Okay, folks. I've had this idea for a while... and even though I am more the kind of person who likes humor-romance stuff, I kinda like this one. It is not really tragic drama, or at least I think it's not. and I started to write because my english teacher told me to.. she said i need more practise :d and i totally need a high mark :3 This is a Draco/Ginny fanfic (well, obviously it will develop to d/g) and it will focus on the ship. Not on some voldemort action and harry rescuing everybody.

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The end of the war was near. No one new where the light side went, however, they knew they weren't dead. And that was the important part. The light side hid, looking for stronger forces in foreign land, to come back with a powerful army and destroy Lord Voldemort, once and for all.

Sadly, Ginny Weasley was not amongst those. She had been captured. After her brother died for her. It was not a battle, she and Percy were arguing in Diagon Alley, she wanted to bring him to the Order, tried to convince him that the ministry would fall in a matter of days. He refused. Over and over again. Then everything happened in a blur. Men, clad in black with glaring white masks, came out of nowhere, backing them down an alley, demanding for the location of the Head aurors of the Order. Ginny refused to say anything, she did not even KNOW where they were, for nobody told her. She was, after all, the little baby girl. But the death eaters did not believe her and threw a cruciatus at her. She still tried to convince them, she did not know, they had to believe her. Their patience ran out. They said that she would die for her foolishness, and just as the deadliest cure of all was thrown at her, Percy, her brother, her beloved brother who had abandoned them all, threw himself in front of her screaming "run". Shocked, she did. She ran for her life.

And lost the race to evil. They got her and now her brother died for nothing, for she would end up dead too. Tears ran down her face as she sat in her dark, little cell. She did not know what to do. She could only hope, that the Order would hurry up and defeat Voldemort very soon. She wanted to tell her family of Percy's daring move. Poor Percy.

It seemed like she had been held in this cell for months. Little food every second day, and even less water. She was a wreck. Then she heard it. Footsteps.

I had food yesterday…, she thought, frowning. She heard the cracking of the key in the lock and the squealing of the door as it opened. Light blinded her, it was so overwhelming, she could only look away. Then she heard a cold, emotionless laugh.

"Get up, you tramp. The Dark Lord wants to see you." It was a death eater, after all. But what did she expect? Harry to come and sweep her of her feet? No, she had given up all her hope already. She staggered up, her legs weak and muscles tired, trying to stand up. The death eater grabbed her roughly by the arm, hauling her out of the cell, following and closing the door. He pulled her after her, her steps stumbling and irregular, down an endless humid corridor. After an eternity he came to a halt; there was a door, which he opened, and a spiraled staircase bringing them up to another level. Ginny had turned all her senses off a long time ago, she did not know how long they had been walking, and in which direction. She did not even know if she was alive, or if this was a dream and she was led to hell, because she had let her brother die for nothing. Yes, she thought. This is hell.

Suddenly, the death eater, or maybe Servant of Satan, stopped. She looked up. There was a double door right in front of her face. It opened and she saw a gigantic chamber, with serpent statues lining the wall, guarding the evil within. It sat on a throne, a marvelous throne, beautiful engraved serpents with glittering diamond eyes were the armrests. As she was pushed in front of Satan himself, she still stared at his throne. How could such an evil being have such an ornate throne?

"Ah…. Ginevra Weasley.", the ruler of Hell hissed. "You must remember me, do you not? I was such a good friend, Ginny." So she was still alive. Oh, how much better would it be if this was Satan. Lord Voldemort was the essence of evil, purified evil in human form. She did not dare to look at him, to let his ruby red eyes read her mind.

"You know, Ginevra, Harry Potter has not yet been found. Nor have his fellow comanions been found. You know what I think?" She felt him lean towards her – the evil burning her dirty skin and boring into her. "I think", he whispered, leaning even closer, "I think, that you know their location, do you not?" She shook her head, meekly and almost unnoticeable. He noticed, though; pure evil knew everything. She heard him laugh, coldly and cruelly. "Ah, Ginevra. You will tell me. I know you will, and you know you will." She heard him smirk, knowing that this was her end. She would not live through torture. Poor Percy.

"Lucius, hand me the potion."It was an order, quick, demanding and leaving no room for objection. No one ever obeyed her. She was just the little baby, about to die. Suddenly she felt it. A hand. A cold, icy cold hand, forcing her chin up and with it her whole face. Her eyes widened in fear as she was forced to look into Voldemort's glaring red ones. He had a potion in his hand, unbottled and said: "Open your mouth Ginevra." She obeyed. Not even she could withstand his mortifiying power. I am weak, was her only thought as the icy cold potion trickled down her throat. Was it poison? A new torture method?

"Now, Ginevra, tell your friend where Potter is.", said Voldemort in an cruelly soothing voice, leaning so close to her face that she could see every blood vessel in his already blood red eyes. Her mouth opened, as if somebody else was controlling it, and her voice spoke for her.

"I do not know."

She watched as Voldemort's expression twisted, his teeth showing, sharp teeth, and his eyes were blazing. He took a deep breath. "Ginevra, how old are you?"


"Whom do you love?"


He took another deep breath.

"Where is Potter hiding?"

"I do not know." For a second, she thought that Voldemort would explode like a fireracket, red, probably, but he just let her face go, and leaned back in his wonderful throne. Ginny looked at the ground again. How glad she was, that the Trio did not tell her.

"Lucius, kill her. She is no longer of use to us." Such short words. They echoed through the whole hall, mocking her. Kill her ... Kill her ... Kill her...

"Master, if I may object, we need another servant. She will do just fine, Arthur Weasleys daughter. It would give me great pleasure to humiliate her and her traiterous family the most I can. Believe me, it is worse than death. She has to live with it." Lucius Malfoy, the Devil's right hand man, was her rescuing angel, carrying her sould back to heaven. Percy did not die for nothing.

"Do whatever you want Lucius. Whatever you want."