Notes: Riiiiiight. Its late, I'd be in bed if Global Pokedex Plus would stop LAGGING! (takes a hammer to her cavanha egg) so here are wome words on my two newest creations (to shamelessly plug for them) and character dynamics for my two new fanfics! And GOOOOOOOD, I've got writer's block! REALLY bad.

Switch: Aizen tests a kidou that turns people into the opposite gender. Ichigo and several other shinigami become a test subject. Ichigo must choose between Renji and Byakuya, and with the transformed shinigami getting pregnant by various partners, the affected shinigami must choose the direction their heart will take them. Pairings: Ichigo/Renji/Byakuya, Shunsui/Hitsugaya/Ukitake, Shuhei/Izuru, Rukia/Orihime possibly more later. mPreg yaoi

Switch is going to be very different from Heartsbond in that in this one, several of the characters who get pregnant decide not to go through with it and have an abortion, while others decide to spend a little longer than necessary in the alternate form both to have children and to explore the possibilities that spending some time as a girl (or in Rukia's case a boy) can teach them about their own hearts. There's something that everyone can learn from tapping into the part of their heart that is the opposite gender. You don't have to be a transgendered person to benefit from that ying and yang. Every man has a little woman in him, every woman a little man.

Also, in this fic Renji is an asshole to Ichigo initially, and unlike in Heartsbond where he's emotionally and spiritually attached to Ichigo, in Switch his interest is purely physical. And eventually he will lose Ichigo to Byakuya, who forms a very deep attachment to everyone's favorite substitute shinigami.

Unrest: Aizen asks Zephly and Szayel to make a drug that would allow men to get pregnant and bear children. They test it on the general population of Hueco Mundo, but when Ulquiorra runs into Stark's arms rather than his, Grimmjow runs off to the world of the living, captures Ichigo, and convinces him to participate in an only half consensual one weekend stand.

Ichigo's sexuality following the incident is not healthy. For he starts to become extremely promiscuous, sleeping with almost anyone who will and doing it almost anywhere and without protection. When the drug kicks in two weeks later, it sends Ichigo into a state of uncontrollable lust that prompts him to have a four way with Byakuya, Renji and Uryu. Then when he becomes pregnant, there is considerable question about who's baby it is. Fearing his father's punishment when he learns that Uryu may have impregnated a shinigami, Uryu cruelly rejects any commitment, further devastating Ichigo's damaged psyche.

Grimmjow returns to Hueco Mundo and gets Ulquiorra pregnant. When its confirmed the baby is his and not Stark's, Grimmjow must make a desperate decision. Does he defect to the shinigami to protect his mate and child, or remain where Aizen may show the same lack of respect for the sexual health of his /own/ child many years down the line.

And in a story not told until Yamamoto learns of Zephly's reappearance, the Commander General's quest for revenge wars with his higher reason. For if Yamamoto is allowed to fight Zephly to fulfill Justice for a wrong never righted, the damage would burn half of soul society to the ground. What secret is so horrible that the Commander General, usually the voice of calm and reason, could become enraged enough to destroy the very homeland he's worked all his two thousand years to protect?

Young Bond: a short (between one shot and five chapters) prequel to Heartsbond about a whirlwind romance between Renji and Shuhei that ended badly for Renji. Its not published yet because I've got writers block. Which is, by the way, what I'm starting to get with HB. And I'm not even halfway done with the first chapter.

In Unrest psychological scars are the theme of the day. I wanted to show something a little darker and angstier, and those who don't like angst shouldn't read it. The idea is that following pain comes comfort, serenity and wisdom. I'm also planning a /very/ bold depiction of Yamamoto if I do say so myself. Basically, Zephly in this one is slightly different. He has periodic Heats, periods of lust that cannot be sated. Centuries and centuries before the beginning of the series a young Yamamoto ambushes Zephly while he's in this state, and so far its glossed over but various non consensual things occur and Yama is found beat up and bloody two days later. And Zephly is never punished, because the shinigami of the era couldn't catch him. So when Ichigo discovers that Zephly is back and tells him, he gets all grrrrr I want revenge… ey.

Okay, I know you guys don't like me doing lengthy plugging at the beginning of a chapter, but I need to do an Ikkaku Luck luck dance right now. I've been named Second Division SOLS Manuver 3rd Seat for Bleach MUSH the beginning. What does this mean? Well SOLS is a simulated maneuver to test the leadership skills of Bleach mush the beginning's shinigami. Each division elects a simulated captain, vice captain and third seat from their promising officers who take over the division for the duration of the maneuver, when its over they give back the rank. Ayanami is simulated captain, Rikura simulated vice captain, and I, Sakura Ryuunami Second Division Sixteenth Seat, get to be the SOLS Third Seat. I'm gunning for Omaeda's job so this is a huge step in the right direction.

And the shinigami of Bleach the beginning are in REVOLT! The Chamber of 46 turned themselves into Vaizard and tried to execute the sixth, eleventh and second divisions en masse with the great kidou cannon in an effort to create a shinigami shogunate, a capitol offense in the Soul Society. Not only that, they've been experimenting on their fellow shinigami. When Byakuya got too close to the truth the execution was ordered. Yamamoto orders the entire chamber executed in self defense and Sakura gets to meet her hero Byakuya, fighting alongside him and her best friends in an effort to save the soul society. It was the BEST Scene I'd ever done MUSHing, even better than threadfalls or hatchings!

Not only that, my character there is now Second Division 11th Seat! And I've earned Shikai. I just have to wait for my application for Shikai to be accepted. I just hope that my concept for shikai isn't rejected! I worked hard on that! But we'll see when skill applications open up on January 4th.

Alright, now I'm going to do the chappie, hope you all like. (Yumichika sparkle twirls, then launches into a luck luck dance!)

The Baby Report!


Ichigo- Six weeks 5 days

Shuhei- 9 weeks

Shunsui - 6 weeks 4 days

Gin - 4 weeks 2 days

Urahara – 5 weeks 2 days

Byakuya – 4 weeks 2 days

Hitsugaya – 2 weeks 4 days

Nanao – Suspicious


Szayel - Boy, Mizael

Ulquiorra - girl, Gracia

The festival was going to open at sundown, but it didn't matter. Shuhei wasn't going to get to see it. Unohana had been scanning the baby twice daily. And she was at it again. "Anooo… Unohana-taichou, what are you looking for?"

Unohana sighed, pulling away from the viewer of the scanner she was working on. "I'm checking the baby's lungs. When looking to induce an early birth, that's what the doctor looks for, for the baby to be able to breathe on her own. Relax please Hisagi-fukutaichou, I'll tell you when its safe."

"Aherm…" Ikkaku was standing in the doorway with Rangiku, Yumichika and an embarrassed look on his face.

Ever since he'd been hospitalized, his fellow lieutenants had been in and out to visit him. Shuhei had been touched, Rangiku had chocolates under one arm and Yumichika had a teddy bear.

"We came to see if you were okay." Rangiku beamed. "And Yumichika had to pick something up."

Yumichika sparkled his way over to Shuhei. "Hisagi-kun, I brought this for you!" He offered a small, but plushy pink teddybear. "For the baby!"

"Thanks." Shuhei blushed, putting it next to the presents. He could have sworn it was his eyes playing tricks on him, but he thought he saw Unohana put a small bag of medicine in Yumichika's hands behind his back.

Yumichika squealed and pirouetted his way out the room sparkling all the way. Rangiku beamed. "I brought you chocolates, pregnant people tend to crave a lot of them."

"Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted." Shuhei pointed to three other boxes now empty of their contents.

Rangiku laughed. "Well, you will let me know when Unohana plans to induce you mkay?" Rangiku beamed, kissing Shuhei on the forehead.

"Mkay, I will. Promise." Shuhei rolled his eyes.

Ichigo hurried back to the thirteenth, stripping out of his uniform quickly and pulling on the lacey underwear. He paused when he came to the kimono. He'd seen quite a few thirteenth divisioners leaving their quarters with festival kimono and other finery on. But it was the fact that this was a maternity kimono, and the bulge in his stomach that gave it pause.

He placed a hand on his stomach, feeling the twins kick. "Well, I had to do it sometime." He gulped, picking up the garment.

It fit his form perfectly, even down to the bulging baby belly. "I can't believe I'm only nearing seven weeks, you two are making your daddy get big fast." Ichigo blushed, remembering that when he was a little boy, when Masaki was pregnant with Karin and Yuzu she talked to them all the time. It wasn't too weird was it? Maybe just that he was a boy, and the environment he was raised in he would have thought it was a girl doing this.

As an afterthought Ichigo tied his lieutenants badge on his shoulder. Yeah it was a festival kimono, but he took an incredible amount of pride in wearing it. Then he took Zangetsu and perched it on his back.

Ichigo turned in front of the mirror, then decided at last that he was set. He hurried out to Ukitake's office to see if there was anything last minute.

He found Shunsui sprawled on Ukitake's couch, in his lover's arms, snoring. Ukitake was awake however. "aaaaah, Ichigo you look beautiful." Ukitake said with a chuckle.

"Thank you sir. I had some help picking the kimono out."

"Alright, well the festival begins at sundown. So enjoy yourself for now. Be at the central square by then. You can't miss it. Follow the drums and the scent of incense."

"You want me to be… WHAT???" Renji demanded of his Captain.

"The sixth division has been asked to choose the Oak and Holly Kings for this ceremony." Byakuya told him. "I'm pregnant, I can't be the Holly King for this year. That's the rules, pregnant men can't play the Oak or Holly King. Please? I don't know who will be the Star Queen."

"Oh beautiful. I can see the fangirls now." Renji groaned.

It couldn't be helped, the Midsummer Moon Festival marked the tipping of the year from the waxing, to the waning. The story went that during this time, the Oak and Holly Kings fell in love with the same woman, the Star Queen. They entered into a duel for the hand of the Star Queen. A duel that the Holly King won in the autumn and consummated in the winter. Then as the Star Queen became pregnant she gave birth to the Oak King at New Years. (1)

Holly and Oak kings were highly valued parts in the festival, and Renji had played both parts in festivals of the past, so he knew the role. And so it was with a huge grin that Byakuya placed a crown of silver holly leaves on Renji's head. "Go get the kimono that goes with it."

Renji groaned.

"SUGOOOOOOI! Taichou really?" Rangiku demanded.

"Well I was going to ask Momo to be Star Queen but she's not recovered enough." Hitsugaya replied. "And while they say that a youth can be Star queen, you're not considered a youth if you have any children or are pregnant." He sighed. "So I'm going to have to play my usual role in the ritual."

"oh that's right, Hyourinmaru is said to be the steed the original Holly King rode into battle…"

"… the original Holly King was the first to wield Hyorinmaru." Hitsugaya replied, correcting her and turning in the heavy ceremonial robes he was wearing. (2) "I hate this thing. And as the current wielder of Hyourinmaru I'm obliged to wear it if I'm not playing the Star Queen."

"This is going to be fun!" Rangiku beamed, swooning with hearts in her eyes. "Thank you so much Taichou, I won't let you down I promise."

Nanao was nursing a really, really bad headache, and she was still trying to sort out the music. This particular festival began with a fire lighting and reenacted duel between the Oak and Holly Kings for the hand of the star queen. Then music was played, everyone danced, and then they split up for a feast. At the end of it, the Holly King and the Star Queen were engaged by the Holly King's zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru. And while Rangiku was excited that Taichou would have, not was willing to, would HAVE to dress up in a costume and play the part of his own zanpakuto.

Karin had stayed to help her. "You're really going to play dave matthews band?" She held up one of the CD's.

"Oh no. I thought I'd put that in the reject pile." Nanao blushed.

"What's up? You don't look so good."

"Headache… oh god, who put Brittany Spears in here?" Nanao demanded. "Probably Rangiku but…"

Wasn't me.

"Hmmm… the problem is that people try to slip their favorites into the play pile." Nanao sighed. "So we need to make sure they're all in order. Hmmm… this one is one of Chojiro's favorites, I suppose Tie a Yellow Ribbon is okay, especially since its Sinatra and not that ghastly brittish bubblegum pop version."

"Sorry Karin, if I make a mistake can you catch it? I've got such a horrible headache, had them all day for the past three days."

"Why don't you have Unohana check your head before things get going?"

"But she's going over the curriculum for a first aid lesson."

"Do you want the music to sound good? Then get your head checked." Karin grinned. "I've got very impeccable tastes Nanao, don't worry." Karin smirked. "oh dear, someone put metal in there."

"Toss it. Sometimes the twelfth tries to slip some deathmetal in there."

Nanao leapt over the rooftops. She needed something for the headache, maybe she was coming down with a fever. The offer to play nurse still stands. Rangiku teased.

Nanao blushed. If Unohana takes care of my headache and I can get the music done, maybe.

If you let me put some of the newer Brittany spears in I can help you.

What were you thinking?

Perfect lover is very sexy.

I suppose, its not that horrible. (3)

I'll meet you after you see Unohana. I don't want to see you back here until she's taken care of that headache.

Okay okay. Nanao was up and over the rooftops, heading for the fourth division. She was fortunate, they'd been working on the playlist in a secluded empty barracks at the 8th division barracks.

The division headquarters were all next to each other, in numerical order. So it was merely a matter of feeling inclined to get up and take a quick rooftop bop over a few paces.

Unohana was in the courtyard, enjoying a break and a cup of tea. Nanao was glad for that, if the medical division's captain was busy she didn't want to bother her. "Uh… Unohana-taichou… um… I didn't want to bother you do you have a moment?"

"Certainly." Unohana replied. "What's on your mind?"

"Well… um… I've been having chronic headaches, for the past… three days."

Unohana instantly started calculating in her head. If Nanao had gotten pregnant /the first time/ she and Rangiku got together, then medically she wouldn't be able to tell yet. But the headaches might be a sign. HOW to tell Nanao without freaking her out?

Minazuki keened for just a moment, thinking. Perhaps… simple and slow? Her zanpakuto is aware, and so, it seems, is rangiku's zanpakuto. Rangiku suspects. It is simply a matter of laying it out for her.

"Come with me Nanao, I need to speak with you." Unohana said quietly.

Nanao blinked, oh shit. Something is seriously wrong or she wouldn't be using that tone.

Unohana sat nanao down. "how is your relationship with Rangiku going?" She asked pleasantly.

Nanao headtilted. "What does that have to do with my headaches?"

Unohana sighed, her fingers glowed slightly and she started to massage Nanao's scalp. "This should help a little. You and Rangiku?"

"Um…" The tingling fingers on her scalp felt kind of nice. Maybe she could get Rangiku to do the same thing. Maybe that's why Renji liked it when Ichigo tugged on his hair. "Well its not just a matter of sex, sex sex, we go on dates, we have dinner in. One day she actually helped me with the paperwork, though Hitsugaya had to get after her to do her share and not mine." Nanao blushed.

"How long have you been together?"

"A few weeks. I was… kind of interested in her before that, but you know me, a workaholic."

"I see. And the headaches have only been going a few days?"

"Yeah. Just out of the blue. And my morning tea almost made me throw up."

"Nanao I'll be frank, because I'm not sure how to approach the possibility with you. And I don't want to make you panic."

"Its something bad isn't it?"

"Not bad Nanao, though you may have to take some time off of work."

Nanao looked ready to protest.

"Have you and Rangiku been using protection?" Unohana asked in concern.

Nanao turned white as a sheet, then red as a tomato. "Oh my god. No… er… at least not consistently… I didn't think to… oh FUCK!" Nanao about screamed, then started to cry. She leaned against Unohana and just cried.

Unohana wrapped her arms around Nanao, comforting the crying lieutenant. "now now, Nanao its too early medically for me to be able to tell one way or the other. But I want to make a follow up appointment with you in a few weeks to make sure okay?"

Nanao just cried, clearly this hadn't gone as well as Unohana had hoped. All she could do was hang on and let the girl cry. Unohana had done several calculations when it became clear that a lot of captains and lieutenants were partnering and conceiving. She figured that by the time most of the men entered the second trimester, some of the women who had also conceived with their female partners, who had a /longer/ more stable pregnancy, would begin to realize. She had counciled both Yoruichi and Soi Fon already as a couple and individually, and both had refused any kind of contraception. They were clanfolk, so that wasn't that unusual, but it was /dangerous/ to have too many command level shinigami out on maternity or paternity leave. As it was, Nanao needed to reduce her workload. Unohana had had concerns about Nanao's stress level, and this just capped them.

"Nanao… I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I'm giving you three weeks ordered medical leave. ORDERED. I've been worried about the workload placed on your shoulders since Karin and Uryu died."

Nanao's eyes had gone vacant, and Unohana realized that Nanao was frantically pathing Rangiku. She waited, letting Nanao cry. "Nanao can you hear me?"

"Yes… yes I can… I'm sorry I was…"

"Pathing Rangiku?"


"Are you alright?"

"I'm scared."

"That's normal. I'm sorry, this is exactly the sort of… incident… that I was hoping to avoid. I didn't want to make you panic, especially since its to early to do any tests. I want you to come back in three weeks. Nanao you've been stressing yourself too much anyway, perhaps this is your body's way of telling you that you need to slow down. You are only about a century old, I am /several/. My point is that you have /forever/ and a day to do all the things your busy, brilliant little mind wants to do. And all the work that needs to be done. You need to slow down and enjoy life more."

"Yes ma'am."

"Don't yes ma'am me girl." Unohana chuckled, amused.

That was when Rangiku flying tackled Nanao, shoving Unohana out of the way. "Nanao, lovely, I'm here for you. I swear I am."

Nanao flattened herself against Rangiku, and just cried in her arms. "Unohana, she said I might be… that its too early to tell…" Nanao sobbed.

"I know… I know…" Rangiku said gently. "Haineko warned me it might happen but that I should wait until Unohana could check." Rangiku held Nanao tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Unohana said quietly. "She'll need to come back in about three weeks, then we'll be able to tell for certain. FEMALE shinigami have a normal gestation. So it will take a normal amount of time for us to know. Until then I'm putting you on medical leave Nanao, finish whatever task you were doing when you came here, and then take a rest. And try to come to some grips with what is happening. Decide what you're planning on doing, just in case. Its easier to do an exam when you aren't crying."

Nanao nodded, dabbing at her tears. "I will."

"Come on, we'll dry your tears, spend some time talking and being all cuddly, and help put together the playlist for tonight." Rangiku gave Nanao a kiss. "It's a shock I know, but you'll be a good mother."

"You think so?" Nanao hiccupped slightly.

"I know so. Come on, take it easy. You work too much anyway." Unohana watched them leave, and made a notation in her appointment book.

1. Various permutations of this myth are common in wicca, which the moon festival in Heartsbond is taken from. But it seems the shinigami have modified it somewhat.

2. Basically he's wearing the outfit Hyorinmaru wore in the Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc. Google "Hyourinmaru Human Form."

3. GAWD, I can't believe the blonde bimbo is still making music, but her song Perfect Lover is okay I guess. Still, Brittany Spears and Spice girls (back when everyone thought they were cool) are what drove me away from Western Civilization's pop music charts for upwards of an entire decade.