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It's night in Konoha. Darkness fills the streets as life goes on in the shady slums. Gang members hang around this area, many giving each other threatening glances. Many of the gang members brandish their weapons to intimidate others; Those others appeared ready to start a fight.

Three shinobi stood waiting in the lower part of Konoha. This was a part that few people dared to enter simply for the history of violence it held within its confines. Each of them wore an ear piece which was carefully hidden as they looked left and right for their contact.

Several minutes passed before a man in a white suit stepped out of a bar escorted by two others, their contact. The man wore black shades and his suit was complimented by a red flower. His hair was black and neatly combed to the side. The two men flanking him wore green suits and their faces were hidden behind black shades. Both men were armed with katanas.

"You're late Takeshi," the lead shinobi pointed out.

"And you're bugged," Takeshi replied. He tossed a briefcase towards the three shinobi. The first shinobi opened it and saw several rolls of ryou in it. He closed it and nodded towards the Takeshi. Takeshi informed the shinobi, "Our deal is off. My 'superior' is becoming suspicious."

He turned and left the three shinobi. The shinobi turned to leave as well, the one holding the brief case opened it and took several bills out. He placed it in his pocket before noticing something underneath the wads of cash. His eyes widened. The cash burst into flames and an explosion followed killing all three shinobi. A resident looked out his window at the three corpses and noticed one was holding a case full of what appeared to be exploding tags. The smell of burnt flesh filled the street that night.


(An Older Brother)

Chapter 1: An Unlikely Guardian

Naruto sat on the swing underneath the tree. He had failed the graduation exam in the academy again. He looked on in despair as the many parents congratulated their children on their successful passing of the exam. Naruto longed to be one of them, to have graduated, to be a genin. Deep down, he wasn't sure if he could ever be a shinobi. This was the side of him he wouldn't ever want to show. He rose from the swing, rubbing his eyes and walked back to his apartment in defeat.

As he walked on, he was met with the casual response of being ignored by the fellow villagers. He turned the corner to his apartment and was stopped in his tracks. He had walked into one of the many people who were open about their hate towards Naruto. The man cracked his knuckles and said, "Didn't I say I'd rip off your head if I ever saw you again!"

Naruto gulped and burst running in the opposite direction. Unfortunate for him most of his chakra was exhausted from the exam, so there was little he could do. Besides which, if he attacked in self defense then the other villagers may try to kill him too. He ran into an alley behind a bar and found himself at a dead end. He turned to face the man who had chased him, who busied himself by cracking his knuckles and sneering in delight, "I'm going to enjoy this."

He raised his fist and Naruto closed his eyes in fear. There was a sudden thud and a desperate groan. Naruto opened his eyes and saw his pursuer unconscious on the ground. Behind him stood a man in a black suit wielding a katana, who shook his head at the large man. Naruto couldn't help but notice the man had only three fingers on his right hand: his thumb, fore finger and his middle finger. The man then turned to Naruto and seemed to freeze. Whether he froze because it was Naruto, the village's demon, he saved or if he had simply remembered somthing important, Naruto would never know. The man's mouth hang open and his eyes gave signs as if he had seen a ghost. The man stood and stared at him for a few seconds before asking, "Are you okay?"

Naruto nodded. He knew who he was, or rather who the man worked for, based off his clothes. He was a member of the Kuroihi Syndicate, one of the boryokudan functioning in the village. Naruto had always tried to avoid the boryokudan. The villagers had never liked him and if he was seen with a Yakuza, things could only get worse. The man motioned for Naruto to follow him, "What's your name?"

Naruto hesitated. The man pressed, "Well?"

"It's Naruto," he muttered, it was known that the Kuroihi hated being lied to. The man nodded, and motioned for Naruto to follow.

They stepped out of the alley and the man asked, "Where do you live?"

Naruto took a quick glance of his surroundings and answered, "Down the street at the apartment complex."

The man nodded and said, "Lead the way."

Naruto took the lead and the two of them went towards the apartment where Naruto lived. The man's presence made Naruto feel uncomfortable, someone would glance at him and immediately run for cover. Those who weren't intimidated showed a loathing respect for the man as he escorted Naruto back to his apartment. Outside of Naruto's home the man handed Naruto a card with an address on it, "If anyone ever gives you trouble I want you to come find me right away. Got it Naruto?"

Naruto nodded, more out of fear than anything else. The Kuroihi were known to be ruthless and at the same time respectable. They didn't break any of Konoha's laws, but that didn't mean what they did wasn't morally bankrupt. Once he was out of sight, Naruto went into his room and sat down, trying to figure out what had happened.

The next day, Naruto learned the man who had attacked him was found half dead outside the village in a ditch. None of the Boryokudan took the blame for the incident, declaring the man had done nothing to offend them. The shinobi in the village became much more vigilant from that point on. Many who had seen the incident from the day before claimed a Yakuza from the Kuroihi attacked the man the day before. Many of these witnesses changed their stories a while later.

Needless to say the incident had a negative effect on Naruto. Many villagers began to openly express their hate or began to avoid his very presence. This was true at the academy, since everyone's chair had magically moved a complete meter from him, leaving a visible circle around his body. Naruto shifted once during Iruka's lecture to pick up the pencil he dropped, only to notice the person to his side had moved a distance from Naruto's extended arm. Naruto understood the message and decided to use a different pencil. Iruka, whom Naruto had always considered the closest thing to a father-figure, tried to avoid eye-contact with him. Once class ended, Iruka spoke with his student, "Is everything alright Naruto?"

"Yes, Iruka-sensei," Naruto assured him. Iruka still refused to make eye contact. He bit his lip, "Are you sure, I've been hearing some weird things from the other teachers."

"Everything's fine," Naruto feared to know where the conversation was heading. Iruka had probably learned about the incident the other day with the Kuroihi.

"Is this about the graduation exam?"

Naruto shook his head, "No sensei."

Iruka took a deep breath, "Just promise me you aren't going to associate with any Bosuzoku, okay?"

"Okay, Iruka sensei," Naruto answered with his trademark smile. This seemed to be enough to convince Iruka since he patted Naruto on the back, "Okay, I'll take you to the Ichiraku tonight, okay?"

Naruto nodded with excitement. There was a tone of fear in Iruka's voice. During the meal, Naruto met more of the negative attention he hated. Throughout the entire meal passerbies ran quickly past Ichiraku to avoid Naruto's glance. Others would come insider, order something, notice Naruto's presence, then leave before the noodles were prepared. It reached the point where the owner had to ask Iruka and Naruto to leave since they were scaring away customers. Naruto apologized to Iruka. Iruka said it couldn't be helped and told Naruto not to worry about it. The next day, Naruto was at the address on the card the Kuroihi gave him. The address, more or less, was for an office building in Konoha's market district. The sign over the office was emblazoned in gold and had a picture of a dragon on it.

Naruto hesitated to enter, since many people were giving him a curious, if not frightened look. A man tending his shop saw Naruto and seemed to lose himself in thought, as if praying he had done nothing to offend the boy. After several minutes of hesitation, a man stepped out of the office, escorted by two guards. Naruto recognized him as the man from before. The two escorts were clad in black suits in general disarray. Upon leaving the building the escorts propped the collars up. The man recognized Naruto on the spot.

"Keitaro, Yahiko," he instructed, "You two are dismissed."

The two men nodded and wandered off, leaving Hashi and Naruto alone. Hashi asked the boy, "Is someone bothering you, Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head. Hashi bit his lip, "Then why'd you come here?"

Naruto was frozen. It was one thing to lie to a Kuroihi; it was another to tell him to back off. Naruto opened his mouth to answer but no words would come out. At that moment, Naruto noticed the tip of Hashi's right hand was bandaged. He also took note of a tattoo of a dragon underneath his suit's collar. He swallowed again and finally spoke, "Did you beat that guy up?"

Hashi offered a smile, "No, I didn't."

Naruto searched his eyes for a sign of a lie, but found nothing. Despite all this, Naruto knew he had lied. He asked, "Please, don't hurt anymore people."

"Why?" Hashi asked. Naruto continued, "Well, the villagers are worse to me now. Yesterday, my sensei and I were kicked out of the Ichiraku because I was scaring away too many customers."

Hashi nodded, "Don't worry about it, okay?"

Naruto looked at Hashi; his eyes were deep in thought, the kind of thought that had something to hide. For a second, Naruto could've sworn he saw a resemblance to the Shinigami in his eyes. Naruto argued, "Only if you promise not to hurt anymore people."

Hashi assured him, "I never hurt anyone. Just head home and forget this whole crisis ever happened."

Naruto nodded, not wanting to press the issue further, and went straight back to the apartment the Hokage was kind enough to give him. Hashi watched as Naruto disappeared from sight. The sun was beginning to set in the horizon, casting a gloomy blood red over the village.

The next day Naruto awoke to a knocking at his door. His clock read 5:00 AM. Outside the sun was rising, casting a foreboding orange into the apartment. He rubbed his tired eyes, and opened the door to three shinobi. He guessed they were ANBU considering all three wore masks of an animal and all three were in completely black hoods.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto," the lead ANBU took a step towards the boy, "You're under arrest."

Terms to know: These terms are consistent within the Yakuza and have been researched.

Boryokudan: The literal meaning is "Violence Group", however it describes either a criminal organization or a gang known to take violent measures.

Bosuzoku: A term used to describe a gang of hoodlums. They tend to function as recruiters for the Boryokudan; otherwise, they are small time gangs which focus in small areas and have few members. They operate in the mediums of extortion.

Komon: An advisor. He is below the saiko-komon and his opinion has less value to the kumicho.

Kumicho: The Japanese counterpart for the Italian Don or "Godfather".

Ninkyo Dantai: A Chivalrous Organization, what boryokudan call itself. They view themselves as elite members of society loyal only to the Kumicho. It should be noted that only the Kumicho, the saiko-komon, the komon, the so-honbucho, the shateigashira, the wakagashira and the shateigashira-hosa are considered the members of the main ninkyo dantai family.

Oyabun-Kobun: The relationship between someone adopted into the boryokudan (foster child) and the person who adopted the Kobun (Foster parent). One's level is determined by when the person joined and who their allegiance lies to, sometimes allowing a 20 year-old to have seniority over a 60 year-old.

Saiko-Komon: The senior advisor to the Kumicho.

So-Honbucho: The Head-quarters Chief responsible for protecting the kumicho and his family. He manages a subsidiary gang which guard the compound or base of operations.

Shateigashira: The number three man, he protects the Wakagashira while overseeing his own operations. He also acts as the Wakagashira's assistant.

Shateigashira-hosa: An assistant to the number three man. Like his boss, he has his own subsidiary gang.

Shatei: A junior/younger member of the Ninkyo dantai. As the newer member he does the dirtier work.

Wakagashira: The number two man, he is in charge of his own sub gangs and is the most likely candidate to replace the kumicho.

Wakashu: A subordinate to the shateigashira or the wakagashira who manages his own gang. He functions as a recruiter for the main gang.

Ya-ku-za/ Hachi-Kyu-San: an individual member of the Boryokudan. The name derives from the most difficult hand to win with in a game of Oicho-Kabu, requiring the player to be cunning, intelligent and lucky at the same time. Many consider the hand worthless. As a phrase, it is believed to bring bad luck to whomever says it.