Ichigo tossed and turned in his bed at home. Sleeping, dreaming. He was wrapped in Renji's arms, his whole body melting as he felt the other's strength, his power, as he pounded into him, brought their bodies as one. Slickened with sweat, strengthened in their joy. "Renji… renji… mmm…. Deeper… harder… I… I'm gonna…"

Ichigo Kurosaki sat straight up in bed with a yell.

"Will ya keep it down." Renji grumbled, rolling over.

Ichigo realized that he had a serious, serious hard on, and Renji Abarai, curled up in Rukia's old bunk in the closet, couldn't see. For this he was grateful.

I can't keep this up… I'm attracted to him… at the very least… and his personality… he's wonderful… Then. Urrrrg! Here I am swooning like a school girl! He scolded himself. Okay, fine, whatever god is out there laughing, I get the point, I'm GAY… Now just leave me alone to be miserable over it!! Ichigo growled to himself.

Ichigo inched his hand slowly down to where his member throbbed, hissing at how sensitive the skin was. Damn, I must have fallen hard for him, no pun intended. He groaned, rolling onto his stomach. Maybe if he did, he could squeeze the hard on away by pushing himself against the mattress. He growled softly, shoving his hips to the mattress.

That just succeeded in sending a ripple of pleasure back up his abdomen. He then had an idea, if he just kept shoving or grinding long enough he'd come, the erection would go away, and because he was face down in the pillow Renji wouldn't hear him.

Ichigo growled, reaching for his member, and while he thrust into the mattress, carefully massaged the skin. He groaned again, thrusting forwards, biting the pillow a little too late to muffle his moan.

Renji's ears perked. If Ichigo thought he hadn't heard that he was wrong. No, the mattress creaking was also a dead giveaway. Renji covered his head with his pillow, remembering also that he hadn't had any sort of sex since becoming a full fledged Shinigami. There were possible consequences attached to /that./ But man he wanted to see the young representative face down under him, pound into him, feel his moans, feel the younger man pliant beneath him, responding to him, writhing beneath him in pleasure.

It didn't matter, Ichigo was probably fantasizing about some girl…

Ichigo hissed, calling softly, longingly into the night. "Renji…" Then a muffled sound, like he'd bitten down on a pillow to hide his moaning. Renji would have fallen over if he hadn't already been lying down. The noises suddenly started sending shivers down his spine, straight to his groin. The fact that Ichigo's riatsu a matter of three strides away from where he lay was getting more and more sensual by the moment did not help the raging hard on growing between his legs. Since Renji usually slept naked, he had no way of hiding his response if he did venture out.

Come on. You like him. You have since he rescued Rukia. Make your move. Renji lay, frozen to the spot, hard on throbbing while the other shinigami continued to moan.

Sex was out of the question. Ichigo might not even realize the risk that it held for him if he /did/ get sexually involved with him. Renji was clean as far as germs, but being raised human, Ichigo didn't know about other facets of sex between Shinigami that made it far more intimate, and in some ways dangerous, than when humans did it.

There were other things he could do. Like show interest first… Renji hit himself mentally.

Then he forced himself up, gently sitting on the bed next to Ichigo, placing a hand gently on his arm in warning.

Ichigo jumped about a mile and turned beat, beat red. "Renji… um… I… um…"

Renji leaned forward and silenced Ichigo with a gentle, chaste kiss on the lips. "S'okay." He said softly.

Ichigo felt Renji's hardened member slide across his leg and a chill go up his spine. His riatsu flared in the confined space, and it felt as though the room's theromostat had gone up about ten degrees. Quickly he yanked Renji down to kiss him, hard.

Renji responded, a low growl coming from his throat as he pulled the other to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. "Let me take care of that for you." He growled softly, meaning Ichigo's by now almost painful arousal. The representative moaned an affirmative. "Renji…" He gasped softly.

Renji's kisses burned blissfully over his skin. The Ichigo wrapped his arms around Renji, hands resting loosely on his back. The other reached for his erection. Rough, sword calloused hands moved gently, tenderly over the sensitive area. Warm lips seared through his as the other hand moved south as well, taking Ichigo' scrotum in his other hand, rubbing, stimulating.

"Renji…" Ichigo moaned, practically melting into the touch. "Ohhh… Renji…" He called softly into the night. Renji smelled of cinnamon, and sunshine and sake, his muscles harder, stronger than Ichigo's were as the vice captain pulled the younger shinigami into a sitting position, still rubbing, stroking. The shinigami representative felt his insides slowly melting with each stroke. This time Ichigo could feel Renji's own erection against him, the other's self control had to be incredible not to throw him down onto the bed right then and there…

Renji kissed with all his might. He /did/ want to fuck, but not until he could warn the other about the danger.

Ichigo was moaning into his mouth, "Renji… oh please… take me… please… fuck me…" He begged softly. Is this real? He… feels so good… so strong… I could stay like this in his arms forever… he wanted me… he could have yelled, he could have hated me for it… but instead he does this…

Renji did want desperately want to give in, but he couldn't. Any exchange of fluid, combined with an exchange of energy, could set off exactly what he was worried about. "Shhhh… some other time love… shhh…" He said comfortingly.

Ichigo whimpered softly. "i...aaaaahhh..." He cried out as he came into Renji's hand.

Renji leaned in to kiss Ichigo gently on the lips. "There will be another time..." He whispered, voice husky with lust. "I... love and respect you deeply... but there are somethings... that should wait for that one... perfect moment in time." He murmured as he lowered himself and Ichigo to the pillow. His erection still pressed into Ichigo's stomach, breath heady and strong.

Ichigo was still trembling in his arms. "You're not gonna..."

Renji kissed him tenderly on the forehead, making his affection, his lust, his love plain to the other. "Not yet..." He stroked the other's hair gently. "I've waited for a long time... I can wait a little longer..."

"For what?" Ichigo asked softly.

Renji chuckled, then he yawned. "Some other time..." He mumbled sleepily, pulling the other closer.

Ichigo figured he'd just have to accept that as his answer. He lay back, wondering what he could have meant.

Renji only faked sleep, for a little bit. He felt like he wanted to fly. But he knew that Ichigo was /not/ ready to be heartbonded. And when the time came for that he wanted the entirety of Soul Society to feel the pulse as their riatsu combined in that rapture. It was a state of being completely and totally bonded to another Shinigami's heart. They'd feel what the other was feeling, know when the other was in trouble, injured, it was far more intimate than any human union. He wanted the moment of that bonding to be special.

That prospect, and the thought of the inferno he would drop into the moment he finally claimed the younger shinigami as his own, finally lulled Renji to sleep, curled against the other.