Supernatural – Broken

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An Adaptation: from Sade Lyrate's Broken, Chapter 53 of Shards, Shreds, Scraps.


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He tried to ignore the burn in his back, and-


His legs wouldn't cooperate, his whole body ached, his cell could have been on the Moon instead of mere feet away.

The afterimage of a supernova flared within his skull as he crawled, the gravel biting into the palm of his left hand. A move, another, the pain aggravated by each pull. Short bursts of breath, his head swimming, the siren song of sleep ever stronger.

The familiar form under his fingers sent a quick praise tumbling through his sluggish mind, past bruised lips.

He flopped against the wall on his side, teeth clenching at the spikes the tiles' roughness drove into his nerves, hand clutching the little device like the straw it was. A deep breath, sea urchins within his lungs, and he flipped open the cell, slick fingers slipping over the speed dial.

"This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency-"


He sucked in a breath that felt too much like a sob, waited for the recorded message to play out. Prayed Dean'd pick up the damn phone!
Unmistakable beep, mocking him just like his body, lips unfamiliar as he sought to form words, eyes closing as he concentrated on what he knew, what he needed, what he had to do.

Somewhere along the line, he forgot to open them again.


Time never skips a beat...

He flipped open the cell, slick fingers slipping over the speed dial.

'This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency-'


He sucked in a breath that felt too much like a sob, waited for the recorded message to play out. Prayed Dean'd pick up the damn phone!
Unmistakable beep, mocking him just like his body, lips unfamiliar as he sought to form words, eyes closing as he concentrated on what he knew, what he needed, what he had to do...

Impatiently he swatted the whatever it was touching his face, he just wanted to sleep a little while longer.

'Dean sorry, Sam wake up now, Dean sorry!' Dean touched Sam's face again, not sure exactly what was happening, Sam looked like he was asleep but he didn't wake up. And now, now, there was that sticky stuff on the floor under him was Sam mad with him and that's why he didn't wake up?

'Oh how touching!' The mocking voice came from behind Dean and he span around ready to protect his brother again. He felt the heat of his rage building inside him again, growling he stared at the intruder and he completely blocked access to Sam.

'Down boy, I'm not going to harm him,' the stranger stepped slightly closer Dean sniffed the air and growled again. 'Dean please don't you recognise me?'

The question threw Dean off for a moment and he regarded the intruder with a harder stare, he looked familiar but his scent was nothing like Dean remembered. 'Leave Sammy alone.' He gritted out, 'you not real.'

'Oh believe me Dean I am very much alive.'

'No, you – you look alive but you smell dead.' Dean shook his head.

'Dad?' Sam whispered weakly making Dean turn and look down at his brother with a mixture of relief and confusion. Why couldn't Sammy smell the death?

'No Sammy, no not Dad ... t-t-trick.' Dean said putting his hand flat on Sam's chest and made Sam meet his intense gaze. 'Smells death.'

When Sam tried to move he cried out in pain, he felt the burning in his back again

don'tthinkaboutthat ... he tried to get his legs to move, to cooperate, but they remained unmoving, and while his whole body ached, his legs were blessedly numb.

'I am sorry Sammy this was not meant to go as far as – as this.' The demon waved his hand in Sam's general direction, a shrug of sympathy the only other movement.

'It is Sam.' Dean ground out, the rage had found its destination and now burrowed deep within the older Winchester's mind. 'You hurt him, you not daddy, you smell death.'

'Now I am sorry but ... I cannot abide this kind of lunacy.' The demon sighed as he took a seat on the edge of the bed, 'come to me Dean.' he said softly, his whisper caressing the primal beast in Dean, 'come to me.' He made a small gesture with his fingers and Dean stood transfixed on those digits staggered across the room to the demon, leaving his post guarding Sam.

'Dean don't...' Sam said weakly, he reached out but even with his extraordinary long arms, he couldn't reach Dean.

'Normally I would delight in playing games with my prey but this ... this is just ridiculous. How can I play when he is no more than an angry child?' the demon mused to no one in particular. 'Tell me Dean, are you happy?'

'Sammy happy, Dean happy.' Dean announced proudly, but then his face twisted into an angry scowl, 'Sammy hurt, Dean angry.'

'Hmm that is what I thought, normal Dean is an almost worthy opponent but this – this is just a primitive beast.'

'Leave him alone, he doesn't understand.' Sam protested, the unmistakable beeping started again, 'I – I'm the one you want.'

'Oh how deliciously ironic the baby brother turned protector to the older brother.' The demon laughed, the room filling with the stench of sulphur, choking Sam even more. He could feel the build up of fluid bubbling in his chest, the wetness, and stickiness of the blood under him, the unmistakable beep, mocking him just like his body, lips unfamiliar as he sought to form words, eyes closing as he concentrated on what he knew, what he needed, what he had to do. He heard Dean growl and then nothing, the silence hung in the air like a death noll.

Forcing his eyes open Sam tried to focus on the two figures in the distance, he couldn't make out the faces anymore, the beeping added to his pain, to his headache, a groan left his lips. don'tthinkaboutthat

The demon touched Dean's forehead, the hapless young man collapsed lifelessly to the floor, Sam tried to call out, but the sea urchins found their way out as the fluid built up and spewed out of his throat and mouth.

'Oh don't worry Sam, Dean will be fine, just remember you owe me and I intend to collect.' The demon whispered in Sam's ear before disappearing.


'Dean?' his brother's name never passed his lips as he remembered what he had to do, but he forgot to open his eyes.

'We're losing him; get another line in there...'

'Please he can't die...'

'Sir we need to work...'

'He's cold ... why?'

'Sir please ... BP is dropping ...'

'Massive blood loss, he's gone into shock...'

'Damn it Sam breath ...'

'Initiating CPR ...'

'Breath Sam you can't leave me.'

'Gonna have to intubate ... too much blood ... can't see.'

'Stop it, you're choking him ...'

'Lines in ...'

'Tube in ... bag him...'

'Sir please ...'

'You have to save him, he's my brother...'

'This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency-'

'Sammy don't you give up, don't you dare give up.'

'No – no Dean please be there, so tired, just need to sleep. Please forgive me Dean.'

'He's stopped breathing, defib ... charging ... clear!'

'Forgive me Dean.'

'Fight Sammy, dammit fight for me.'

'So tired of fighting, just want to sleep.'

'Charging again ... clear...'

'Have to tell you...'

'Sammy you die, I die it's a done deal.'

'Something important, damn get this thing out of my mouth I have to tell Dean...'

'Still nothing ... charging again ... come on kid don't give up now.'

'Leave me be, I have to tell Dean ... have to...'

Voices annoyingly speaking in languages he couldn't understand. He knew he had to do something but he couldn't remember what. 'Where is Dean? Hurts to breath, so tired, feel like ... argh what ... what is this?'

Hands touching him, through the gelatinous water surrounding him, morphing into deformed shapes and textures. His body felt weightless, no pain, no more things swimming in his lungs. Unmistakable beeping, message he has to get a message ... 'no that's not his voice mail.' Can hear beeping, annoying incessant beeping.

Hands again, 'dude personal space.' Clunk, whoosh, clunk, beep, so much noise, 'turn off the noise, shit why aren't they listening to me?'

What did he forget to do? He knew what he had to do...

'Sammy?' Dean noticed the flicker of movement under Sam's eyelids; he was trying to wake up. 'Sammy? Come on dude you can do it, just open those big eyes of yours up for me.'

'Dean? Can't, don't want to.'

'Sammy please, don't do this to me, what is this payback for me? I promise I won't walk out like that again.'

'No Dean, no not your fault, mine it's my fault I pushed you too hard.'

'Sometimes my anger gets the best of me, fuck it Sammy please you can't leave me like this.'

'Why you left me?'

'Just wake up please Sammy I need you. I know that you were mad, hell I was mad at me too. It's just so freaking hard sometimes Sammy ya know.'

'What are you talking about Dean?'

'I try so hard, but it's like, the harder I try the worse things get. I shouldna come back Sammy, maybe things would have worked out with you and Dad if I wasn't there screwing everything up.'

'You never screwed things up you jerk, it was me, I was the family screw up.'

'Since Dad died, Sammy I've had this anger in me ... it's like this primitive beast that wants to break free. I need you Sammy; I need you to help me keep the beast at bay.'

'Yeah well it's not too pretty believe me Dean.'

'Okay so here's the deal...'

'No more deals Dean!'

'I will try to talk more and not bottle things up but you, you gotta come back to me dude. How can I do that if you're not here to bully me into it?'

'Geeze Dean no pressure huh?'

'Come on Sammy please wake up, I know you're in there, I can see your eyes moving.'

'You can?'

'So how about it Sammy? You come back and I'll try to be more ...eww... I can't believe I am gonna say this, I'll try to be more touchy feely.'

'It's Sam.'

'Sammy?' Dean gasped staring down at the too pale drawn face of his baby brother, tears shone in his eyes but he blinked them away refusing to believe what he saw in front of him. 'Sammy you're awake? Hey, hey lie still and I'll get the nurse, calm down Sam it's just a tube to help you breathe.'

Sam stared in mute horror at his brother, something foreign was in his throat and mouth, he couldn't breathe, and he couldn't speak. Frantically his free hand flailed at his face trying to remove the blockage.

'Calm down Sammy please, the doc will be here in a sec and he'll get that thing out.' Dean said grasping Sam's flailing hand he gripped it tightly and tried to get Sam to look at him, to calm down.

'Ah I see someone has decided to join the land of the living again.' A deep humour filled voice came from behind Dean making Sam's eyes widen and his panic increase exponentially.

'Sam it's okay, it's just the doc he's here to help.' Dean soothed his terrified brother, rubbing the thumb of his free hand over Sam's forehead, 'it's okay.'

Sam blinked up at Dean and tried to concentrate on what he was saying, but it sounded like he was talking under water. Sam could hear the water rushing in his ears, the sea urchins flapping about wildly taunting him. They weren't going to leave his nice and warm lungs for a while.

'Doc do something.' Dean said panicking as he watched Sam start to fade again.

Just then, a young nurse clattered through the doorway pushing a trolley laden with instruments.

'Very good Jenny, now let's see about getting that tube out Sammy and you'll feel a lot better.'

'don'tthinkaboutthat ...' Sam fought to keep his eyes open but he knew that he was fighting a losing battle. He glanced up over the doctor's shoulder to gaze at Dean, his brother looked so tired, unshaven, and ... there was something different, something behind him. Something that Sam wanted to scream at, the cruel claws of unconsciousness took him away before he could warn Dean.


'It's okay Dean, he's exhausted believe it or not.' The older man smiled gently at the Dean, his respect for this dedicated young man rose again. Over the last two weeks, he had watched him, with his bedside vigil ... talking to his brother, reading to him, and even trying to pick a fight with him. actually, for that matter the two brothers won the hearts of the entire staff of the small district hospital. Sam for his vulnerability and amazing fight against all odds, he should have died way before the ambulance had even arrived.

Then there was Dean, his grin making the young and not so young nurses buckle at the knee, the dedication and love for his brother and the streak of pure stubbornness endeared him to everyone. Cups of coffee materialised next to him, a cot against the wall so he didn't have to sleep in the chair, they did everything possible so all he had to do was concentrate on his brother.

'Hey doc?' Dean said watching the doctor check Sam's bullet wound. 'How's it looking? The infection?'

'Almost gone,' Doctor Gerard Colt smiled as he carefully dressed the wound, 'his drainage tube should be right to come out tomorrow morning too.'

'I ah can't thank you enough.' Dean mumbled, 'you saved Sam's life.'

'I did the medical it was your brother's will to live and your will to keep him here that did it.' The older man smiled even more and clapped Dean on the shoulder, 'take it easy Dean, he's on the road back.'


Sam sat staring out the impala's windscreen, the side window down enough for the fresh air to blow gently across his face. Sighing slightly he slid down the seat a little more and rested his head against the back of the seat.

'You okay there Sammy?' Dean asked after the tenth glance in as many minutes.

'Just tired and a little sore.' Sam admitted letting his eyes slide shut, 'feels good though.'

'Want to stop?'

'Hmm? Oh if you want.'

'Could do with a caffeine break,' Dean grinned 'the next town's only a few miles down the road, you be okay till then?'

'Yep, all good.'



'We need to ah talk.'

'Bout what?'

'What happened, and how you got shot.'

'Oh that.'

'Yeah that, Dude I thought ... when I got there and found ... fuck Sammy don't scare me like that again.'

'Try not to.'

'So we gonna talk?'

'Yeah I guess,' Sam opened his eyes to slits and turned his head to watch Dean's profile, he could hear Dean's voice in his mind, promising to try to talk more if Sam woke up. 'If I woke up ... I had to ... something I had to do ...what the freaking hell was it?' Sam chewed his lower lip and winced as he moved slightly, the pull of new scar still letting him know just how close he came to dying.

'Dean how did you find me?'

'Your message ... I am so sorry Sam I should never have ignored your call.'

'Dean I ...'

'No Sam, I need to apologise I was a total jerk to you, I should never have let my anger get the better of me.'

'I deserved it Dean, sometimes I wonder...'

'Wonder what?'

'How you put up with me.'

'Hey dude you're my brother, we're in this together. We're blood we look after each other through the good and the very ugly.'

'I don't know why I couldn't stop ...' Sam started not actually hearing what Dean said, 'something just kept at me to pick and pick, I couldn't stop it.'

'Sam it's over and you're okay that's all that matters.'

'My message ... what did I say?'

'That you needed help and umm that you knew what you had to do.' Dean glanced over at Sam a thoughtful look replacing his easy grin, 'what did you have to do?'

'I – I'm not sure.' Sam admitted slowly 'it's like I know what it was but I can't ...'

'Don't fret Sammy it'll come back to you.'

'I wasn't ... I waited for you to come back and then I got the call,'

'what call Sammy?'

'Your call, asking me to meet you at the warehouse.'

'Dude that wasn't me.'

'I – I know, but ... it sounded so much like you.'


'When I got there ... something was wrong I could feel it but ... then the next thing I can remember was the burning pain in my back, I never saw who shot me Dean.'

'Do you remember anything else?'

'Finding my cell and trying to ring you ... all I got was the voice mail, that's when I knew.'

'Knew what?' Dean asked pushing the lump forming in his throat down with a determined swallow.

'What I had to do.' Sam said softly returning his gaze to the passing scenery and the sign announcing the town limits of Salem.

'What was it Sammy what did you have to do?'

'Hold on until you got there,' Sam replied in hushed tones, 'I knew I had to hold on for you to find me.'

Dean gripped the steering wheel tightly and focused on the traffic, blinking furiously to hold back the tidal wave of emotion building up deep inside. His guilt wall just got another layer put on it, Sam trusted Dean would come even though they had fought, he walked out and drove away in anger, he ignored the call when he saw Sam's name on the screen, his gut twisted as the realisation hit him like a sledge hammer.

'I am so sorry Sammy.'

'Dean ... I ah don't know if it was a dream or hallucination or if it actually happened.'

'What Sammy?'

'The demon, he came wearing Dad's face, and, and he took everything from you, leaving you...'

'Leaving me like what? Fuck Sammy it's like pulling teeth with you, what did he take from me?' Dean winced internally as he heard the tone of his voice, the impatience, and anger sliding back in place.

'Innocent, vulnerable and full of rage, a primal rage that made you rip it into pieces.'

'Sammy it didn't happen dude.'

'I know now, it's just ... it was so real Dean.'

'Not gonna happen Dude.'


'Coz I got you to keep me from losing it altogether,' Dean smirked, 'so we good now? No more chick flick goop?'

'No more for now.' Sam smiled, 'and Dean by the way ... it is Sam ... not ... Sammy ... just Sam.'

'Okay, okay, geeze bossy or what!'