I guess you could say this is a sequel/prequel/whatever to my other poem in this fandom, "Darkness Waits," which was posted on 10-15-04. I wrote this during a session of poetry tag, which is kind of like real tag, only with writing. You get a topic, you write an improv poem on that topic, you tag someone else with a new topic. Usually each turn is less than 5 minutes.

Anyway... onto the poem!

The Time of Insanity

Blood falls, a steady viscous drip,

As metal cleanly slices living flesh.

Lightening flashes, nature's strobe lights

Revealing a scene worthy of the

Deepest circles of Hell.


Thunder booms across roiling skies:

The Gods themselves protesting

The folly of the Human race.


In the middle of a battlefield,

The ground muddy with dirt and blood,

Metal clashes and rings,

The noice accentuated by rage-and-pain-filled cries.


Eyes narrow and deepen as they lose

The thin fa├žade of civility in the faces

Of monsters unleashed from their souls.


This is the time: the end, the beginning.

Everything we were is stripped from our bones

And everything we can be is shadowed by insanity.