possible. "The heartless will be drawn to him...So that will make him easier to follow."

"Don't forget..It could be a girl," The mouse like figure turned around towards the window once more, it seemed he was waiting for something important, or watching for something. He sighed, noting several human sized black figures arriving outside the building, however, they quickly scurried away into an alley.This would repeat several times, before this was addressed.

'Where are they going?' they asked themselves, as the mouse watched, telling the other voice. A rustling noise was heard, as he stepped from the shadows. All that could be seen of him, was the ever so slight glow of his eyes, as he spoke once more. "Are there alot?" was his question...The mouse simply nodded, as different figures appeared, and once again went into the same alley.

"More, and more at a time..." the mouse said, once the figures took a pause. The man from the shadows nodded, and stuck his hands out, as he did so an array of sparkles appeared forming a blade shape,with a key ring type handle. The mouse put his hand towards the man, as the blade formed, telling him to wait. A frown took the mouse's face, as a portal of blackness appeared in the middle of the road, letting out knight-like monsters.

"Let's go.."


It was six forty-five in the morning as Logan slowly woke up. He scratched his light brown hair and yawned as he flipped the comforter off of him.

His Italian greyhound, Anastasia yawned as she woke up, then crawled over to lick her owner's face.

"Ok, ok, that's enough," said Logan as he laughed to Anna's tongue licking him. He lifted her up and kissed her forehead. He then noticed the time. He knew he had to get ready for school. So he got up, stretched and started to pick out his clothes. He chose the usual, a black t-shirt with an orange and white ring wrapping around the middle, his jade-green over shirt, a pair of tan pants with large pockets on each calf, white tube socks and black velcro tennis shoes. He then snuck out of the room. He was seventeen years old and a senior in high school, but he still lived with his mom, so he didn't want to wake her up when she was sleeping. In the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and combed his hair.

His puppy, Anna whinned, because she didn't want Logan to leave.

Logan picked her up, hugged her, then gave her a kiss. "I'll be back after school, I promise. Then I'm all yours." he then put her down and headed for his car outside. He owned a 1989 Saab 900 Convertible, it was the cheapest car he could afford. He soon entered it, turned the key, and was on his way to school.


"DAY 1"