Summary: This is basically my own little story of Johanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series that will make a very interesting and anticipated cross over in later chapters. So please everyone enjoy The Dark Tomb

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In a dark cold prison cell the walls are pure stone. Ivy and moss had been growing upon it for what looks like over a hundred years. Soft pale moonlight shined through the bars of the window making a small pool of glass like light on the floor. As Johanna Dark sat unconscious in the corner, blood is dried next to her right eyebrow. Two guards walked by her cell.

Guard 1: I hear that the boss is really coming close to finishing that-

Guard 2: Shut up we can't allow anyone to know…even if the prisoners are asleep we can't trust anyone.

Johanna suddenly awoke from her coma like state

Johanna: Wh- what? Where am I?

From outside the cell the two guards heard Johanna speak they walk back to her cell

Guard 1: Well well well Clive look at this, the girl woke up

Johanna: Fuck you tell me where the I am

Guard 2: Woah! Kitty's got claws

Johanna: Tell me where the I am or I'll –

Johanna reached for her pistol but it wasn't there

Guard 1: Looking for this love?

Johanna: Please just tell me where I am

Guard 2: Look at this Owen she doesn't remember

Guard 1: It seems that way Clive it seems that way. Well love I'll break it down for you. You broke into here trying to discover what kind of secret invention our boss Leo was trying to create, we found you, bopped you on the head with a gun and now you're here. That's about it.

The guards began to walk away

Guard 2: So have fun in there and try not to let the stench bother you you'll get used to it in a couple of weeks.

Johanna: No wait please! Oh what's the use…I have to find a way out of here.

Johanna began to search around the room then realized something the guards didn't. She always kept the special quick retractable grapple in her (where else) cleavage. She swung the grapple around one of the weak looking bars and attached the other end to one of the stone walls. She pressed the release and the bar came falling down with a thud. She put the bar in her back pocket and swung the grapple again. She climbed the wall and out the window. Finding small ledges in the heavy stone wall to climb up she began her ascent. Her destination was the next window about 50 feet up. Just when it seemed she would make it to her destination her hand slipped. She began to plummet towards the glowing lake below. She could not grab her grapple fast enough so she began falling faster and faster towards the earth. As the ground came towards her faster and faster she began to hear a very loud ringing…

End of Chapter

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