Nakabayashi Yoshitaka The non Perverted!

Chapter three: "Hey did you hear? There's this rumor going around that's about a young fourteen year old boy, going through puberty, blackmailing, and forcing three female maids his age to a life of working for him for all of eternity. Slowly one by one, he captures the hearts of those maids, and others around him, thus creating, and immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire!"

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Mitsuki laid in her bed, and rolled around here, and there because of a nightmare she was having. It wasn't exactly a nightmare, more of a unwanted flashback. It was a flashback to when her, and Izumi's father had called animal control, to take away two alligators. Leaving only a egg that only Izumi, and Mitsuki knew of. When that egg had hatched, the baby that came out, was known as Pochi. Unfortunately, Pochi had grown too big to be left un-noticed by their dad. Once again, he tried to call animal control again, but that was when Mitsuki decided to run away from home. Izumi, being a good sister, had no choice but to go with her. (1)

At this point, Mitsuki bolted straight up, waking from her slumber, with slight tears at the corners of her eyes, and the bed sheets all ruffled. Pochi was still sleeping at the end of her bed.

Pochi...She though, rubbing the top of his head.


At one of the five living rooms in Yoshitaka's house, Yoshitaka chose the one closest to the kitchen, because basically, he had used it so much, he didn't even bother using the other livings rooms, because they were so big. Yoshitaka sat on his chair reading the morning newspaper. He was glad it was Saturday, because he didn't want to go back to school yet because of what happened the a few days ago. (2) Turning a page, something caught his interest. In big bold letters, the title read: "Hey did you hear? There's this rumor going around that's about a young fourteen year old boy, going through puberty, blackmailing, and forcing three female maids his age to a life of working for him for all of eternity. Slowly one by one, he captures the hearts of those maids, and others around him, thus creating, and immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire!" He sweat dropped slightly at that.

"That...sounds very familiar..." (3) He wondered. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a voice call out:

"Good morning, master!" It was Mitsuki, and she said it while bowing. He rubbed the back of his head, obviously flustered at being called "Master".

"M-Morning, Mitsuki-chan."

My name is Nakabayashi Yoshitaka, often called a pervert, on more than once occasion. Through a series of events, I have befriended three incredibly cute girls. Who happen to be my maids. Although most guys my age would consider this a blessing from god that would only happen when a new planet was made, it actually has it's downsides. Through even more series of events, I somehow end up in perverted situations between these girls. I wonder why...Anyway, in the end, I get flown through the air, at least a few hundred feet, or so. But it's kind of the "Usual" for me now.

"Master, would you like anything to eat?" She asked.

"Hm? Oh, well no thanks." He replied.

"Master, you should eat breakfast. It's not healthy to skip it." She informed.

"Well I know, but-" He was cut off.

"No buts, I'm going to make you breakfast, and you're going to eat it! Okay?" It was more of a statement, rather than a question.

"Y-Yes..." Even though she was technically forcing him to eat, she only did it for his well-being, and he couldn't turn her down when she had that look on her face. While cooking, she started to speak.

"Master?" She asked. He let out a grunt to let her know he was listening.

"Hey did you hear? There's this rumor going around that's about a young fourteen year old boy, going through puberty, blackmailing, and forcing three female maids his age to a life of working for him for all of eternity. Slowly one by one, he captures the hearts of those maids, and others around him, thus creating, and immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire! Of course it's just a rumor though. It sounds so silly!" She said. This caused Yoshitaka to sweat drop. does she even know about it? He thought, but dismissed it.

"Actually, I did. It was in the newspaper. It really does sound silly." He said.

"But still so familiar..." He added as a whisper. Mitsuki returned to cooking, and Yoshitaka returned to reading. A few seconds later, Izumi had come downstairs. Yoshitaka called out to her first.

"Good morning, Izumi-chan." He waved politely. Although she blushed, and pouted, before she turned the other way, muttering "Baka".

"Eh? What'd I do?" He panicked for a second. Then memories of a scene from a few days ago came into mind. A mental image of him, and Anna sleeping together popped into his mind, which caused him to blush. Now, the two slept together, because Anna still wasn't used to the mansion, and eventually got used to sleeping with each other. Although Yoshitaka luckily didn't pull off her clothes on accident anymore. But the first time it happened, it turns out Izumi was still mad at Yoshitaka for that.

"Izumi-chan! Are you still mad at me for what happened?" He asked, stretching an arm out. She immediately turned towards him, with a blush.

"Baka! Why would I be thinking that? I'm not jealous, or anything!" She yelled with her eyes closed.

"Eh? But...I never said you were jealous..." He said. She blushed even more, and threw a pot at him, hitting his face.

Ouch! That hurt...That was a 50,000 yen vase too! (4) I shouldn't mention anything though, Izumi-chan seems mad enough... Yoshitaka thought, rubbing his head in the spot where he was hit. Izumi joined Mitsuki in the kitchen.

"Hey Mitsuki, did you hear? There's this rumor going around that's about a young fourteen year old boy, going through puberty, blackmailing, and forcing three female maids his age to a life of working for him for all of eternity. Slowly one by one, he captures the hearts of those maids, and others around him, thus creating, and immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire! It sure sounds like someone I know..." She added the last part in whisper. Mitsuki nodded.

"Yeah! It's a big topic these days." This caused Yoshitaka to sweat drop.

Just how many people know that? He thought, before resuming reading the newspaper.

Silence ensued for a few minutes, with Izumi glaring at Yoshitaka every now, and then. Which caused Yoshitaka shiver. Anna came down a few moments later. Before joining the other two teenage maids, she bowed to Yoshitaka.

"Good morning, Yoshitaka-san." She politely said.

"Ah, morning Anna." (5)He smiled at her, which caused her to blush slightly, before joining the other two maids.

"Good morning, Izumi-chan, Mitsuki-chan." Anna said, bowing to each of them.

"Good morning." The two replied in unison.

"Anna-chan, you don't have to be so polite you know, so stop it with the bowing." Izumi said with a smile. She nodded in response.

"Hey did you two hear? There's this rumor going around..." She started. This caused Yoshitaka to sweat drop.

How many times am I going to hear about that rumor? He asked himself, with his sweat drop growing in size.

"...immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire! What a scary person..." Anna finished. The two would have replied, until they heard a the doorbell ring.

"I got it." Said Yoshitaka, getting up from his seat. He placed his hand on the doorknob of the oversized door, and shivered before thinking.

Why do I have the feeling that what I'm doing now, is something I'm going to regret in fifteen minutes? He shook it off, before turning the handle. What stood behind the door, was a slightly buff, black haired man, with a black tang top. He wore a necklace, with a small skill hanging on to it, and he looked like he was in his early thirty's.

"Uh...can I help you sir?" He said, slightly confused. The man didn't look like a delivery man, not to mention he hasn't ordered anything in the past month.

"Are you Nakabayashi Yoshitaka?" The man asked. His voice sounded gruff.

"Uh...and what if I am?" He didn't like the way this was going.

"I'm here to kill him." This caused Yoshitaka to start sweating bullets.

"Uh...Nope! Never heard of him!" He replied quickly.

"Then how come that sign right there..." He pointed at a sign towards Yoshitaka's right.

"Says, "Home of Nakabayashi Yoshitaka"?" He asked.

Damn it Izumi-chan! I told her I hated those things! Yoshitaka thought.

"Oh...uh I stole it...from him." He had to face palm himself at the lack of truth it had.

"But this picture..." He pulled out a wallet sized picture from his pocket.

"Is Nakabayashi Yoshitaka, and you look exactly like him." The man suspiciously said.

Oh...crap... Yoshitaka thought. Yoshitaka thought quickly for a plan, until Izumi came from behind.

"Yoshitaka-kun, who is...Dad?!" She pointed an accusing finger at the man.

"What are you doing here?" Yoshitaka turned around with saucer-like eyes.

"D-Dad?!" He stuttered.

"Izumi-chwan!" (6) Izumi's dad yelled, as he jumped towards her. Well, more like towards her breasts, which caused her to fall on her back, and be violated. (7)

"Dad! Get off of me!" She yelled, struggling to do so. But the man's weight, as well as his grip on her prevented her from doing so.

"Yoshitaka-kun! Don't just stand there! Help!" Yoshitaka just stared back.

"Well, Izumi-chan...I didn't know you had that kind of relationship. I shouldn't interfere." He said as he prepared to walk back in his house. His comment caused Izumi's face to blush in embarassment even more if possible. Although it was quickly replaced by anger, as she threw her dad a good twenty feet away, before she stomped up to Yoshitaka.

"You..." Her face darkened. At this moment, Yoshitaka couldn't help but think:

I sense a disturbance in the force... (8)

"...Sick pervert!" She yelled right at his ace. He blinked.

"Wha...Huh?" He said confused.

"You're actually into those kind of things huh?" (9)

What the hell is she talking about? Yoshitaka couldn't help but think.

"You incest freak!" She drew her arm back with a fist.

Ah I see...oh wait, that's a misunderstanding...He motioned for her to stop, but it was only too soon before he got punched in the air, and met a NASA space shuttle, and falling all the way down into the pond where he kept his fish. He slowly swam over to the edge, and climbed up

" if...I don't...have her me enough...already..." He said between coughs, and pants.

By the time Yoshitaka got back to his porch, where he had been blasted off to before, Izumi was on the ground once again, being violated by her father.

"Sheesh, what a pervert...He's the real one, not me..." He muttered. He walked up to the two, and stopped.

"Hey hey, get off of her. That's sick man." He said, with crossed arms, all-the-while poking the man with his foot.

The man stayed in her breasts for a minute, but then jumped to his feet.

"I heard my daughter call you "Yoshitaka" earlier." Hearing this, he gulped.

"You lied didn't you." He asked in a menacing voice. He didn't answer, because the answer was pretty obvious. He picked up Yoshitaka by his shirt.

"I'm going to kill you." Yoshiataka gulped once again. And he saw the man bring back his fist, until he heard a voice.

"Yoshitaka-san!" He turned to where the voice came from, and he saw Anna standing by the door with a worried look. The man looked as well, and before anyone knew it, his eyes had pink hearts in them, and he jumped up, preparing to glomp on Anna.

"Crap!" Yoshitaka cursed as he ran to where Anna stood. And right before Izumi's father got to her, Yoshitaka arrived to push her out of the way. So instead of him glomping on Anna, he glomped on Yoshitaka, He rubbed his face on him for a few seconds, before he stopped and looked at him.

"Dude, get, off, of me. You sick-o." Yoshitaka had a disgusted look on his face. He never exactly liked it when guys glomped on him. Not that it ever happened, but still...

Izumi's dad did as told, and now the two were standing. It was awkward silence, so Yoshitaka had to ask the question he's been dying to ask lately.

"So...why are you here?"

"I'm going to take back my daughters, and kill you." He replied.

"Wait, daughters?" He tried making the "S" on the word sound emphasized. He thought for a moment, until a voice called out.

"Hi dad." Mitsuki said, as if it was normal. Yoshitaka sweat-dropped. The events happening before him was anything but normal.

"Mitsuki-chwan!" Their dad attempted to glomp on him, but Mitsuki held her foot in front of her, stopping him from doing so. Yoshitaka's sweat drop grew even more at watching this rather...comical scene.

"Oh yeah, why do you want to kill me?" It dawned to him that he never mentioned the reason why. The question made Izumi, and Mitsuki's dad stop his antics.

"Well of course, I want my daughters back, and-"

"Why do you want Izumi-chan, and Mitsuki-chan back?" Yoshitaka knew it was rude to interrupt, but he couldn't help but do so.

"Well for one thing, they ran away." This caused Yoshitaka to raise an eyebrow. He turned to the girls.

"You two ran away?" They nodded with sheepish looks. He wasn't mad, or anything. They didn't really tell him, so they weren't lying.

"Oh yeah go ahead."

"Anyway, I know Izumi, and Mitsuki are bound to a legal contract, because of her breaking a rather expensive item..." Izumi blushed in embarrassment.

"So if I kill yo-I mean, if you were to die of an "accident"..." He made the word "Accident" sound like a cover-up, which was quite obvious.

"There would be nothing to keep Izumi, and Mitsuki here. (10) Am I correct?"

"Eh...I are." No one really came to his mansion to visit him, so if he were to die, it wouldn't have made any difference to everyone else.

"But wait...I'm not doing anything bad to them! ...Well not on purpose anyway..." He mumbled the last part, and blushed as he stared at the three girls

"Not from what I've heard."

"And...what have you heard?" There's no way what he heard could be the rumor tha'ts going around right?

"Well...if you want to know that much...There's this rumor going around that's about a young fourteen year old boy, going through puberty, blackmailing, and forcing three female maids his age to a life of working for him for all of eternity. Slowly one by one, he captures the hearts of those maids, and others around him, thus creating, and immersing himself in a world of lust, and desire! And that's you!" Yoshitaka sweat dropped even more.

That's...partly true...but not all of it!" Yoshitaka began.

"Eh?! Yoshitaka-kun is that scary person? What the hell do you do when you're not home?" Izumi yelled.

"Master does that kind of stuff? To who?" Mitsuki questioned. She didn't seem that serious about the matter.

"Yoshitaka-san...I can't believe you!" Anna said in shock.

"Wait! That's not true!" He pleaded.

"Well anyhow, I'll be taking back my daughters so if you would be kind enough to stand still as I beat you with this blunt object." Izumi, and Mitsuki's dad said, a green object in his hand. It definitely looked like a blunt object, until it started moving.

What's that thing in his hand? Yoshitaka asked to himself. Objects don't move right?

Oh that...? He never finished because the "Object: in his hand began to chew on Izumi's, and MItsuki's dad's head. Pochi held him in his mouth for half a minute or so, until Pochi spit him out. His disgusted look told Yoshitaka that he didn't like their dad either. He was beginning to wonder if he only liked girls...

"Hey Pochi, where'd you come from?" Yoshitaka asked. Although he pretyt much came up with a conclusion already. He had heard Izumi, his favorite...person, scream, and immediately came to help.

He could make a good watch dog...well if he was a dog anyway. Yoshitaka thought.

Pochi ignored him, and attempted to glomp on Izumi. Yoshitaka, Mitsuki, and Anna just watched them as if it was a every-day thing. Which it was.

I...can't believe I'm getting used to this... Yoshitaka thought with yet, another sweat drop.

Mitsuki just watched the scene with her sister, until her face had a look that said "I have an Idea!"

"I have an Idea!" Well her voice did most of the talking. Everyone looked at her.

"Why don't we settle this with a contest?" She suggested. (11)

"Um...a contest?" He nervously asked. He remembered the events of his last contest, and it wasn't exactly pretty. (12) But without his consent, Mitsuki started the contest.

"This contest will be against Master, and father! The rules are simple! Each contestant must successfully, kiss each of Master's maids! Including myself!" She yelled. Everyone who heard this screamed "Eh?!".Anna blushed profusely, while Izumi was red. Out of embarrassment, or anger, was unknown. Mitsuki...was, well Mitsuki...She continued.

"If one contestant accomplishes this task faster than the other contestant, that contestant will with the contest. As well as keeping the us! That includes Anna-chan."

"Eh?! Why me?!"

Yoshitaka however, was nervous.

"Ah man, do I have to do this? They wouldn't want to be kissed by me..."

Meanwhile, Mitsuki's, and Izumi's father was practically on his toes.

"Alright! I'll get this done in just a few moments!" He yelled with a fist in the air.

"Oh right. I have to do this...Or my only friends will be taken away from me..."

"Oh, and there's a catch. Pochi will guard us, to protect us from kissing us, and if you do get past him, we have the right to run away! As well as winning Pochi over!"

Yoshitaka face-vaulted. That was going to make things difficult. Yoshitaka wasn't exactly Pochi's favorite thing. Unless he was a chewing toy.


Izumi's, and Mitsuki's father (13)got in a starting position.


Yoshitaka didn't really even try to get in a position of some sort. He just stood there awkwardly. He knew trying to kiss the girls would be awkward.

"Go!" Dad dashed towards Izumi, because of some strange reason, he had always favored her the most. (14) Yoshitaka started out in a slow walk towards Mitsuki, knowing Izumi would've sucker punched him, or something. Meanwhile, Dad was nearing Izumi, until Pochi dashed in front of him, halting his stop, before turning around, and hitting Dad with his tail. Which sent him flying about twenty feet.

Meanwhile with Yoshitaka, she he neared Mitsuki, and eventually reached her. This happened around the same time Pochi "tailed" Dad, so Pochi wasn't there to get Yoshitaka away.

Yoshitaka scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Uh...Mitsuki-chan, I-" He couldn't finish because Mitsuki, brought her hands to his cheeks and brought her lips to his, kissing him. His eyes widened, and stayed widened until she pulled back. He looked at her with a red face, and saw something he hadn't seen once since she was here. She was blushing. (15)

"Win the contest...Yoshitaka-kun." She said with a cute smile. He looked at her with slight shock. It was also the first time she had called him by his name.

"Yeah." He said nodding. He dashed towards Anna, however during this time, Pochi had caught up with Yoshitaka, and knocked him away with his tail. Which made him fly back twenty feet.

"Ouch! That stung." He said rubbing his head.

Meanwhile Pochi had knocked away Dad once again. Yoshitaka couldn't help but think.:

"For a guy who looks so tough, he can't handle a alligator? Then again...Pochi isn't your average alligator..."

Now how do I get pass Pochi? I'll need a distraction, that's for sure. He thought for a moment, until a thought came to his mind.

"That's it!"

"Izumi-chan!" He yelled. This caught her attention.


"Give me your bra!" As soon as he demanded this, she got red with a mixture of anger, and embarrassment.

"Pervert! Why the hell do you want it?!" He suddenly realized the perverted nature of the statement.

"I...should have thought of re-phrasing that..." Though he knew it was impossible to say it any other way.

"Just do it!" She looked at his eyes, and she could tell he wasn't being perverted. So with more embarrassment, as well as hesitance, she took off her white, frilly bra. (16) And threw it at him. He caught it, but didn't say thanks because it would have been more awkward.

"Hey Pochi!" Pochi turned his attention towards him.

"It's Izumi's bra! Fresh!" He waved it around to make it look more desirable for Pochi. Pochi's eyes immediately turned into hearts, and he panted like a dog ironically. (17)

"If you want this, you'll have to help me win this contest!" The alligator thought for a moment. Izumi almost never wore a bra before, since the maid outfit was so tight, a bra would make it uncomfortable. (18)So finding a freshly stripped bra of Izumi's was rare. And helping Yoshitaka was definitely worth it. The alligator nodded, and wounded their arms up, If a person looked closely enough, that person would be able to see the words "Friendship" in the air above them.

"Okay here, just stall Dad until I finish up the contest okay?" He said while handing him the bra. The alligator nodded with a grunt. And attacked the returning Dad.

Meanwhile with Yoshitaka, he walked up to Anna. Nervously. They were childhood friends, and kissing would make the whole friendship thing awkward. Granted, he's thought of Anna as really cute, especially when she started...maturing.

"Anna...I...Uh..." He continued. Anna knew she had to kiss him, for the sake of the three of them. Not to mention she really wanted to.

"Uwah!" Yoshitaka, being his unlucky self, tripped on his shoe lace, and tumbled onto Anna. He didn't know what happened at all. One moment, he was advancing towards Anna, and the next moment, he was on her.

Not only that, but so were his lips. The two stayed in the position for a few more moments, until the two sprang up with blushes on their face.

"Eh...I'm sorry..." He apologized. Blush still on his face.

"I-It's...fine." She stuttered, her face hidden from him. Although he didn't know it, she was smiling.

"Yoshitaka..." She finished. He stared at her for a second, before giving her a smile, and rubbing her head.

"Thanks Anna." She never really addressed him without a suffix, so he was happy.

"Now to finish this contest." He said before rushing off to Izumi. During this, Mitsuki, and Anna were encouraging Izumi to let Yoshitaka to kiss her.

"Onee-chan! Let Yoshitaka-kun kiss you! He'll win the contest!"

"Yoshitaka! Good luck!"

He appreciated their support, but slightly sweat dropped at the seriousness of one kiss. Then was Izumi he's supposed to kiss.

Reaching Izumi, he stopped. He didn't want to get hit by her. Her punches were on par with a superhuman, and they hurt. A lot.

He looked at the look on her face, and he could tell she didn't want to be kissed. But he read wrong, she wanted the kiss, but didn't know it herself, which led to a rather centric-looking look on her.

He moved towards her, and she could tell, so she closed her eyes, and waited for whatever was going to happen next.

But unlike the feeling on her lips that she thought was supposed to happen, it happened on her forehead.

She opened her eyes to see Yoshitaka with his eyes closed, kissing her forehead. Even though it wasn't on the lips, she still blushed.

He pulled back, and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly with a nervous grin. She blushed, and looked to the side.

"Baka..." She muttered. (19) He turned around, and announced:

"I won Dad! Izumi-chan, Mitsuki-chan, as well as Anna get to stay here with me!" He said with a finger pointing out to him. He didn't think he could do it, but somehow, he did. Which was pretty much a miracle.

Dad, was bruised from top to bottom with damage from Pochi's tail. He had to thank Pochi for that later.

"That's not going to stop me!" He dashed towards the three maids, in a attempt to forcefully take them...Until he was kicked in the side by a figure.

The figure, was a tall slender looking young woman. She had a hourglass figure, something rare, as well as long black hair.

"M-Mom?!" Izumi yelled.

"Kaa-sama!" (20) Mitsuki yelled in excitement.

"Mom?!" Yoshitaka, and Anna yelled.

She nodded.

"That's your mom?" Yoshitaka asked. Mitsuki, and Izumi nodded.

"But she looks so young!" Anna exclaimed.

"Yup. She had us at a very early age." Mitsuki explained.

"Are you Yoshitaka-kun?" She asked. He nodded confused a bit.

"Thanks for taking care of my wonderful daughters, as well as standing up to my husband. Please, continue. I trust them with you." She smiled afterwards. Her smile made him blush.

"Y-Yes." He said, before going off to Pochi to thank him. Meanwhile, Mom (21)walked over to the three maids.

"You three make sure you take care of him too okay?" The three nodded.

"I was watching the whole time, and it seems he cares a lot about the three of you. Don't let him go, he's a good guy." The comment caused the girls to blush slightly.

"Bye bye, everyone." She said before dragging off Dad.

"That...was a rather interesting day don't you guys think?" He asked them, watching the two leave.

"I think it was fun Master!" Mitsuki exclaimed.

"For some reason, Yoshitaka-san, it's normal for this place.

"It was...weird..." Izumi said.

"Huh?" Mitsuki returned to calling him "Master", and Anna called him with a suffix again. And Izumi, didn't seem mad at all about the kiss.

Huh, these girls sure are weird. Are all girls like that? He thought, before advancing towards his mansion.

He didn't notice each of the girls touching the spot where Yoshitaka kissed them. THey all blushed, and giggled before following him.

All in a day's work.

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6. No that is not a misspelling, I've read in some manga, that suffixes like that is used. Kind of like how Sanji of One Piece calls Nami "Nami-swan". (Well, I think. I haven't seen the Japanese version in a long time...) Anyhow, I think it's either with how the person talks is how it's used. I think, it's with a accent. Maybe. I've heard of "San" as "Tan" one time. But anyhow, if anyone knows the meaning of this, feel free to review, and answer if I should even put that suffix there with my background knowledge on it. So for now, it'll stay as chwan.

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Anyhow, I wanted to start this school year with a updated chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it. There's been some people dying for this chapter.

I kind of thought it was rushed towards the ending, and it was probably true, especially with Mom.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and tell me how you feel. I'll hope to update this story more often, and wait another year.