Chapter 11: Conclusion.

Spoilers: Everything up to the beginning of Season 9

Pairings: Sam & Jack

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AU from the start of Season 9

"Jack. Jack. "General O'Neill!"

"Come on Jack, you're going to be late"

"What, what I'm up. I was just having the coolest dream"



"It's O'Neill now Sir"


"Colonel O'Neill"

"No it's General O'Neill"

"No, you're General O'Neill, I'm Colonel O'Neill"

"So you mean it wasn't a dream after all. We really got married?"

Showing him her ring finger, she just nodded

"Sweet"! Came his predictable reply.

Rushing out the door some 30 minutes later, Jack had barely enough time to tie his laces and straighten his tie. His driver had been waiting patiently for more than 15 minutes whilst Jack made love to his new wife for the last time it what would be weeks. With tears streaming down her face, Sam stood at the curb and waved goodbye to him. She couldn't believe it! They had been married for less than 72 hours and now he was on his way back to Washington. She didn't know if she could wait for two weeks to see him again.

As Jack turned and looked out of the rear window, his heart broke at the sight of a sobbing Samantha waving him goodbye. He didn't know if he would be able to live for the next two weeks without seeing her, or touching her. It was certainly going to be an exercise in self-control. They were certainly going to have some hefty phone bills to contend with.

Arriving on base Sam threw herself into her work. As usual, it was always something that could take her mind off things that bothered her. Although, but she wasn't really bothered, she was, what was the word she was searching for?.. Pining? Yeh that was the right word, she was pining for Jack, already. He had been gone for a little over only 24 hours. She was missing him so much that she barely slept the night before. Jack had phoned her at around 10pm Colorado time, which was way past midnight in Washington. They spoke for most of the night, until it was time for Jack to get ready to go to work. They both hoped they had a quite day ahead, they were exhausted. Remembering the saying, loneliness makes the heart great fonder... She thought to herself No way, loneliness makes the heart lonely, loneliness sucks – big time!!…

The remainder of the two weeks dragged by like a wet and cold winter, the days were unbearably long and miserable and the nights unbearably lonely. But when they were together, they were complete and it was almost enough to sustain them through the rest of their enforced separations.

Jack was eagerly looking forward to his return to Cheyenne Mountain. He had Sam had struggled through six long months of on-off separation. When they were separated, it was like they were only half of who they were supposed to be. When they were together, it was like fireworks going off every night. Every time Jack showed up at the SGC it was like a shroud of misery had been lifted from Sam. Her smile radiated her love for him. Everyone around could see the sudden change in her demeanor. This time though was a little different, she could sense a difference in Jack, he wasn't eager to get her alone, he wasn't eager to touch her. On previous occasions he was always accosting her into a broom closest for a quick kiss and cuddle hello, but this time, this time, he didn't and she missed it. Missed his renewed touch.

Finally alone in her lab, Sam ventured "Jack, is everything Ok?, you seem a little distant"

"Yeh fine, just thinking"

"About what?"

"About us"

"What about us"

"That's my point Sam, I'm not doing this anymore. This is my last official visit to the SGC"

Freaking out beyond measure, Sam asked "What Jack, why?"

"The President has finally accepted my resignation. I'm coming home for good from the end of next month. The new head of Home-World Security will be here next time"

"I can't believe you didn't tell me. You seemed so distant Jack, I was worried you had changed you mind"

"About what"

"About us"

"What, I've loved you for 8 years Sam, I could never change my mind". And holding out his arms, he enveloped her in his strong embrace. "I love you Sam"

Rising her face to his and looking into his soulful brown eyes, Sam said "How about when you're home for good, you wanna hole up at the cabin and get started on making babies"

Giving her an equally seductive stare, he replied with great enthusiasm "yehsureyoubetcha".

The End!!!………..

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